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About this blog

This fresh start feels like a good opportunity to try new things. In this case, I'm going for a blog.


This blog is about Fakemon I have made.

My interest in making Fakemon goes years back, can't recall exactly when. However, the Create-A-Pokemon thread in YCM rekindled my interest. I ended up being fairly active there, and as I created more, the more work I put on on my entries, going as far as to look for relevant BSTs (base stats) and moves for them. I never went as far as to make sketches of them, but that's something I plan to outsource.

In this blog I will collect the Fakemon I made and make in the future to showcase. Ideally I want to spark interest in Fakemon in this NCM community, as well as discuss more technical matters like balance, moveset analysis, and theoretical impact if they were implemented in the official games. But I understand this is not a Pokemon nor Fakemon site so I don't expect much.

The initial content I post will be the Fakemon I made in the previous YCM thread, but I intent to work on more ideas, as well a polish my earliest Fakemon that are missing on details like BSTs and moves.

Any feedback and discussion will be appreciated.

Entries in this blog



Swifxie (Swift + Pixie)
Mach Pixie Pokemon
Fairy | Flying

Appearance & description:
Small winged pixie fairy with an aviator theme: the face and eyes are colored in such way that looks like she is wearing aviator goggles, and the design of the wings make them look more like a cape than the usual 2~4 insect-like wings.

I know this is an stretch but the inspiration comes from something like this:

But with a cape instead of the insect wings, the arms in front in superhero style, and instead of a dress, something resembling a typical aviator attire, like pants or flight suit. Also the skin color wouldn't look so human, and rather than wearing actual goggles, the face around the eyes would colored as if it was wearing goggles. The shape of the eyes could also contribute to the illusion of goggles. I'm thinking Sunny Pixie would be good reference for the face, but I will edit this if/when I stumble upon, or request, an image that is more fitting for the description.

Reckless | Fashion Eyes
Hidden: Pixilate

Technical details Yet another Fairy Pokemon, and in a row, but oh well, I had in my mind to polish this Fakemon for a while, and I finally did it. Similar to Viciugrip, I gave it specialized stats, in its case for sweeping. I like to imagine this Fakemon outright charging at foes with a headbutt or self-harming moves, hence the Reckless ability and access to plenty of recoil moves, which also provide interesting coverage. I threw in a handful of Dark moves as well, with Blackglasses in mind to pair it with the Fashion Eyes ability.  





Merrydeery (Merry + Deer)
Festive deer Pokemon
Fairy | Normal

Appearance & description:
Looks like a reindeer whose fur is brown colored with spots of dark red and green colors instead of the more classic white spots, as well as antlers whose hooks naturally glow with different colors, as if it was covered with light bulbs.

Magic Bounce | Sap Sipper
Hidden: Levitate

Technical details
These festive days motivated me to post this Fakemon I made a while ago. I did some changes to stats and movepool compared to the version I posted in YCM though, mainly dropping the base HP and moving the base stats to Speed to allude to a slimmer and swifter build. Also I swapped the Def & Sp.Def and tinkered the values a bit. Although in the role description I suggest to use it with different builds, I believe the most promising one will be Swords Dance + Extreme Speed anyway.
I am aware that Sword & Shield removed some moves like Hidden Power, but decided to keep them listed regardless because who knows if they will come back, and if I take the liberty of introducing new moves or abilities, I see no issues with keeping formerly existing moves too.
Just as trivia or side-note, Fairy/Normal typing is not new, as it was introduced first in the Jigglypuff line.





Viciougrip (Vicious + Grip)
Bug | Ground
Sand Antlion Pokemon

Appearance & description:
An antlion Pokemon. The jaws are oversized compared to the rest of its body. Looks like it has a tough exoskeleton in flavor with its high defenses and access to moves such as Harden and Iron Defense.

Arena Trap | Strong Jaw
Groundbreak: Ground and Rock-Type status moves have +1 priority

Technical details It has been a while since I posted in the blog, and this is my latest Fakemon creation, and since I now include base stats in my written standard templates, it's much easier to drop Fakemon here.
Not to mention that I like how this turned out, even if it's a bit blatant with the specialization, in stats as well as ability and movepool. For instance, it's nasty from my part to give it a low base speed because it shouldn't need much anyway. The custom ability affecting 2 of the entry hazards available, as well as Shore Up for recovery, is too convenient as well. Still, IMO it's a fair thing to do for Smogon formats because they have Arena Trap banned AFAIK, and thus the new ability should keep it playable and legal for competitive play.

Also from now on I will be more lax with providing sample movesets, since sometimes they are too intuitive, and those who are not into competitive play don't really care about such details anyway. I will drop them only when I'm inspired enough so it's more of a hobby instead of a chore.






Drainulex (drain + culex, a mosquito species)
Bug | Dark
Life drainer Pokemon Appearance: A mosquito themed Pokemon. Around the size of Ribombee, so nothing big like Buzzwole. Abilities:
Swarm | Infiltrator
Drainer: Gains 50% more HP from draining moves, as well as gradual recovery moves (e.g. Ingrain, Aqua Ring), than otherwise it would. If the foe is trapped, at the end of the turn, the user drains 1/16 of its HP. Technical details
Neglected my blog for a while, but feeling like dropping an entry today.
This Fakemon was originally posted in the Create-A-Pokemon game thread in YCM, but I have done some changes: edited its introduced Ability to drain the foe's HP while its trapped, removed a new move similar to Leech Seed, and simply gave it access to Leech Seed instead, as well as Mean Look to combo with the updated Ability.
Still unsure about making the Ability boost the power of offensive drain moves by 20~30%, but then it would have practically 3 effects (damage boost, enhanced HP recovery, and drain trapping), and that's too much for a single Ability IMO.





Kamehannon (Kame + Cannon + nod to Kamekameha)
Fight | Rock Abilities:
Skill Link | Shell Armor
Full Buster - Bullet and Bomb moves have their accuracy improved by 10%, and base power improved by 20%. Basically, if the move is blocked by Bulletproof, then it's boosted by this ability. Appearance & concept:
A turtle specialized in hurling things, hence its Fighting Type. It stands on its 2 hind legs, looks strong and has some defined muscles like Machoke, but still with a a scaly skin. In a way it looks like a mix of Turtonator and Kommo-o. Its shell appears made of rock and every "hexagon" typical of turtle shells is concave and designed to hold spherical rocks, which the Pokemon precisely uses to hold rocks with these shapes as ammunition for hurling. The Pokemon is such a fan of hurling things, that when it has nothing at hand, it enjoys meditating and channeling its energy, reaching the point of creating energy balls... to continue hurling things. Technical details This Fakemon spawned from the prompt of making a Pokemon that had access to one of the abilities made by the prompt maker. Personally I found most of its abilities either too gimmicky or questionable balance-wise, and thus I went for a Bullet/Bomb version of Mega Launcher, Iron Fist, Strong Jaw, etc. And even then, I tweaked the ability a bit by reducing the damage boost from 40% to 20%, and that warranted a change of name for the ability IMO.





Ferrimicox [ferro + mimic + box]
Mimic chest Pokemon
Dark | Steel

Resembles a spiky treasure chest made of steel, but it is slightly open, revealing teeth and 2 glowing eyes in a dark background. Imagine this with smaller teeth and eyes inside:

The shiny coloration does make it resemble more like the traditional wooden chest.

Iron Barbs | Disguise
Hidden: Strong Jaw

Technical details
Another Fakemon among my favorites. I like how this turned out as a counterpart to Ferrothorn and Forretress. Took a bit of a stretch on the name to get closer to the name pattern of those 2 Pokemon.
Anyway, dunno if I will elaborate on sample movesets, as I still have to work on those for the previous entry, but I bet any Pokemon-savvy player can already guess what one can do with this: defensive nature and EVs, and mix & match its plethora of support moves. If anything I would add a standard moveset, and 1 with Strong Jaw just to highlight the alternate option.





Leavash (leaves + ash)
Grass ash Pokemon
Type: Grass | Fire
  General description:
Pokemon that looks like a bush of grass leaves, with the tips on its head burning with small, red flames. The leaves are brown and red colored, as if they were dry. The shiny version has green leaves instead, and yellow flames.
Picture something like this, but burning from the top and smoke coming out of it.
Sun Energy: Fire and Grass moves gain +1 priority under sun.
Solar Power
Pledge Surge: The power of Pledge moves is increased by 20%. Fire, Grass and Water Pledge activate the fire sea, swamp and rainbow abilities respectively, without requiring a previous use of the corresponding Pledge moves. The effects won't activate again if they are already active on the field.

Technical details I made this for a prompt in YCM Create-A-Pokemon thread. The condition was a Grass/Fire Pokemon with a signature ability and move, and while I was at it decided to encourage the use of the Pledge moves, hence why I pushed it with the customization on this one.





May as well drop the Fakemon of the week today.
This time a go for a mythical Pokemon. Purefinia
Cleansing Pokemon
Psychic | Poison

Cleanse: When Pokemon is switched in, increased stats of the opposing Pokemon are reset. Stat reductions are not removed. In double/triple battles, it affects all of the opposing Pokemon, while all Pokemon have their stat reductions removed. Moves that remove status effects or stat changes gain +1 priority (e.g. Refresh, Purify, Heal Bell, Aromatherapy, Haze, Clear Smog, Smellingsalts) Appearance:
Mew-type mythical Pokemon. It looks humanoid, think of Meloetta, Kirlia or Floette. Like Marshadow, it doesn't have 100 in all stats, instead leaning towards defensive stats, borrowing from Atk and Speed. It has a cleansing and fog theme as a nod to Clear Smog and Haze. As a benevolent Poison entity, it has control over toxins, and uses its power to remove them from the environment.

Technical details This Fakemon spawned from the challenge of making a Psychic/Poison Pokemon, IIRC. At first it was a bit of a challenge because Psychics have intangible concepts and themes like the mind and light, also they are considered the opposite to the Dark Type, or evil in Japanese. Whereas Poison is associated with corrosion, toxins and so on. Thus, decided to be more creative and go a bit out of the box with the cleansing theme, and combine the goodness associated with the Psychic type to create this benevolent Psychic/Poison Pokemon that uses its Poison powers to restore the lands.





Grabonel (grave/gravel + bone)
Haunted gravel Pokemon
Rock | Ghost Appearance & description:
An ominous-looking boulder, with triangle-shaped glowing eyes. It levitates and surrounds itself with smaller rocks, as well as creepy objects like bones, skulls, shed skins and scales, etc., to scare Pokemon and people. Usually found in graveyards, although it can also move into shady places like city undergrounds, and the deeper levels of caves. Abilities:
Levitate | Shadow Tag
Hidden: Prankster

Technical details It has been a week already since my last entry, it sure went fast. I have not even added sample movesets the the previous entry.
Anyway, the entry for today, a gravel themed Pokemon. Hod to be clever with the name by combining it with "bone" so it wouldn't be too similar to Graveler's name, although that makes the concept not as intuitive. I came up with this idea once I realized that Mega Banette is currently the only Pokemon with Prankster + Destiny Bond, but it doesn't really pull up its weight as a Mega Pokemon, so this ought to be an appealing alternative that doesn't take the Mega slot.
Like last time, I will add sample movesets... eventually xD





Bell Snake Pokemon
Dragon | Fairy

Snake-like Pokemon similar to Dragonair or Milotic. An unique characteristic of it is a big bell hanging on its tail, which gives it flavor moves like Iron Tail, Anchor Shot, Heal Bell, Boomburst and Uproar. The sprite shows it always smiling cheerfully. Its shiny colors have the bell in a green-blue color, resembling Bronzong. Abilities:
Triage | Magic Bounce
Hidden: Reverb - Increases the power of sound-based moves by 20%, this also includes Belch. When the Pokemon uses a Sound-based status move, the move will be repeated the next turn after both Pokemon perform their selected moves, and even if the Pokemon is switched out (manually or by Roar, etc.). Repeated Parting Shot won't switch out your Pokemon but will reduce the foe's stats. Technical details
The Fakemon for this week. Going for a more supportive Fakemon this time, and with the coveted Dragon-type.
I'm proud of this one because of the bell theme and the flavor in giving it access to some sound and Steel-type moves. Also the first Fakemon in this blog to introduce an Ability, which ought to have interesting interactions, for patching the imperfect accuracy of Sing, Supersonic and other moves, and pressuring the opponent into either keeping the Pokemon in, or switch and risk the new Pokemon being afflicted by the repeated move. That, or simply fall back on the extra damage it provides to sound moves. Ideally, this Ability around would make Soundproof a bit more relevant.

Sample movesets will come later as I have not thought of anything detailed yet.




New week, new entry. Rabbunton (Rabbit + bunny + glutton)
Big bunny Pokemon

Original concept & appearance: An oversized rabbit Pokemon. It's intended to be some kind of a parody toward the "Pikachu clones", in that instead of being small and quick, it is slow and bulky. In a way, it's a cross with Pikachu with Snorlax. It is big and strong enough to take thick branches from big trees and gnaw them as snacks. Abilities:
Thick Fat | Fluffy
Hidden: Sap Sipper
  Technical details I'm surprised Gamefreak has not done a parody or deconstruction of the Pikachu clone thing they have going on for every generation. I'm speaking of Pachirisu, Emolga, Dedenne and Togedemaru. That would be amusing to see. Anyway, this is my take on such parody/deconstruction: a big rabbit Pikachu that is as big as Snorlax. The original idea was to go for a physical opposite of Blissey, but I didn't like its extreme min-maxed stats and how it is pretty much limited to 1 build with a handful of move variations, while I am all into giving multiple build options to my Fakemon. Thus the concept shifted towards a more specialized Snorlax.

As a side note, it learns some tail moves because I would very much love to see it attacking by swinging its bunny tail.  





Spirisilk   Decided to open the blog with this one. Really, this is one of my favorite Fakemon so far. I find the name catchy and every now and then pops in my head, and I'm proud of the concept I went for of a ragged silk-themed moth. I guess the fact I have a thing for moths and are my favorite type of insect has something to do with it. I may do 1~2 pre-evolutions for it eventually, IDK. Anyway, as the role description implies, Spirisilk is intended to be at tier close to Volcarona. Admittedly, I feel the combination of Technician + the Wind moves is a bit too straightforward, but hey, it simply works so well. I could have gone a bit too far with the support options, too. Personally I would experiment with Stylish builds. I can already imagine a Spirisilk with fancy glasses showing off at a Pokemon Contest. If I owned one, it would be female for sure.



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