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  1. ?? / 10 AND SOMEBODY TOLD ME THAT YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND THAT LOOKED LIKE A GIRLFRIEND You got me / 10 The singer just exudes pure energy and I'm for it 8/10
  2. IIRC the word "doesn't", or any other word with apostrophe, isn't actually used for card texts. You will have to re-word the first effect, but it's clear what it's intended to do. Seems like more of a gag/fun card. Note that I don't mean joke card, because this has an use, albeit not so outstanding. Cannot be Summoned with IF, the 2 effects don't sinergize and yet both are good for finishing games. At least it's Spellcaster to be Summoned with Magicalize Fusion. You could make a deck out of this, though. Drillago is not that good but Level 4 DARK Machine is because of Black Salvo and the search effect of the Orcust Counter Trap, plus the Fusion makes it a target for the recent Unexpected Dai for Fusion Materials. The latter also applies to Fairy Lily, and that's decent IMO, to drop an pseudo beater.