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    Admittedly, things hadn't gone the way Kiburi expected. However, she liked Juryo's approach to the electric boy's problem a lot more than her own, and so she'd opted to simply roll with it. But that was then. Now it was later, and there was one part of campus Kiburi still hadn't checked out. That building across from the dorms; some sort of recreational area or something. There was no harm in checking it out really. With her roommate not in the room, her only real alternative was just laying around in bed with only the shoddy atmosphere and the cockroaches as company. No thanks. And so, Kiburi made a brief stop at the device on her table to draw the roaches on her away from her and onto there. It wouldn't get rid of everyone of course, but most of them was good enough. A quick glance at the clock indicated that it would zap soon, too. Wonderful. With that mostly taken care of, Kiburi stepped out of the dorm and across campus. When she opened the door, she was met with the sight of Hane, sitting nearby, shuffling a deck of cards. It looked like he'd been waiting for her. Hane perked up when he saw Kiburi, a grin coming across his face. "Ah, I see you have finally arrived, Kiburi-girl," he said in a tone that could only be described as stereotypically gay sounding. "I've just been positively dying waiting for you. Would you like to partake in a card game with me?" "What's with the voice?" Kiburi asked as an eyebrow raised up. "Why, don't you know? This is the voice of one who wears the crown of King of Games, and you, Kiburi-girl...," He paused for dramatic effect as he reached under the table. His fingers grabbed a paper crown with "King of Games" scribbled on it, plopping it on his head. "Are talking to the King of Games." "..." Kiburi stared, flabbergasted, at the paper crown now sitting atop Hane's head. "A... Alright, then." She wasn't sure if she wanted to ask about the crown or not. For fear that an explanation that would only confuse her further, Kiburi directed her attention down to the cards instead. "Then... how about old maid? Arata taught me all about it." "Sure, I don't mind, but I have a question for you," Hane mentioned as he reached into the deck and pulled out a Joker, before shuffling it again. "Do you think we should get more people in on this action or just keep it between us?" "Hmmm..." Looking deeper into the building, Kiburi noticed two people. One was Nanami. She seemed to have gotten herself comfy in a pool. Probably not a good idea to trust her with cards right now, then, but Kiburi wasn't about to stop her if she asked to join in. The other was Juryo. She nodded in the latter's direction, gesturing for Hane to follow along. "Hey," the cockroach magnet said, as one of the foul critters crawled over her shoulder and onto her back. "We're playing old maid. Want in?" Overall, everything went about as well as Toshiko could have hoped! The villain was defeated, and all the students got for using their Quirks illegally was a stern scolding by a ragtag group of heroes she didn't recognize. Excellent luck all around! And now with the day's business wrapped up, it was time to kick back and relax! And wouldn't you know it, there was a recreational building for exactly that! Even if the forms of entertainment were awfully mundane, Toshiko still found herself ooh'ing and aah'ing at the options available. She'd never seen a billiards table up-close before! And she'd seen pictures of old consoles like the ones in here, and even an old unit in person that was dusty and didn't work, but a functional one? Amazing! Whoever decked this place out must be an old man. Her classmates were filling the place in, too. This was a good opportunity to get to know people a bit better. Making her way around Juryo and the other two that were gathering near him, Toshiko went for the TV. Oh, this is one of those old ones! Carrying it in here must have been a pain! Place was decked out by a strong geezer. Toshiko turned it on, plugged in one of the consoles for it, and without bothering to check what was inside, fired it up. Then she sat down, got comfy, and waited eagerly for the game to start. And of course, she'd greet anyone that came in with a smile and a wave.
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    I'm on Chrome, so I don't know if this'll be the exact same experience, but: Clicking "save" should download a ".json" file, correct? This is what the card maker uses when you want to reopen or make edits to a saved card. If you want to save a picture of the card for, you know, whatever else, you should just be able to click on the image of the card itself, which will download a .png file, a format Windows 10 should be happier with.
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