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    Between running my first ever DND session and therapy, I gotta say, I'm slowly starting to find reasons to keep my feet flat on the ground instead of heel up on my back.
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    Chess Hero-J'adoube// Takehiko Present Day Takehiko let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding for these last two weeks, his parents had been... worried about him but they had also let him know that he'd have to be prepared for these kinds of things. Sure he should be protected while in school but once he's out in the wider world they'd drilled it into his head that if he wasn't always vigilant it could end with the deaths of both himself and his comrades. He hadn't been expecting such a heavy discussion and honestly... to himself admitted they would have tried to get him to leave instead so he could at least claim he was overcoming the odds. But no, instead he now felt violently aware of how dangerous his chosen profession was. "Our annual Sports Festival will be starting today! It's such a fun time for students your age to practice what you've learned so far against each other in real time!" The sudden announcement made the Chess Hero jump out of his seat just a little, his body immediately tensing into a combat stance, before looking a bit sheepish and relaxing, sinking back into his seat again as he rubbed at his forehead before he was once again interrupted, though before he could get into a combat stance this time, his eyes widened at seeing the #2 Hero. Though his distraction made him almost forget he had been activating his quirk from the rather... sudden entrance! A clone of Takehiko was practically half-formed, collapsing back into the floor of the classroom, but not before whispering it's short-lived purpose, "He could have killed us if he was a villain barging into the room like that with us being off-guard...." Takehiko grimaced at the thought, he had been trying to refrain from saying that even if he had been thinking it... But his clones, as much as they were useful, loved to bring to attention his unfiltered thoughts, "Er.... my apologies... But yeah, like Ayane says we need to try and stay on the positive end of things, even if my thoughts don't match what I say. We need to get strong enough to pose a significant threat ourselves to being attacked if we're to remain students here."
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    The Raging Raptor "It's just a card game; you people really need to chill out." "I'm as chilled as they come, honestly." Itsuki chuckled with a slight shrug. "Listen I don't know what your interest in me is all about but I'm not all that interested in you. I have no plans to try and 'have fun' or 'test myself' with this tournament and that's not gonna change. I..." This seemed to stop right there, as Cedric was in the midst of a call and seemed to go in this direction now. Itsuki couldn't help but wonder why this guy seemed to be...well...it was just a card game? Not wanting to have fun or testing himself? Then honestly what was the point, other than a simple cash grab and an overly boring 9 to 5 job? People like this were an enigma to Itsuki... "I gotta go. I'll pay on my way out." "No need. It was my treat, remember." Itsuki waved this thought off. "Go off and enjoy the rest of your day, Cid. It was nice getting to know you...look forward to facing off against you in the tournament." Once Cedric left the establishment, Itsuki would only sigh and shake his head. "...and here I thought I found a worthy Duelist to call my rival in this tournament. Nope, not one iota of care or excitement in that one. Buuuuuut perhaps he might still prove a challenge...maybe." he mused, downing the last bit of his drink. The Blazing Squire "This is where the real battle begins, Julian!" Richard said, taking the last card in his hand...which was of course: "I equip Emperor Charles with Noble Arms - Gallatin! Same as before, it'll gain 1000 ATK, each of my Standby Phase it'll lose 200 ATK." INK Emperor Charles | 3000 ATK -> 4000 ATK "But the fun doesn't stop there! When a card gets equipped to a monster on the field...I can destroy one card on the field. And mind you: that's even before the Damage Step!" The fired up Duelist smirked and pointed directly at the Thought Ruler Archfiend. "I think you knew that was going to be the target...so by Emperor Charles' effect: I'll have Thought Ruler Archfiend slain!!" And like that, Thought Ruler Archfiend was set ablaze. "So you will." That was something to watch for in the future. Julian moved his monster to the graveyard, leaving his field quite devoid of monsters. "Very well then." "And like that, the field is wide open for a direct attack." Richard said triumphantly, slightly flicking his thumb under his nose. "Emperor Charles! Raise your blade alongside Gallatin...attack Julian directly!!" The blonde haired knight nodded, before raising both blades into the air, before rushing towards the old man. "GO! Blazing Imperial Assault!!!" Julian: 7500 -> 3500 "And that'll end my turn...well, at least to the End Phase. Which now will allow me to do this..." Richard began to explain. "My Noble Knights of the Round Table Field Spell...let's see..." he paused, now checking something. "The Field Spell, Emperor Charles, Captain Oliver, Oliger, Renaud, Magius...that's a total of six different cards with Noble Knight in their names. And unfortunately, I can't activate the 6+ portion of the Field Spell, but I can do this...I send Noble Arms - Clarent to the grave. But now that I've done that...Emperor Charles' second ability!" The card he immediately had sent to the grave, he now fished back out. "I now equip Clarent to my Emperor and then...from the deck, can equip a Fire Monster to him...and we'll choose...my second Maugis! Now Charles will gain an extra 500 ATK due to this, but also thanks to Maugis, he can't be destroyed by battle!" INK Emperor Charles | 4000 ATK -> 4500 ATK "Now my turn is done!" "I draw." Julian assessed his hand. Then his field, which wasn't exactly doing him any favors. Then that enemy Synchro. 4500 ATK and an immunity to being destroyed by battle. Frankly, there was no getting over that in a timely enough manner to turn this around. Returning the cards to his deck, Julian sighed. "This isn't for keeps, so I'll save us both a bit of time, and reluctantly admit defeat. I'll have to keep these monsters of yours in mind, should we face off for real in the tournament." Theoretically, if Julian could just make it past that first round in the real deal, he could possibly pull it off. He just needed to know his competition. That first round was going to be a hurdle, though. "That also makes you the first person to beat me in a duel in some... oh, what, fifty or sixty years? Well done!" Richard seemed a bit saddened by the immediate end of this game, noticing Julian putting the cards back in his deck. But at the same time, while doing the same, still had the brightest smile on his face. "Oh no...I couldn't take that as a real win. The saying is, it isn't over till the last card is played...as well as it isn't over till the Life Points hit zero. So I definitely wouldn't call that a win." he said, immediately moving towards the older man, extending his hand. "But having that much high praise from you, it's a real honor, sir." Julian smiled, taking the hand and giving a firm shake. "There's no need to go calling me 'sir'; we're all equal here. Old veteran or new rising star, we're still just pro duelists at the end of the day." Thinking back to that final turn, Julian eventually retracted his hand and said "Those monsters of yours though! We certainly wouldn't have seen anything like them back in my time. Perhaps I should consider a bit of deck shopping..." "Heh, very well then." Richard chuckled, the firm handshake being struck. "But yeah, the game certainly has evolved to a different level, but with moves like yours out there...I'm sure some may not even be able to compare. But then again, a Duelist does know how to improve and prepare for all sorts of situations. So maybe some deck shopping for some more Psychic Type monsters and support might be in order." The young man flashed a smile. "If you do, I can't wait to see what you'll do!"
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    As if he had anticipated the stupidity of these seven "Spike Brothers", the ones where the fire was poorly tap-danced away from it, while he noticed three of the seven fall in a comedic fashion along the ice. This did stifle a slight snicker from the young sorcerer...all that was left was the leader himself. "Nice part tricks, freak." Oh the poor soul... One swing from Seven at the balloons, and the next moment he was now sent careening backwards to be now looking up at the Prana sky. A quite fitting situation to say the least...but alas, these were simply civilians...a bunch of civilians that were rougher than many others, but he was not one to judge. Though at the moment, he did seem to see that they were slowly losing their bravado...an opportunity arose. "Alas, you lot didn't heed my warnings...and even struck at me." Trevor spoke, still rubbing the back of his head. The Cabanomicon slowly began to flip through it's pages at an alarming rate. "I warned you...and now...I'm afraid I'll have to teach you not to mess with a sorcerer." They looked like they could scare easily...so what better way to do that...then by simply faking a summon? "I'll have to call forth a creature I've kept locked in this book...and perhaps, maybe I'll lock you all away in here as well." Was it best to threaten these people? ...was it wrong to call them people? Regardless, Trevor spoke these words with a strong tone, as his he shifted the grimoire slightly, not letting them notice the yellow gemmed ring start to glow. Lightning started to spark around, as Trevor...for lack of a better term for this...began to make quite a few guttural noises and sounds. He wasn't sure how many other Summons would work in this world, but he figured that he'd at least run the tropes that Balthazar had generally spoke of when dealing with Magic users and sorcerers: people fear what they cannot understand...and with some, they figure a few guttural sounds would curse them if they weren't careful. Was that a bit specific of a trope to be told, yes...but it most likely would be helping him right now.
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