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    Nothing could keep Lana from feeling down. Nothing. Not even the strange out of body woozy sensation dungeon teleportation gave her immediately after - though it certainly tried. After getting patched up by the staff outside of the dungeon, Lana looked over to Chris who made a comment about what he was about to do. The girl blinked for a moment, before remembering that he had had a bit of an adventure before convening with the group for their dungeon excursion. Though she'd be lying if she said she wasn't interested in this whole, "mystery girl and purple monster heart" thing, Lana had definitely been feeling something of an adrenaline crash now that they were out of the dungeon and had no desire to continue with weird things for the day. So she gave him a thumbs up, and said, "well, hope you find out what you need to." Then, with a bright smile on her face, a little giddy, the girl said, "I'm going to go spend my money." Lana hadn't the faintest idea of what to spend her newfound wealth on, though. She figured food would be a good start, since she knew that rich people definitely ate a lot. And a lot of expensive stuff at that. But there had to be something else they used their unlimited money on. After thinking about it for a moment more, trying to figure it out, she landed on clothes and weapons. And though her clothes were definitely roughed up, both from the dungeon and her prior farm life, they had always been that way so she didn't really think there was anything wrong with them. But she had just lost a weapon, and there was definitely something wrong with that. So, Lana marched her way into the city proper, looking for a place to buy more weapons. And food.
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