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    The full version of stars we chase released today and is probably going to end up being my most listened to song this year.
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    Fen put a hand to her chin as Aduain had passed on the cooking puck to her. She wasn't exactly sure how she felt about the fact that Aduain had taken these fish from a park, likely meaning they were more for display then free fishing, but her curiosity at the new and unfamiliar culinary endeavor before her made her ignore that. The girl went through her head and tried to figure out different ways to prepare fish, though with genuinely no knowledge of how the fish even tasted she wasn't sure what kind of flavoring would be best with it. To say nothing about what they had on hand to begin with. After thinking for a bit with her conditions in mind, the girl said, "well, I'd probably want to know what it is I'm working with first. So I'd just start with descaling and deboning it before trying it out raw. From there we can probably figure out what to do with it." Once Aduain had successfully finished the preparing the fish for consumption, the girl took a small piece and ate it. "It's...fruity? Strawberry?" The girl looked up, puzzled for a bit as she said, "well this is a first. I'm used to some creatures tasting like others - you'd be surprised how many things taste like Cockatrice - and maybe even some plants or vegetables. Usually not fruits though. Hm..." The girl tapped her chin again before looking to her fishy companion. "What are your thoughts on it?" Aduain listened intently as Fen spoke, saving his questions about Cockatrice for another time. The fruity fish had all of his attention. At his chef's invitation he excitedly cut a piece off and took to chewing on it to really get a sense for what he was dealing with. The strange sensation of fish flesh with an unmistakable strawberry flavor sent a visible shiver down the length of his body ending in him doing a little tap dance with his fins. "Woah, that's weird! All the fishy texture but none of the fishy taste! We could turn breakfast into a game of guessing the mystery flavor!" he said, cheerfully eyeing the other colors. Fen's eyes lit up as well at the suggestion of a guessing game. "Oh, that's a wonderful idea! Making it as exciting for them as it was us would be good, but, hmmm...They might think something's off with the fish if they know it's fish and see it's all different colors. So what if we made some rice balls and filled them with this fish?" "That's so sneaky. I love it! Though fair warning the only thing I really know how to do with rice is eat it. Might leave the delicate shape work to more experienced hands" Aduain laughed as he held his hands up and wriggled his fingers. Fen opened her hands and showed them to Aduain as she smiled, "well don't worry there. I've got some experience with this." With their plan set, the girl began thinking aloud. "Well, first we should boil some water for the rice which means..." The girl looked around the kitchen, taking stock of all that was there. Sheepishly she turned back to Aduain asking, "you wouldn't happen to know how to work these devices would you?" Once done the girl went outside saying, "oh, uh, everyone breakfast is ready." Bringing out plates of rice balls, the girl spread them out across the table, before putting a big bowl of rice with a rice paddle in it in the center. After properly setting the table and having everyone else get in, with a tone akin to that of a waiter the girl said, "good morning everyone. Today we, Aduain and I, decided to make rice balls with a fish filling. There isn't a whole lot to work with in the kitchen right now and I might've gotten a bit distracted by...the kitchen...so it's more of a snack then a proper meal. I'm sorry about that, but i made more rice if you need something else to fill you up. I hope you enjoy," the girl smiled and bowed, before standing up and expectantly waiting for everyone to eat, not seeming to take a seat herself.
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    Paradisi Gloria Joy could hear them, both of them, even through all the noise. She wasn’t about to respond in any way they could interpret, though. Her focus was elsewhere, on keeping her step, on the pain in her shoulder, on the end of her spear. As she neared her destination in mind, her traps thinned out -- not every step was a new patch of light waiting to explode. Instead, she varied it up. Her light shifted until it was emanating from her fingertips. The next tree she touched didn’t laugh, it started to glow, and with certainly more intensity than the grasses and dirt had before it. In fact, the light seemed to have a weight to it; the tree, even with its sturdy trunk, lurched over ever so slightly. Woe betide anyone who stumbled into that, she thought. They would circumvent it or otherwise dodge out of the way. She knew that. They, and she, were watchdogs of the gods, after all. The only reason the island itself hadn’t been torn apart was because they collectively willed it, they could notice an unnatural tint in a place surrounded by nature. Of course, they were also all still human. She was relying on that. They could all still make mistakes. Was this her mistake? While they had seemed quite keen to kill her that morning with or without her prompting, she certainly had been the one escalating things. Then again, at least when she and Mor’s watchdog had been travelling around, there had been a reason for it. They had been expected together. What were Hinder and Taros doing? There really was only one reason she could think of: They were together because they were who the gods could send. So yes, while she’d never directly answered Hinder’s question, she’d always known. As soon as she’d met them both, she had this possibility in mind. Her destination was just ahead. There was a small clearing in the forest, and the sun was creeping up high enough to illuminate it. When she reached it, she wheeled around, not to check for where her opponents might be (though she certainly had to make sure that her traps were still going off -- they were) but to start tracing a line of light with her spear, creating a boundary encircling her person. It hung oddly in the air, shifting and flexing in seeming response to minute air currents, yet never straying too far or drifting too close to Joy herself. When she brushed it with her spear, it went rigid, and started to hum. Good, Joy thought. There was still a lot of power stored in it. She removed her spear from the line and the line returned to its drifting state. “Come and get me,” she said. OOC
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