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    “Just do better next time.” That was a straight forward, and simple suggestion on how to fix the problem in theory, but in practice it was a bit harder to keep track of. After all, what was ‘better’ in this case? It could be assumed that her joke hadn’t hit, so did it simply mean to be funnier? Or was she not to make a joke at all? That was the more boring of the two, but it was also the safer of the two. Regardless of what it actually meant though, getting a reply at all was better than nothing, as that mere sentence and reaction meant she had another chance; a fact that forced a smile to the Rotom’s face as she gave a quick salute with her wing. “You g-g-got it, pal!” She chimed out, bouncing idly to the side as she then turned to… Wait, and see what came next. See, Es knows she isn’t the most perceptive, especially when it comes to the body language of others, but even she can pick-up on a creature looking as if they were ready to pounce, or on edge about to attack… And that was vibe Zed was giving her, in this moment. This was almost assuredly confirmed as Zed dashed forwards, rounding the corners until they reached the other room, and were out of eyeshot-- But their yelling, that could be heard. Something about someone needing their ears checked, likely the Noibat? Either way, it didn’t sound great, around the corner. Or, well, she got the impression it didn’t, based on what little she could hear in the distance. It sounded like Z. was berating someone, but in a less friendly manner than before, and if Es had to guess, that meant there were other Pokemon in that direction. “G-g-guess I better get a m-” she started off, before bringing herself to a halt, her form practically rubber-banding in place as she watched the six-pokemon special charge past her, prompting her to slowly begin drifting back into the corner to let the others through. “Hey, it’s alright! If you don’t get it right on your first try, that’s totally fine. This sort of thing is supposed to be fun more than anything. I might suggest giving it a thicker-base for the plastic to adhere to, but the important thing is that you take it at your own pace instead of trying to rush ahead with the pros.” The words were hers, something her brain had spat out almost instinctively as she pulled herself back into the corner, letting each person by as her brain honed in on those last few words. These were things she had told people on the forum a lot, wasn't it? Take it at your own pace. That was something she had adhered to her entire life, wasn’t it? Advice she always stuck to, and gave when she saw others getting worried. It was a way not to get bogged down in how much further ahead someone was than you, while also moving to improve yourself. It was a key, a way to keep focused on tasks without getting discouraged, and yet… She found it was also key here, when she thought about it. The others may have had an idea of what they were capable of in combat, but she didn’t have much to go off of herself. She was a ball of electricity, but how was she supposed to control it? She hardly knew how to control it when it was moving her body around, or rather, was it her body? That was part of the issue. She wasn’t sure where ‘Es’ started and ‘Harmful Electricity’ began in the first place, which made her more of a danger than anything else. All she could really think of was the fact that she was fast. Like, really fast. Maybe not consciously, but when she let her body move at it’s own pace, following the briefest of her ideals, that was fast. All she had to do was take her mind off of it, and it’d get to working. Which… Somehow made sense, didn’t it? “Work’s easier to get through when it’s not the only thing you’re focused on-” was something else she used to say, wasn’t it? But to who, and where- A voice spoke, overpowering her own musing thoughts as she was made stock-still in shock, plasma halting for a brief second as she coagulated her thoughts into something she could to parse. The voice itself was a warning mixed with advice, asking them all to be careful-- and it confirmed for her that the others were, indeed, in a fight. She also noticed that even the Cubone had moved past her, quietly, without her noticing; marking her as, very likely, the last person to move from this corridor while she was thinking. Everyone else had already begun to leave her behind, and so… It was finally time to move at her body’s pace. Like lightning breaking free from a bottle, Plasma shot forwards, weaving around first the cubone quietly as it zigged and zagged through the air, a veritable blur as she shot under the Noibat, and then over the six-for-one special; coming to rest, for just a moment, above the Punchapus as she took stock of the situation, her eyes falling on… A creature that looked not unlike a star, with a single gem in the center of its being, which, at least to her, appeared to be in combat with her friends based on general poses. The target was locked, the question was what could she do? Information ran through her mind at a blinding speed, faster than she even moved really, as her form shot downwards on a trajectory, set to let her come to a stop just to the left of the Staryu, next to the Sourpus and the Chestnut King. “Isn’t Astonish kind of a weird move, though? Only ghost types really get it, and even then, it’s just… Scaring your opponent? How do you do that in a fight?” The words echoed through her mind, though she recalled reading them in her past-- Or had she said them? It was getting a bit muddy… But that could wait. She was a ghost, right? So surely… “...BZZZZT--! B-B-B-BOO!” She screamed as she came to a stop, practically screeching to a halt as she made her form spasm with electricity, surging forward to show herself as larger than she was, a tinge of purple coating her outline! Only for… Nothing to happen. Well, except for the Staryu to turn, and look at her; red gem shimmering in the light, under which she found herself begin to shrink a bit. She didn’t shrink consciously, of course, but the orb started to drift back as the electricity around her got thinner and thinner. Her eyes narrowed on the red gem as her mind raced-- Her attack, Astonish, had failed. Or at least missed, maybe? She was sure she had done something, but what that ‘something’ was, was apparently ineffective, or didn’t work. Her heart, or at least closest approximation to where her heart may have been, froze as the Staryu began to move-- But her mind, and body, were faster in this moment. That same motion she had made to make herself larger, that same pouring of electricity that propelled herself forwards-- She needed to use that, now. Her Electricity, at first, began to spasm, even fizzling before… Blue plasma arced from the top of her orb, jumping forwards, and striking the Staryu directly in the gem! It spread over the enemy Pokemon, growing brighter and brighter until-- Well, it wasn’t there anymore. Lightning struck the ground in front of her for a solid second before she pulled it back, stopping her shocking display as she paused, rotating slightly with surprise. “Where d-d-did you g-g-g-go?!” She asked, frantically turning around until she was face to face with the Clobbopus, who seemed to have his own share of problems. “C-c-can Staryu use T-t-t-teleport?!”
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