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    Penelope watched Raki with some amusement. It seemed he was a bit down about having been stopped in his questioning. He proved to be quite the inquisitive sort as he began to ask Link questions right away as well. Questions that Link deflected all too naturally. It wasn't long before Link was dragging Gunther off to presumably go over whatever he had found. That he didn't ask her was of no issue with Penelope. She wanted to keep an eye on this man just a while longer. Though it seemed he truly was nothing more than a praise-starved lackey. "As for the door, it just leads to the dining room. I can take you through it if it pleases you." "It would indeed, thank you so much." Penelope said with a smile. Not waiting for Gunther to return before following the man into the room. It was indeed as he said, a dining room. And as expected it was much more lavish of a room. Clearly of the sort that the owner of the house would love to bring people to show off. Hanikap soon rambled off about getting food for them and began to go to the kitchen. Penelope could hear movement from the kitchen side of the hall between the rooms and assumed Gunther was returning. So, she called out to the man before he got to the other side. "One moment, please, I believe my...friend here had some things to ask you." She looked towards Raki. "Now would be the perfect time for your questions." After all Hanikap couldn't easily scamper off with both ends blocked. Gunther hadn't understood what it was Link wanted. He was speaking in a rather strange way as well which made Gunther wonder if there was some code he was missing. Finally he realized that Link wanted to tell him something away from that man's stooge. Trusting that Link knew best Gunther left Penelope for a brief moment to see what it was that Link had to tell him. Honestly he wasn't quite sure what to make of his words. They had known there was a potential risk but it felt as though Link wasn't giving him everything. Why that might be Gunther couldn't be sure but Link followed it with an assurance that Catriona would be fine. "Of course, I know you wouldn't let anything happen on your watch...and I will do my best to do the same." Overall the conversation left Gunther uncertain. Should he be doing more? Was Link just regulating him to staying down here because he thought he would mess something up were he to search as well? It took him a second to realize that the others were no longer in the kitchen. A moment of panic set in until he heard voices from beyond a door in the back. Moving there with perhaps a bit more swiftness than necessary he arrived at the doorway in time to hear Penelope speak. "One moment, please, I believe my...friend here had some things to ask you." He saw Hanikap on his way out and, after Penelope's words, found himself naturally positioning in the doorway to make it hard for the man to simply slip past, trying to not make it seem he was intentionally blocking him. Cora felt herself relax when Acantha made an appearance. If anyone could settle things down it would be her. And, true to her expectations, the girl quickly stopped the children's antics for the moment. She gave the girls a smile and wave, deciding in her head to come back to play with them when this was all done, before turning full attention back on Acantha. "Can either of you tell me anything more?" "Well, truthfully, we don't know all too much. But, ya see..." Cora then explained to the girl what she had just learned herself. Trying to avoid repeating it the way that Tsetseg had told her lest Acantha accuse her of being childish as well. Once she finished she frowned and looked over to Tsetseg. "Er, don't worry about the suspicious part, we all know you're not bad folk even if she doesn't admit it. A-anyway!" She continued hastily in the hopes Acantha wouldn't protest. "As you can see we really outta get going soon as we can."
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    The Line of Fate Dream sweet dreams, dear watchdogs, even after all you have done. Even though Joy is dead. Do not worry about where you will be when you wake. I can be benevolent when I choose to be. If you ask the gods where you're needed, they will direct you west. To me. Joy told you the same thing, didn’t she? And I so would like to meet you. You bear the word ca͢n̷t҉icųm̕ad ͝ ̷ , after all. But if I were you, I would be inclined to stay away. Go somewhere else. Spread your teachings. Try to save people from me, for all that will matter in the end. Or maybe you want to meet me as well? It’s not every day that one gets to meet the little voice in the back of their mind. If you do come sailing my way on that ship of yours, I want it to be for that reason, or any other reason you might have in mind. I don’t want it to be from the gods. I only want to see you when you are ready. Your story is not over just yet. Procession to Apocalypse “Oh good, you’re alive,” Captain Helmsley said. He was more surprised by one of them than the other. “And awake too -- that’s two good things.” The watchdogs hadn’t so much come back as they had appeared back on the Swallow Tail. Whatever trouble they had gotten into, it had left them both beaten and unconscious, and the ship’s doctor Eirika had descended upon them without even needing the order. Only when she had sufficiently tended to their wounds did she disappear back to her cabin, leaving the Captain alone with them. Alone? No, the chicken Olive had brought on board was inconsolable except when roosting on top of the dog. One crewmate had even gone to see Eirika themselves thanks to some well-aimed pecks with its surprisingly sharp beak. Still, once acknowledged, it was practically silent, so it was easy to forget about. The two had waited for a decent amount of time. Helmsley had made a point not to keep track. Keeping track would only worry him, and he preferred to keep his trust in Eirika than try and second-guess it. At one point, a deckhand had come in asking if he would prefer to join everyone for lunch, but he waved them away. But they were awake now, one stirring and then the other, and Helmsley smiled and leaned forward in his chair to greet them. “You’ve certainly caused quite a ruckus, you know. I’ve only heard bits and pieces from here on the ship, but I think I can put together what happened.” He kept his voice level, indicating a lack of judgment on the matter. How could he? “I assume tonight’s party will be a funeral, then,” he said. Then he sighed. “In any case, Eirika said you should be ship-shape if a little sore. Miracle worker that one, though maybe you’ve had a few other miracles yourselves?” Another even tone; he didn’t expect it to be answered. That changed, though, as he started asking for responses. “There’s probably still food around, you only need to ask. Do as you will besides, just let me know when you’re ready to leave.” OOC
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