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    Luckily for her; the watch was little more than a formality, it seemed, as nothing dared chase them by. The bear had even left them by soon enough; allowing them to progress easily, for the most part. Of course, Marshall couldn’t discount the discussion she heard in the distance before the Bear wandered off; as Gene and Sabrina had discussed the Drengr… That’s right. Marshall closed her eyes, tucking her left arm behind herself as she let her mind wander, the fleeing Drengr no longer in view. Not everyone is going to be capable of looking at this purely objectively. She frowned, bringing her right up to adjust her cap as she turned back to rejoin the group. I’ll have to keep that in mind; so as to not jeopardize our status as a functioning staff. It wasn’t until they had reached the door, however, or until Sabrina, Gene, and Abby had all decided to knock, that Marshall found her attention fully present again; instead of being spent pacing the halls of dialogue in her mind, searching for the right words. She hadn’t even had time to agree with them, before the doors had been pushed ajar, and they were to begin entering. “...Be on your guard,” Marshall murmured as a reminder, following close behind Abby, as the small girl took the lead. “...There’s no telling just what kind of surprises await us here,” she’d explain, glancing around. …Though, to say anything was truly all that surprising, would have been a bit of a lie. In fact, everything so far had been tantamount to a culmination of what they had encountered thus far. The current of electricity was, of course, a bit off putting; but the blue glow of the room was more than familiar, given where she had spent most of her waking undeath up until this point. “...This appears to be similar to the station we woke up in,” she’d remark plainly, bringing a gloved hand to her chin as she glanced around the party. There were more questions posed by this revelation than answers, of course: for example, did this shrine also, once have heroes wake up in it, like they did? Or was it simply held in tact by the same power which held the church aloft? Did it serve the same purpose? We'll find out soon, Marshall reasoned as she shook her head, keeping an eye out in the meantime; anything could yet happen, given how much they had to see still. Of course, the hallway within which they continued their journey, did little to answer any of her questions, in fact, giving way to many more, as carvings on either way showed both clear depictions of humans… And clear depiction of Animals, with nothing in between so far as she could see. That meant then, that there was then nothing like what they had seen from life in this world so far... Raising even more questions in the process, such as whether this shrine was constructed before even the Drengr and the people of the village existed, or if there was some other reason for the complete erasure of the animal-like figures they had seen so for… But, well, that would be a question for a later juncture. Now, Marshall had more confounding, though interesting, surprises to contend with as she glanced over the features of the split path, and saw… Water. Not just any water, of course; this was a shrine that would do with such, and the rain would have likely led to at least a bit of leakage down here, given the stairwell they had traveled down from. But for the water to coalesce into a familiar face… Now that, was a bit of a surprise. “Greetings, Dispatcher,” Marshall would relax, even if just for a moment, as she brought her right hand up to tighten her hat. “We have much to report after our morning shift,” she’d pause for a moment. “...That is, if you haven’t been observing us already.”
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    And just like that, something shifted in the distance and, as Chris rounded around the mausoleum, he could see the exit to the floor in the distance. He almost dashed straight towards it. He saw the remaining eye and the remaining several zombies, but nearly disregarded them before he remembered the remaining unfinished business. The zombies were part of that, yes, but one of the dead zombies still had his throwing daggers stuck inside. Those couldn’t be replaced, not without more jobs than he was willing to work. So the plan was those, then the exit. But as he jogged over to the place where he’d felled that particular zombie -- a task made a little difficult by the presence of the fog blanketing the ground, but not impossible, especially when the daggers were sticking out a little bit over it all -- that plan gained extra steps. The first problem was the way the eye and its zombies were moving. He hadn’t been the only one to notice the dungeon room’s new feature; the eye was directing everything to be in their way if they wanted to get out of here. There was also a lone zombie from the previous hordes still harassing Robin and Ziun, so that needed dealt with too. Was Robin still dealing with the effects of that energy beam that eye had hit her with? The questions and extra considerations kept swarming Chris’ head as he imagined the zombies swarming him also, but in the end, he just shook them off. “Alright, here’s the plan,” he said, sheathing one dagger and replacing his string with the other in his off-hand. “Sometimes, when you’re spotted you can’t stay to fight all the guards, you just gotta get out. We’re going to charge forward and break through to the exit.”
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