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    Chris was generally pretty happy with how his lanky body allowed him to do all the things someone in his professional field might need to do, whether that was the nimble fingers facilitating a good lift or being light enough to climb around in rafters. However, in this moment, in the charge to the exit with enemies still in the way, he wished to be someone more like Sergei. Even without his magic runes to boost his toughness and endurance, he could probably bowl through some enemies like they weren’t even there. Sergei would probably also have been able to scoop up Lana and carry her the rest of the way, something Chris definitely wasn’t strong enough to do either. Oh well, he thought, he’d just have to do the next best thing. “Lana!” Chris shouted, even if he wasn’t exactly sure what he was supposed to say next. “Hold on, Lana, I’m gonna- whoa!” Whatever it was, it was interrupted by Lana swinging her axe wildly, just missing Chris and colliding with the zombie next to him. He changed tactics. “Estellise!” And this time, he didn’t have to say anything else; an arrow of light whizzed past and made sure that the zombie stayed down. He stayed out of range for Lana’s next swing, then rushed in while she was still following through and rammed his sword into the neck of the other zombie attacking Lana. Chris pulled back and kicked, and that got that zombie to the ground as well. He turned around to face Lana and grabbed her hand. Chris could feel her flinch at that, and he was still aware of her axe, so although he tried to calm her down, he did have to talk fast. “Lana, it’s Chris. We’re really close to the exit, so hold on and I’ll make sure you get there, okay? Estellise is going to keep the eye busy and there’s only one more zombie in the way and, like, five of us, so just keep hold of my hand and then we’ll fix whatever that thing just did to you, okay?”
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    ╔. .═════════╗ "Pomoglo by, yesli by ya ne byl takim tupym idiotom..." Falisha seemed lost in her own world as she sifted through cards, glancing idly at her teammates before walking in. She let out a small breath as Rosalia spoke to her, nodding and giving a soft smile, "Thanks, I do appreciate that. Granted I could have optimized my deck so something like that didn't just totally out me. I even have been looking at the store's lists to see if there's any cards in stock that would help me out." She stretches in her seat before standing up, picking up her cards and giving them a quick shuffle before they went into her deckbox and went into her pocket as she nodded along with everyone else, a look of shock crossing her face as she was one of the players suggested, "Er, wait, me? I uh... I dunno if I'm such a good idea after how terribly that first match went, I think Eve would be a better pick until my deck is optimized better." "I'm not sure which of you is most suited for this; Both of you are strong duelists. Perhaps Falisha may be best in the wake of her last match, or Eve, given her opponent made what some would consider a game-making error. But I think either of you can make admirable showings. Unfortunately, I am the only one here without a win on their dueling record. The only one without a loss, as well, but as captain I think I am expected to have a strong showing, and my first was not up to my standards, or of potential sponsors. I do not intend to repeat it." Falisha scowled a bit, "Gah I need to be better about speaking up, but well..." She scowls a little, "My opponent sent my hand immediately to grave the first game and I didn't play anything, that might have been to an advantage since due to that less of my cards are known to the upcoming opponent's." She sips at a drink she had gotten a while ago in the break room, "Though... can I make a suggestion? I want to show that we're not a totally fractured team that doesn't get along, this might be the last chance this tournament to do that. Anyone have some ideas for how to go about doing that for the next matches? If not I'm fine brainstorming for a bit, some of your opinions on my decklist might actually help me out too if we wind up sending me in cuz uh..." She started sweating bullets, "Have I ever uh... actually -shown- anyone in this room my current decklist?" She seemed to shrink in on that question a little as if she knew the answer wasn't the one she'd want to hear, even shifting nervously as she looked around the room as she suddenly felt like she hoped the meeting ended soon.
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