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    @Members @VIP - Just an FYI we've removed the necro bumping rule from the site (please let me know if there are still remnants anywhere!) We no longer feel the rule is necessary across the site, spam rules will still apply though.
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    NCM (nearly) a Year On I think I speak for everyone in saying that it’s certainly been an interesting year, from what feels like unending down time to what now feels like a new lease of life, communities are born and bred by people alone and you can’t force something to stick together when the cracks have already shown, and I think we’ve showcased that now more than ever, you’ll just continue to stick things back together as best you can in hopes that it will remain but, sometimes in life you need to move on and build something new up and that’s OK, nothing lasts forever but everything worthwhile only lasts for a period of time, and whenever this comes to an end I can only hope it inspires someone to pick up the mantle where it left off. That got a little… philosophical didn’t it? My fault, apologies, I just wanted to open a document and write down my thoughts and feelings with you all – bare bones you know how that stuff goes anyhow I think it’s important to reflect on how we’re doing and where we can go from here. So, how are we doing? That’s a great question and thanks for asking Torm! Fundamentally the site is stable, and activity is at an appropriate level, people are posting, RPs are… RPing? I guess you do roleplay in a roleplay so… ANYWAY things are good! There are some sections that have very little to no activity and I guess that’s something for me and the staff team to figure out together. I imagine it’ll be along the lines of consolidating “deader” sections together and making posts simpler to post but we’ll work on that. In fact, at the time of writing this we are roughly averaging 20 registrations per month, which are healthy numbers! It’s also probably a little more but I’m terrible at Math so… 20 sounds like a good enough number. There has been some considerable content committed to the site by many of our great users. I won’t go through all of them because honestly, I’ll be here all day and I think a couple of the staff team have ideas on events of their own accord for celebrating good content but stuff like .:Alive:. by Dad in the creative writing section, the NeoCardMaker Holy Grail War by Yui (whilst young, is a very creative take on the forum game genre) and RPs like Fire Emblem Curse of the Goddess which is so intrinsically Fire Emblem it’s great. So where can we go from here? Well personally I think I need to take on the leadership role a bit more, I just need to understand where the line is drawn with that and the like as we have a nice status quo going on and rocking the boat too much might cause us to get water on board when it isn’t necessary but I have ideas and thoughts for the site that I think will be healthy for the place. I would like to see a member of staff or two added to team at some point to help develop certain areas of the site, and perhaps cultivate new life and ideas into parts of the site but again it’s all about balance and that’s down to me to find that middle of the line, so please bear with me and provide criticism as and where it’s needed. I’ve yet to explore these ideas with Yemachu but getting the card maker more built into the site rather than relying on GitHub might allow for us to provide a better user experience for those of us who use the card maker on the regular, of course again I’m just vocalizing my internal thoughts so don’t take this as a “IT’S HAPPENING” (Yui please insert the appropriate gif in a reply thank you). It also seems the site is still struggling to send activation emails to gmail accounts… It’s something for me to look at as we are potentially missing out on active users, I’d rather publicly state this is an issue than it not be forgotten about (although I have mentioned it in the past). As for you guys? Keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe revive showcase for me I don’t have anything negative to say about the lot of you really, you’re all cute – except Cow, he’s a cow I mean they ain’t that cute maybe calves but like they don’t last very long in that state. So, thank you, for making this place what it is, and I wish you a fantastic Christmas, here’s to 2020 (we all legally have perfect vision now) ? @Members @VIP
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    Music So, it's been a while since we've really had a big statement put out or anything. We're almost at 2 years of NCM, and that's incredible! For a splinter community, that really stands out. All because people chose to take a chance and break away from simple numbers and the past itself. A sense of community that is more one of togetherness than obligation. I'm proud of us. Our little community. Sure, it's a quiet little corner of the internet, but it's far from dead. I'd almost go so far as to say that it's just right. Not too big, not too small, not too soft, not too hard. I just... really wanted to take the time, as a member of the staff and the community at large, to thank all of you. I know not everything is perfect. People have fights. Petty feelings can get in the way and blind us. Life gets in the way. People say things they don't mean. People don't say things that they mean to. Even so, there is a sense of community. Grudges don't seem to hold for long. Workarounds are found. Careless words are fixed, and overthought words eventually find their way to where they need to go. Our little home away from home isn't perfect, but it's a damn sight better than what it could have become if we hadn't had stood together. It's so different from what I remember, in general. I feel like I'm an old person looking at the forums and servers, even among people I actually talk to. So much history. So much time. But here you all are. People have come. People have gone. But the community is still here. And while I feel like a fossil, I still look forward to seeing you "younguns" a lot. So, thank you, NCM. For nothing other than being yourselves. Your kindness, your creativity, your intelligence, your humor, all of it. This quiet community means the absolute world to me. I can't speak for the team, in and of itself, but I can at least let you know how much all of you matter to me. And, as an absolutely personal note, I just want to say... if anyone is suffering. If anyone needs a shoulder to cry on. If anyone just needs to express something they don't feel safe to other places... I'm here. I'll listen. I'll give you my Discord if you want it. After all, life isn't easy. 2020 showed us that, if absolutely nothing else. But that doesn't mean you have to be alone. I see you. I'm with you. I'm sure a couple of you know who you are, and I hope you take this to heart... Yet I also hope anyone else who needs this right now sees it as well, and takes it as an opportunity. I love this place. And I love you guys. Thanks for two years, and I hope the third is great, too.
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    U.A. High. It had been a long time coming but Yasha was ready. He'd worked hard to get here, and now he had the privilege of attending Japan's most prestigious hero school. He adjusted his tie and collar, slapped his faceplate where cheeks would be on a regular head, and cleared his throat-- a sound like a stalling lawnmower-- as he approached. "Let's see here, are you--" "Yasha Yokuna, present SIR!" He said, standing rather stiffly at-attention. "I'm honored to be here-- and prepared to do my best!" "I... see. So, why is it that you want to be a hero?" Yasha grinned in response, showing off his teeth. Despite being abnormally sharp, they were also the only part of his head that looked even marginally human. The whole engine-block for a head thing wasn't going to earn him any points for beauty, that was for sure. "Because being a hero is hard work, and I LOVE HARD WORK!" His throat made a revving sound as his voice went up, and he covered his mouth with his hand. "Ah, sorry. I got excited there." "I never really got your type, kid. But go ahead and head on in. You'll probably make more sense to Ruby Heart." "THANK YOU, MISTER GLORY SIR!" The door to the classroom slid open and the sound of engines revving filled the air as Yasha entered, waving a pair of screaming chainsaw blades over his head. "HELP! MY HANDS ARE CHAINSA-HA-HAAAAWS!" He broke into laughter on the word 'chainsaws' and doubled over, the tools shrinking away. He straightened up and smiled, showing off his fanged grin, and waved his, now regular hands. "Nah, I'm fine-- 's just my Quirk. Hi!"
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    Inu wasn't happy. The field trip sucked, and while he was thankful it ended early, it seemed it didn't end for good reasons. The exact reason why, he actually didn't know though, he was hoping he'd find out in school today. Grumbling to himself, he popped a sunflower seed into his mouth as he walked into the classroom, hoping that it would distract him from a need to smoke. He walked in, scanning the room, looking to see if anything looked off or if people had some sort of gossip going on. Nothing really stuck at to him at the moment, and it was pissing him off. Did no one know what was going on? He sat down in his seat, sighing as slumped down. As if to signal that today wasn't going to get much better, it seemed a substitute teacher was here today. "So uh… I'm not Epicenter. You guys know that. I'm aaah… I'm the Destructive Hero - Dreadbolt. I'm a friend of Glory's, he asked me to sub for a bit while some of the staff is investigating some shi- errr, while the staff is investigating some bad stuff that happened yesterday…" Inu's eyes narrowed at that. So something did happen. He waited for some sort of explanation of what exactly the bad thing was, but instead, Dreadbolt moved on. "Fuck, why did I agree to this… Tomoaki you son of a bitch…"Quickly bringing himself to attention, he straightened his back and turned to address the class once again, "A-anyway, I'm sorry to inform you all that uhhh… Kikuchi Emi has dropped out of UA, for personal reasons. But there is good news, too! She will be replaced by the next runner-up in the entrance exam! Hoshinoooooo Rika!" With an unhealthy dose of melodrama, Dreadbolt pointed toward the classroom door with both hands… standing perfectly still in perfect silence for several seconds, before slouching in disappointment, "Is it too much to ask students to be punctual??? Can't I get one damn break???" "Don't worry about cussing, we're not kindergartners, we can taking some goddamn cussing without sullying our ears," Inu stated. "We'll probably hear worse out on the field," The new girl then went and made a fool of herself in front of everyone, but Inu wasn't going to hold that against her. At least she wasn't some joker that didn't take this whole thing seriously. Sun looked at the new girl with a sense of curiosity. She had a familiar look to her... well, kinda. It was more like she reminded him of lizards from back home. Now he was feeling nostalgic. But the poor girl seemed really scared, and that made Sun upset. He'd have to find some way to cheer her up... but, it seemed he wasn't alone in that endeavor. "Hi. I'm Hideyo," the happy sun man said happily. "And I think your quirk is the coolest thing I've seen. Ever!" "Aw, geez, I dunno about that really. Uh... I think if it was the coolest thing ever, I would've gotten in without having to get a little lucky." The chameleon laughed gently, her other hand rubbing at the back of her neck as she glanced up at the ceiling. "It's not, like... Terrible, at least! My dad had it bad, he didn't get any of the stuff mine can do. He was pretty nervous when I was born." She then began to look around the room. her eyes soon falling on the monkey king, who smiled at her. "Hello, I am Sun!" He greeted as he waved. "I like your quirk! It reminds me of home!" He hoped that despite his large size, she wouldn't be scared of him. "If you ever feel scared, just come find me! I'll protect you! You and Takehiko!" Before he could say anything else, the wolfman in the back raised his voice. "So... you gonna tell us what the fuck happened back at the beach?" Inu demanded at the sub. "Or are you really going to try to sweep some situation that was apparently so dangerous we had to leave right away, despite having three Pro Heroes there, under the rug?" Sun leaned over to Rika, whispering loudly. "Don't make the dog man angry. He looks very pettable, but he lights on fire, and fire is bad," "Shut the fuck up, monkey man," Inu snapped, causing Sun's eyes to narrow. That seemed like a direct challenge, and as king, he wasn't one to turn down challenges. However, it could have just been made in the heat of the moment, something that happened a lot back home. He'd wait for a second challenge from Inu before he showed him exactly why he was king of his home.
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    NEO is the best, most-well designed, efficient, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing yugioh card maker on the planet. In all seriousness, though... this has become a nice alternative hub for most active members of the community, and I commend your willingness and dedication to maintaining it as our beloved and reliable admin.
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    Yeah I cheated and gave u two Yeah yours is pretty sick so hard to beat tbh but here There abouts although I've seen @BGMキャノンs moustache and that thing is pretty stylish. I'm going to cheat and give you Fate stuff because hey, cheating is fine in moderation Finding art with just Kazooie is actually harder than I anticipated but this feels appropriate.
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    I hope you all like this (especially Dae) as I have poured countless painful hours into making this as perfect as the real Dae is.
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    Figured I'd post the cardless images I've drawn so far just in case anyone wants to use them for cards of their own. Canyon Battleguard Sword Slasher Mass-Production Model Malice Doll of Despair Gemini Metal Elf Identity Theft! Hopping Vampires Toon Swordmistress this one of Hungry Burger and the Bistro Butcher I don't actually have a card in mind for, but feel free to use it for something. The Snake Hairstyles Dark Scorpion Motivator Time Lizard I'll try to remember to add any more images here as I go along
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    A fic or series of mini-fics set in the Neo community based on superhero comics/cinema. The characters are the members, each having their own superpower (or not, depending on what they want.) This used to be in Misc, but I decided to make an official interest check thread in the writing section for more credibility. Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Let me know.
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    Good morning/afternoon/evening all, Im happy to announce Yemachu accepted a position of administrator for the site! He'll be focusing on development of the card maker within the site itself please keep all site requests and support queries in mine and the other members of staffs direction (unless of course it relates to the card maker) I think I speak for everyone in saying that the work Yemachu has done for this community and the last up until this point has been nothing more then incredible. We look forward to working with him moving forward. Please use this thread for any questions you might have for Yemachu. @Members @VIP @Yemachu
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    Time Lizard | LIGHT | Reptile/Effect ATK 500 | DEF 400 You can tribute 1 Reptile monster you control: Toss a coin and call it. If you call it right, Special Summon 1 Reptile or Dinosaur monster from your hand or GY. If you call it wrong, take damage equal to the ATK of the tributed monster. A quickie I drew up because of a pun. Juggled a few different effect ideas so I hope the one I went with wouldn't be overpowered, but I'm always open to suggestions.
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    So, I wanted to build off of the depression entry. To a degree, at least. I want to talk about abuse. And I'll start with personal experience. You can skip to the second divider, if you don't wish to read this section. --- My dad was abusive. He never got to hit me, beyond a belt on my rear, thanks to my mom... but he was extremely emotionally abusive. He looked for any and all opportunities to belittle me or scold me, and then took them out on my mother instead if she objected, only to redouble on me. To make sure I wasn't an embarrassment to him. That I never even considered crossing him. He was the MAN of the house. What he said went. His wife was to be a stay-at-home mother who cooked and cleaned. His son was to be a clone of him who would exist only to make him look better. The Bible "said" he was to be the head of the household and in charge. So, of course, having a woman who didn't simply bow to him bothered him. Having a child be a child was unacceptable. Even my cousins were given similar treatment, especially before I was born. Like attempting to beat my older cousin with a brush for touching his bag when he had just returned from a trip. Where he cheated on my mother. But that's another story. Or how about instilling his young child with fear so great that a 6 year old was scared of burning in hell for not being perfect? Scared that the rapture would take place and leave them behind? My mother's parents as well. There's a laundry list that's come from my mother and her siblings about their childhoods, but the present is more pressing. Treating everyone around them like slaves. Gma pitting every single family member against each other, if given a chance. Resenting anyone that doesn't follow the plan she's set up. My gpa hit my mother recently for disagreeing with him. He threatened to call the cops on me if I ever disagreed with him. Told me we never made a deal for me to drive, and that I was a lying thief. Threatened to shoot us for not serving a meal he wanted, and gma only replied "you'd shoot me!?". Trying to kick us out, with nowhere to go, because mom was too sick to prepare a meal for their very able-bodied selves. All the while, these people play the victim. They're just suffering because of everyone else. My dad is a martyr, a God-fearing man who goes to church every week and beyond. He's a father figure to some people. An upstanding deacon. Any grievances that could be expressed could only be done so by a member of the church, as opposed to an outsider who KNOWS him. And he has sooo many illnesses, needs so many surgeries, and so on. Gparents are even worse for the latter. Trying to call social services because we weren't being proper caretakers, when they were more than able-bodied and we never agreed. Gma has been faking a cough almost my entire life, as she's admitted. Uses any appointment as a guilt to get people to spend money on her. And so many more fake things, always something to guilt someone into spending money and rendering service, all while playing up how cruel everyone is to them... when they both left their own parents to rot as they got into old age. Even before then. But they're owed it, because they were 'good' parents. Kids are for taking care of them, after all! --- ... and that's just people I, unfortunately, share blood with. But why do I bring up all this anecdotal evidence, when I'm doing what is normally philosophical or purely stream of consciousness? Well... that's because of the relationship that abusers tend to have to abuse's after effects, as I see it. As I experience it. I am so, so scared of calling myself an abuse victim. I never thought of myself as one for most of my life, just assuming that... everyone went through those things. And, even after that, I still just assumed I had to push on. It was just a hurdle. Just a scar that would one day shine. I wasn't a victim. Victims were people that the world hated, shunned, ignored. People that used it as a crutch. Sure, there were exceptions that I had met, but... by and large, people like my abusers portrayed themselves entirely as victims, never taking any accountability for their actions. Turning around anything they did to me back on to me as a source. Yet here I am. The moment I hear hushed voices, I go still and try to hear if they're going to be about me, if I fucked up, if they hate me. Loud noises cause me to shut down. I am oftentimes scared to even leave my room, to the point that I earned the nickname "Bernie-Bear" from Mel's friends for just how shy and bad I was with people. Which, coincidentally... was the moment that me being a victim of abuse began to set in. And I tried so hard to look away from it! I was strong! I had to be strong! I just had some hang ups, that's all! There was no way I was a victim! It is so, so, so hard to call myself a victim. I think it is for most people, really. I don't want to be like those in my life who I was abused by. I don't want to be perceived like them. I don't want to be pitied or looked at like I'm weak. If I'm weak, then I've failed. I'm letting them control me. I'm letting my abusers control my present, as they did my past. That's letting them win... BUT THAT'S WRONG! That isn't true at all! It is not wrong to hurt! It is not wrong to have been hurt by people who DON'T have power over you, much less those that do! You are not weak for being abused! You do NOT deserve that abuse! And those people that fake? Those people that use it to chase clout? Fuck them! They're more likely than not abusers themselves, and you shouldn't worry about them! You shouldn't have to be inhibited about your pain, you shouldn't have to shove it down so that you don't "let them win"! Shoving it down IS how they win, because you leave the trauma inside to fester and bubble, allowing it to consume you whole! You have a right to be angry! You have a right to be sad! You have a right to FEEL! ... It's okay to be a victim. You didn't make the choice to be one. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging what happened to you, be it sexual, physical, emotional, or any combination thereof. People can be monstrous. I do struggle with admitting to myself that I'm an abuse victim. I almost cried talking to my mother tonight, because we both are so close to being able to say and accept how we've been abused, but the people we know are so fake and wicked that we fear association with their behaviors. It's admitting that you aren't fully in control to admit to being abused, and it takes a LOT of courage to do so. So, to abuse victims... You are stronger than you think. That abuse isn't who you are. You did not deserve it. Cruel people inflicted it on you for a multitude of reasons, but none of them were your fault. It was not a result of your choices, but the result of others taking your choice away from you. This world has so much potential for love. So many people truly wishing to help heal a broken heart, soul, spirit. Sure, there are more abusers out there... But I sincerely hope that anyone this applies to finds someone they can truly depend on. Someone who will not treat them as you may have become accustomed to being treated. I see you. I hurt for you. I'm here for you. And, if given the chance, I will open my heart and love you. Stay determined, everyone.
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    Made about a week ago for the sake of having something of the season in time xD I had no idea how to go about the background once I had the character made, so I kept adding violets, purples, blues, vaguely resembling a cave-like pattern and after enough time I grabbed a pen and have what you see here.... I think the green is a bit too light and lime-y but that's what you get when you YOLO it and hope it ends up well hahaha....
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    "Ah what's the matter Dog Breath. Someone need a scratch behind the ear?" At this point, Inu growled, baring his teeth at the cat. "Go get high off some catnip, Cat Bitch," he snapped. Before it could go any further though, the teacher went off, ignoring Inu completely as he began to talk about everything else. "Fuckin' bastard's ignoring me...," Inu growled under his breath, but deciding to let it drop for now. He'd just grill Epicenter when she came back. She didn't look like she could keep a secret. However, before he could even fully calm down... "And finally, Kagarashi Hideyo, Konpaku Rei, Sogin Hakaro, and Sasaki Inu, you will all be against the number 5 hero, your history teacher Ruby Heart!" "Wait, Sasaki? Is there any chance you know the pro hero Howl?" "Fuck," Inu muttered as he gritted his teeth. "Yeah, I know the indecisive bitch. What a-fuckin'-bout it?" He took a handful of sunflower seeds and chomped on them with an angry crunching sound, just as Spidey O'Bitch came up to him. After their pleasant little exchange, the hellhound found himself standing in a corner of the room, chew on sunflower seeds as he watched two of his teammates at each other throats. Maybe they'd injure each other and Inu could transfer to a new group. That wasn't how it worked, and he knew it. With a sigh, he walked over, plopping his butt on the desk's top next to Hideyo. "So... you think we should stop them from fighting, or just wait it out?" He asked, chewing on yet another sunflower seed. Sun was ecstatic. He made a new friend in RIka, and Takehiko was trying to be friends with Rika to! Now he had two friends! There was only one problem though. "Sun Sun, Kaenbyou Tsubasa, Ohara Ben, and the new student Hoshino Rika, you will all be up against your JET teacher, Xionglauhu!" So Takehiko was on a different team, meaning Sun couldn't defend them. He had just had to believe in the guy. It wasn't like this was life or death anyways, so he should be fine, right? Sun wasn't convinced, but he couldn't let the others know that. For now, his team had gathered to make a plan. Sun could make plans, very good plans in fact! He bet his friends would be blown away with his great plans! "Ah... Does the sheet say anything about whether we're expected to actually win? With a numbers advantage, I get the idea of us holding up at least a bit, but... Winning seems like a long shot any way I look at it." Rika asked. Sun blinked as he looked at her. Why wouldn't they be expected to win? That was the law of the jungle, win or lose, kill or be killed. It was the same here... except without the killing. Most people weren't animals, they'd stop before that. "Hey Tsubasa, Sun...and you said your name is Rika, right?" The man with the many spiders approached them, causing Sun to subconsciously scratch himself. "Ahem...sorry I didn't probably make a good impression when you walked in. I'm Benjamin O'Hara, but I usually go by Ben. Nice to meet you. So...I guess it's going to be us four as a team." "A team huh?" the mini jaguar girl suddenly spoke up, "well, then alternate winning or otherwise, you have nothing to work about Iroko. After all, you've got three people with you, and most importantly I'm here with you. So, as long as those things are true, we're definitely a sure win." Smiling more excitedly she said, "and besides, haven't you always wanted to fight a bear?" "I dunno what a bear is, but it sounds fun," Sun admitted. "Nothing... To worry about? I dunno, I think we've got plenty to worry about. We don't know what our actual task is gonna be, aside from trying to overpower someone with more practice and experience than us. ...Fight a bear? I can't say it really ever crossed my mind. Generally you're supposed to, like... Play dead against them, right? Maybe we can do that against the bear then. I'd say we should come up with a plan, but... What can we plan for when we don't know the specifics? Hopefully we can get some actual time before the exam to plot a bit." "Oh, oh, do not worry!" Sun said excitedly. "I, Sun, have a great plan!" He cleared his throat before he started to explain. "So, we're gonna have you all stand behind me so I can protect you all, and then, I'm going to throw a rock at the bear!" He paused, waiting for a response, before adding as an afterthought. "It's going to be a very big rock,"
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    As he stepped onto the bus, Yasha was confident he had everything he needed. He was a bit over-packed, even for the beach-- a beach umbrella, a tarp/blanket, a couple gallons of water in a cooler bag, enough sunscreen to give the sun cancer, spare batteries for his phone-- but he was comfortable with carrying all of it, as long as it meant he could do what he came here to do. "Oi, oi, oi. You coming, O'Hara?" He stopped in the doorway to look back at the lagging American on his phone. "Hm? ...o-oh...uh...were we just supposed to enter the bus? I thought...jeez...gotta remember I'm not in America anymore. Uh, yeah I'm coming..." The two ended up sitting together on the bus, and Yasha was practically vibrating the seat-- which was notable since, at this proximity, it nearly drowned out the engine of the bus. Benjamin noticed Yasha's general noises and shrugged some. "I take it you're excited for the beach, huh Yasha?" Yasha looked up. "Oh, uh." He cleared his throat. "No, not really. Saltwater gums up my tool hands, I'm at a greater risk of heatstroke than most, and of course there's... sand..." He shuddered, then shifted back to his usual cheerful tone. "Pretty much everything about the beach is a horrible experience for me!" He smiled toothily. "Yikes..." Benjamin shook his head slightly. "Annnnd you're still okay with going? Despite the threats and risks that it brings you?" Yasha nodded emphatically. "Oh, totally. It's all worth it." "Uh-huh...alright, I'll bite...why is it worth it to you?" Yasha's expression, to the extend he had one, became suddenly serious. He glanced around, as though there were someone listening, though of course, nobody was. "Alright, don't tell anybody, but..." He leaned in and whispered. "I really just came to see the girls in their swimsuits. Think about it: Seigi, Konpaku, Ukemei-- all of them. In swimsuits." Yasha's faceplate was already red, and he had no skin above the neck so of course he couldn't blush, but there was an actual puff of steam from roughly where his nostrils would be as he straightened back up. Benjamin was surprised by this sudden turn of events as Yasha confided this information to him. The general thought of it, actually caused him to blush some. He looked around, before putting a hand on the chair, having a spider crawl out from his hand to sit on the chair, just as a lookout. "...that's why you were gung-ho about this? ...also do we need to even add Rei into this category?" Benjamin whispered back to Yasha. No going back with this conversation. Yasha nodded and huffed again, producing more little puffs of steam and folding his arms. "Even a cold girl like Konpaku can look good in a swimsuit, O'Hara. Heck, even a plain-looking girl like Sanada looks good in a swimsuit. It's science." Benjamin was still silent for a bit, before raising an eyebrow. "...uh, isn't Ren a guy...?" Yasha's eye twitched. "Not again..." he wheezed.
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    This is the NCM drawing resources, here you can learn to draw, see videos, programs, and etc that could help you. request drawings, learn to draw, get told how to draw, get critique, and etc. Only hand drawn things(from any program) are allowed, so no copy + pasting anything, but you can edit them however you like(warp them, put them in layers, overlay them, blur them, whatever you feel like doing), just not transplanting stuff from the internet. Some graphics programs you could use: Also, link your mobile phone to your PC to draw with it, if you feel like it. Use Chrome Remote Desktop or Teamviewer. A few throwaway tips of mine: Videos: A few of my drawings: Have fun!
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    pre-test jitters It was barely sunrise when Shoshiki arrived at the testing grounds. He would have left sooner, but decided that walking alone in the dark would be a bit too much for him. It wasn't a big deal, his hotel was only a few blocks away, but Shoshiki decided to play it on the safe side. He was simply being reasonable, nothing more. As far as he could tell, only one girl had arrived before him. She looked distracted, yet determined. Shoshiki figured she was probably friendly enough, but decided not to risk it. Who knows what kind of person could be here, she could have a quirk even grislier than his own. And so Shoshiki Kojin stood almost completely still at the edge of the waiting area, as the rest of the hopefuls arrived. It wasn't long before the gates opened, allowing Shoshiki and the rest of the applicants to make their way in. It seemed the testing ground had both a forest and a cityscape, two environments Shoshiki could only hope he would be able to use to his advantage. As a man in some kind of antique-styled armor explained the test, Shoshiki couldn't help but be distracted by the rest of the entrants, "To get this far…” was that a giant beetle? Did beetles eat meat? One of this size was probably very hungry... “forest type area, and a city type area…” a guy with blue hair and headphones was watching the samurai explain, but looked like he would rather be literally anywhere else... “your objectives will all be the same.” With this, Shoshiki perked up. He should probably pay attention to this part. “In each area are a limited amount of badges that resemble the U.A. logo. To complete the practical, one must obtain five badges and return to the gate before sundown. It doesn't matter how you get your badges. Just so long as you're here, you'll be permitted to attend U.A." Using wording like that is going to make people think we are supposed to fight over these. "So if I beat the snot out of some dude with three badges, and take 'em, I get in?" The question came from an angry-looking, muscular girl, who seemed to be about as tall as Shoshiki himself. Despite her apparent confusion over how many badges she needed, her strategy concerned Shoshiki. He had never really fought before, let alone with someone who had been training their quirk for that purpose for what could be ten years. He felt a terrible sinking feeling inside him as the people surrounding him changed from unknown entities to threats. “...our very BEST!" A loud screech interrupted his thoughts, as Shoshiki quickly pivoted to find its source. As best as he could tell, she had some kind of bat quirk. Wait. Wouldn't that make her a vampire? Was she going to murder Shoshiki and drink his blood as sustenance? The samurai/teacher hybrid had said that they weren't supposed to kill each other, but this was a vampire, do the rules even matter at this point? Even as the vampire was scolded by another scary girl with red hair, Shoshiki still found himself feeling like prey. Even if not literally, everyone around him was determined to get into this school, and Shoshiki standing in their way wasn't going to make them change their minds. He could feel the threads of nerve tissue moving just beneath his skin, his flight or flight response coming on in full force. Should he team up with someone so as to have strength in numbers should they be attacked? Or would that just put him at risk of being betrayed once they had found a total of five badges? As the rest of the would-be students were beginning to socialize, Shoshiki was overcome with fear. Even as he could feel himself shaking from head to toe, he forced himself to take a few deep breaths, before making his way to the least terrifying person he could see, a small girl with silver hair. He reached up to tap her shoulder, but hesitated before he could. She might have acid skin or something, I should be more careful. Averting his vision, he awkwardly scratched at the back of his neck, speaking in such a subdued tone that he was hardly audible, "So, if people are planning to take the badges by force, it might be a better bet to stick together... I don't know you, but, you seemed a bit more pleasant and a bit less violent than the others I see here..."
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    Getting up in the morning had hardly been a problem for Yuuka. She had merely figured what time would be the best to wake up to get through her morning routine and set an alarm for then. Having gotten up just when she should, the girl had made her way to school, and arrived with some time to spare before their exam had actually begun. As such, it did her good to see that there were those even more ready and on time then her, and so she simply smiled brightly and contentedly, awaiting their exam time to start. Standing around, the girl simply looked and studied the two instructors before her, head to toe while listening to the directions they provided. "Oh, this might be some trouble," the girl merely muttered to herself. While she had her own concerns as to how to approach this test, to her great pleasure it had seemed that there were a large majority of other heroes to be that did not. Though there was some to be desired she glanced from student to student as they talked to each other, stretching herself out as she was instructed to do so all the while. Two girls who definitely had the confidence and physicality to be a hero, though definitely lack in the tact of one. One girl who - Yuuka winced - definitely had the energy levels of one. A boy, Shiba Yuudai, who seemed to have proper manners. And then there were two other girls in particular that managed to catch her attention. Both being full of spirit and a certain righteous quality that set them apart from the others so far. The girl merely smiled in glee, wondering just what the test had in store for them, while also looking forward to seeing more of her classmates. Turning her attention to the blonde haired girl, she merely raised her own fist into the air with a smile on her face echoing, "<justice>" in a much more subdued tone than the girl's, but still in English all the same.
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    A while back I made a custom archetype named "Abystella" (stars of the abyss) consisting on marine life with patterns of glowing yellow stars. Here's the art I drew for it: Whale Narwal Jellyfish Squid Mantaray Sea Dragon/Sea Horse Isopod Marlin Fisher Nautilus Sea Serpent Mermaid Art for Spells or Traps
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    My latest piece in soft pastel, this time using splatters of white paint for the stars. Feedback is appreciated! ^^
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    Interview 4 - Cochlea the Namekian by Chaos Sonic (Ft. Guest Interviewer - Yui)
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    This sucked. Inu hated the fact he smelled the dolls all the way on the top of this building. To make things worse, he had to fight off robots to even get close to the dolls. They were easy enough, a few punches taking them down, but then something weird happened. Two robots dropped from the ceiling. Not only that, but they had really weird designs. One looked like a giant turtle covered in spikes, buzzsaws spinning out from the sides as flamethrowers sprouted from its back, the turtle staring blankly as jets of fire spewed from the weapons. The other had a long thin body, one Inu was pretty sure was supposed to be a baguette. Looking it, he saw a silly hat on its head, and a small curly mustache on its face, solidifying that idea. The poor robot had no hands, instead ending on what looked liked scythes, but looking closely, Inu realized the scythes were modeled after croissants. "What idiot made these designs...?" Inu muttered. Watching the screens, seeing students come across bizarre and impractical robots only brought a smile to the Pro Hero's face as he held up a notebook full of crazy robots designs. "They're even more beautiful than I thought," He said as he went back to creating robot designs with the skills of a preschooler scribbling in a coloring book. The support teacher Mr. Deerc looked over his shoulder, sighing. "One day I'll figure out how you keep slipping these designs into my tests," He muttered. "Don't worry about it, John," Terro commented. Inu sighed to himself as he rolled passed the two robots, picking up the two human sized dolls, one on each shoulder. "Alright, you pile of scraps, let's do this!" Inu barked as he bared his teeth. The baguette robot only flexed its metal arms angrily before it walked behind the robot turtle, rearing its leg back, obviously trying to kick the dangerous turtle into Inu. However, when it swung its leg, the foot got caught in the buzzsaws, shredding its foot instantly, which caused the robot to lose its balance, falling forward and having its entire body shredded to bits, neither robot reacting to the turn of events. Inu stared blankly as the turtle fired off the flamethrowers, the flames falling short a few inches from actually hitting him. He looked down at the turtle's feet. Waiting for it to move, but soon realized it had nothing. No legs, no wheels, not treads. The turtle couldn't move. With a sigh of relief, he went to leave the building, when the whole structure shook. "What the H-E-double fuck was that?!" Inu called out. Tai sighed to himself as he placed down over 30 dolls on the sidewalk, wiping his brow. He was really lucky that the test was in the afternoon, and not at night. He dusted his hands off and went to find more dolls to help when a loud booming noise caught his attention. "What was that?" He turned, looking at the giant building that was starting to fall over, its giant shadow covering the entire area. "Shinobu, what the heck did you do?" He muttered to himself, having a good guess at the actual answer. With a sigh, he cracked his knuckles and ran over. The building fell over, a deafening sound being heard as the building began to break everything around it with its sheer weight. Tai stood in its shadow defiantly, holding out his hands, and catching it before the building could touch the ground. Gritting his teeth, he lifted the sideways building over his head, struggling to make sure it didn't topple into the ground. "No need to fear, I got it," Tai stated as he began to walk down the street, carrying the building to the outskirts of town. "I... I need to think of a better catchphrase," He muttered. "Maybe 'there's no need to feel, I am here!'?" he decided to leave that for later, focusing on leaving the building balanced as he made his way out of town. "Shit, shit, shit, fuck, fuck, fuck!" The poetic words of Inu rang out as the building he was inside began to topple over. He couldn't keep his footing as the floor became the walls, and the glass windows became the floor... that couldn't withstand the weight of both him and the robot, who began to fall over hundred feet down towards the unforgiving ground. Thinking fast, Inu spun himself around, taking a deep breath in before letting out a torrent of flame, the force of which greatly slowed his descent. Keeping his grip tight on the dolls, he felt a foreign feeling in his chest, a sense of pride. He was going to make it out okay, thanks to some fast thinking! But pride always comes before a fall. Some debris from the building were falling as well, and a particularly large rock nailed the wolf boy in the head, causing the boy to stop breathing fire and fall back down to the ground, his vision getting dark. "No, no, no!" His mind called out as his body spun through the air, steam coming out of his eyes. "It's not fai---," He was knocked out the instant his body crashed into the ground, leaving the injured boy laying in a crater, his grips on the dolls lost.
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    Interview 2 - Christina Yates by Comrade Duck
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    This was quite the exciting circumstance he had been put in. Usually when he was blindfolded, he was also chained to a bed, with a little pressure on top of his body. Wax was optional, of course. However, in this instance, he was calmly listening to his favorite genre of music, Alternative Jazz. The flow of instruments, and competitive solos, really got his foot tapping against the floor of the helicopter. Honestly, even with this music soothing him, his nerves were still on the fritz. Being chosen for this once in a lifetime opportunity as a lowly Professor...was he even worthy of a spot here? After what felt like an eternity, his blindfold was taken off, and he placed the headphones around his neck. Sitting across from him was another man with fiery hair. "Alright, 'ere's de deal," The man said as he flipped a golden ring into the air. Maita desperately went to grab at it, but he failed as it ultimately landed in his lap. "Dis 'ere is a ring dat was owned by de great Iresh 'ero, Cu Chulainn. Wit any loehck, dat's who'll you'll get. We'd 'ave gahtten you de earrengs dat were used last time to soehmmahn 'im, but dat twet Bazzet lost dem, alahng wit 'er life. Be sure naht to lose dese, we'd like to soehmmahn 'im in ahther holy grail wars," He shrugged as he leaned back. "We dahn't know what class you'll get, I guess hope fahr Lancer," Maita prided himself on being fluent in English, but this accent was a bit much for him to ascertain. However, there was one clean word he could make out of the last bit. He held the ring in the air between the two, and looked through it and at the man. "Right! Lancer! Yeah!" He smiled. "Are there any drinks on this flight, by the way? I could use something to calm me down." Before long, the helicopter had landed. As they disembarked from the vehicle, they were greeted with the site of snow, and an old man. Maita stood amongst all the others, holding a wine glass in one hand, and the entire bottle in the other. "Welcome everyone, to Chaldea! Today marks the day where we take our first steps to protect the Human Order. Are you ready to take that journey with us?" Maita was about to respond with vigor, before the man abruptly turned, and strutted towards the building. With a pout, he took a sip from his wine glass. Without so much as looking back, the man continued on. "Now, we do have uniforms for you all, however, there is something I'm sure you all would rather do first," He said as he traveled down the white halls. "After all, one of the most exciting parts of saving the world is meeting the hero you'll do it with, right? From this moment on, your very lives will change. If any of you have any second thoughts, now is the time to back down," He paused, before he looked to a girl in particular. "Except you Aino, you have to stay." So she was something special, is that right? Maita looked over to the girl, with a inquisitive gaze. He had already thought long and hard about taking part in this, so when the man opened the doors to their next room, Maita had no qualms pushing through to follow him. Sitting in a chair was a fairly handsome gentleman with long white hair. "Director, I assume it's time?" he asked, his voice tinged with a German accent. "Indeed it is, Albert!" The man answered, standing to walk by the scientist. "Why don't you explain to our new members what exactly how they'll summon their Servants?" With a nod, the white haired man approached the other and gave a polite bow. "Greetings everyone, my name is Albert Einstein, but you can call me Albert, if you wish," He greeted, as he turned to the window. "That room is our Summoning Chamber, and in it lies perhaps our most valuable artifact. It's a table of Arthurian fame, the Round Table, a place where heroes gather. Using it and your catalysts, we will call your servants into the world. Now, we have to do this one at a time, so what you'll do is walk into the room, and place your catalyst on the table. Then, you place your hand on the edges on the able, and let your magic flow into the the table, and then... call out! Be it a chant, a cry for help, or just a command, if you lay all your convictions into your words and reach out, a hero will answer you!" "Radical..." Maita stared at the ancient artifact that they possessed. In the world of Magic, this place no doubt had holy significance. But this was an artifact that even historians would love to have their hands on, and here he was, standing in front of it. His magic was going to pour into it. "RADICAL!" He shouted again, almost spilling his drink as he put both hands in the air. Before addressing Aino again, their host spoke once more. "And there you have it! Your destiny now awaits for you! Who will step up first?" Even with some alcohol in his system, Maita was still nervous. He waited for the first to approach, which didn't take long at all. Aozaki Souta was the first to summon a Caster, Dr. John H. Watson, famous second fiddle to the great detective Sherlock Holmes. Aino Koskinen was second, as she summoned the Saber, Masamune, famed swordsman of the east. The third, a large man of African descent, entered the chamber and closed the doors behind him. Playing on the safe side a bit, but Maita didn't blame him. He walked out with a servant, both of them with smiles on their face. Genevieve Mireille came next, summoning Raoul d'Argery, the assassin. These were all impressive figures of history, and they were to be fighting alongside their summoners?! This was insane. With his nerves calmed down just a bit after seeing everyone go about the ritual so seamlessly, Maita stepped up to bat. "Maita Masahiko, at your service!" He bowed towards the others. "I look forward to saving the world with all of you!" He put himself upright, before turning around and waltzing into the chamber. Looking upon the actual Round Table was dumbfounding, as he placed his wine bottle on the ground in front of it. With a nervous hand, he placed the ring on the table, and then his hand on the outer edge. Putting his magic into the legendary artifact, Maita thought of how to go about with this summoning...he had to put himself into it...but how? Suddenly he began to beatbox, as the words busted out of him in sync with the rhythm. "Maita on the mic now, yo yo yo! Listen up servant, to this nasty flow~. We gotta save the men, the women, the children~! Show yourself now, cause this is only the beginnin'~!" When Maita finished his chant, the table lit up, the area around him suddenly went dark, while also producing hundreds of tiny lights, as if it was a clear night with the stars shining above. The lights gathered to a single point before releasing a burst of energy, revealing the form of his servant. It was a young child, one that couldn’t be any older than seven years old, with wild purple hair barely tamed in a ponytail, and a green spear obviously made for an adult in his hand. He had a wolfish grin on his face as he looked up to Maita, obviously trying to look cool despite the fact he barely made it past the man’s waist. “It’s nice to meetcha, Master!” The boy said with a grin. His smile faltered slightly as he spoke his next words. “Sadly, due to a curse on me, I can’t tell you my name. You can call me Lancer until the time you learn my name,” He smiled widely again. “Let’s do our best!” Maita was positively thrilled, as he ruffled up the small child's hair. "Well look at that! Ain't you a cool little dude with that huge spear!" Maita picked up the child, which proved to be difficult factoring in the weight of that giant lance the boy clung onto. Somehow he managed, and hiked him over his head and onto his shoulders, as both of them walked out of the room together. "Looks like I won out this time, huh!? Lancer's pretty righteous!"
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    Team Adarid - Arceus' Chamber Attack after attack, the gijinka in the room really laid into the Godslayer before them, using every last ounce of their strength to really grind him into the ground. Somehow, even after all the punishment he had taken thus far, Kura was still able to get to his own two feet to stand before them once again. However, even his strength seemed to faulter, as his entire body was wreathed in the dark flames, consuming him until he was nothing but a pile of ash on the floor. With a hand held over her shoulder that seeped with blood, Taiga could only crack a wide toothy smile. "Serves you right, ya jerk!" Soon after, the main event began, and Arceus herself almost seemed to come back to life. After a short daze, and some tears, Arceus explained to them why she had been so neglectful all these years. "Save it for someone who cares, damnit..." Taiga groaned, Getting to her feet, and trudging over to where the others stood in her presence. She had to admit, this chick really did radiate the energy of something benevolent. It made her wanna spit. Nonetheless, she smiled. "Glad you're alright, ya damn good for nothin' god! Fufufu!" "You've done so much despite me abandoning you. Nothing I can do will ever make up for my mistakes. But I wish to try. I shall rejoin the world and look after its people. Not as an apathetic observer, nor as a ruling God, but instead I promise to work alongside all the inhabitants of this world and do my best to correct the wrongs that happened over these many years." After some others presented their own wishes, Taiga stepped up next. "First off, would ya mind patching me up a bit? That ain't my wish, but I'd be happier if ya did me a solid." The girl smiled, before nodding her head. A green aura radiated around Taiga, and all of her major injuries faded away. With a sigh of relief, Taiga's body crumbled to the floor. "Sheesh...you're a life saver." Taiga cleared her throat. "Tch, not like you didn't owe me that anyway!" She rolled her eyes, only to have them shoot towards Arceus. "As for my wish, I want a big ship! One that can sail across this whole dang world. I'm gonna scoop up as many lost little ones as I can, so that no one in this world has to grow up alone, like I did!" Taiga blushed, as she gave away too much of her idea in that last bit. "W-w-w-what I mean to say is, I'm gonna turn them all into Treasure Hunters, so we can go exploring the world for all the rarest items that this planet has to offer!" "An adventurer's soul and a kind heart. I am glad the world is in hands such as yours." "K-k-kind!?" Taiga was becoming more and more flustered. "I'm Taiga the Terrible Tyrant! I ain't kind in the slightest! One more word outta you and I might just take up Kura's position." She crossed her arms, and stuck out her tongue. "As if...I'm done fightin' for a while. Count your blessings." Before making her way out of the room, she walked to Scarlet. "Thanks for keepin up with me...you were a real pal, all the way to the end. If you're in trouble, don't hesitate to come find me. You'll always have a place in my crew." Taiga slugged the Scizor in the shoulder, before looking away from her. "And..." Taiga embraced her metallic friend, with a tear in her eye. "Don't forget...you were my first friend...please stay in touch." Wiping a tear away, she smiled, waving to all the others as she left the room. With a loud yawn, Taiga woke up in her rather luxurious bed. She stretched her arms up as far as they could go, while unleashing a massive yawn that anyone on the ship would be able to hear, if they were awake. The gentle rocking of the ship was something she had gotten used to over the past couple of years, and now it was enough to make her sleep like a rock-type. She made her way throughout her cabin, getting dressed for the day, and putting on her captain's best, before setting foot out onto the deck. Another beautiful day on the open sea. Taiga made her way to the railing, looking at the name plastered against the side of the ship, the S.S. Little League. Taiga laughed to herself. Every time she thought of those words, it reminded her of Isole and Scarlet, and that damn Captain. "If I see that bird brain Captain again...I oughta" Her brow was twitching at the mere thought. That guy was really holding out on some serious treasure, she just knew it. She kicked off the railing, only to travel a short distance towards the middle of the deck. With a large breath in, Taiga let out a huge roar. "Alright you scallywags! Get your butts out here, and start the dang day already! It's gonna be as busy as ever, so wake the hell up!" With a zip, and a zoom, three small Gijinka made their way in a hurry topside. Each one saluted before her, sounding off as they had the day they arrived on the ship. "M-Mavis, reporting in as ordered!" A zubat nervously stammered. "Trixie, reporting in as ordered!" A skitty proudly said. The other small gijinka had turned her saluting into that of making an invisible wall in front of her. Taiga tapped her finger against her arm, waiting for their newest recruit to sound off. After a few more seconds of watching the display, Taiga snapped. "HEY! Sound off, you little punk, or I'll throw you to the fishes!" She'd never do it, but she had to whip these sea urchins into shape, as proper treasure hunters. The Gijinka acted like it couldn't hear Taiga, as it was trapped in some sort of invisible box. "Oho...so the fishes it is then." Taiga ominously mumbled, as she started approaching the Mime Jr. The other two looked to the last Gijinka, almost in a panic. "Come on Ez! She's seriously gonna toss you off! Do roll call!" Trixie whispered. "E-Ez! Stop messing around, or else you'll die!" Mavis chimed in. The Mime Jr smugly looked at the two, before shrugging, and saluting once again. "Esmerelda, reporting in as ordered, Mime mime!" She finally got out, with a huge smile on her face. It was a cute enough display, but not so cute as to quell Taiga's wrath, as a fist was hammered down on top of the Mime Jr.'s head. She had to put more force into it, as her hand had crashed through the invisible barrier Esmerelda had placed above her head, full well knowing she was gonna get bopped. Rubbing her head, Esmerelda looked to the others as they all nodded their heads. In unison, they saluted once more, and chanted in unison. "Good morning, Captain Taiga!" Taiga placed her hands on her hips, and shook her head from side to side. She saluted the Little Leaguers with a smile. "And good morning to you too! What a fine day it is to sail the seas, and look for treasure, huh!?" All three of the Little Leaguers cheered. "Well, today's agenda is the same as yesterday. Look for some more lost kids, and explore the unknown! Now, I remember a friend of mine telling me about his home in Alola...apparently there's been a lot of chaos going on there as of late, and I'm sure a lot of young Gijinka are looking for a place to call home..." Taiga pointed a finger towards the horizon. "Why don't we go lookin' for them!?" With another cheer, the S.S. Little League sailed into the day, and towards a new world.
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    Inu sighed to himself as he rolled his shoulder. He should have known that they weren't going to the beach just to have a good time. Honestly, that was fine by him, just playing around would have been a waste of time. Still, this was a lot of garbage... like a lot. The smell was particularly bad, he had to just plug his nose shut in an vain attempt to keep the smell out. He didn't want to do this for long, and there was really only one fast way to go about this. With a sigh, he walked over to a place away from the others, and began to use his hands to scoop out handfuls of sand, making a small pit. It didn't take very long, and he went to his next task: grabbing small stones and seashells, placing them down in a circle around the pit itself. With that done, he walked around the beach, looking for anything that looked flammable and not entirely dangerous to light on fire, throwing them into the pit he had made, doing his best to not smell anything he was carrying. This was the fastest and most efficient way he could think to clean this beach up. Soon, he had a small pile about as tall as he was, all placed into a small pile and looking ready to burn. He rubbed with hands together like he was warming them up on a cold winter night, before inhaling and letting out a breath of fire. However, right when he did, he felt a tentacle slap him on the wrist. "So you think ashes are clean?" Anemonesan reprimanded. "It would probably be more harmful burnt than otherwise," "Seriously?" Inu asked as he rubbed his wrist before muttering. "Of fuckin' course," Of course what he thought was a good thing would only make things worse. He didn't think about the aftermath, just what was easiest at the moment. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Wasn't that exactly what he hated from other heroes? Still, this wasn't the end, he could fix this, he could be better... why was he smelling more smoke than usual? The wolfman's eyes widened as he realized that despite being slapped and having his breath interrupted, some embers had escaped and lit the pile he made on fire, the flames small, but threatening to soon consume the whole pile. "Shit, shit, shit," Inu cursed as he scooped up sand in his hand, throwing it into the fire in an attempt to put it out before it got too big, but some of the sand he threw flew into his own face. "Fuck fuck fuck!" He howled as he tried to rub the sand out of his eyes. It was official. This was the worst field trip he had ever been on. Sun's mood from riding on the bus had fallen when he saw the state of the beach. He had a beach back home on his island, and he spent many days there playing in its waters or bathing in the sun. To see people had let this beach get so... filthy, it made the monkey man angry, but mostly just sad. Still, he would help clean this place up, and it would look like new! The very first thing he did was take off his shirt. After all, from what he could gather, the beach was a place where people could less clothes than usual! In fact, there were beaches where he didn't have to wear clothes at all... but he could tell this wasn't the place to do that. Next came off his shoes. While that would be dangerous to a normal person, Sun had a brilliant idea. He used a pair of gloves and slipped them over his hand-like feet. Now he had three limbs to pick up garbage with instead of two! And used them he did. Hopping on one foot to get around, Sun used his three limbs to pick up the trash and put it into his bag. He found some interesting things buried in the trash though, things like old toys and a few books. Some of the books really caught his attention though. One looked to be some novel about the romance of a giant gorilla and a human girl, which intrigued the monkey man. The cover even showed the gorilla climbing a tall tower for the human. The one that interested him the most however was a book called "Colors of a Hero". A quick flip through the book revealed that it seemed to be the autobiography of someone important, even if Sun didn't know who this "Gin" was. He placed those books in a separate bag, determined to keep them for himself. However, despite how interesting all those were, he found something that caught his interest even more. It was a sort of vehicle, something he believed was called a pickup truck. The paint was completely rusted over, some parts were missing, the hood was completely gone, and the windows were cracked, but the most important thing was intact. It still had four wheels, even if they were flat. This was perfect! He took his full bag of garbage, tossing it into the back of the truck, and then went running off, looking for some rope. After about five minutes of looking, he found a long enough piece of rope, one perfect for this idea. Going back to the truck, he tied the rope inside the hood tightly. After giving it a experimental tug, Sun pulled the rope, dragging the truck behind him. It took some effort, but he was able to do it. Looking around, he saw that of his classmates, Ren and Ben, working on a huge mountain of garbage. With a grin, he tugged his truck over, stopping in front of the two. "Hello, I am Sun!" Sun greeted as he waved to the two. "And this is my truck," He said as he slapped a hand on it. "It can fit so much garbage into itself. Do you wanna put the trash in the back, and I can drag it away?"
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    Tsubasa, still jogging in place saw another girl run towards them. When she had asked if there was any real villains that needed taking care of, Tsubasa simply pointed over to the giant roaring robot tyrannosaurus-rex. As the girl seemed ready to charge in and fight, Tsubasa turned. As it seemed that there were more people now who were also wanting to brawl with the creature, it was certainly not the time to keep running away. The girl's smirk vanished though as someone else had come up and started speaking. Well, more like shouting at them to get into the fray and fight like heroes against the robot. Tsubasa generally didn't care about provocation one way or the other, but there was something about this person. There was something on an instinctual level that made her temper flare, her facial expression turn to one of annoyance and her to let out a low growl towards the man. "How about you stay out of my way then, Fire Mutt! I'm going to - gah!" The cat girl was stopped mid sentence by being handed a hefty sign, one which she could barely lift. Already annoyed, the girl simply tossed it to the side before readying herself to go on the offensive.Getting into a crouching position, Tsubasa then took off towards the mech. It had seemed that even more people had joined the fray and had also been bearing down on the robot. Though they seemed to manage to make some headway, Tsubasa looked up at it, noticing something relatively important looking on top of its back. She didn't really have the power to rip through any of its plating and everyone else seemed to be focusing on its torso, so the girl opted to go the path less traveled. Running forward towards it, it seemed to immediately pick up on its first assailant moving towards her. Targeting its cheek mounted machine guns at her, the girl hopped from side to side in the midst of her running to avoid the different bullets coming at her. As the robot bent forward to bite at her, the girl kicked her legs forward and slid on the ground, going underneath the jaw and past the legs. Turning her body, the girl pushed off her hands to get herself back on her feet, before noticing the tail near her. Thinking that a good spring board, the girl jumped on the tail only for the robot to realize what was on its back. Swinging its tail immediately, Tsubasa didn't have time to kick off and instead was launched off of it. Tumbling on the ground before pushing herself back to her feet, the girl looked at the robot pretty annoyed, only compounded by her annoyance from earlier. She couldn't just scale the robot directly, she needed something that would let her get onto it in a place it couldn't shake her off. Looking around, Tsubasa's eyes darted from place to place until they landed on a black and red haired student. Tsubasa's eyes locked with the girl for a moment, as if examining her for a moment. Then, after a few seconds more, her annoyance and contemplation broke way to realization. "You. Music girl. You make walls and stuff, right?" Glancing down at her smoking amp and broken string, Ayane hesitated for only a moment before answering, "I can, but my amp can't take much more. What's the plan?" She sure was glad UA was covering her equipment costs now. She didn't feel like doing another "save up money for an amp" grind anytime soon. The girl pointed to the top of the robot dinosaur. "There's something up there. I'm going to kick it, but I can't jump high enough on my own to get up it and it'll just shake me off. So," snapping her fingers and giving a grin, she pointed to Ayane. "Can you give me a little something to leap off of?" "You got it," Ayane answered, grinning right back. "Ready, set..." Although she initially strummed where the broken string was, Ayane - without acknowledging the mistake - hurried to the next string up, playing a not quite so deep note that still solidified as a platform between the girls and the robot dinosaur. "GO!" A wild grin appearing on the cat girl's face formed as she said, "right!" Stepping back a bit, the girl broke out into a full sprint towards the wall. Getting close enough, she sprung forward and upward, landing on the sound made wall. The wall was solid enough to hold Tsubasa's weight and lasted long enough. She could see her mark on the creature's back. A large, spinning device on that seemed almost akin to some kind of radar dish. Smiling, Tsubasa put all the force she could behind her legs and leaped forward in a diving motion. Her hands stretched forward, as she landed on the creature's back she tumbled forward before springing off her hands and diving with both of her feet towards the robot's radar. As both of her legs slammed into the radar there seemed to be some degree of resistance keeping it in place. But with the full weight of her body behind her kick the metal started to bend and break, and the radar came dislodged. Continuing forward with her momentum, both Tsubasa and the radar flew off the robot's back, the girl's legs planted firmly in the radar and practically surfing on it as it skidded across the ground. As the piece of metal came to a halt, the girl let out a hearty, "nyahahaha! What do you think of that?!" She pointed towards the Thunderjaw, as if somehow expecting a response from it. Instead, the creature roared, seeming to be a bit in disarray.
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    Catchy Theme Inu took a deep breath as he woke up that morning. The place smelled like cigarettes and wet fur... not a smell people would enjoy, but it was a comforting one for him. He looked around the dingy apartment his family lived in, noticing the paint was still peeling off the walls. He couldn't believe that after ten years in this shithole, they were all moving out. He headed to the kitchen, seeing his dad skillfully flipping pancakes despite the fact the wolfman only had one arm. "Oh, good morning son!" His dad smiled when he saw Inu, his tail wagging at the sight of his son in the UA uniform. "Today's the big day, ain't it?" He commented as he flipped the pan, the pancakes flying through the air. "Yeah Pops," Inu confirmed as he jumped into the air, catching the pancake in his mouth. He chewed on his food, looking around. "Where's mom?" Inu asked after swallowing. "Ah, you know, she's making sure the new place is safe, so we can move out after you leave," His dad explained. Inu sighed. He knew why they were doing this. If his family's past ever came out to the light, then there would be questions. Inu wouldn't be a liar if asked where his parents where, because he really wouldn't know. With a sigh, Inu grabbed his bag and a carton of cigarettes on the counter, ready to head out the door. Before he could, however, his dad stopped him. "Here, ya mom wanted ya to have this," he said, tossing Inu a cigar, who caught it in his hand. Looking at it, it had a logo that looked like a blazing dragon. "Wait, is this...?" "Yeah, your mom said it's form your grandpa. Apparently he sent ya it for good luck," his dad replied, causing Inu to chuckle. Despite his grandpa being a old, hard boiled villain that hated everything heroes stood for, he had a soft spot for his grandkids, even the one breaking away from the family business to be a hero. The hero to be carefully slipped the cigar into a pocket in the backpack and headed out. The second he stepped outside, he pulled a cigarette from his carton, pressing his finger against the tip, a small flame igniting from his finger lighting the cancer stick up. He sighed before taking a big puff of the cigarette. He'd better get his smoking in now, because he doubted the school would let him do it indoors. Most people he came across moved out of his way, leaving him a pretty clear path to school. Looking like a punk sure had its benefits. It didn't take long for him to get to UA, where out in front was a man with a snazzy suit and a decently cool visor frowning disapprovingly at him. It was the cigarette, wasn't it? Well, if a cigarette was all it took to kill this guy, then maybe he shouldn't be teaching. Inu walked up to the man, his cigarette almost gone. "Morning," he greeted, not removing the offending item from his mouth. "Good morning Mr... Sasaki..? Wait, are you related to the hero Howl..?" The man had asked the one question that Inu hated more than anything. His teeth clenched around the cigarette, a growl escaping his lips. "Does it matter if I'm related to that lap dog? This gonna affect my entrance or somethin'?" He barked, doing his best to not just blow up at the man in front of him. "No, you're already in. Must be a sore subject? And no smoking inside." "I dunno what the hell you're talking about. I'm really fucking calm. Haven't mentioned a damn thing about how much of a lap dog she is," Inu commented as he took a deep drag of the cigarette, turning around to blow it away from Glory. "Anyways, I promise I won't give the others lung cancer, lemme just finish it up out here," "You're really testing my patience, kid. But, while you finish that up, I'll ask: Why do you want to be a hero?" Inu paused, gripping his cigarette before placing it into his mouth, swallowing it whole. "Why I wanna be a hero?" He repeated. "Because a world where the villains win is a fucking scary one. I ain't gonna let that happen, not while I got the power to stop it. Simple as that," "That's a motivation I can get behind. And... I read your file, Inu. I wanted to apologise that Starkiller had ever happened." Inu turned around, looking Glory up and down. He didn't seem old enough to have to apologize, but it was probably just one of those empty apologies any hero that found out always gave. So, he'd give him the same answer. "Don't worry about it," Inu answered. "Just make sure it doesn't happen again," with that, he headed into the school. It wasn't hard to find his classroom, but what was hard was seeing his fellow classmates. They were either fucking idiots, grinning like this was just some preschool field trip, or looking so disinterested that he wondered how they even got into the class in the first place. "Figures I'm put in the classroom with the fucking duds," Inu muttered as he grabbed a toothpick out of his bag, placing it in his mouth and chewing on it. He silently walked past everyone else, ignoring everyone else, headed straight for the empty seat in the back corner. He sat down, dropping his bag next to the seat as he straightened out his desk. He then reached into his bag, pulling out his notebook and pencils, placing them on his desk, waiting for the teacher. King of the Jungle The sun was up and so was Sun. Today... today held the greatest challenges the monkey king had ever face. All his time in the jungle never prepared him for this. He had to wear a shirt for an entire day. Even worse, he had to walk upright so he could blend in with the others. He had no clue how he would do this, but he would rise to the challenge. He slipped into the uncomfortable clothes and headed out, ready to face his destiny. He walked to school, trying not to shove people, just like he was taught, and he even managed to resist the urge to climb the strange trees with the silver vines, even though that would help him get to school faster. So far, so good. Still, his shirt felt... wrong, and it took all his willpower to just not rip it off right then and there. It didn't take long before Sun saw that building that he had been to just last week, a shining monument to the civilization he had been missing all his life. Sun looked around the place, his eyes filled with child like wonder, quickly forgetting about the shirt. He quietly approached the wall surrounding UA. Was he supposed to climb over it to get to this 'school?' No, no, that doesn't seem right. So instead, he began to walk around the school a little aimlessly, trying to find his way in. "Sun?" Sun quickly looked around, looking for who said that. "Yes, that is me, I am Sun," he finally spotted Glory, and, while proudly resisting the urge to rush over on all fours, ran over to the principal. "Yes, hello, I am Sun," he said, introducing himself again. "I... See... Well, uh, you did well in the entrance exam. I see you adapt well to adversity." Sun began to scratch his chest, thinking to himself. "I do? That's good. Maybe that'll help me with everyone else," he sighed. "I'm really nervous. This is my first time in school," he admitted. "Well, I'm sure you'll do better than my first day. Just make sure to avoid flying drinks." "Drinks can... Fly? Civilization is full of surprises," Sun mused, nodding his head like he understood. "Quirked society is what's full of surprises. So, Sun, why are you here?" Sun smiled. "I wanna learn a lot about the world!" He paused as he stroked his chin. "And... I learned about heroes and... I liked it. I liked the idea of protecting others," "I'm glad. You'll have plenty to learn here. You can head in now. Do you remember your way from your tour last week?" Sun nodded, waving at Glory before heading inside. He did actually remember where to go, and it didn't take long for him to arrive at the 'classroom'. He paused as he got to the door, taking a deep breath. He couldn't chicken out, it was time to face the future. He slowly opened the door, and the first thing he noticed was there was some sort of smell in the air... it smelled like... food... Forgetting about his first impressions, he got on all fours, slowly and quietly creeping over to the source of the smell. On the teacher's desk was some food... his eyes darted around the room. It seemed no one else was coming after the food... so he quickly scooped up the monakas in his hands, shoving them into his mouth, leaving none behind. After quickly chewing his food, he looked around, this time taking a good look at all the people in the class room. They all looked so different from each other, all in very noticeable ways, much different then what he was used to. They all smelled very different to. There was one however that was super different. His face was covered in red, and he had very sharp teeth. Quietly, Sun approached the boy, very much invading the boy's personal space as he looked over him, the monkey man placing a hand on his own chin as he thought. Was this guy human? Maybe he was one of those metal people he had heard of from the researchers. "Are you... one of those... ro-butts?" Sun asked innocently as he looked over Yasha.
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    As Kio walked to school, he traced the route he had been taking and ingrained it into his mind. This would probably be the same route he would take everyday from now on, and it was quite the easy trip. U.A. wasn't too far from home, but it was just far enough for him to get a brief amount of exercise before getting to class. He looked to the clear blue sky as a symbol that this was going to be a great start to his future career as a hero! Just the thought of being called that word excited him to no end! Who were his classmates going to be, what were they going to be like?! And most importantly, what were their quirks?! He smiled to himself, as he continued his brisk jog thinking of the possibilities the classroom would contain. Today was his first step to becoming the best! As he rounded the corner, he could see gate of U.A., clear as day. As he approached, he saw a familiar face. Standing on the steps before the school was none other than the Pro Hero, Glory! He was a relatively low-profile hero, but Kio wasn't the type to forget any sort of name, let alone that of an extremely capable hero. Instead of climbing the ranks to top hero, he was now the president of the school! Lucky him, he'd always wanted to meet the guy. But now, it was a bit intimidating standing in his mere presence. Kio was all for the challenge! That's what life was all about, baby! As he walked up to his new principal, he managed to get out a few words. "Principal Glory?" He managed to get out, without stuttering. The man, with a stack of sheets in his hand, proceeded to ransack through them in a quick attempt to find his supposed file. It didn't take much time at all, either! He really was a pro! "Somehow. And you're... Akagi?" "Akagi Kio. It's great to be here. But you, uh...Aren't you a bit too young to be a Principal?" He said, with a little hint of sass at the end. "Aren't you a little young to be asking questions like that? The people on the school board figured I would be best for the job a few years back. After all, I went here along with a few other names you are more likely to recognize." It made total sense to him, but he still wasn't sure why Glory would take up the job anyway. He tried to decide if he wanted to prod a little more, but it probably wasn't the time or place to do so. He wanted to give Glory a whole interview, but sadly schooling was in the way. "Probably. I never forget a name once I hear it!" He said, beaming a smile the principal's way. "Although, those can't be the only qualifications to run this place, right?" He knew the answer of course, but you didn't really get the chance to jeer pro's in the flesh. "Well, after the place got attacked so many times, they figured they would put the strongest person they could find right at the center. But now it's my turn to ask a question. It's one I'm asking everyone. Why do you want to be a hero, Akagi Kio?" "Strongest, huh? So number 77 gets title of strongest now?" Kio laughed, before clearing his throat. His reason was simple, after all. And it was his dream ever since he had become bored of sports. "I just want to challenge myself! I want to see what the real heroes deal with, and overcome all obstacles that come my way!" He stretched his palm, opening and closing his hand. "I just want to prove to myself and everyone else that my Quirk is strong." "You don't seem particularly interested in helping anyone." The question almost smacked him across the face. He never really thought about saving others...just testing himself. But that was all wrapped up in the title of being a hero, right? He'd hopefully learn that lesson here anyways! But for now, it was time to bs an answer. "Well that's all apart of the challenge, right? It would be too easy if I didn't have to help anyone." "This generation never seems to want to relax, does it? Go on and head inside. I'm sure you remember your way to class from the tour a few weeks ago." "Never forget!" Kio saluted Glory, before walking straight past him. After he was out of earshot, he let out a sigh of relief, picking up his head with a huge grin. "Man, I should have gotten his autograph! I'll remember for next time!" His class was close by, as he made his way in a hurry. He hoped he would be the first one, so he might be able to see all the others enter after him in an attempt to gauge how interesting they were. However, when he slid the door open, he realized that he was behind the curve by a small margin. He snapped his fingers in a small fit of annoyance, but smiled shortly afterward. There were snacks out on the front desk, as he glided over to them and promptly picked one up. He took an obnoxiously large bite out of it, before giving off a sound of delight. "Mmmm-mm! Scrumptious! Whoever made these is definitely gonna have to show me after class today!" He walked over to a vacant desk in the middle row on the left by the windows, and placed his backpack on the top. "I'm Akagi Kio, but you can just call me Kio! Pleasure to meet you early birds!"
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    Opening Act "Dad! I need your help!" Hideyo said as he snatched a perfectly buttered piece of toast from the kitchen table and bit into it. He was also, at the same time as he tried to balance his breakfast, slipping into his uniform pants. Kenji Hideyo was downing his morning orange juice, propped against the kitchen counter. He wiped his mouth and greeted his son. "And good morning to you too, young man," he said sternly. "Sorry," Hideyo apologized profusely. "Good morning, father!" Hideyo said excitedly, mouthful of toast. "No talking with your mouthful! Straighten that shirt! Comb your hair!" Kenji barked. "Yes sir!" Hideyo replied happily. He spun around in a blaze of starlight and suddenly, the boy was dressed with the utmost care and pristine. "Better," Kenji smiled. "What did you need help with?" Hideyo took a pen and pad out from his backpack and sat it on the kitchen table. "I need an opening joke for the day. I've got to make a good first impression!" Suddenly, Kenji's eyes were wide with pride. "You truly are my son. Come, boy! We will drum up an excellent joke. But we must also work on your delivery. Quickly, before your mother catches us!" "Yes sir!" Hideyo said excitedly as he and his father huddled over the pen and pad. Nailed It! It was a lovely day, and Hideyo's first official day of school. Head held high, he approached the school gates with excitement in his step. There came a starting point in every young star's life. This was Hideyo's. As he proudly marched to the front gate with his chest puffed out, a tall, slightly older than him, gentleman stood out, combing through a thick stack of papers that was likely full of the names of first year students. Hideyo, being the bright, forward boy that he was, approached with vigor and stood at attention before the brown haired man. "Kagarashi Hideyo, first year student, at your orders sir!" he joked, excitedly. He was happy to land his first joke successfully, despite there being no physical way for him to tell if it was good or not. Nonetheless, he was extremely satisfied and brimming with pride. "Well, looks like I don't need to ask. You seem awfully excited. You performed well in the entrance exam, a lot of staff have their eye on you." With a grin, Hideyo replied, "Thank you, sir! I'll do my best to live up to your expectations of me!" "I should hope so. What inspired you to become a hero, Kagarashi?" Hideyo paused, placing a thumb to his chin. It was time to give an honest, serious reply. "I'd have to say it was my parents. I've seen the way that people with and without quirks work together. They can have a true, harmonious and happy life if they strive toward the common good. I want to help ensure that future, and make it bright!" "That's a good ideal to strive toward. I know many, both quirked and quirkless, hold disdain toward the other, but that can be overcome, the future is a bright one. Go ahead and head to class." "Thank you, sir!" Hideyo took his smile and his pride and entered into the school of his dreams. He headed straight to his assigned classroom, looking forward to meeting his classmates. Starlight When he arrived, still brimming from ear to ear, Hideyo promptly took the center most seat in the classroom, where he could be observed, be attentive, not be too obstructing to his fellow classmates, and answer questions from fellow students and his instructor. After gently placing down his backpack, he introduced himself. "Good morning, classmates! My name is Kagarashi Hideyo! I look forward to working and learning with y--oh! I smell treats!" He commented, his nose suddenly distracted as he caught a whiff of Monaka. He approached the teacher's desk and promptly devoured one. He observed the delicate flavors of the jam and the perfect compliment of the wafers that sandwiched it. "Delicious!" he complimented. "I look forward to working and learning with you all!" He returned to his seat where he sat with his arms folded over one another and waited for further instruction. Smile and all.
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    You can now view the site in different visual styles (all personal preference) Table / Grid and Fluid Table - is the traditional forum view Grid - Labels all forums out in a grid based format Fluid - Lists all posts with the capacity to filter by section @Members @VIP
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    Elsie had spent the night dreaming of clear skies and gentle breezes. Because that was what happened when you had a raven familiar. If it wasn’t a dream with ominous and foreboding portents of the future, it was a dream about flying. Corbin, of course, had the same dream, and if Elsie rotated her little subconscious point of view a little to the left, she could even see him soaring alongside her. When the wake-up alarm went off, of course, everything came crashing back. Not literally, of course -- they always managed to wake up just before impact -- but they simultaneously snapped awake. Elsie even lifted herself straight out of bed and Corbin nearly fluttered right off of his perch. Still, Corbin at least managed to be chipper. “Good morning, Elsie! You want to, uh, you want to come down from there?” “Guh,” Elsie said. What was good about mornings? Corbin- sure, ravens weren’t traditionally creatures of the night, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t too. They called the witching hour the witching hour for a reason, after all, and that wasn’t because the sun was in the sky when it happened. Still, she complied, lowering herself back down into her bed before sitting up and, you know, actually opening up her eyes. “Good morning, Corbin.” Elsie’s waking-up process post-those initial moments was a little more involved than that, though it had much less that was worth recounting. That was the thing about routines -- the point of them was that they weren’t special. Corbin went through the process of preening himself while Elsie washed up and that was all that really needed to be said about that. The most involved moment was when they argued just how much she needed that little extra glamour. “You’re fine,” Corbin said. “I mean, obviously I’m fine, Corbin. That’s not the problem,” Elsie said. “But Jekyll said, ‘Jaegers’. As in plural. A plurality of jaegers. And if we’re meeting new people today, I need something that inspires that little extra awe, you know?” Could ravens roll their eyes? Elsie wasn’t sure if they actually could, but occasionally out of the corner of her eye, she’d spot something from Corbin that looked not unlike an eye roll and then was one of those times. “Do you think they were recruited like us? Or were they ‘recruited’?” Elsie mimed the extra quotes while cycling through potential options, finally settling on one that made her look just like herself, only, you know, better. A classic choice, if she did say so herself, and a good first impression. “There was a rigorous application process, I’m sure. With only one or two flashes of violence,” Corbin said. “Mm. Well, nobody we can’t handle,” Elsie said. “Not like we can’t handle just about anybody. Shoulder or broom handle?” “Shoulder today, I think.” Elsie offered her shoulder to her familiar and Corbin hopped right up her arm to perch right next to her face. She did a little twirl and a pose in the mirror, then nodded, confirming for the final time that everything was just so, and, with broomstick in hand, finally headed off. Inwardly, Elsie hoped Jekyll was serving breakfast at this announcement meeting, or at the very least, she didn’t want to show up at the kitchen later and find out somebody had poached all the rolls. When Elsie reached the conference room door, she paused, not quite sure what to do. Or rather, she knew she had to cross the threshold, but she wasn't quite sure how to do it. How she should do it. She pondered aloud, “I was thinking some smoke leaking through the bottom crack and then the door creaks open to our silhouette and I say-” Corbin quickly cut her off. “If I remember correctly, the last time you tried pyro we both agreed to never do pyro for our introduction again. And yes -- I see that look -- smoke still counts as pyro.” Elsie pouted, though even she knew it wasn't a serious pout. “Alright, classic plan B then, huh?” “Or you could open the door like a normal -” But Corbin's protests came too late. She conjured up a little extra wind for dramatic effect and aimed her heel right beneath the doorknob… ...whereupon she bounced right off and collapsed in a heap, the door still stubbornly closed. “I think it’s a pull door, actually,” Corbin said. “It’d be hazardous otherwise, right? Plus, I mean, the hinges are on this side.” Elsie so wished that she could smite her own familiar. She wondered if she’d also feel the pain or if he’d just broadcast his feelings to her of being in eternal torment. It would certainly be a step up from either two steps away from busting a gut laughing or a simple smug superiority. She settled for a “Hmph,” and readied herself for another go, this time throwing back the door and using the wind to carry it into the wall with as loud a BANG! as she could manage. “Tremble, mortals! You are in the presence of an avatar of Hecate herself. Gaze in awe at her majesty! She, one-hundred-and-eighth -” Elsie opened her eyes to an almost empty room. “Oh,” she said. Then, to Corbin, she said, “Do you think maybe you could tell me next time? You know I work better with a better audience. There’s barely enough people here to call it a crowd.” Ravens couldn't shrug either, but Elsie was pretty sure she felt the essence of one coming from her shoulder. “You seemed pretty into it, and I didn't want to spoil your fun.” Elsie suddenly realized that they’d probably heard her first attempt as well. She felt a blush on her cheeks but soldiered on anyway, even if soldiering on meant hurriedly walking over to a chair and sitting down. Corbin, for his part, hopped down off her shoulder and onto the table. Elsie manged an, “It’s nice to meet you all,” and that was that.
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    OOC It was the day of the Entrance Exams. Normally, student's for a school would be nervous, but there was a certain buzz about the air. Soon enough, they'd be lining up before the massive pillars out front, waiting for the doors to let them in. In a room, with a sign outside of the door labeled "Principal, there sat a rather grayed man in a chair. His breathing was deep, like he was almost in a trance. Outside the door, someone suddenly stood. It was like someone had crawled in from the early Edo period, through his opened window. "It's not like you to be nervous...Principal. As a matter of fact, I thought you were nerveless." He said with a rather smug tone. "I just don't know if these kids know what they've signed up for. And I don't necessarily have a degree in teaching youngsters." He said with a sigh. "I'm sure it won't be all bad. These kids are the next wave of official licensed heroes right? We have to teach them what we've learned thus far." "I suppose you're right. Well...let's go greet them shall we?" Misu Yoshino stood outside the pillars of the newly built school, grinding her teeth as she waited for the doors to open so she could take this shitty test. She was tired, and her hair was a mess, but at least her stomach was full of food. No way in hell was she missing breakfast for this thing. As she left for the exam, she couldn't help but look back and see her entire family with tears of joy running down their cheeks. Even her little sister, and dad...was this all it took to make them happy. "I guess it's fine...if it's for them..." She grumbled to herself. There weren't as many kids as she expected, but that was to be expected. Quirks were rare enough as it was, but people who actually fit the criteria for this school must've shaved down the numbers tenfold. She towered above them all, as was to be expected, besides one insect like guy. She could fight them all off, probably. With a loud creaking, the doors to the school swung open fiercely. An old man and a samurai of sorts walked out of the doorway to meet the crowd of examinees. A loud roar could be heard coming from the old looking man. "Welcome, Hero Hopefuls! The Entrance Exam will start soon, so kindly follow us." With a groan, Misu did as she was told, as would all the other teenagers. They would be lead through the entirety of the school, before taking an entrance through the back. A large gated fence sat in front of their face. Over the top of it one could see large trees, and even larger buildings. The man clad in samurai armor began to speak next. "To get this far, you must have already passed the written test. Today will be the day of the practical. Beyond this gate lies a forest type area, and a city type area. You are free to roam wherever you please, and do as much damage as possible, but your objectives will all be the same. In each area are a limited amount of badges that resemble the U.A. logo. To complete the practical, one must obtain 5 badges and return to the gate before sundown." He then looked to the teens with a sharp look. "It doesn't matter how you get your badges. Just so long as you're here, you'll be permitted to attend U.A." "So if I beat the snot out of some dude with 3 badges, and take 'em, I get in?" Misu asked, with a perked eyebrow. "It doesn't matter how you get them. Any which way is fair game. Although, if you kill anyone on practical grounds, you will be immediately disqualified and placed under arrest." The Samurai responded. "Now, we'll give you some time to stretch, and think of any strategy, before the main event. Heroes don't normally get prep time, but that's a lesson you'll surely learn in time." The older gentleman chimed in. The samurai nudged him with an elbow, before scoffing. "Not too bad, chief." Her question might have been too provocative for this type of deal, but she was sure of her abilities. She did as was instructed, and started to stretch her legs and arms properly. This was going to be a cake walk.
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    Configured a feature to enable users to showcase that they are currently "Away". This can be configured under account settings: - Topic stats have also been updated to provide a little more information in a clearer way - Neo Card Maker - Borx theme is live, it's a neon purple/yellow theme that's a bit on the darker side. - Enhanced status updates have been added to allow users to like and view replies on the front page. Please note: If you click to see the replies of a status that have had no replies you'll see an error message. I'm aware this is taking place and I'm working with the original developer of this plugin to resolve the issue, you can just press the replies button again to hide this without issue. Just consider it as a message to make you aware that the post has no replies! Everything else is functioning as expected and I'll continue to try to resolve the issue so it just gives you an actual message rather than an error. Is now fixed @Members
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    Add a project manager to the card maker Some users wish to work on a set of cards. Switching between different cards in the set can be tedious with the current implementation of the card maker; the card being edited needs to be downloaded before opening another card. Besides being time consuming, this method is also error prone, as forgetting to save the card before opening another results in a loss of work.
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    After rummaging through the photos I took while we were at Cancun, this one of a pier we were lying by caught my eye, so I decided to draw it in soft pastel. Feedback is appreciated.
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    It had been a long day finding local fruits to spice up their strange drinks with, but that was likely for the best. After all, it got them out of town — away from those strange animals — and let Peaches stretch her wings; they had gotten ever-so-cramped while her rider was setting up the stand. But they had already been away from their wooden stand for a bit, and with afternoon closing in on evening, they needed to get back. After all, some humans might have returned to the town while they were gone. As they got closer and closer, the wyvern did a small shake as Citron cheered something she couldn’t quite understand, the rider’s hands rubbing against the scales at the base of the wyvern’s neck. Peaches always enjoyed that, and she also knew what it meant: landing soon. Combined with the smell of lemons and oranges, it wasn’t hard for the reptile to tell that their stand was below. Shuddering a bit, she quickly took a dive towards the stands, particularly towards the one that smelled the best. After all, wasn't that their stand? Peaches swept downwards in a dive, against the apparent protests of her rider, Citron's strength failing as she pulled against the scales she had used to steer. She must have gotten lost again, since she was steering her away from the stand, the wyvern concluded. But that was okay, she was going to make her rider proud. Air quality was nice, winds wouldn’t interfere with her landing... She readied her talon-like hind-claws as they approached the stand, landing with ease. Or, well,she should have made a routine landing, but as her claws dug into the wood, the wyvern was quick to realize that... Something wasn't right. It cracked under the weight of the wyvern, and crumbled as they fell through. Uh-oh. The next thing Peaches could tell, she was trapped beneath the rubble of that fake-stand. She hated those, fake-stands, always setting themselves up near her landing-spot. To make matters worse, Citron had fallen asleep on impact, as per normal when so-called fake-stands were involved, the lazy bum. Not even the animals were around, causing the wyvern to let out a low rumble. As much as the wyvern shuddered at the thought of encountering those furry creatures again, especially with her wings pinned under wood-containers and fake-supplies, and Citron having fallen asleep, she’d have liked the help. Letting out a quiet roar of pain, the wyvern struggled against the wooden weights, laying her head upon the ground, and in Citron’s lap. Nudging the rider, she tried to wake the rider up from her immediate slumber. It didn’t really work. Letting out another pained roar, the wyvern struggled beneath the rubble yet again, only to cut her roar off - as much as she could - as she heard talking. And footsteps. Humans. Now, as the wyvern had recently learned, there were two ways this could go: the humans might help her. Or, the humans… Might be scared of her and ignore her, forcing her to wait on Citron to actually wake up. The latter of the two, being the experience she’s gone through the most. In fact, it’s the experience she’d gone through every time they messed up a landing anywhere that wasn’t their home, their den. Even if it was a big, open, spacious den, it was a nice den. It was a den where strange humans and men didn’t approach them. As the humans came into view, about eight… No, eight, one of them simply had a shadow, had come into view. The lizard let out a low growl, especially as one of them, caked in blood as he was, approached her. A low rumble escaped her throat as she fought against the rubble in vain, trying her best to escape and get into a position in front of Citron. She failed at this, of course, as the damned fake-stall held her down. It came to a head as she growled incessantly, eyes locked onto Edrick as he… Lifted the rubble, ever so slightly, allowing her to right herself.
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    As the Houndoom had managed to beat down the Drifblim, he was still on guard as the balloon had sprung back up. It was then that the balloon gijinka sped forward as lighting up as it did. Seeing this, Nine figured it was going in for the kill, and thus took a step backwards as he fired off a dark pulse to hit against the oncoming explosion. While he managed to knock the Drifblim away before the attack finished, he still grit his teeth as part of the explosion caught him. Feeling a bit ragged, but still ready to go, Nine went to go approach the remaining unattended ghosts when a sight for sore eyes caught his. Seeing the serene and beautiful figure of the legend appear before them all out of their cocoon Nine couldn't help but whistle at the girl. "Well, I'll be," seeing Shaymin in the flesh, Nine paused for a moment as she began to speak, only to see that the ghosts for whatever reason were intent on killing her. Knowing that now these wannabe godslayers weren't going to stop in their assault, Nine continued forward towards the Shedinjas and Cofagrigus. "Hey now didn't you hear. The lady wants us to fight off her turf, and you wouldn't be so cruel to upset her right?" The Cofagrigus's body slowly turned toward him. "You're...annoying." The voice had sounded as if coming from within the man's coffin like shell. Nine continued making his way forward with a smile on his face saying, "I've been called worse. So is that a no?" "You have one chance to leave. Take it now." Cofagrigus replied. Without breaking his stride, Nine will gesture to the Drifblim and say, "the offer's the same for you." Without anymore warning, in yet another attempt to blindside them Nine fired another dark pulse at the Chandelure. As he did though, the world around him seemed to start moving in slow motion. Not as if he was slower or anything, but rather space itself was fighting against him and his attack to make them slower. As it did, the Cofagrigus's shell opened up revealing a pair of shadowy hands that grabbed at the ground before the man launched himself forward at great speeds, intercepting the pulse. As he did so, Nine felt a sharp pain ring through his head as he felt the technique he just used leave him. Laughing and echoing from inside his own shell, the Cofagrigus gloated, "I tried to warn you." Grimacing at this new development, Nine simply muttered, "how troublesome." However, he had gotten the Cofagrigus out of the way of his other targets, and thus attempted to bolt for the Shedinjas. Unfortunately, quite like before he felt himself not moving at quite the speeds he was used to and was instead intercepted by a much faster shadow ball. Looking to his opponent, Nine muttered again, "so that's how it is." Beginning to walk slowly towards his opponent, Nine goaded him saying, "well come on big boy, show me what else you got." As he taunted him, the Cofagrigus opened his shell up releasing an icy mist and as it enveloped Nine he felt all the empowering of his aura that he had done leave him. This was then followed by the man launching himself at Nine, to which the Houndoom could only grin about. "Well, good thing I picked up a thing or two from your friend." As the man slammed into him, Nine grappled onto the coffin man, igniting his palms as he did so and blasting him with fire as directly into his body as possible. The Cofagrigus did not seem pleased by this, letting out an echoing shout as he was hit only to have a shadowy arm grasp at Nine. "It doesn't matter. I won't let you protect the girl." At that moment, both the Cofagrigus and Nine let out a sharp cry of pain. The coffin's grip had weakened on him, though Nine himself had started to feel a sharp throbbing pain resonate throughout his whole body, feeling as if someone had just stabbed him in the chest with a large nail. Gasping at this pain, his eyes going wide, Nine simply said, "well, good thing I'm not the only one then." Igniting his hand again, Nine sent a flamethrower upwards and away from the grass and flowers as he uppercutted the ghost in front of him. With his already weakened grip losing all strength, the Cofagrigus simply toppled over onto the ground. Nine's brief moment of victory was cut short, however, as yet another sharp pain rang throughout his body and the Houndoom couldn't keep himself standing much longer. Falling to the ground on his hands and knees, gasping for air, he gave a pained smile towards Shaymin. "Sorry...m'lady, about the heat." Then, looking to the Chandelure he said, "want to take a shot now? It's free." As Randy and Heatran started to talk to one another, Marie couldn't help but feel like the advice that Randy was getting wasn't exactly universally applicable. Feeling like he might take the wrong lessons away from this encounter, the girl felt like she would need to talk about it later with him, but for now turned her attention back to the legend. Seeing him standing there, looking down at the town, Marie felt her question for him pop into her head yet again. Looking at him, she said, "so um, Heatran. Do you like, ever get lonely up here?" "Lonely?" He turned to look at the girl. "I don't get lonely!" Briefly taken aback by his sudden loud tone Marie backed up a bit, and looked confused as she figured what he was saying didn't really make sense. "But...all you do is sit here by yourself, right?" "I said I don't get lonely!" He shouted back. Now thinking he was just being a rude child, Marie folded her arms and pouted as she looked away from him. "Well fine! See if I care!" "Well good, I don't want you to care!" "Well good, I don't want to care! Hmph!" "Then don't! What are you doing still here anyway?" "I don't know! What are you still doing?" "I can't leave, idiot!" "Well," Marie's voice faltered for a bit as he said this. Feeling a bit sad for the volcanic legend, Marie couldn't help try to think of a solution for Heatran's problem. "Well fine! Then if you can't leave, then I'll just get strong enough to beat you any time so you can leave whenever! Mr. Not Loney!" Of course, she was still annoyed with him. "I doubt you could beat me without your friends around...not that you beat me this time." "I could beat all the bullies in Trailsau no sweat! And I'll get Big Sister Moltres to make me way stronger than you! Then I'll beat you no sweat! I'll be so strong I'll cool the volcano myself!" "Ahahaha, Moltres? That pipsqueak? Good joke, little girl." "Hey, she's a super awesome bird! And once I tell her that I need to get strong, I'm sure she'll help me get better than you ever will be! So look forward to it! Or don't!" "Next time I won't be so easy on you." "Well next time, you'll wish you had that option! So there!" As she finished her shouting match with Heatran she turned to Keanu and Randy saying, "come on, we have a volcano to get off of."
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    Hitomu set his phone down on the table and rubbed his eyes. Club Day was great and all, but organizing it was a nightmare every year. The year before he had unintentionally let the crowd waiting at the booth get rambunctious enough campus security had gotten involved, because he thought he could handle the sign-ups by himself. He had done better this year. He had divided the Duel Team into two crews; sign-up and examination. Half of them were manning the table, conducting a short interview and giving the students the paperwork to sign, then redirecting them to the other half of the team who were conducting the examination. Hitomu had mostly split the team up by what sort of decks they used; fast decks conducted the exams to get through them faster, while those with slower, more control-oriented decks were helping him at the table. Well, there was also Hiraku. He had been fine with letting the kid sit at the table, but the rest of the team had overruled him and given the boy the grueling task of filing away the applications behind the table. To Hitomu, it was a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Hitomu shook his head, trying to physically rattle the funk out of his brain. “Next!” he called. A freshman took two steps towards him before almost tripping over the hurricane of drama-and-goth that whirled by. Said hurricane was actually a young girl, probably another freshman, and Hitomu couldn’t place it but her face was familiar. “You're the one who ripped my bag of nourishment during that duel were you not? I fully expect you to repay me for that." Oh yeah. Hitomu winced. "Oh, and, I suppose I, Princess Gabriela Von Draculesti, Third of her name, Keeper of the Key, Angel of the Dark, Crown Princess of Romvania, would be willing to allow you to have me on your team." Gabriela Von Long-Name was attention-grabbing, he would give her that. Still, she probably didn’t realize she was attracting the wrong kind of attent-- "Allow us? I'm pretty sure it's the other way around, kid," The Wrong Kind of Attention called out from near the back of the booth. Hitomu glanced down at his phone to check the time. 11:20. “Well, teeeeechnically, Masked Chopper did that,” he said. “But I’ll cover for him, ‘cause he’s not really in the business of apologizing. Tell you what, it’s about time for me to take my lunch break and I’m meeting someone there anyways, so why don’t I take you to Coffee Cards for food? I’ll even do your interview and test for the team while we’re eating.” Before Gabriela could respond Hitomu noticed Jun approaching. “Hattie!” Hitomu grinned. “Think you could cover for me while I run to lunch? All you’ve gotta do is ask some questions, have people sign a few papers, maybe duel someone. Grab Hiraku from the back and put him to work if you get behind.”
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    Same seven regions. Riolu Muy bien. Jirachi I hate how the 3DS games removed his fire quills. Cyndaquill This, but don't forget to evolve her. Buneary Well now that you said it, not here. Celebi The anticipation Lilligant Tyranitar Slowking
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    BGM Diana arrived at the campus before the sun even began to rise, waiting for the rest of the applicants to arrive. Living on the farm for the past year and some had really gotten her used to waking up early, so this was nothing to her. After all, early to bed, early to rise, and all that Ben Franklin jazz. She spent the time watching the passers by and squeezing a stress ball in her right hand. As people began to arrive, other than those who showed up early like her, she pulled out a bag and ate a simple egg sandwich, making sure to be done by the time the doors opened. Watching the duo emerge, Diana stood at attention, excitement brimming. "To get this far, you must have already passed the written test." Diana groaned as the memories came rushing back. It wasn't that she didn't know the information the written tests required, but she scarcely had time to pen it down. Hell, she probably wouldn't have had enough time with the exam in English, much less Japanese. Today will be the day of the practical. Beyond this gate lies a forest type area, and a city type area. You are free to roam wherever you please, and do as much damage as possible, but your objectives will all be the same. In each area are a limited amount of badges that resemble the U.A. logo. To complete the practical, one must obtain 5 badges and return to the gate before sundown. It doesn't matter how you get your badges. Just so long as you're here, you'll be permitted to attend U.A." "So if I beat the snot out of some dude with 3 badges, and take 'em, I get in?" "Alright everyone, let's make sure to all do our very BEST!" Everyone around Diana seemed to be excited. Loud yells, boastful statements, and more! Even if one of those was a bit more lingo based than she expected, she loved seeing and feeling the crowd's excitement. "That's right! Let's all get pumped up for <JUSTICE!>" The blonde girl yelled excitedly, switching to English at the end as shoved her right hand in the air with her index finger pointing upward. Pulling her arm down, she adjusted her hair into a ponytail at the nape of her neck, her purple eye gleaming in the bright sunlight. "<Let's go!>"
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    With the end of YCM's Year of Stars, we find ourselves on a new forum... and at the beginning of the Year of Rebirth! Hopefully, we can begin events in the near future, so that we can celebrate our new home! PM me with your ideas, and we can see what we can do! And never you fear, we have one lined up already!
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