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  1. Random question: Does anyone know if I ever added them on Dissidia FF OO trying to access my account with support because they removed facebook linking and now they cant find the account even though ive given them like 10 different names

  2. really random stretch of a question but does anyone know any pixel artists that I could ask a couple of questions too or if you have experience with pixel art even better.

    Trying to make it so animations aren't jittering about with micro difference using a set frame format, but making micro adjustments on every single frame each time doesn't seem like the smart way to do it?

    1. ass


      If you could get ahold of Poc from YCM he could maybe show ya. He's as old as I am. Pre 500 members. He popped in every now and then still on YCM. He's quite talented with pixels

    2. (‽)


      How long of an animation are we talking?

    3. Tormented


      @ass I'll see if I can drop a dm or smthng ty


      @(TheOtherYuya) 54 in total but it's a sprite sheet so 4 frames per animation

  3. Slightly late but 🎃🎃

  4. I nod to Lancer. "Did anyone catch any information from the meeting? What the master's look like etc".
  5. Looks like this is being caused by compatibility issues with the Blackjack application, I've downgraded the shop and the error no longer occurs but now Blackjack isn't working so I'll keep Blackjack as being broken for now whilst I establish if there's a solution.
  6. any potion sellers in chat

    1. radio414


      witches brew halloween GIF by Pusheen

      khajiit has wares if you have coin

    2. DragonSage


      Are you an inquisitor? You gotta tell me if you're an inquisitor.

    3. yui


      You don't know what you ask, traveler. My strongest potions would kill a dragon, let alone a man! You need a seller who sells weaker potions! Because my potions are too strong!

  7. I echo what Thar said, we're a bit like a family here really.
  8. Hello welcome to the site! We definitely are not a cult Glad to have you. @(✧△✧) Thank you for following the scriptures in converting lost lambs to the church of salvation
  9. I'd say it was probably worth a separate thread in the support section but no harm It looks fine to me? What resolution are you using?
  10. Special Announcement: In no way was the Blackjack system intended for you to lose all your points*


    *The staff team under no reasoning specified if this was or wasn't the case and thus cannot be legally held accountable for any actions you take in regard to your point upkeep, happy gambling.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. LordCowCow


      This was intended to make you all lose all your points

    3. Tormented
    4. yui
  11. Not to enforce a bad habit but you know 😄

    1. Thar


      Thanks, bud.


  12. I realize this is super late and I can only apologize for not responding sooner but I've changed it so pinned messages are not effected in fluid view, hope this helps.
  13. No one asked for it but I've added a Blackjack mini-game under the members shop section at the top! https://neocardmaker.com/index.php?/blackjack/ Bet using your site points against the dealer and win (or lose) points! Live feed of any winnings at each table, includes 3 different tiers depending on how risky you want to go. @Members
  14. I suspect it's based on version of Invision that is being used, NCM does not use the latest version of Invision merely a far more up to date version that what we are perhaps used to (from years past) I can look into it though, the issue relies on the fact that upgrading isn't a simple flick of the switch, I mean it technically IS but the problem more comes from the updates breaking plugins and the like and I'm conscious of creating a "more work than necessary" situation, this would also make sense as why each is different based on the fact that I suspect every one of the forums you mention are on different versions of the forum software. Anyway yeah I see where you are coming from, and I also encounter the problem, I'll try to resolve but I don't think of it is a big enough issue to warrant potentially breaking more serious things, so it will be a case of me changing small things rather than breaking larger things. Proposed solution: stop changing your avatar so much that it becomes too much of an issue.
  15. Happy birthday @Sleepy

    1. Nyx


      Happy Birthday, @Sleepy!


    2. LordCowCow


      Oooh so many birthdays happy birthday Sleepy!

    3. Sleepy


      aww thanks you guys n.n
      and that drawing's super cute.