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  1. What are some good Super Polymerization targets nowadays?

    1. Nyx


      Earth Golem @Ignister

      Mudragon of the Swamp

      Starving Venom Fusion Dragon

      Predaplant Triphyoverutum

      Any of the Shaddolls if you have any Main Deck members

      Millennium-Eyes Restrict

  2. Yes. I just remember it being pronounced that way in the show.
  3. Cassie Cage (Mortal Kombat) Sasha(Ratchet and Clank) Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh) Elizabeth “Liz” Thompson (Soul Eater) Mei (Avatar) Ty Lee (Avatar) Sidney Prescott (Scream) Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars) Elisa Moza (Gargoyles)
  4. Grawbacca looked over the AI chip inspecting it. He had no idea what the droid had intended to happen. Upon his inspection, the chip appeared to be in excellent condition, despite how many years old it should be by now. There was something else about the chip that he could not make out immediately and would need closer inspection. He put in his bandoleer for safe keeping. Suddenly, there was some kind of wave that took over him and caused him to fall over. His head hit against something metal. "Ah!" Graw roared. "What the hell was that!?" he yelled as he stumbled back onto his feet, back of his head clenched within his fist. With the blast doors opening, Graw could start to make out the clone. "Took you long enough." he commented. Upon seeing the hoard of droids, he suddenly had a strange flashback. The durasteel began to feel more like sand. He could hear the buzzing of Wookie flyers. He could smell salt water from the ocean. He let out a mighty roar and fired his bolt caster as fast as he could into the hoard, ignoring all other signs of danger as he aggressively pushed forward at them.
  5. I’m now working on getting a bar tending license. Hopefully something becomes of that. I’ve purchased a drink mixing set and some books to learn how to mix.

    1. LordCowCow


      Oh whoa neat, what made you decide to go for that?

    2. MetalSonic


      I actually picked it up as a hobby. I figured that since I was already doing it for the family, might as well be able to profit off of it as well. It’s actually way easier to do in Tennessee than I thought. I thought there would be way more hoops to jump through to get one.

    3. Hina's Simp

      Hina's Simp

      This is all fine and dandy but you also should get a a pour test kit to learn to pour a shot properly. Books/Mixing drinks are better when you already know what you're doing. What type of glasses for what? Stock, top shell, the lingo. Bartending has more to do with knowing your liquors and your pours rather than mixing drinks.

  6. The Rabbit Power: Demon Rabbit The first killer to gain the ability to jump over small walls and windows instead of having vault them. At the height of your jump, you are able to perform a lunge attack that afflicts the Deep Wounds status effect. Can otherwise attack during the jump. If you jump and your attack lands on the survivor’s face, you will instantly put them in the dying state. Perk 1: Underestimated No one ever seems to think you’re a threat until it’s far too late. The first time a survivor sees you, they have the Oblivious status effect until the next time they would be injured. Perk 2: Quick and nimble For such a small body, you are remarkably agile. Lunge attacks are 3/4/5 percent faster and recover slightly faster. Perk 3: Hex: Dropped Guard A hex rooting its power on false confidence. When a survivor stuns you, gain 1 token. When hooking a survivor, Entity progression is increased by 3/4/5 percent for each token (max 2).
  7. On mobile, so sorry for the weird formatting. The Ripper Power: Harpoon Holding the ability button will cause the Ripper to charge a harpoon throw. When the ability button is let go, The Ripper will throw the harpoon up to 16 meters, depending on how long the ability button was held for. When a survivor is harpooned, The Ripper will not be able to move and will have to reel his prey in. The survivor can wiggle out. If the survivor successfully wiggles out, The Ripper will be stunned for 4 seconds. The harpoon also travels in an angle, making it good for getting survivors over obstacles. Attacking a harpooned survivor will cause the line to break with no stun effect. Perk 1: Ghostwater Dive Your skills in hunting are unmatched, but time has not been friendly to you. Begin the trial with 2 tokens. Putting a survivor into the dying state spends 1 token. Apply the following effects, depending on the number of tokens. 2 tokens: Undetectable Status effect 1 token: Terror radius slight/moderately/significantly reduced Perk 2: Death From Below You’ve learned that honorable tactics never seem to get results. Upon putting a survivor into the dying state, all injured survivors within a 16 meter radius have the Exposed status effect applied for 6/7/8 seconds. This effect persists even if the survivors heal. Perk 3: Bone Skewer You know where to hit them to make them bleed. After hitting a survivor with a secondary attack, apply the Hemorrhage status effect for 10/15/20 seconds.
  8. For those who don’t know, DBD, my latest game obsession, is an asymmetrical survival horror game where 4 survivors have to escape an arena against 1 killer. Survivors have to repair 5 of 7 generators to escape. Killer has to put the survivors on meat hooks scattered around the map to kill them. Each survivor and killer has 3 starting perks for them, and each killer has their own unique power. Post a character and I’ll come up with 3 perks for them and, if I think they’d make for a good killer, a power for them. Be patient with me as I probably don’t know that character well enough to be 100% flavorful, but I’ll do my due diligence to research them first. New rule: Please include the character’s name. I might not know who that is in the image.
  9. Grawbacca roared at the droid. The memories of the droid attack on the Wookiees. was still too fresh in his mind to worry about whatever the trash heap had to say. He raised his hands in hammer fists to smash it, but was stopped by Halfsies calling back out to him. “You got lucky.” he huffed. He turned his attention back to Halfsies. “Whatever. Just tell me when to show up.” Still just a sitting nerf, Graw casually rested against the side of the ship’s wall. He could try to blow his way through the door, but he didn’t have enough bombs for that. Instead, he decided on something else. He decided that, since there were a few empty quarters around him, he might as well should take the opportunity to loot, er, scavenge whatever he could find in there. As he wandered from room to room for new goodies, he said back to the B1 “What is it?” in an annoyed tone.
  10. "Who are you again?" Grawbacca sarcastically asked Endo. The only thing he could do was stand there and look handsome while he waited for the clone to do the thing. Grawbacca's communicator suddenly lit up. Grawbacca answered it with a cheery "Tell me something good. I don't have much to do here." With the warning, Grawbacca thought fast. He roared back to the clone "What's taking so long? I thought you clones were suppose to be good soldiers or something like that!" Graw growled as he tried to figure out something that he could do. He could of tried to make his way back to the hangar to help out Endo, but there would be no way he could get the doors open, even with his natural strength. He called Endo back on the comm link and roared into it "What's going on down there? Has the welcome wagon shown up?"
  11. Grawbacca couldn’t help but laugh at the scrawny battle droids in front of him. He took out his bowcaster and charged the droids head on. First he used the stock of the blaster to smash one droid before beginning to retaliate with bolts of his own. Eventually, the amount of shots being fired at him made him have to get behind cover. During the fight, Grawbacca said to his associates “I think they know we’re here.” He jumped slightly as a blaster bolt just barely missed him. He growled at that. That cheeky droid was going to pay for that if he damaged his beautiful fur coat. The Zabrak was their target and he couldn’t be bothered with the fight any longer. Graw took out a time bomb from his bandolier and armed it. He then stepped around to the droids and gave it a good toss.
  12. “Don’t quote your day job.” Grawbacca monotonously told Halfsies. It looked like the team was ready to get the mission underway. “Great, and when I was just getting comfortable.” Grawbacca roared as he got up. He took his bowcaster from beside him and cocked it. He then placed his large hands on his teammates and told them, with his natural growls, “I think I’d better go first. No offense, you’re both too small to be leading the charge in. I’ll go in first and clear the entry point.” Slinging his bowcaster over his back, he then cracked his knuckles. “And if I see anyone there, I’ll rip them to shreds.” He chuckled at the last part.
  13. Grawbacca lounged with his arms behind his head. For an assault fighter, the Morning Glory was surprisingly comfortable. It definitely beat his slave quarters, that was for certain. He was drifting in and out of sleep. He hadn’t been able to get on a regular sleep schedule for a while, and often had to take whatever chance he could to rest up, especially on a day like this. It was a new start. After this, he could go back to doing what he liked. Drifting from planet to planet hanging out in greasy cantinas drinking until he couldn’t feel feelings anymore and got into a fight, resulting in someone getting their arms ripped off. His people were known for that after all. The ship’s AI told him to link his communication device with the ship or else he would not be able to get back on. He lazily did just as he was instructed. While the hologram of the Zabrak woman showed to him, he couldn’t help but wonder what was so special about her that they would need to risk their lives to get her. It didn’t really matter. He needed the Hutts off his back, and those slugs were heavy. He owed it to his old partner anyway. That was just what a good Wookie did.
  14. Which do you think would be easier? Ed, Edd, and Eddy scamming Goku out of a dragonball or them scamming Sonic out of a chaos emerald?