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  1. Very well. As there seems to be more of a time crunch, I’m going to have to start the game prematurely. One more entry and I will let the game begin.
  2. Hello Chuck. I want to play a game. You’ve written many books about men getting pounded in the butt, and now you will be pounded in the butt by this machine I’ve built. The machine is designed to pound deeper with each stroke, eventually killing you via impalement. The only way to turn the machine off is to place your hands inside of two boxes, which will reduce the bones to dust. Which will it be? Your hands or your life? Make your choice.
  3. I am now looking for a new apprentice to carry on my work when I’m gone. Would any of you perhaps be interested?

  4. Hm, alright then. There is a device on your penis. Think of it like a pencil sharpener. It will constantly turn with razor blades. As the mechanism spins, a shotgun's trigger is slowly pulled. I have provided you with a knife. I think you see where this is going. Make your choice.
  5. Just say you want to join. Hiding begins once we have enough players.
  6. It’s quite a blessing. After all, the cure to death itself is immortality, and what better way than through the fame brought upon by the games? Even if I’m remembered as a villain, my legacy shall long outlive me, and that’s all I can ask for.
  7. Life’s a party, unless you’re already dead on the inside.

    1. Sir Cophagus

      Sir Cophagus

      Such a relatable conundrum. I used to have death inside me, but now I just feel hallow. It is just not the same!

  8. Hello, NCM. My name is Jigsaw, and I want to play a game. For years you’ve pitted the ones you supposedly care for against one another for dominance. Now you shall battle each other for your own dominance. Unlike the traditional 64 you require for you require for your games, I only require 4 for mine. Four of you will step up and offer yourself as a contestant. Once all four have entered, you will hide your profile image somewhere on NCM. The other contestant’s job is to find you and eliminate you. In order to eliminate another player, simply quote them. However, you will have the chance to fight back. If you quote back within 6 hours of being quoted, you will be safe and able to hide again, however you must then post here again that you are ready. Failure to do so will result in your instant elimination. The survivors of this game shall be rewarded with all the points I have at my disposal by the end of the event. Live or die. Make your choice. The game rules
  9. Would you like to play a game? I want to play Monopoly, or how about Boggle? Do you like Boggle?
  10. It's rather funny. I have a PhD and am the main character and yet I have trouble following the story myself. The cancer certainly doesn't help. However, Saw IV and V actually take place simultaneously. When Jeff kills me, Detective Strahm then kills him, resulting in the remainder of V. No, for several reasons. The first is simple. She's an emotional wreck. She projects her own insecurities onto others. She believed she could never change, and therefore believed that no one else could. She took my legacy and turned it into elaborate execution devices with no offering of freedom. Even when she did, the offering never actually worked. She was truly a killer. However, I could forgive all of that if it were not for one thing. At my death bed, she made me question my entire philosophy. She had been through three games, and never seemed to learn her lesson. She failed me so many times, and yet I still don't hate her. If anything, I'm disappointed.
  11. Believe it or not, I can relate. I've experienced the same loss as you. I believe that I'll be more than able to help you find your mummy in due time.
  12. Hello Sir Cophagus. I don't believe we've met. My name is John. Tell me, how much does getting your mummy back mean to you?
  13. Ask me anything. It's your choice.
  14. Good evening, everyone. Looks like the festivities get to go on after all.

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