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Momo Kiseki


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  1. So...I did these... First is a Yuto and Yuya artwork. Because they're my favourites. ^^ Specifically Yuto. Because Yuto is amazing. https://imgur.com/a/zAi4wuQ And the other I did because...I heard a song...and needed to do Arc-V Art to go along with it. I didn't draw Yugo's helmet...because I hate drawing it XD https://imgur.com/a/nlvK94o And eventually I have a part 2 of this one coming...its...just...taking a while a while to be motivated enough to finish it XD So...just...thoughts?
  2. Okay here we go, first time posting a card lol XD So...being the nerd I am and being that I'm writing a Yugioh Arc-V fanfic I made a performapal Pendulum monster XD https://imgur.com/a/PgjPlK4 Performapal Safety Magician [Level 3 – Scale 4 – Wind – ATK:300/DEF:2000 – Spellcaster/Pendulum/Effect: Normal Effect: When this card is Pendulum summoned all monsters on your opponent’s field have their effects negated. Target one monster on your field and increase its attack points by this cards defence points until the end of your next turn. This card may switch places with any “Magician” monster in your Pendulum zones. Pendulum Effect: Select one “Odd-Eyes”, “Performapal” or “Magician” monster you control, that monster may attack each of your opponent’s special summoned monsters once.] (there will eventually be a second Magician that goes along with this one but...*shrugs* might be a while XD Also hope I tagged right XD)
  3. Yes! Newbie friends! ^^ Sounds good! Your response made me laugh so much lol, I'm not even sure why XD Ah, I can already tell I'm gonna have fun here ^^
  4. Momo Kiseki


    Hi there! Full on Yu-Gi-Oh nerd here! Call me Momo or MK, its the name I tend to do under on most sites lol. I've used the card maker a few times, but I figured I should join the forum since it seemed like fun! I started playing the card game like...2014? 2015? about then...I think. But it was really just "I like Arc-V so I'm gonna teach my friends to play this card game, that I actually don't know how to play so I can use Dark Rebellion and say Yuto's summoning chant!" XD Then I kinda stopped for a while, but I've recently gotten back into it (I thank Legacy of the Duelist for that lol) so...yeah. I think that's it for now...time for me to go lurk around the site for a bit before I get the courage to post again XD