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  1. Pls koomy reprint fire fist dragon

  2. 4. Also I may have deliberately lowballed it because of Eagle.
  3. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Monkey Beast-Warrior/FIRE/1800/1000/Effect Once per turn, if you activate a "Fire Formation" Trap Card (except during the damage step): You can set 1 "Fire Formation" Spell Card directly from your deck. Once per turn, when this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent: You can send 1 "Fire Formation" card you control to the GY; Your opponent discards 1 Random card, then, if they do, draw 1 card. Based on the Water Margin character Huangfu Duan, the 57th in rank, of the Beast Star, the "Purple Bearded Count". His flame is purple, but darker than Boar, and the animal behind him is a bearded monkey.
  4. If you activate a "Fire Formation" Spell/Trap Card (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon this card from your hand, then you can Special Summon 1 "Fire Fist" monster from your GY, except "Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Panda", also you cannot Special Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except "Fire Fist" monsters. If a "Fire Fist" monster(s) you control would be destroyed by your opponent's card effect, you can send 1 face-up "Fire Formation" Spell/Trap you control to the GY instead. You can only use each effect of "Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Panda" once per turn. I have a love-hate relationship with this card, honestly. On the one hand, it's fantastic and does so much good stuff for Fire Fist, reviving Raven, Rooster or Ram (if you play it), the less relevant protection effect against random stuff like TT, making Eagle with just it and a formation, being a free 2100 body on the board, stacking fortress and a bunch of other random stuff. On the other hand, it has pigeonholed Fire Fist into spamming Ravens and Pandas and turns literally every Fire Fist deck into Panda spam. More specifically, it wrecked my favorite build of the deck (4 Axis), while massively buffing a spammy playstyle that doesn't feel like Fire Fists at all, now Fists just try and combo off as soon as they can, it's not the same deck anymore and I wish so much that this was a Level 4 with a grindy effect, rather than promoting spam. In general, part of me mourns the days of traditional grind decks. Salamangreat fill the niche for me of the value stack of good cards deck, but seeing my favorite archetype morphed into some ungodly clusterfuck of a combo deck makes me sad.
  5. I hate the new Fire Fist support not because it's bad, but how it turned the deck into yet another linear combo deck that attempts to make an unbreakable board. Like Monarchs, they completely destroyed any and all identity the deck had.

  6. Sainz


    https://9axes.github.io/ It's 8values, but far more expansive. Don't take it too seriously, the test has some absolutely meme worthy questions that cannot be answered reasonably using the options available. My results, for reference.
  7. jesus msm really is pushing the climate militancy agenda.


  8. dream mirror has the typical formula of good art, subpar cards. at least they're somewhat playable now.
  9. 3 Bufferlo 2 Sea Archiver 3 Foxy 3 Spinny 1 Gazelle 2 Jack Jaguar 1 Falco 1 Fowl 3 Ash 3 Veiler 2 Ogre 25 3 Will 1 Circle 1 Sanctuary 2 Desires 2 Twin Twisters 2 Enemy Controller 11 2 Rage 2 Roar 4 3 Balelynx 3 Sunlight Wolf 2 Heatleo 2 Stallio 1 Borreload 1 Hiita 1 Phoenix 1 Dweller 1 Time Thief Redoer 15 3 Lancea 3 Droll 3 Nibiru 3 Reboot 2 Mask of Restrict 1 Imperial Order 15
  10. 3 Ash Blossom 3 Arboria 3 Draco 3 Leonis 3 Maximus 3 Reclusia 1 Dogoran 2 Veiler 1 Gameciel 1 Jigobyte 3 Nibiru 1 Radian 1 Ranryu 1 Thunderking Kaiju 1 World Crown 3 Crusadia Testament 3 Slumber 2 Waterfront 1 Monster Reborn 1 Terraforming 3 Pankratops 2 Ghost Ogre 3 Twin Twisters 1 Imperial Order 3 Red Reboot 3 Solemn 1 Dawn Dragster 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Apollousa 1 Borreload 2 Equimax 2 Magius 1 Cerberus 1 Phoenix 1 Avramax 1 Trisbaena
  11. 3 Ash Blossom 2 Ghost Ogre 1 Subterror Behemoth Umastryx 3 Subterror Fiendess 3 Subterror Guru 1 Subterror Nemesis Archer 3 Pot of Duality 3 Pot of Extravagance 1 Terraforming 3 The Hidden City 3 Evenly Matched 3 Gozen Match 3 Infinite Impermanence 3 Solemn Judgement 1 Solemn Warning 2 Subterror Final Battle 2 There Can Only Be One Side changes based on your locals or whatever, and ED is basically irrelevant except for clara to get out of secret village and waking targets
  12. you ever look at your past and just cringe? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DragonSage


      all the time

    3. LordCowCow


      I save my cringe for the future

    4. mido9


      Yes. Nothing to do but move past it.

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    2. LordCowCow


      That's a big accusation. Was there proof besides the tweet shown? (Which didn't say whites etc can't apply) If so yeah that's messed up if not then it's kinda overreacting.

      (also, ftr, "blue tick mark twats" makes your point sound worse)

    3. Sainz
    4. LordCowCow


      Hmm, idk, to me that just is letting the type of people who usually feel they can't get into something like WotC know that they have a chance. Like it doesn't make me (a cis white male) feel I can't apply.

  13. I'm still disappointed that the motto of the coast guard isn't "To Protect and Surf"

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