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  1. Unfinished Business “Good job you two,” he said. Those were the words that Olivander almost fell to his knees for. Though Flynt continued to talk, Olivander couldn't hear him. He was too busy ogling the words of praise he received from the handsome man in front of him. It was almost strange considering the circumstances, but it felt good to receive something this important (to him) from Flynt. Eventually Olivander came out of his trance and sighed happily. "Thanks," he finally managed to say with a smile. "I'm going to check in with Helmsley and make sure I'm not forgetting anything. I trust you to do the same, Flynt." Aboard the Swallow Tail, Olivander finally convened with Helmsley. Olivander moved through the large portion of Corpus that seemed to be aboard the ship until he was finally face to face with its Captain. “Just about ready to call all aboard,” Captain Helmsley said. Olivander only nodded in response. “Little bit ahead of schedule too, guess that means we really do’ve got the gods on our side.” Olivander smirked as the Captain laughed. "Well, I guess this gamble paid off. Praise be to Hinder." “Suppose that means this is a brief courtesy: is there anything else you need to do here? Anyone you need to talk to, any final advice? We’ll wait for you, of course, but I do have to know.” Olivander rubbed his chin as he looked around the ship. He slowly let his eyes fall through the crowd of people when he realized someone was missing. His heart began to race and his eyes grew wide with horror. "The boys! David and Pfeifer! I have to find them!" Olivander's legs carried him faster than the thought could reach his brain. Panicked, he began sprinting through people, literally. He called out their names as if they were his own children. They had become important to him, and Olivander wasn't sure why. "David!? Pfeifer!?" It was unusual for him to form such quick attachments, considering that he was a thief. When thinking of all the things that Olivander really kept with him, all the people he had traveled with, all of the souls he turned over to Hinder, these were suddenly the most important. And until he was two-hundred percent certain that they were aboard the Swallow Tail, he would not allow it to leave. With every bit of his power and every fiber of his being, he would not let David and Pfeifer stay behind. The risk was too great, and his heart wouldn't let him move on without them. His screams became painful as he continued his search. "DAVID!? PFEIFER!?"
  2. Seeing white boys get up in arms about fictional characters being Black is a1.

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    2. "Violence" MACHISMO!!!

      "Violence" MACHISMO!!!

      western civilization is as fragile as a house of cards, and we must reinforce that whites matter 24/7 or the gays and pedophiles will molest children with impunity, the blacks will seduce white women, and sjws will mass produce new genders that they can cycle through every .9 seconds


      what're the antis whining about this time?

    3. Blake


      They're mad that Angrboda is being represented as a black woman in God of War: Ragnarok.

      You know. The game whose predecessor had a blue dwarf with a texas accent.

      Because "it's simple biology that dark skin isn't that far north".

    4. Blake


      i wanna point out that they are also mad about thor being fat, albeit to a lesser degree. Despite that one being directly accurate to many depictions in the eddas.

  3. During the Storm After dinner (which somehow turned out to be a success, no doubt in thanks to Hinder guiding Olivander's hand over the meal) Flynt's house quickly emptied. Not shortly after, the village was bustling with whispers and gossip. A large gathering had already occurred outside Dia's new place of worship. Now seeing the temple with his own eyes for the first time, Olivander could understand why. The building was massive and had been erected in merely hours. The prowess of Taros was indeed impressive. Even Olivander could see the intricate detail and level of craftsmanship that went into the temple. He let out a long whistle as he approached the temple. "Kitt, you've truly outdone yourself. This temple is a marvel. Well done mate." The last of the village gathered at last which prompted Flynt to move. He watched as Flynt approached the highest stair at the temple entrance, admiring the former watchdog's physique. "And of course you had the help of an equally talented follower of Taros," he said in what was practically a whisper. Olivander caught his jaw and scooped it up off the ground as Flynt drew the crowd's attention. When he was done, Olivander could feel the eyes of the villagers going back and forth between himself and Kitt. He elected to make the next move and stepped forward to speak. "A number of you probably don't know who I am. Who I am is not important. I'm a man who has been appointed by a god. That god has given me clear insight to this situation in which we are now all involved. This insight has led me to believe that you are all in danger. An impending eruption of the mountain-- no-- the volcano behind you, will leave nothing behind on Corpus. As you have heard, thanks to my meddling, the Swallow Tail is prepared to help those of you who wish it to evacuate. It's Captain and crew have been working tirelessly to ensure it is ready to set sail. However, we cannot force you to leave. Nor shall we. This is your home. My fellow watchdog believes that there is an alternative to save the island and protect it from doom. If you believe in his cause, then I encourage you to follow him and call upon Lord Dia." As he finished, Olivander gestured to Kitt and took a step back. "The floor is yours my friend."
  4. If They Could See Me Now "Both, huh?" Olivander reacted softly to Eilis' words. "Leaving the choice to the masses is probably... more in line with the thoughts of the gods than anything myself or Kitt could propose, if I'm being totally honest," he finally admitted. "While the gods may influence our lives, I suppose too much influence would deter our free will. Better we leave the final decision to those who, ultimately, would or would not like to evacuate." Olivander, in all actuality, felt defeated. This wasn't something he considered, and it made his stomach twist into knots. If people stayed and the volcano did in fact erupt, they would die. If they left, and nothing happened, would they feel cheated? Would they resent the gods, and, as a result, resent the watchdogs? He rubbed his chin softly as he contemplated the weight of his words and actions. Had he acted to rashly in a rush and need to get everyone off the island? In pushing the islanders to evacuate, was he over stepping his boundaries? He was conflicted and confused and agitated. With a dejected sigh, he cemented his answer at last. "Yes. It's best to leave the final answer up to the individual. But I must caution that, in the event that the mountain does erupt, there will be nothing we can do to stop it. From here, at least, it would probably be best to open a forum to the public. They should be made aware of the situation. Though, by now, I'm sure the whispers have made it through the cracks." He was certain about this course of action at least. The public of Corpus should be alerted to the possible impending doom, and be allowed to decide for themselves if they would like to evacuate.
  5. The G.O.A.T. As Flynt's home slowly filled with guests, Olivander's anxiety began to rise. "Oh gods. What if they don't like it? What if I under serve someone? What if I over serve someone? What if its over cooked and tough? What if its under cooked and makes someone sick!? Oh gods, just let the volcano take me now!" his brain rattled. Olivander took a deep breath as he began filling the bowls around the dinner table. When every bowl had a healthy serving of stew, he finally sat down to his own bowl and filled it. Unfortunately for Olive, there was only enough for a half-serving for himself. He sighed silently but accepted the remaining serving and helped himself. At the very least, everyone else would be full. The room was quiet at first but as Jones took his seat he prompted discussion right away. “Alright, so,” the elder began. “are we preventing the volcano eruption, or are we running away in terror? Or is it both? Neither?” Olivander hadn't quite taken a bite of his own cooking yet, so he sat his spoon down and looked up toward Jones. He decided to try and get ahead of the situation and admit to his own selfish acts first. "As I've more or less stated before, I'm of the opinion that we should leave. I've already blundered it obviously, but Captain Helmsley is ready to take on the work and help the people of Corpus to escape. I spoke with him briefly not long ago. I'm not entirely sure what Flynt and Kitt were up to while I was preparing dinner, but I still stand by my words. We should be leaving," Olivander expressed. He didn't seem his normal boastful, staunch self. Rather, Olivander came across as solemn and weary. "I'm of course open to our other options, whatever they may be."
  6. Quandary of Flesh "No, no, it's not the best and the worst. It's the best of the worst." A.C.E. rubbed its chin as it pondered Oru's answer. "Statement: So, it does get worse." Before A.C.E. could step further out of the cargo bay, there was a sudden escalation. The source was a distressed voice of one of their crew-mates, Spike. Upon further analysis, it appeared they were threatened and possibly angered. Having not known Spike long, A.C.E.'s subconscious study of the changes in their vocal patterns were not complete. More study was required. "Oi! You got a problem do ya? Come on over here and say it to my face so and I'll crack yer damn skull how bout that?" Secondary analysis revealed aggression and confidence. Many overlapping emotions only gave A.C.E. more questions than answers. Judging by the direction of Spike's face and the trajectory of their vision, A.C.E. concluded that Spike was directing her words to nearby male robots. They were not a model that A.C.E. had seen before, which in turn excited A.C.E. Needless to say, A.C.E. was not reading the situation with proper understanding of the social cues involved. "Excuse me? The only problem we've got is with your aggressive attitude," one of them replied. "Unless it's you that has a problem with us. Care to clarify?" A.C.E. could not determine the intention behind this robot's words. Though it had learned to analyze the speech of organic creatures, it had not done so with other robots. So, it instead turned its attention back to Spike to examine her response and increase its own understanding of speech as a whole. "Yeah, sure, don't think I didn't notice you lot gossiping over there like old ladies. C'mon nuts and bolts don't try and hide it now. You wanna fight dontcha? Think cause I'm smaller'n you that I'm gonna be scared huh?" A.C.E. rubbed their head silently as it posed an internal query to itself. "Query: Nuts and bolts?" "I guess you heard us, but not well enough. We were talking about what's taking those damned cargo inspectors so long to show up. Talking smack about and fighting the crews of other cargo ships would look bad on our report, and the Consortium works me hard enough as it is. No such rule about some banter on tardy inspectors though, is there?" A.C.E.'s emoticons formed a smile (^_^). "Okay. Fine. You weren't talkin shit. But you were looking like it, okay? Don't go lookin at folks all nasty-like if you're not talking about them." "That's a bit difficult when my face looks like this..." It would seem there had been an unintentional misunderstanding between Spike and these unknown units that Spike had dubbed 'Nasty Like'. Was this their assigned model name? A.C.E.'s attention was drawn away from the conversation however as another crew-mate approached and held a sign to A.C.E.'s face. It was Mandevilla, the sentient plant! It's species, the Kkekri, were one that A.C.E. studied for some time in their leisure time because of their different biological make-up from other sentient crew-mates aboard the Janissary. A.C.E. quite enjoyed Mandevilla's presence. He was a very considerate crew-mate. The sign posed a question which, to A.C.E.'s surprise and pleasure, was posed in its own respective mannerisms. "Query: May I have access to your last inventory of the ship and our current budget?" A.C.E.'s emoticons formed a smile (^_^) again. "Statement: I will supply you with the most recent inventory and budget statements." As the Robot and Kkekri moved to enter the ship, however, another, unfamiliar voice joined the conversation. "If your crew is re-evaluating its personal inventory, this seems as good a time as any to ensure the cargo you have on-board is what our messages from Earth promised," they said. Slithering on up to the Janissary was a pair of Sarvatti, relatively towering over botanical, mechanical, and mammalian crewmates alike. Hanging from their necks was a necklace with a badge hanging from it, signifying them as the cargo inspectors assigned by the local government to make sure everything was as listed, and there was no secret contraband aboard the ship. "We apologize for our delay," the other inspector said. "Despite the tardiness, rest assured the inspection of your cargo shall be brief, albeit thorough. I certainly hope you haven't been hiding away illegal firearms or anything of the sort." By his tone of voice, it was difficult to tell if that was a joke or not. "Where is the cargo stored on this ship, precisely? Solarian constructions are seldom uniform, and we would prefer to not report that we got lost inside a spaceship." A.C.E.'s emoticons were nonchalant once more. "Statement: Please follow me." It lead the inspectors inside the cargo bay.
  7. Dinner Plans “Is that how it is, then? I suppose the old rumors were true. Going to be a lot of money changing hands on deck once the crew hears about that. Both wagers and wages, you understand, the second one to keep complainers under control and the first, well, like I said. Rumors. Not that I’d expect you to participate -- in fact, you probably shouldn’t, fellas can get salty enough without thinking the gods themselves are against them." Olivander sat Big Willie down on the ground and let him run free for a bit. "Captain, I can't say for certain that the gods are for anyone," Olivander suddenly admitted. "I told this to Kitt, but, I'll tell you as well. They are fickle, jealous beings. What may look like a personal grudge to us may be but a pawn being defeated in battle. But I suppose that's all the more reason we should take their every move seriously. And it's precisely why I did what I did. I admit, it was selfish of me to bring such a burden down upon yourself and your crew. Rest assured, I will plead with Hinder for your blessing in coin. But I can also assure you that this was not personal. I merely wish to keep these people safe." “If both you and Kitt are in agreement, I should probably go tell everyone they’re working overtime tonight in addition to all that. I’d have to get a better look at the situation but we probably won’t be ready until just before midnight. Make sure everyone knows, too. I’ll deal with early arrivals, but I’d rather not deal with too many of them.” "I'll do that Captain. Thank you," Olivander answered. As the Captain left, Olivander sighed with relief. However, his blood pressure immediately began to rise again as he remembered one crucial part of the evening. "I forgot to make dinner!" He was about to burst out of Flynt's home when he remembered that Big Willie was about. "Stay here, Willie! I'll be back!" Olivander was sure that his request to the chicken would surely keep it in Flynt's house. He made himself intangible and sprinted through Flynt's home and back outside. "Okay. Think, Olivander, think. I'm sure I passed a few goats on the way down the mountain. I'll make a goat stew!" He blazed northward until he reached the mountain and began searching for the most tender goat he could find. After securing said goat, he tucked the dog-sized creature under his arm and raced back to town. He stopped about half-way to nab some wild garlic carrots. After returning to Flynt's home, Olivander took the goat out back and ended its life painlessly. After skinning and cleaning the meat, he took it inside to prepare it. Rummaging through Flynt's home, he found salt, basil, and cumin. After liberally seasoning the goat meat, he seared it on both sides as he brought a large pot of water to a boil. He added just a pinch of salt to the water before chopping up his carrots and allowing them to cook until tender. With half of the water boiled off, he added the goat's meat to the pot. With its own fat, it created its own gravy with the help of the boiling water. Another bit of basil and a the garlic cloves finished off the meal and Olivander removed the pot from the heat. He prepared bowls and waited patiently for Kitt and Flynt. He crossed his fingers behind his back as he silently hoped to impress Flynt.
  8. I suppose I'm a little disappointed to see Life Hutch so low, but then again, I'm also biased to ward M.B.J. so take that with a grain of salt. Other than that its hard to not agree with this list. But especially for Ice. That was a masterpiece.
  9. Observation A.C.E. remembered the details of the mission briefing to a "T". They were to pick up a cargo shipment of food on Earth and bring it Bekkik, in the Eova system. A.C.E. quite liked Earth. It's lush greenery and bountiful water supply made it appealing. After studying the planet through the Janissary's archives and its codex, A.C.E. also learned that the planet was plentiful in rich minerals. Or, at least it used to be. Apparently there had been some over zealous parties had severely drained the planet of most of its minerals, resulting in a shortage and damaging its ecosystem in the process. Thankfully for the local inhabitants, a restoration project saved Earth for another few centuries. As they arrived on Earth at their pick-up point, A.C.E. was alerted by friend Oru that part of the cargo had already been lost due to an anomaly known as an earthquake. A rumbling on the planet's surface caused by shifting tectonic plates below it, had cost them part of their mission. Hopefully, the receiving party who was expecting this cargo, would not blame the Janissary for this. "Statement: Oh dear," A.C.E. replied. After securing the cargo and reaching orbit, things were going relatively smoothly for a brief time. A very brief time. The Union's Navy nearly turned the Janissary into space scrap after mistaking it for a pirate vessel. "Statement: Oh my," A.C.E. added. Not long after departing Earth, alarms began ringing aboard the Janissary, prompting A.C.E. to enter construction protocols. They had to make an emergency landing wherever they could. A fuel leak in the engine room nearly cost the entire mission. "Statement: It could be worse," A.C.E. thought aloud. Naturally, things did get worse. A vermin problem was discovered in the cargo hold, leading the crew to believe that one of the crates were infested. "Statement: Gotta catch 'em all," said A.C.E. as they began to chase the pests around the hold. At last, the Janissary had managed to reach the Eova system after all of the hijinks that had happened to them. This was perhaps the most worrying part of the mission. A.C.E. figured as much when it saw the look on Oru's face. "Welcome, unidentified vessel. Please state your business in this system." "Food delivery for Bekkik, port 14," Oru answered. "Port 14, port 14... hm. There must be some sort of error. Port 14 was shut down months ago." "Oh, for crying out..." "Please enter Bekkik at port 13 for the time being. We will inspect the cargo there and check our orders of food for recent matches." A.C.E. was right by Oru's side when that transmission had come through, so it heard everything, but said nothing. As Oru turned over the ship's intercom, she made a brief announcement. "Alright, someone back on Earth must have made a mistake, because the port we're supposed to be landing in has been out of commission for a while. We'll be landing somewhere else on the planet instead so the Sarvatti can inspect our cargo and figure out where we're supposed to take it. If they ask about that one crate, just be honest with them." A.C.E. waited for Oru to close the coms before asking a question. "Query: Does deception ever benefit us in our journey?" It's emoticon expression was nonchalant. After a smooth landing, A.C.E. watched as the bay to the Janissary opened to reveal the surface of Bekkik. Temperature readings rose by several degrees in its systems. Sunlight caused its sockets to adjust to the bright light as it observed the docking port. There were many other ships about; Bekkik was busy today. "Welcome to Bekkik, everyone," Oru said. "The best worst place in the Galactic Union." A.C.E. gave their immediate surroundings another once over. "Query: How can this planet be both best and worst?" A.C.E. remained close by, just inside the cargo bay.
  10. Foolin' Around “In all of the gods’ wisdom, what are you doing to that poor chicken?” "Huh-- wha--!?" Olivander jumped as he hadn't been paying attention when Captain Helmsley entered Flynt's home. He was so startled that he stopped choking his chicken and let it run around freely. He zoomed over to the door behind Helmsley and shut it so that his loose chicken wouldn't go running off. If anyone else were to see that cock, they might try to take it from him. Or worse, they might have tried to eat it! He couldn't let that happen to his precious cock. He loved it too much now. In the short time they had been together, he had developed feelings for it. He even went so far as to name the bastard. "Captain! You startled me! Sorry about that Willie," Olivander said as he finally caught the chicken again. "I didn't mean to hold you so tight." It was a rather large chicken for its age. You could say he was a huge cock, named Big Willie. "Willie and I were just getting acquainted." “I assume things are going well, then?” Olivander nodded, petting his dear Big Willie. "What's going on Captain?" “Just as well, the ship needs a little more time before she’s ready to go anywhere, though, now that I’ve brought it up, I suppose that leads me to an actual question." Olivander's face scrunched because he had a feeling that he knew exactly what Helmsley was about to ask. "I’ve gotten a few people show up at the dock asking what time boarding was supposed to start. One of them even tried to force their way on. Now, if it was just that one person, I don’t think I’d think any more of it. But with the number I’ve seen, I cannot help but ask, do you have something to do with this?” Actually, that wasn't quite what Olivander thought the Captain was going to ask. Olivander thought Helmsley would inquire more about the giant cock in his lap. "Oh. Yeah, that was me," Olivander admitted nonchalantly. "Captain. Corpus is about to be under miles and miles of fire and brimstone. The volcano will erupt soon. And I can't consciously leave these people behind to die. I realize that it's a pain for you, and I am sorry. But I'll do everything in my power to make sure that repairs are complete and that we leave safely. Isn't that right Willie?" The chicken merely squawked at Olivander's words.
  11. Just came to say this nigga Lil Nas X is killin the MF hip-hop game rn and I can't help but root for him.

  12. Drive "ThE iSlAnD iS iN yOuR hAnDs," Olive mimicked. "When this is all over I might stuff that one in a box just for annoying me," he snapped as he began to walk away. "Well, if we have to wait until midnight, then we may as well eat. Flynt, would you mind using those big, strong hands to make us another delicious meal? I'll even catch the food for you if you'd like," he said sheepishly. "I mean--! Er, I'll--do dinner tonight! I'll handle it! Yes. That's what a real, strong, muscly, handsome man would do," he stammered as he turned his face away from Flynt and Kitt. He immediately began dashing toward the forest in hopes to catch a pheasant of some kind. His legs moved so rapidly that they appeared to be wheels at his side, kicking up so much dust it would blind anyone behind him in a cartoonish fashion. "We'llreconveneatFlynt'splaceokaybye!" he said in one rapid sentence. Once he was sure he was out of earshot of Flynt and Kitt, Olivander braced himself against a large tree once more. This time, instead of being exhausted, he was merely flustered and embarrassed. His cheeks were flushed red as he slapped his face. "Get yourself together man! The bloody island is about to go under! This is no time for flirting!" Olivander suddenly heard footsteps. Before he knew it, David and Pfeifer were upon him. "So it's happening, then," Pfeifer said. "We're all ready, though one of us had a question about the whole thing." "Where did you--?" Olivander began. "Don't lie, Pfeifer. You wanted this too," David shot back. He turned back to Olive. "Anyway, the question is are we gonna get to watch Mount Vermeer erupt or are we just getting out of here. Like, I was thinking, and maybe this is stupid, but what if we just, like, waited just before we got to the storm to see it erupt? Or is that too much to ask? I dunno, I've never seen a volcano erupt, it just sounds super cool to watch." "These kids are bloody fast," he thought to himself. "David, don't get me wrong. The idea of seeing a volcano erupt is pretty cool. Who doesn't like giant, fiery explosions? But this is one explosion you'll not want to be anywhere near," Olivander came right out to say. "That is, the volcano is hot enough that only gods would dare get close enough. I don't like the idea of you boys being anywhere near it and possibly getting hurt. I won't have it." David pouted "Okay..." he said. He turned to Pfeifer. "Dang, you were pretty excited too." "Who knows," Pfeifer replied, "maybe it'll be loud enough we'll be able to hear it at least from all the way across Naviim." "Oh, yeah! Okay!" David and Pfeifer ran off giggling about something that Olivander couldn't hear. He shook his head, trying not to laugh. "Boys will be boys, I suppose." Just then, a large chicken darted past Olivander's feet. "Hey! You look delicious! Get back here!" he said as he began to give chase. The chicken felt Olivander on its heels, and so it began to sprint faster away from. It ducked under a log, shimmied between two tightly spaced rocks, and appeared to have gotten away past a large rock face. Unfortunately for the chicken, Olivander could walk through walls. He perched himself behind the chicken, leaning against the rock face as he pretended to file his nails. "Oh, hey," he said as the chicken slowly turned around to face him, fear in its eyes. "You come here often?" he asked with a wry grin. He pounced on the chicken and pinned it down, wrestling with it for several seconds before it finally gave up with a disappointed caw. "Yeah, that's right mate. Recognize your superior and come without a fight." "Caw?" the chicken replied. "Did-- did you just understand me? Are you-- are you the apocalyptic chicken of the end of days?" Olivander replied. "... caw." "... liar. I'm gonna eat you." The chicken continued to protest as Olivander carried it back to Flynt's house.
  13. The Brightest Dumb Idea Olivander bit his thumb. He'd forgotten to account for repairs. But this time, he had Flynt. The time it would take to repair the Swallowtail could effectively amount to zero. The idea alone made him cackle like a witch. He quickly composed himself as Flynt further pushed him in the direction he wanted to go. “I can think of one way, but, and forgive me for this, I am hesitant to say it here. Know that the watchdogs know what I am talking about, though, and if they just say the word…” “I didn’t say solutions don’t exist; there surely must be something, and if you answer my questions, I will assent. But they must be answered. You’ve still given me too many unknowns otherwise," the geezer replied. "Do it," Olivander said to Flynt as he looked him in the face. "If it means you can get the Swallowtail repaired with no time lost, then do it. You have my full confidence behind you." Olivander could feel the look Kitt was giving him now. He was fine with it. He knew Kitt wouldn't agree with his methods. This, however, was a surefire solution to their timing problem. But Olivander also knew what the gods would think. Was this about them, or was this about the people? "Too much, and Dia may very well cause the mountain to erupt prematurely. Too little, and we get caught in the blast. We have to take the risk," he thought to himself.
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