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  1. Lana nodded at Chris's comment, saying, "leave it to me," leaving the locks to him and the bodyguarding to her. She didn't pay much mind to her own wound and instead braced herself, waiting for any other goblins that would round the corner and start to confront them. The next contender to come at them was none other than a hobgolbin, Lana grimacing at it as she couldn't help but she was suddenly feeling judged by it. All the same, as the monstrous creature seemed ready to come and attack them, Lana readied her axe charging in to meet the creature head on and go for a wide horizontal swing. The hobgoblin, armed with more than just a rusty dagger shanker like most goblins, brought up his shield to defend against the blade. With her large weapon blocked, Lana was a bit off balance from it, but continued her assault against the creature. Lowering her blade to the ground, the girl then twisted her grip and brought the greatxe in an upward arc towards the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin, with more wits than your average bear, opted to not be bisected from this attack and instead stepped back away from the girl. Brandishing his blade, the creature then moved forward and went to swing his blade at Lana. With the her axe still up in the air, Lana simply let gravity do its work and brought the blade down. With the two steel weapons clashing, the girl and goblin were locked in a power struggle, Lana grunting as she continued to try and push forward and out muscle the creature.
  2. As the fire elemental had seemed none too pleased by Fen's attack, the girl watched as it pointed its arm towards her. Feeling the seething hatred in the beasts eyes, it didn't take much to figure out that she was about to be his next target and so the girl got herself ready to move. The flames shot out at her in a massive column, far too wide for her to simply jump and avoid, and so the only other thing that she could think to do was take the attack head on. Dropping her bow, the girl started to channel ice magic through her hands and ducked. Placing her hands forward, a wall of ice quickly formed in front of her, and the girl placed her hands on the wall to continue funneling it with magical energy to keep it sustained. Fen knew that she was a bit in over her head, though, the moment the flames crashed against the ice wall. Though the construct managed to hold, in spite of Fen's best efforts it was visibly melting and the girl was certainly starting to sweat a bit. So, rather than wait for her barrier to be destroyed, Fen simply put in one last pulse of magic before pushing her hands off the wall and diving to the side. The wall shattered and melted almost immediately, though it had provided enough time and had quelled enough of the initial flame that Fen had been able to get out of the way of massive fireball. Sweating still as she felt a massive burst of heat wash over her, the girl didn't want to think about what would've happened if she had stayed put. And so rather than think on that, the girl moved onto the next part of the fight. From her roll, the girl swiftly got back to her feet, albeit somewhat crouching, and summoned her bow once more. Conjuring one arrow after the next, the girl quickly launched a volley of them towards the now naked arm of the flame elemental. The arrows landed, letting out a loud cracking noise as each hit until finally the skeletal arm broke apart fully. With its right arm down, and the rest of its body not too well off, the girl continued to focus on the flaming foe and await another opening.
  3. Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Blood, Honkai Impact for general sorts of inspirations I'd be working with.
  4. Alright so as the title says. I have no RPs I'm running right now, and I feel like doing something about that, but i feel like seeing what people would actually care about first before actually committing to any one idea. The poll allows for multiple votes - well, I hope it does at least - as this is just me gauging interest in these ideas at all, and maybe ordering which one I should work on first. I suppose this isn't even a guarantee I will do these, but like, I had the ideas and I figured I'd just spew 'em out there to the world. So without further ado Yugioh RP - This is like a more sports and slice of life YGO RP then a oh no the world is doomed we need to save it with cards, kind. Of course, you might have heard this kind of pitch from me before and I just did kill that RP but this one is different in premise and concept. For the most part it's supposed to be structured around a national tournament with all of you being the participants in it. It's largely supposed to focus on you as characters and dueling is generally only a small part of the rp with the bulk being hanging out, chatting about your feelings, flashbacking, etc. The tournament itself is meant for professionals, which is to say not school kids (unless you're geniuses or older people art proves that difficult to find.) Also being one whole tournament you might also note that this RP is supposed to be fairly short, at least relative to the normal projected length of an RP. I'm not looking to make a long epic journey, just a place for characters to explore themselves and players to have a few fun duels along the way. Jujutsu Blood Impact - It's a name in progress. A modern fantasy type setting, monster of the week, you kill demon monsters with super powers and there's probably an overarching plot where you go fist fight god in the end or something. This one needs much less explanation because it's basically a Shounen fight-fest, with probably some breathing room between fights for whatever antics you super powered tweens want to get up to. Snow Flower - It's less a name in progress. This is a fantasy quest based RP loosely poached from old Cherry Heart but not nearly as headache inducing for both Host and Player alike. You guys are in a guild in a fantasy world that's got a lot of bad shit going on and is also loosely norse themed because the Scandanavia is coolr. Probably lower powered on the player end then Jujutsu Blood Impact, and with more miscellaneous odd jobs and quests that aren't just kill monster. Also probably some upgrade and base building mechanics. DnD - So like, get this. I like stats. And I like turn based RPGs. Shocker, I know. I also like unionizing both games and writing, liking to make RPs literally games. Which you know, people have been doing across a table for years now. So I figured I'd try to bring that over to this forum. Now, being honest most of my experience in this genre is actually in Pathfinder, but for the purpose of ease of access this would likely be run in DnD 5e. I'd do my best to explain anything that needed to be explained to the best of my abilities. Setting wise I have zero familiarity with the Forgotten Realms but some with Golarion so I'd probably end up using that for the setting backdrop and using a heavily edited version of one of their adventure paths. If none of that last sentence made any sense to you don't worry about it. But yeah, not the first to have this idea but I still think it's a neat one all the same so I figured I'd cast my line on it. And there you go. Vote. Comment. Subscribe. All that good stuff, any feedback or input would be appreciated. Yeah. Get Chance and Luck.
  5. I'm pretty sure everything I've ever played has been nominated here except of course, the fabled, the classic Madagascar Operation Penguin
  6. As Tsubasa kicked at the panda hero the girl's very telegraphed move was read quite easily by the teacher, the hero themselves using a swift kick to sent the cat girl hurtling in a different direction. The girl's path was stopped as the monkey man had managed to catch her, before placing her down on the ground. The whole experience was a bit disorienting, being ping ponged through the air and having the air knocked from her. Yet always quick to regain her balance, the girl hopped in place, nodding at Sun's comment agreeing, "she sure is. What a kick." Tsubasa didn't seem the least bit troubled by this, in spite of the abdominal pain she was certainly feeling right about now, only getting ready to move at the teacher once again. Not paying much mind to her other allies, the both of them moving into their own positions, Tsubasa simply followed alongside Sun. Running alongside him, the girl noticed the monkey pause and leap up into the air. She didn't know what he was going for, but she did know that if he was going to go high this time, Tsubasa would do the opposite. Getting close enough, Tsubasa dropped low and placed her hands on the ground. Pushing up on them and keeping her body balanced on them, the cat girl quickly spun with her hand, moving to do a low sweep kick against the teacher.
  7. Hearing the news that all of the sharks were done for as well there was likely nothing else coming to join the fight brought some peace to the young ice mage. More so that the people were now safe then everything else. "Ah well, that's good to hear. And uh, well, I'm Fen - Fen Yi." The girl introduced herself, before looking to Melissa, "and she's not really a uh, straggler, she's uh..." Though Fen was about to clear up the whole thing she cut herself off, as her attention was drawn by the sounds of combat. Looking towards the fire elemental, it had seemed that its arms had been engulfed entirely in flame once more, though wasn't quite as shapely around the broken and cracked hand bones of the skeletal creature. The rest of it was still on fire as well, though upon taking Trevor's Blizzara to the torso the flames seemed to be extinguished once more. The elemental, still frustrated at Devin? Shannon? Fen wasn't quite sure which but the name didn't matter to the elemental as it still wished to attack her. However, rather than try to strike at the shifter with its flaming arms opted to go and launch more flaming darts at them. Fen looked to Melissa saying, "well, if there's nothing to do here then we should probably..." The girl was then reminded that her opponent was again made of fire. "Well, there's not much reason in getting closer but..." After pondering for a moment, Fen figured out what to do and looked to Salvo saying, "I shouldn't stay around here if I'm going to help, but thank you for all your help uh, Miss." "That's what I'm here for, Fen." Salvo said with a smirk. "And not like I'm all done helping if you need some." "Oh, that's true. Right. Well, um, then I look forward to working with you more. For now, though, uh.." The girl looked at Melissa and Salvo for a moment, before starting to awkwardly shuffle about and then start to run away from the crowd of people. Conjuring a bow of ice, the girl wanted to get as far away from the civilians as she could, not wanting to get them wrapped up in any counter attack the elemental might've had. Coming to a halt, the girl looked intently at the exposed torso of the creature. Conjuring three arrows of ice, the girl rested one on her foot before tossing another into the air. Then with rapid speed and great precision, the girl fired the first arrow in her hand, catching the second one as it got to optimal firing height and shooting that as well, only to then kick the final arrow into the air, catching that as well and shooting it. One after the arrow, with very little delay between them, the arrows soared towards the creature, all three of them striking true against the creature's hardened bone. Each one caused more chips to fly off of the bone, now causing the already damage torso to begin to crack. With her attack successful, Fen stood her ground and waited to see how it would react as well as for any other openings to strike at.
  8. With the group having decided on their plan of action and getting ready to follow through with it, Lana followed after Chris as Estelle's distraction flare was sent off. Though the sounds of alarm rang throughout the camp, feeling a bit unnerving to say the least, running forward Lana had found that it was mostly working. There were only a few goblinoids in their path, which proved to be the only obstacle in their path, and so naturally they were going to have to bowl them all down. As Chris sprinted ahead, going past the first two, he seemed to then be locked in a melee with the big guy in the back. The two other goblins, now seeing Estelle and Lana, had opted to make their way towards them. Seeing the one with the dagger approach Estelle, Lana disregarded the one going towards her and opted more to help keep her friend safe. Bringing her greataxe up, the girl swung the weapon in a horizontal arc towards the creature. Shocked that she would do so - and break the unofficial rules of honorable combat at that - the goblin quickly scrambled backward, using its dagger to attempt to defend itself while it's very good friend had decided to aim to kneecap Lana with its mace. With the first moving out of the range of her swing and not wanting to leave with a hobble, Lana continued the arc of her swing and spun on her feet, bringing her axe into the creature's backside. With the weapon burying itself in the goblin, it stopped its own swing as it was now dead and not very capable of using a weapon. Nevertheless, Lana couldn't save herself from harm as she and Chris had a new thing that they shared in common. A sharp pain suddenly appearing in her side, Lana looked to see that the goblin from before had run over and stabbed at her during her own attack. The girl looked at the goblin, then back to Estelle before gesturing with her head towards Chris, telling her to go ahead and help him out instead. Frustration evident on her face, the girl powered through her wound and brought her axe back around, swinging in a horizontal arc in the opposite direction towards the goblin. The creature ducked underneath her swing, putting it in prime boot kicking range. And Lana was not one to ignore such a range. Using the momentum of her swing the girl kicked into the goblins face, who in its desperation bit into her leather boot. Wincing in pain from the accumulating wounds, Lana still pressed onward, literally as she shoved her bitten foot into the goblin's face once more, practically stomping on it. The goblin then reached up and grabbed at her ankles, trying to pull the girl off of itself. Bringing her greataxe back around, Lana lifted it into the air before bringing the butt of the weapon down into the goblin's face. Losing its grip as she did so, Lana pulled her foot away as she stepped back before bringing her axe down and killing the goblin once and for all. As she was recovering and getting ready to press onward, the girl heard the sound of the hob goblin by the fire shouting, barking something in what the girl could only assume was a rude tone in goblin. Unsure of what to make of the exchange, the girl simply muttered, "we should hurry," before going to meet up with Chris at the front.
  9. A dour expression crossed her face as she once again took stock of both of her companion's injuries. She probably would've been able to help Damien if she had been stronger and faster to dispatch the demon in her path. Similarly, she would've been more able to assist the chosen in fighting the lion proper, as opposed to simply acting as an effective distraction at best to the demons. As a result, things had ended up like this now, with girl only being incredibly grateful for Madelyn's magic stabilizing the both of them. Yet still, there was a concern aside from herself that nagged at the back of her head. The girl looked over to Damien, worried about what was going on with the boy during the fight with the demon gate, She didn't say anything on the matter to the boy, not wanting to dig too deep into such a thing after they had just come out of such a scrape. Once the group had resurfaced from the cavern, Ryia could tell that a general malaise that was in the air - one she hadn't even realized was there until just now - was gone. She couldn't really put her finger on it, but it was almost as if the world around them was brighter and calmer. This persisted into the city as well and the girl couldn't help but feel yet more relief come over her as there didn't seem to be anything pressing waiting for them on arrival. The lack of fanfare was almost welcome to the girl at this point, both not expecting it the first time it had happened as well as just enjoying the calm everyday life of the city people around them. As Reinaan had asked about things to do in the city the girl thought about it for a moment, not really sure how to answer the question herself. She hadn't done much back in her hometown outside of work, shop and more work. Her train of thought was interrupted as Keres answered first, the girl looking at her with a confused expression. "I um...don't think people blow things up...well, I guess I could be wrong but..." The girl couldn't recall any time she had seen explosions going off willy nilly in Haven. As the non-chosen departed, Ryia looked over to Lindow as he made his own comment about going to shop. She had definitely agreed with the sentiment that he brought forth, and knew there were things that she wanted to take care of before they even thought of heading towards their next destination. It was then that the girl recognized the voice of the self proclaimed Chosen of Buffalo, seeing that he had returned from his own adventure. Curious about what he had been up to, as well as if there was anything noticeably different both in and out of the city now that there was no more demon gate, the girl looked towards the others. "Ah, I'll join you later. First I uh, I'll go check up on..." The girl nodded towards Geoff, before slowly making her way over to him. One there, she gave the man a friendly wave saying, "hello there, um, Geoff. Nice to see you again." "Hello!" He looked a bit uncertain as Ryia walked up but then seemed to recognize her. "Ah, it's you! Did...you have a task for me? If so I'm afraid I must have forgotten it." "Ah, no, no." She waved her hands as if to dismiss the thought. "I uh, well, I'm coming back from my own sort of uh, task..." The girl pondered it for a moment before saying, "I just thought I'd well, um, stop by. Say hello. You know." "Oh? You did a task you say? Well that's grand, following in my footsteps! The more the merrier! But be careful it's dangerous out there." He paused then then nodded. "You did indeed say hello!" The girl couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle at his comments before pausing herself, letting an awkward silence hang for a moment. Clearing her throat the girl then asked, "um well, speaking of it being dangerous outside, and all. I know you just back and all, but have you uh, noticed anything different...either in the city or out?" He raised an eyebrow. "Different how?" He looked around "Is there a festival that I'm missing?" Waving her hands to dismiss it again the girl said, "ah well, nothing like that. Just like, with the townspeople or monsters or something...In general." His eyes lit up. "Are you saying the townspeople are becoming monsters? This is much more serious than I thought." He then began to eye some of the people approaching warily. Letting out another laugh, this time more confused the girl said, "ah, nothing uh, nothing like that. Well, it's nothing really. Just, glad to see you're alright, an all." "Well that's very kind of you! But you don't have to worry, I AM the Chosen after all! Worry more about yourself!" "That's uh...true?" The girl paused for a moment before saying, "well, that's all really, good seeing you again." "And you, too! You might want to get that armor checked by the way, it looks rather dented! Must have had a bit of trouble." Looking down, suddenly realizing the sorry state her armor had been in from all the abuse it had been through, the girl said, "oh, huh. It is. Uh, thanks yeah. I'll go get that check out." Nodding to herself and Geoff the girl then waved saying, "well um, until we meet again, I suppose," before beginning to walk back.
  10. Grabbing Melissa's hand as she stood back up the girl nodded saying, "yeah. Not dead is uh, is good." Fen then looked around to see that there were still some civilians standing around that Salvo seemed to be going to regroup with. Then she looked to dragon Devin - who now seemed to be calling themselves Shannon? - fighting the fire elemental skeleton. As the torrent of flame raged out of the beasts body, Fen knew that she was very ill suited to fight such a foe. It wouldn't be easy for her to get close and maintaining her weapons around a being of flame would be difficult too. Furthermore, her raged options were precise but not super powerful either, so she didn't know if she would be able to actually provide much support from where she was. Well, if the flames around its body parts were quelled then she would probably be able to strike, but for now she looked back to Melissa. "Yeah, sounds good." Running over to the crowd of people, following behind Salvo the girl called out saying, "um, don't worry. We're here to help." Reassuring as she was trying to be Fen's voice did not convey much confidence. Yet still, she scanned around, staying mindful for any stray sharks or flames. Looking to Salvo the girl asked, "is there uh, any more enemies coming?" The girl didn't usually associate sharks and fire elementals together, so she was unsure what else to expect from such an attack.
  11. Fen was glad to see Trevor move in to action and lift the sharks into the air, striking them with magical balloon looking spheres before felling them. The resulting shock of their fall, as well as the following aid from Aduain, seemed to get the attention of the other sharks around them and away from the fleeing civilians. The girl was in one part relieved for no longer having to worry about the safety of the people, but in another way was concerned about now being swarmed by a bunch of land sharks. This problem was only made worse as she felt the heat continue to rise around her, only for her to turn and realize where this source of heat was coming from. Eyes going wide, Fen had realized that she was against perhaps one of the worst foes that she could've been against. A towering skeletal creature encased entirely fire had made his way over, seeming to be quite enraged at them and some "council," which she wasn't quite sure if that's what Mauvache was or not. The girl's confusion only continued to magnify as Devin seemed to transform into someone else entirely, somebody much more draconic and speaking in an entirely different tone, as they charged at the fire elemental. This was all topped off by a woman named Salvo crashing a mini train car and blowing up some sharks with weapons and presumably powers of her own. There was a lot for the girl to take in, but for now she had to mostly deal with sharks around her. Thankfully, Aduain had sprung into action and started to fight some of them off, which was good as Fen noticed Devin making a second round and go to strike at the fire elemental. As they did, though, Fen noticed a familiar female being tossed off the draconic person's back. Seeing Melissa move through the air like a ball, Fen knew that someone needed to help her out, and with everyone else being preoccupied by the fighting the young ice mage decided to spring into action. The girl started running forward, conjuring a disk of ice with her magic before tossing it towards the ground. Jumping forward, the girl landed on it and started to slide forward and quickly across the road. As she lined herself up with the falling Melissa, Fen jumped off her disk and put her arms at either side, ready to catch the girl. At this point, though, Fen realized Melissa wasn't that much smaller than her. And she herself wasn't all that strong to begin with. As such, as the projectile church girl landed into Fen, the latter girl was knocked off her feet and sent backwards. Falling backward onto the ground, Fen simply let out and, "ow, ow, ow..." Before looking up at the girl on top of her asking, "are uh, are you alright?"
  12. Having defeated the demon, Ryia was ready to take on the final one only to suddenly hear a crash against the wall that she had conjured up. After hearing the sound of something slamming against the earthen barrier a few more times, the girl then heard the familiar voice of the fire chosen from beyond it. Walking past the wall, she saw that the demon had been defeated by Reinaan, and let out a sigh of relief as she noticed the double decapitated lion's body was lifeless as well. It had appeared to be their victory against the guardians of the second gate and on confirmation of this, the girls muscles started to relax and her relief gave way to fatigue as her adrenaline started to lessen up. Nodding at Reinaan's next comment, the girl started to slowly make her way towards the others, feeling her pace pick up as the soul of the lion had been absorbed into her body. Seeing that her companions under Madelyn's barrier were stirring, still very clearly alive, the girl smiled looking to Madelyn and nodding her head. "Thank you, um, thanks. For everything, Madelyn." Looking to the others, she simply said, "if um, if either of you need any help then well. Uh, yeah." The relief was very evident on her expression to both Lindow and Damien, though given that they were still healing the girl was slightly cautious to actually get any closer to them.
  13. Lana let out a great sigh of relief as they had managed to defeat the goblins without raising too much of an alarm. The girl looked towards Chris as he then went on to explain the proper ideas behind sneaking, earnestly nodding along as she began to stealth alongside everyone else. Lana's ability to sneak around was definitely inferior to her more roguish companion, the girl walking on her tip toes in a somewhat exaggerated manner and taking much deeper breaths that she held, rather than just breathing more quietly. Thankfully, the group had managed to find yet another pair of goblins that didn't seem to notice them yet. Chris, as the group's main stealth leader here, took the initiative once more and chucked a dagger at one, while charging at the other. The girl was impressed by his accuracy with the first dagger and was much less impressed by his nearly getting clubbed by a goblin mace. As the boy was on the ground, Lana met eyes with him and knew that she was going to have to help him deal with the consequences of his actions. Nodding, the girl grabbed her greataxe and began to charge forward, spooking the goblin and prompting it to move towards the metal plate on its home. As it seemed ready to bang on it, Lana knew at her current speed she wouldn't get there fast enough and so with nothing else to use, she reeled her great axe back and tossed it at the goblin. Shocked ,again, the goblin ran back into its home as the girls axe clattered onto the floor inside. Pulling out her hand axe, Lana slowly made her way inside. Walking inside, there wasn't much to see at first glance. Just a bed of straw, a hole in the ground with a bucket next to it and a small fire pit. And also a large axe near the doorway with a cowering goblin clutching onto its mace in the center of the room. Seeing the monstrous humanoid, Lana had decided to simply lock eyes with it, suddenly feeling a bit weird about marching into something else's home and murdering it. Intending to leave the creature be for the moment, the girl bent down to start to pick up her greataxe with her free hand. The goblin seemed to have no compunction about killing the invader, however, as it started to charge the girl. Whatever strange moral dilemma Lana may have been having at that moment instantly resolved itself at this, dropping the axe and gripping her hand axe with both hands. Then, like a professional swinger in the the swing stick at ball game, the girl swung her axe, burying the blade into the creature's head. Giving a slight kick with her foot as she pulled her weapon back, the girl sheathed her hand axe and picked up her larger weapon. Looking out the door, she then gave a thumbs up to the other two, conveying that she had dealt with the consequences of Chris's actions.