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  1. Ryia stood up, and upon seeing that they still had a good deal of land to trek through still. With Lindow's magic, as well as a healing potion from their stock and the small amount of recovery she had gone through, the girl managed to catch her breath well enough to start moving again. Of course, still not steady on her feet and this being quite apparent, Keres had walked over and offered to let her ride the mule. Ryia felt somewhat guilty about this, both for forcing Keres to walk in her stead and for having to have the mule deal with her weight again, but she as well couldn't deny how tired she still was. And so, nodding the girl simply muttered, "um, alright. Thanks. I'll uh..." The girl looked to the mule and said, "sorry again," before getting on top of it. Riding along, the group followed the trail of blood they had spotted, taking note of still how odd the pattern it was in was. The group eventually came to stop as the trail lead into a long patch of grass. After much deliberation on the matter at hand, the group decided to continue going on, though Pyrrha didn't seem in the best shape to continue. However, though Ryia didn't feel comfortable splitting up their group, she similarly didn't want to wait any longer in fear of what might become of the villagers if they waited too long. And so, reluctantly, the group split up, with her following Reinaan, Keres and Geoff into the grass. With Reinaan leading the pack, the group traveled for around an hour without incident but this was soon stopped as Kloqah let out a hiss. Suddenly becoming more alert, the girl had the sudden instinct that there was danger around, looking for it in every which direction, only to focus in on the snake as Reinaan had pointed it out. As the draken hunter took his shot at the creature, Ryia began looking at the mule and all of the stuff on it. Rummaging through it, she found a few doses of anti-venom and pulled one out. "Um, we have something, I think, for it. I'll just," slowly getting off the mule, the girl began to watch her step and be on the lookout for more snakes as she made her way over to Kloqah. The girl looked at the lizard with some uncertainty, not entirely sure how the lizard would take to being treated, but still went to give it to her all the same.
  2. I'll congratulate my servant with a job well done. Next I'll enter and lock the door behind me. I'll explore each floor before looking out the balcony, remarking that this place makes for a good lookout post.
  3. "Well, happy to help then, I guess," Alois remarked as the princess told him the news was enlightening. Without paying much mind to the other woman in the room, Alois began to make his way out of the room and down the staircase. Looking back to the princess he said, "well, lucky for me I found another letter myself. Right over there," the boy pointed towards the wardrobe. "So, I guess we got a bit of a riddle to solve here then." Making his way downstairs the boy looked to see the other princess had already been there. Pulling a chair up, opposite the side of her, saying, "there sure are a lot of weird mysteries that need solving in Histia." Tsetseg looked around her surroundings, now that they were lit up and she could see properly. Letting out an obligatory, "oooh," the girl looked to see that the door she had slammed into was not one the kind that she was good with. Frowning a bit at the sight of the locked door, wondering how to get through it, the girl then looked at the wooden panel she had pressed not a few moments earlier. Examining it, the girl saw that there was some kind of pattern in it, but still couldn't make much sense of it. So, without much to do down here herself, the girl made her way up the ladder. Once at the top, she saw a familiar face of the armored big man. Giving him a bright smile she said, "hi hi there, Gunther. Guess what, guess what! We found a door down there, and it's all stuck and stuff. It's a bit sad but - oh, yeah, yeah. I also found this panel thing, and someone really liked to draw triangles in it. But, whoever was drawing them is really bad at drawing triangles. I think they should practice more." The girl nodded to herself.
  4. Getting off from the wall, I'll look to my servant and say, "those suit you." Next I'll confirm with my servant that we know neither the perp nor their motive, as far as what they're distracting the police from is, and figure that the best thing to do now is just watch the news and wait for an update. After that, I'll apologize for having us go in circles and go back to the pagoda in old town. Once there, I'll ask them if it is indeed locked, or if there's an entrance of window higher up on the building we can get into from. I'll also look around to see if there's anyone around currently.
  5. I'll go silently brood against a wall away from the cops, like all people doing a telepathic anime stakeout do. I'll ask my servant if they think it was caused by another mage. Also to ask how the cop's investigation seems to be going.
  6. As was expected, Stella's idea of what to do next didn't really fit with either of the girls. Not that she was entirely upset that neither of them wanted to go get something to eat now, Stella herself wasn't particularly hungry either. However, she was glad to see that Vivian could come up with something that seemed fun for Kelsey - something probably obvious to Stella in retrospect. Though, as Kelsey had mentioned their wrist watches, Stella froze up for a bit as she thought about sparring in mechs with one another. This slight moment of anxiety was only made worse, however, as Kelsey's arm seemed to freeze up. Almost instinctively, Stella began to apologize but kept herself from doing so. Instead, she looked over to Kelsey with concern, but meekly said, "uh, yeah. The field sounds good. I'm sure the watches work that far...yeah," she agreed with Vivian. However, still bothered by Kelsey's arm's lock up, she added, "we can also uh, stop by a mechanics...area...workshop or something first..." Though she didn't have any tools on her, the girl was confident enough that if she had them she would be able to figure out what was wrong with and fix Kelsey's arm. It was, after all, the least she could do for the girl.
  7. Nine was still trying to catch his breath, more of a futile effort than anything else as that continued to be slowly robbed away from him. All the same, as he was still in a frenzy after being struck by the lightning, the disciple seemed to come back to his senses. At least as much as he could with his general disposition. As such, he seemed to notice that Gwen was focusing herself, causing Nine to grimace as the man went to go strike at her. Knowing that she was far less equipped to fight someone at close range than he was, she also didn't even seem to notice that she was being attacked, meaning that if Raphael closed the distance...well, it was not something he wanted to think about. Knowing he needed to intercept him before that happened, Nine took a deep breath before starting to run after the Banette. There was no way he could actually catch up with the man, both because his legs were starting to truly feel the burn as well as that Raphael was just faster than him, and as such he did his best to strike at him from a range. Sending out a dark pulse at the man's side, the Banette stopped himself, extending a claw out to rip through his dark pulse. Nine cursed a bit at the ease with which he continued to pierce through his attacks, but didn't stop there. As Raphael went to continue his charge, he soon bounded upward in order to avoid Nine sending a wave of flame at him. Turning around, to face him, the Disciple sent out a shadow ball towards him. "You really can't get enough of me can you?" Nine smirked a bit at the man, though his voice still lacked any degree of jovialness as he joked, "what can I say?" Firing a dark pulse at the shadow ball, Nine hopped to the side opposite of where he had hit the ball, parrying it and avoiding it. "We're two peas in a pod." The disciple shook his head. "You're far too weak." Extending a claw out, he leaped towards Nine, going to slash at him yet again. Nine was in no position to dodge, nor was he really in a position to take hits. He wasn't in much of a position to do anything other than keep the Banette distracted. So, he took solace in at least being able to do that. However, without much energy to move and definitely not the speed to avoid it, Nine simply tried to parry the attack to help minimize the damage from it. "And you really need to get a new insult." As he jeered at the man, Nine sent yet another flamethrower at the arm with the claw, attempting to help push it back any bit he could. Marie nodded at Zapdos as she mentioned Randy being nuts. That being said, she couldn't help but agree with the sentiment that they were too weak to stop the Lucario now, and Marie didn't know how she would ever get that strong. Regardless, even if she had to go through all of it again, she didn't want to simply sit by and watch people die in front of her without her being able to do anything about it. Her thoughts on the matter were soon interrupted as she watched what happened next between Keanu and Zapdos. Watching the legend hand off the stone, the girl marveled in awe as he evolved right before their eyes. The girl let out a, "whoa," as she looked at Keanu's new form, having only one thought on her mind that she soon blurted out. "You're tan." Trying to sort her thoughts on this, the girl then looked over to see that the other legend was now starting to wake up. Marie felt awkward just standing over the woman without anything to give her or help her with, but still did so anyway. "Are you feeling better now?"
  8. Kiyoko nodded as Raijin made his statement on the matter, and listened to what it was that they were told to do before getting ready to ship out to the city of Hearthome. Once they had arrived and stepped out, Kiyoko took stock of her surroundings. The girl was not in anyway familiar with how a city should look. The only one that she could remember was the one she had seen not a day earlier on her way to the prison. As such, her limited sample size of one was being heavily contrasted with the city she was looking at now. Even then, she could tell it lacked the same kind of vibrancy or life of the city prior, as well as seeming to be just in general more run down. If anything, the city she was in now reminded her of her old orphanage. Which she could only think there was far more villainy here then anywhere else. Even still though, the girl deferred to the judgement of the two people who seemed to be locals here before forming any plan of action as to where to go first. After she heard both Natsumi and Octavia give their peace, the girl stated, "then let us keep together for the time being." Looking to Octavia, the girl kept her usual blunt expression, though also seemed oddly excited as she said, "as you seem to know the lay of the land, you can lead us to this store place first."
  9. "Oh, well, thanks for the warning officer. Stay safe yourself." I will back away from the officer. I will ask my servant if they think it was caused by something flammable, and also what else they see inside the scene
  10. Getting excited as the others of her team had come to aid her, the girl reached down for her own pokeball as the thug had seemed ready to fight them as well. Seeing that the enemy was a fire type pokemon, Jacklyn had figured that sending out another fire type probably wasn't the way to go. After all, Rus only ever used ember, and so Jacklyn didn't want think it would work out well. As such, pulling out her other pokeball the girl shouted, "alright, let's do it Cherry!" Throwing her pokeball, the girl sent out the bunneary, the latter of which seemed to pumped and ready to fight once again. Looking at it, though, the Buneary suddenly came to term with two things. One, it was yet another bird she had to fight today. Two, it was far more frightening than the birds she had taken on just a few hours ago. Startled by its stern look, the Buneary took a step back and looked to Jacklyn with a look of concern on its face. "Bu?" "Don't worry Cherry." The girl gave a thumbs up to her buneary, "there's no way we'll let a bird like that beat us. We got this! Especially if we all work as...a team..." The girl trailed off as she saw Belle fail to catch her pokeball yet again. The girl mumbled, "we'll work on your form later." Turning her attention back to her own pokemon, the girl said, "alright Cherry let's go! Use Pound!" With a nod, the Buneary began to charge forward, only for the Fletchinder to begin moving flapping its wings and prepare to strike. At its trainers orders, the Fletchinder soon zoomed forward with a Quick Attack towards Cherry.
  11. I'll tell my servant to scout ahead to see if they can see anything interesting about the scene. I'll look to the officer and say, "oh sorry officer, it's just- wait, a second one?"
  12. Make a note to my servant that we'll be back to check out the place later. Go to harbor district to go explore it. Walk over to police scene if one such thing has formed.
  13. With the march continuing, Leon looked back to hear Alexis talk about setting some kind of music for their travels. As both Yue and Layne made their comments on what she should do, Leon thought about it for a moment. The boy figured that if there was any tune Alexis was good with, it would be a more upbeat one and it would definitely be better after their previous night. And so, after a bit he said, "hmmm, how about something that Quinn used to play? I think it was Litany of Five Springs?" Quinn, as Alexis was aware, was a bard that often hung around the city square of Faeus. He was rather well known with the locals and though he was certainly proficient in music was often criticized for knowing of all of three songs that he would cycle through for the majority of the day. The titles of his songs didn't make much sense either. Edda had been keeping to herself mostly, keeping her head low and looking at the ground. After the events of last night, she wasn't exactly keen on talking to anyone, and with her destination getting closer and closer, she couldn't also help but feel anxious. As such, brooding in her own thoughts, Edda took a moment to realize that she was being spoken to. Though she heard Ada's words, she didn't realize they were for her at first. However, upon not hearing an answer from anyone else, the girl looked around and noticed that Ada was indeed looking right at her. The girl simply let out an, "um, uh," before glancing away from the girl. "Yeah, it's uh, certainly alright out...right now. Better than uh, other days. Yeah."
  14. Explosions are bad. Alright, let's buy some candy. After that I'll go explore more of the buildings around the old town.