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  1. Lana looked at Ziun with a small bit of disbelief as she exclaimed, "at least move so she can see you!" It was then that she noticed that Chris was having to tangle with two of the undead at once. While he had managed to hold his own relatively well, the girl still thought she'd be able to move in and help even the odds. Without much warning, she charged forward, not really caring to mind Ziun being directly in her way as she shoved past him and moved straight for the zombie. Chris's sword had managed to cut through the zombie's neck, the undead's head now only hanging off of the neck loosely, but the undead itself didn't seem to mind or stop in its pursuit as it continued towards the boy. It was stopped, however, as Lana had charged in, using the head of her axe to shove the body of zombie and causing it to topple to the floor. The zombie attempted to get back up, however Lana wouldn't allow such a thing as she brought her axe up and swung the blade down into its chest. Now re-lifeless, the undead corpse lied on the ground. "Gotcha," she said, both as a declaration of victory to the zombie and as a means of reassurance to Chris. Looking past Chris however, the girl saw that Estelle was still doing fine as she was on her way to regroup with the rest of the party. Waving to the girl she said, "we're over here!" The girl kept her eyes peeled though, ready to move at a moment's notice if something had appeared from behind the girl.
  2. Jacklyn raised an eyebrow, a bit annoyed at Fuyumi's response saying, "jeez what's her problem?" The girl then shrugged, not really lingering on it much longer before she turned to Anneliese. Smiling at the girl she said, "oh yeah, Rus and I are the best of partners!" She gave an annoyed frown as she saw the Lepash walking over to the Shinx, still not paying her any mind, before going back to smiling. "But yeah, we're just like, naturally in sync in combat or something. I don't know how much battling you've done before, but you just gotta like, feel it. You know? Just whatever you think is best and shout it and I'm sure you and Leopold will work amazingly together!" Rus was a competitive pokemon through and through, and normally he would be fine being standoffish with Leopold. However, the Lepash could only let out a, "...pa..." as he seemed to understand the plight that the Shinx was soon to face, unable to do anything but sympathize. "Well, anyway, you're right. Let's get going! I think she probably went to the pokemon center so might as well go check that out. Come on Rus," the girl brought out her pokeball, bringing the pokemon back in. On the way to the pokemon center, the duo ran into their third who Jacklyn could see was looking a little more down than usual. Jacklyn frowned, less annoyed this time, but didn't really comment on it instead saying, "well, see you back there. Come on Anneliese, let's heal up and then get to adventuring!" Once their pokemon center trip had finished, the two of them made it on to the route proper, waving to Anima saying, "heeeeeyyyyy! We're here!" Getting onto the road the girl then took in a deep breath, before letting out a heavy exhale. "Ah, that's the smell of Adventure if ever there was one! And like, grass." The girl then said to her companions, "alright, we're here now! No longer bound by the confines of our starting town. And so, the world is our cloyster! We can go anywhere we want! As long as it's on this road I guess, but anywhere from there!" After rambling about it for a bit, the girl said, "well, with that out of the way we got some training to do! After all, even though we won overall, you still loss Anima and Anneliese you still aren't confident. So, as our leader I can't just let things stay the way they are. No no. And everyone knows an important part of adventuring is the training arc! The making new friends! Rising above adversity so that when you go into your rematch you kick some wild butt!" The girl punched her fist into the air, before pausing. Not really knowing how else to finish this she said, "well anyway let's take on whatever challenges are on this route head first!"
  3. Carmen didn't how she felt about being called unusual by Shiki, and she didn't think it was weird that someone would note something loud was loud. Of course, she was not loud and would never voice this out loud, instead continuing to stand by as Shiki spoke to the tombstone. Prior to a few weeks ago Carmen didn't really have any thoughts on the after life. Sure, she kind of wished there was one and that the dead would stay there instead of haunting the earth, but any actual specifics she didn't know of. She had always thought ghosts were real, or at the very least always had a real fear of them despite how impossible it would have seemed. Yet Shiki was speaking to their gravestone, both talking about helping them pass on and their next life. The girl still had no idea of what to make of that, whether it was something metaphorical or literal, and she didn't know how much her employer actually knew about such concepts. Obviously more than her at least. With her confusion about such a thing being unsolved, the group began to make their way out of the graveyard. Though, feeling like there was a fourth person involved in this conversation, and feeling awkward and fearful of not following proper social convention, the girl gulped before nodding her head to the tombstone. "Ugh, uh, bye." Shiki then moved to talking about their current working arrangements. More specifically, how they felt about working with each other. Carmen knew that this implicitly meant that she was going to have be doing more of this work; fighting ghosts, djinn's, demons, spirits, etc. That alone was more terrifying to her then having to work again with Brian. The man himself was also someone that Carmen wasn't exactly eager to see more of, though. He had been both rude and pushy and had even taken her flashlight from her by force at some point. Not to mention that Carmen wasn't sure why Shiki couldn't just leave everything to him by himself, after all Shiki themselves seemed to be doing as just one person. The girl did figure, however, that if she were still doing this task it would be considerably better to be with someone else then by herself, no matter who really. And Brian had also driven her and gotten Taco Bell for her as well. While he did speak up first, the girl shrinking away and letting out something of a pathetic groan at the memory that she was now and forever to live with the shame of being a pervert, she said, "uhhh....I would rather work with um, someone, then well uh, no one," the girl agreed. The girl again, nodded very swiftly, almost in a panic as Shiki brought up their food. "Y-yeah! We - we uh, didn't take any, uh, any of your food or anything."
  4. With the decision finalized, the trio made their way to a nearby cafe Fen was as well curious about the concept of shops on the lower level of the city. She hadn't really explored the city a whole lot up to this point and she hadn't even made it a point to check a map of the whole thing to get her bearings. As such she wasn't exactly sure if the "lower level" was actually something closer to an expression, similar to "downtown," or not. But if it wasn't then Fen did wonder just how deep this city went. Walking into the cafe, Fen found it to be a fairly quaint place. Small, cozy and not much going on in terms of patrons or the actual activities of the cafe as a whole. The one worker, the one large vine person, surely was curious but such sights were already not particularly out of place for her and the longer she stayed in this city the more common place such sight would be for her in general. With the group making their way over to a nearby table to get a seat first, the Fen nodded along with Melissa's suggestion. She was a bit afraid of getting her new cards messy though it was true that they were first time customers here and there wasn't many people here to begin with. So, doing what they were about to do, which was likely to be loud at that, without first ordering something was likely to draw the ire of the staff, which Fen had always wanted to stay clear of. Looking at the menu, there were many items that seemed new to her, some with names that seemed a tad unique to her, in addition to the sizes of the drinks themselves being something unique. All the same the girl had ordered her drink, some kind of smoothie that was a mixture of all kinds of fruits that was much a bigger size than what Melissa had gotten - not like Fen seemed to mind the size after the initial shock of it -, before sitting down with the others. Taking a sip here and there of her drink, once Melissa had come back the girl smiled and looked to Fiona, nodding saying, "oh, I am too." After a brief moment of pause Fen said, "well if it's uh, no problem then I'll take the first turn?" Placing her deck down and drawing her hand, then after a brief moment of standby she said, "I suppose...hm...let's see." The girl thought about it for a moment before saying, "I'll summon Inmato in Attack Mode. And then set one card face down. And uh, I think I'll go to the End Phase then. So, your turn Fiona."
  5. With three arms and three bodies to occupy those Sibyl had made her way with the rest of the group to the meeting in Goodale. As they did, Sibyl encountered a problem almost immediately as they had made their way inside; the park's nullification field. Suddenly the three bodies in three arms had shifted to two heavier bodies in only two arms. "Oh, right." The girl was surprised, forgetting about this fact until it had happened, her face scrunching up a bit in annoyance as she did. On the one hand, she always thought the idea of an area inherently being a power nullifier was super rad and was always a bit curious about just what it was too. She also didn't really mind her powers being shut off as much as someone else did either. Her shadow arms helped her out with fighting and painting but, she was perfectly capable of doing both without them so it was only a matter of convenience to her. However, she had currently been benefitting from that convenience and to have it taken away from her so suddenly certainly didn't do good for her mood. So she just let one of the bodies lay on the ground until she was greeted by her gang's leader, her mood brightening up saying, "hey Lach! It sure does." She agreed with the Fates's assessment of this place sucking. Once another person came over, some Vic, and their exchange took place Sibyl got ready to leave when she was directed to do so. Walking out of the field, juggling the three bodies around a bit before she was able to fully use her powers again, she walked over to where the second of the Fates was. Dragging the three of them, she smiled and said, "hey there Tropo!" She then saw the other villain that she was told would be around here, Minos. Outside of being a part of the Zodiac and being something of powerhouse herself Sibyl really didn't know much about her, but that also meant she had no problem with her. And so, equally friendly she said, "oh and a friend too!" The girl shot the bovine woman a smile as well, before looking back to Atropos saying, "look, I brought presents." She tossed the three to the ground. Atropos returned Sibyl's greeting with a wave. She didn't seem surprised that Sibyl had dropped such presents into her lap, regarding them more with a "Oh, of course she managed all them" face than anything else. Minos and the crowd they had been keeping at bay, however, reacted strongly. Minos gave a comically large, though still genuine, gasp in shock, while the reporters surrounding the park immediately started snapping pictures. "Privacy!" Atropos said. Minos wheeled back around to face the crowd. She knelt down, plunged her hands into the street, and heaved upwards, pulling up a wall they could all work behind. The clamor of all the press was muted, though not by much. "I hate working with asphalt," she said. "I can do it, but it doesn't feel right. I still can't believe you got Hellhound, though! This soon into an S-Class event, this'll surely make everything go quicker." Giving a whistle at the wall Sbiyl said, "that's pretty nice." Then after Minos spoke she said, "oh? Oh, yeah I guess they are pretty important." Giving a bit of a laugh she said, "well, not like they were much of a fighter. Their dog was super cool though I don't know if you've ever seen that thing in action, but damn." Censer's smoke thing was also pretty neat, but until it shape shifted into a teleporting dog she found it much less interesting. With that done, Sibyl figured she'd see if there was any reason for her to stay around more and asked, "so, what's going down here today?" Minos nodded along, "Right, right. That's their 'thing.' I dunno, I heard they tried to supplement that stuff with little gadgets 'cuz Caesar's got a bunch of tinkers working under him, but I guess it doesn't matter so much when you get punched in the mouth like anyone else. We're just, you know, keeping people who aren't supposed to be here out, like, sixes, the public, anyone Caesar might have stuck some of Legion on trying to spy too. Honestly, as long as they don't get past the security line they're free to look at whatever, but- Hey!" One of the press with a stretching power had extended a camera over the wall and Minos leaped up to swipe it out of their hands. She missed, but the camera retreated back over the wall. "She literally just said 'Privacy!' What part of that don't you understand?" She paused. "Wait, did you call her 'Tropo?'" "She's allowed," Atropos said. "You're not." Atropos had been kneeling next to the three still-unconscious bodies, trying to sus them out. She pointed at Censer. "She'll have to get inside the part as soon as she wakes up, don't want random smoke coming out doing who knows what while we're talking to her." About Vambrace, she said, "He just need to get the wrist things off, right? And Hellhound, well, like you said, we just need to worry about their dog, probably." She looked back up. "Wait, where is Damian?" Sibyl looked around before shrugging, "dunno. The little scamp was following us around before we got here, but I haven't seen them around. Maybe it's a dog afraid of a park?" The girl joked. Atropos laughed. "I guess that makes sense. Something to keep a lookout for, though. Masters interact weirdly with Goodale, like, if the dog's already transformed, I dunno if he'll stop being transformed or if the power's only in the transformation itself... And Hellhound's the one we definitely want out here, since you're gonna want your powers for this." She looked at Minos. "Go take these two in the park. I dunno, find a Tinker to get his gadgets off? Find Clotho if you have to." Minos pouted. "Aw, I don't get to help out with interrogating? Aren't we all on the same side right now?" "All our teams are on the same side," Atropos said. "But my team's the one who got Hellhoud. And Ophie let me be in charge of security too. Actually, since I'm in charge, put up a few more walls so nobody can even look in from out there." A bigger pout. "I'm telling Ophiuchus you call him that." But she did as she was told, putting up three more walls and kicking through one to create an archway she could walk through. There was still light coming down through the lack-of-ceiling, but the soundscape around them was almost deadened. "I've called him that to his face," Atropos said when Minos was finally gone. "Alright, anyway. I'm gonna keep doing my job out there, especially now that I know at least one of them's gonna try and peek over -- maybe I can pick it off with a knife or something. Your job, then, for me, is to get something out of Hellhound we can use at this meeting. Yeah, we could just say 'We got Hellhound,' but I want that extra oomph, you know? "Don't beat them up again," Atropos said. "They'll just make things up if you try and torture something out of them. But also," a wicked smile crossed her face, "they don't have to know I said that, either." "Roger that ," the girl smiled a bit as Atropos left her to it. She agreed but Sibyl wasn't ever one much for interrogations and she didn't even really prefer torturing someone as a form of interrogation either. She similarly didn't actually care about any kind of prime info that would be used for some kind of negotiation, whatever it was they were even negotiating here to begin with. But, she did still find the villain interesting and was interested in some stuff herself, and so as Hellhound began to stir themselves awake the girl gave them a smile, friendly as any other. "Gooood morning."
  6. With the group getting ready to go, it seemed that the only thing left to do was to explore the backroom if they wanted to see what kind of treasure was in this tomb. Ryia wasn't exactly comfortable with the idea to begin with, this was a sacred place for the elves after all and they would just kind of be stealing from it. Not to mention she didn't enjoy her chances with having to escape from the ghosts when they went on the offensive. Keres as well seemed to be on the fence about what to do, seeing her look each direction. Ryia was even more worried about Keres's chances to escape then her own, and figured that it was best left to Lindow, who was the most mobile of them, and probably Reinaan who wasn't hindered by armor like she was. As such, Ryia looked to Keres saying, "well uh, we should probably tell Madelyn about this first." And so, the girl left the room and walked outside before meeting up with Madelyn. "So uh, we're about to leave soon, the others are uh, just getting some stuff. I think. And uh well, so..." the girl trailed off, knowing that the light mage didn't have the fondest impressions of the elves before attempting to explain the situation. "So uh, we don't have a guide through the forest right now since Damien is uh, well, missing. So well uh, Cym and Pan - the elves, that is - they're going to come with us. To uh, help. And I guess well, we can help them too. Uh, yeah."
  7. With the mission being done, Carmen was ready to pack it in for the night knowing that there was no ghost that would follow her home and try to kill her in her own bathroom. This was, however, a plan that didn't end up baring any fruit as the two were called by their employer to go meet up in a cemetery. The girl slumped her shoulders and let out a groan not unlike what one would expect from the living dead, as she followed after Brian as they made their way across the street. As the two finally encountered Shiki in the graveyard, their employer was sitting near a gravestone before asking them about their encounter. The girl, who was now equipped with the knowledge that it was in fact a ghost, really had no idea what to say. At first, she had simply been hiding behind Brian due to him being the one of the two that she feared less, however as he seemed to be rather upset by the question the girl shifted away from him and instead looked to hide behind a tombstone, all of which were too small for her and the thought of actually crouching and hiding in a cemetery filled her with a different kind of dread. As such, she nodded along with a lot of what Brian was saying before adding herself, "they um, they- they were very scary. Spooky. Long hair and made a lot of scary and creepy noises. Like uh," the girl took a breath, getting ready to try and imitate the howl and sob that she had heard only to realize that there were in fact two other people here and immediately clammed up, stopping entirely in her own tracks. "Ugh...well, it was, uh, really loud." Quite like Brian, she similarly didn't know what to make of the ghost. She had been mostly just focused on not dying and keeping her wits about her to really notice anything meaningful, and only stammered out as much as she did as she felt Shiki was wanting something more than just, 'was scary.' As such, she continued to, conflicted, cower behind a tombstone.
  8. With the match having ended, the girl looked over to see that Anneliese had also won her match though didn't have any idea where Anima was. Victory celebration was cut short, into one of a little frustration as Chad declared himself the victor in his own match. Perhaps though, it was less an annoyance at his own self assurance and her comrades defeat and more so that the man acted like it would only be natural for her and Anneliese to lose. "They lost because our team is amazing! Sure you won one, but we got two which makes us the better champions to be! And Anima will get her revenge for sure, so just you wait bucko." The girl then turned her attention towards her opponent, startled for a moment as the girl was closer then when she had last looked. As Fuyumi asked about what she had done, Jacklyn said, "what? Bucko isn't a code word it's like, what you call someone or like, bud? But less friendly?" That was clearly not what Fuyumi was asking for, however, as she didn't seem satisfied by that answer nor did it make any sense as a "prior strategy" or something that she had actually "done." Truthfully Jacklyn hadn't the faintest idea what the girl was asking for, but she had enough sense to know that it probably had to with their battle and more importantly her victory. And so proudly Jacklyn said, "oh that? Rus and I don't need any tricks or planning like that. We're fellow adventurers and teammates after all! And when we work together there's no battle we can't win, right Rus!?" The girl seemed proud with her answer, happily puffing out her chest, as the Lepash didn't bother responding to her. Instead, almost completely blowing her off. After all their victory, he felt, was entirely because of his own decision making and prowess. And so he walked off, leaving the girl to look back and say, "uh, Rus? He's just...shy?" The girl tried to save face with Fuyumi.
  9. The Abra moved once again, going for yet another back attack as Jacklyn shouted, "Rus behind you!" The Lepash turned around to see the psychic pokemon send a pulse of energy at it, and as Jacklyn shouted, "attack it!" the Lepash responded with yet another Ember. While the fire had won the clash again, the Abra swiftly teleported away once more and evaded the attack. The girl grit her teeth, clearly frustrated by it constantly vanishing and reappearing. "Oh come on! Can't you just stay still! Rus, come on, Ember again!" "Why?" The girl asked flatly, before tilting her head and having the Abra use yet another Hidden Power. "So we can duke it out properly!But fine, if you're gonna keep dodging then so can we! Rus, use those bunny legs of yours and hop!" The Lepash let out a grunt at his trainers command, springing off the ground with great force and hopping over the attack. While Jacklyn was something of a simple minded girl, she knew enough to know that just playing this game of cat and mouse would keep resulting in the two of them going around like this forever. And so, she shouted, "Rus, get ready!" The Lepash started to have fire gather in its mouth only for the Abra to teleport once more. Pointing to its new position, Jacklyn shouted, "And fire!" Letting loose the flame that it had been gathering in its mouth striking the Abra again. Though the two pokemon had been hitting each other with move after move neither seemed to be taking much from each individual hit, yet still in spite of that the two of them were starting to show some wear from the fight. Rus had already been a little fatigued from the two hidden powers it had taken and it seemed that Abra was starting to show similar levels of injury. Yet all Fuyumi had to say was, "I see. So this is everything it has. Hidden Power." Feeling as if she was being mocked somehow, Jacklyn shouted, "yeah and it's more than enough!" Thinking that perhaps attacking point blank would deal more damage and make it harder for the pokemon to avoid the attack, and feeling like she had something to prove to her opponent now, Jacklyn shouted, "Rus, charge and bring it down!" Of course, Rus didn't know the move Charge, he was a fire bunny not an electric one after all. So instead he took the command more standardly, running head first at the Abra. Proving that he could do it before, without instruction, this time Rus decided to prove himself equal in dodging to the Abra by leaping over the Hidden Power once more. "Hm. No time. Hidden Power." Rather than teleporting, the Abra stayed still, firing yet another attack at Rus. The Lepash as well had no time here, being unable to dodge the attack. Despite getting struck dead on, though, Rus had no plans on stopping. Its fur flashing red briefly, the Lepash leaped forward, throwing its body into a Tackle and striking the Abra dead on. Jacklyn, surprised by the lack of fire in its attack blinked for a moment, but when Abra seemed to no longer be moving the girls confusion turned to a wide smile. "Heck yeah! Way to go Rus!" The girl ran over to give her pokemon a high five but as she brought her hand up to swing she then stopped, a bit confused as to how to actually go about doing a high five with her pokemon. Rus didn't seem to care in the slightest, but did let out a small puff of smoke in pride at its victory. Quickly recovering from her lack of actually high fiving, she excitedly pointed at Fuyumi saying, "see that! That's the next Korovan champ to be in action!"
  10. Being in the center of it all, Lana was able to see that just about everyone was in danger. With two undead on Chris, one on Ziun and one slowly advancing towards Estelle the girl had to make her decision quickly about what to do. She briefly lost track of Chris in the fighting his two opponents in the fog but he seemed to have it more or less covered. Meanwhile, Ziun had already taken a swipe from the skeleton into his arm, and it looked ready to go again. Lana felt bad about leaving Estelle by herself, but seeing the skeleton already ready to go for another hit on the bard the girl took off towards him first. Bringing up her axe, running closer to the mausoleum, yelling, "watch out!" as she struck the skeleton's skull, trying to fell it in one blow. The axe cleaved off about half of the undead's head and it seemed to notice this as well, the skeleton pausing it's wind up. The girl eyed it curiously, seeing that it hadn't fallen to the ground yet, before noticing its body seeming to continue its movement. "That's not fair!" The girl remembered last time she went to attack a skeleton mid-swing she had still taken damage in the clash, and this time she was dealing with helping another person, not just herself. Trying to quickly think of how to intercept the attack, her mind went back to her lesson with Joan, the woman teaching her a different way to use her axe in such a situation. She didn't need to kill it she just needed to deflect it. To push it. Shifting her grip on her axe upward, giving her more control of the weapon, the girl pointed the top of the axe towards the skeleton's arm. Shoving the weapon forward as the sword came down, the girl struck and shoved the arm, knocking it to the side and keeping it from cleaving through the boy's neck. Feeling yet another sense of pride from having a lesson go correctly, the girl shifted her grip back before swinging it hard at the skeleton's spine. She, however, completely misjudged the amount of force needed to kill the skeleton and similarly misjudged what it was like actually fighting this close to another ally. Her blade managed to just barely not hit the structure next to her, as well as cleave through the skeleton's spine rather effortlessly. However, her blade kept going in its horizontal arc. Pushing back on both of her arms and legs the girl fought the moment of the swing, her axe stopping inches from the bard's torso. Letting out a sigh of relief she said, "that was close." She couldn't help but feel some sense of deja vu from this, but didn't pay much mind to it. With the threat dispatched the girl looked to Ziun and said, "alright I got here. Estelle's back there though so make sure she's fine. And keep a lookout, there's some weird thing that keeps popping up that way," the girl pointed in the direction she came from.
  11. Fen simply smiled at Fiona as the girl still seemed ready to go for another round of cards. Musing aloud at one of her comments, Fen said, "oh they change size? The magic used in this game is really something." The girl looked over to Melissa as she started stating her preferences as to what to do next, simply nodding along and having no issue with changing venues from the park to a cafe. The two of them had been out for awhile and having something to eat and being able to sit down while playing the card game sounded fun in its own quaint way. Though given the strange illusions that did appear she couldn't help but wonder if they would be disrupting everyone at the place they went to, but Fiona seemed to think it was fine so Fen was inclined to not worry too much about it. Melissa then went on to talk about some kind of bet, loser buys lunch and all. As she started to stammer after making the suggestion, however, Fen was taken a bit off guard by the girl. "Eh? Well, I uh, I mean I don't think being the leader has anything to do with it? Does it?" After a moment of thinking this over, the girl then cleared her throat saying to Fiona, "well, um, I'm not usually the most competitive type but that sounds fun, yeah. I'm still not entirely sure how to budget myself here in this world though so, well, maybe just drinks?" Looking back to Melissa the girl said, "oh uh, not to mean that I plan on losing or that you'll lose or anything, just, well you know?"
  12. As the group continued to make their way southward in an attempt to find the resting place of the first Accursed, Sabrina had spoken about figuring out their route going forward. Though they had no map to follow, no road to travel, no compass to use and no sun to see they were not without landmarks. Were they under the assumption that they were in fact heading southward and westward they would be able to use the spire behind them, the one they had passed on their way to the shrine, as a sort of visual indicator as to which direction north was. Using that as an indicator of North they would then know that north westward, they could just barely make out another spire or two. It was difficult to see them fully as there was quite some distance between them and the hilly topography of the land they were in certainly didn't help. Westward was also the direction of the lion they had been observing. They would notice that the pack of gazelles it had been chasing would soon be apprehended by smaller, yet still crackling with lightning, lions as well. Further southward, though it was difficult to make out for the same reasons as the westward one, they would also be able to notice yet another tower stretching into the air. This one, however, was much less clear as the distance was much greater between them and any of the other towers they had noticed. Really, it was only because of the sheer height, unique coloration of blackened stone and inference making capabilities that they would even be able to tell this was another tower at all. This path had seemed to be one without any immediate dangers in its way, and most of the animals that were not predators seemed to recognize that they were in immediate danger being near the lions. However they did not run eastward as what sounded like a cross between a screech and thunderclap could be heard from that direction. Were they to turn that direction, they would notice far away from them - further than the lion yet not further than the southward stone pillar - was an enormous creature. Its size dwarfed nearly every animal they had seen thus far, both in height and width, such that even from the distance it was at they were able to clearly determine what this creature was. An elephant. Yet, though the elephant bared similarities to ones from their world, it notably seemed to have an enormous black rock almost growing out of the top of its body, one that seemed to be the same color as the pillars they had been seeing dot the landscape. They would also be able to notice furry humanoid figures near the elephant, not any specifics of them but they all seemed to be down on the ground. And the elephant grabbed one of these humanoids off the ground with its trunk, casually throwing one of them into its mouth. All of the other non-predator animals had decided to run, either northward, southward, or simply into the hills themselves, seeming to have some degree of burrowing capacity and the hills themselves seeming to have tunnels already set up. The Exalted were in no immediate danger from any form of wildlife, in fact even the scared animals fleeing in their direction never actually ran towards them and veered away, seemingly afraid of them as they would be a hunter.
  13. After it was clear that the two combatants couldn't fight any longer, the two of them having fallen unconscious in her grip, Sibyl let out a sigh as if all the emotion she had been experiencing at that point had just been breathed right out. "Well, that's that," the girl said nonchalantly, a smile on her face as she idly tossed the two to the ground. Her shadows then retracted back into her body proper and the girl stretched her arms. "Man that was pretty fun. I wonder if there are more that'd be down for this." With the two other heroes having won their fights the girl waved joyously saying, "rockin' job guys." As the conversation turned towards going to Goodale for some kind of big formal talk party, Sibyl looked up and said, "well, that doesn't sound like a place for me. So I'll probably bounce from here." As she was getting to leave, she pulled her phone out of her pocket, seeing a slew of messages from her long time bosses. The girl looked at them, seeing "sup gamerrrr so you know see you soon bestie" Followed by "hey just to let you know bring all four hands" Ending with "got an all hands on deck thing going on at goodale or as many hands as you cna manage these days lol *can" The girl raised an eyebrow at each of them, seeing that they were all sent at the same time and wondering if this was some kind of puzzle. Sibyl was never particularly great at deciphering the Fates messages, and they were prone to send them in either code or some kind of puzzle, and often times she just tuned it out anyway. So, she took all three of them at face value. She was going to see them soon, she need to bring all four hands, and there was something going on at Goodale that had as many hands as she could manage. Nodding to herself, she said, "never mind, looks like I'm coming with! And well," she walked over and hoisted up Hellhound and Censer, with more difficulty then she had previously during her battle saying, "bosses wanted me to bring all four of them so guess we're dragging them along after all. I can handle this much myself, and if an enemy does try to fight us well, then I'm armed! Ahahaha," she jostled the bodies in her grip as she laughed before starting to walk out the door, dragging them along with her.
  14. Carmen had backed away after Brian had grabbed the seal from her, feeling that it was certainly his time to shine and defeat the ghost. Which is to say that she didn't feel the need to step in the line of danger, nor did she have any want to get anywhere near that thing's face, especially not after the bloodcurdling screech it had just given out. As the man continued to flail though, and swing the seal towards the creature's arm, it became a lot more difficult to keep track of things as the two of them were now in the bathroom stall. She could still see Brian and the light he was shining from the flashlight, but she could no longer see the ghost. Of course, Brian was probably able to see the ghost and since it seemed like he was trying to converse with it she could be reasonably certain that it was in fact still there. However, as her experience with planting her face into the table earlier had proven, just because she couldn't see something didn't mean she couldn't be afraid of it. In fact, it was the lack of her own visual confirmation that made it all the scarier. Add to that the lights that had completely shut off and her being surrounded by darkness as a result. And so, she slowly creeped up to Brian, just for safety sake, and had once more gotten a clear view of the ghost at hand. The girl gulped, trying to swallow her fear though all that had really happened was that she had begun shivering instead. While the anticipation of what was going to happen next was certainly killing her, Carmen felt like she was in quite the odd position. There it was, a man killing ghost, driven into a corner and whimpering. Carmen had never really been on this side of the equation in all her life, and so she wasn't really sure how one was supposed to be when confronted with a frightened creature. Perhaps if they just approached it it'd eventually hide back in its toilet like all the other times? That's what she certainly would do - if she could reasonably fit in a toilet of course. And if it retreated back into its toilet then she wouldn't have to deal with it directly, and if she didn't have to deal with it directly then she could get the job done easily! After all, this was still a job that she had to do or else face whatever wrath she might incur from Shiki. "Okay, okay, okay, okay, I can - I can do this, yeah, yeah," said to herself. And so, boldly, for once in her life feeling the strength of a hunter instead of the hunted, the girl took a step forward. "I can do this, I can do, I can do this. This." And then another. "This, I can...I can do this." And another. "I can- " The ghost shrieked as she got close enough, lashing out with its hand as it had done so many times before and grabbing onto her wrist, pulling her towards her. Eyes widening as she saw the ghost's void face once more she shouted, "I can't! I can't do this! Ahhh, B-Brian, Seal! Seal!" She flailed her arm back towards the man, practically whacking him and really preventing him from moving forward in the stall before he finally managed to hand off the seal to her. With paper in hand, the girl flailed her arm about before finally going for a decisive swipe at the creature's torso. The paper seal had landed on the ghost. The ghost let go, shrinking away from the girl and curling up as its body slowly started to vanish. Then, when it had finally completely vanished, the paper seal that had been placed on it burned up entirely. With neither ghost nor seal left, the girl took a deep breath and stood up straight. Or, as straight as she normally did, asking, "d-did we win?"
  15. When all was said and done, Chester wasn't really sure what to make of the situation. Jirachi's explanation did little to assure them of their success in actually being able to save the world at large, with the only assurance that they could at all being that it was Jirachi's wish was what brought them here in the first place. Jirachi already had the power to cleanse areas from this endless maddening mist as it were, so he wanted to believe that their wish meant something, but that something wasn't necessarily them being immune to the maddening properties. He was also a bit curious about the structure of these "mystery dungeons" as well. He had known about such things from his time discussing such games on the forum they were from, but he never seemed to actually be bothered by the fact that in those games the pokemon in the dungeons were all aggressive all the time. Perhaps maybe someone made a comment about it, but it was almost always in jest or a thought that had no real answer to it. He wondered why he never thought something like that was strange, especially when his first instinct here was to try and talk it out with said pokemon. And add to that, why it was the mystery dungeons seemed to drive pokemon to madness as well when they made it their place of residence. Well, quite like a question cast into the vast sea of an otherwise indifferent message board, it was pointless to ponder such things by himself right now. Instead, he wondered what it was that they could do here and now. The Chespin looked around and saw others already getting food, self directed that they were in doing so, and decided to walk over to the nearby stream to instead refresh himself. Looking into the water, Chester once again examined his newfound body. He thought it was newfound at least. There was this bizarre sense of complete unfamiliarity with it, while contradictorily as if it had been his body his entire life. Nothing about it seemed particularly odd to him. Two arms, two legs, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, enormous front teeth. Of course, none of this was actually in view of the stream, only a vaguely distorted image of himself going through the water if that. Everything else was truly checked by him using the aforementioned arms to make sure that all of those things were indeed there. A task he found more difficult then he would've normally expected, as his arms seemed to have a hard time going across his entire face with how stubby they were. All the same everything checked out, so he wasn't really sure what the off feeling was but perhaps in the end it was just an insecurity he had about having to fight some kind of maddening mist. After taking a drink from the stream, the Chespin stood back upright ready to reconvene with the others.
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