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  1. Iris mulled over the choices as she was presented with them from Yuliya. She shook her head at the idea having a brunch at present, there being no such mystique in that specific combination meal time, before ruminating on the other options. The girl was always curious about different shirts and knickknacks that she could get from all the various cities that she visited, though there was definitely more time across her stay at Camellia to do that. And so going to the next on the list, the girl perked up. "An Arcade, you say?" Iris had certainly heard the term before but never once had she actually visited such a marvelous establishment. She had an idea as to what happened at those dens of debauchery and had always been wary of them. "Well, the beach is going nowhere and though I do enjoy a good stroll across one every now and then..." With a nervous yet excited smile crossing her face, the girl looked to Yuliya saying, "let us go to the Arcade!" The duo stopped at the Overture Arcade, an old place that had seemed to weather the test of time. For as long as Yuliya could remember the inside of the place had remained virtually unchanged for her entire life, finding the tacky carpeting, dim lighting and blaring sounds of game machines all too familiar. There was the standard affair of video games - fighters, shooters, beat 'em-ups, racing games to name a few - though none of them seemed like they had been made within the past decade if that. There were still more classic machines, such as whack-a-mole, ski ball, air hockey and more. Though the place was not quite bustling, especially with the Blue Rose tournament going on, there was still a sizeable enough crowd of people inside. Iris seemed antsy at the sight of it all. Both having the sense of someone who had done something behind their parents back, while also seeming to be incredibly curious and in a marvel at all the different machines in the building. "This place is far more vibrant yet darker then I ever could have imagined," the girl said to her friend. Looking to her, she then asked, "so what manner of, erm, games do you usually play here?" Leila stared at Heather blankly - though not any less so than she usually did - as the girl started to rapid fire off her questions towards Leila. After they finished and Heather took her breath, Leila continued to stare, before looking upward and tapping her chin a few times. "Hmmmmm....I think....I've been a pro since high school? Hmm..hmmmm..." The girl thought about it more before nodding to herself. "I never played it before then, but I had a friend who was suuuper into it. I thought it would be fun to play with her so she helped me pick a deck." The girl fanned out the cards from her deck showing Heather. "They were the cutest so I picked them...hmmm...but I don't think the game was really that fun at first, but now it's been a lot more fun." Leila nodded as if she had sufficiently answered the question. The girl then started to think more about what the girl asked, before having a realization of a question she skipped. "Oooooh, right. Cid." The girl's expression turned more serious as she told Heather the next part, "he saved my life."
  2. "Ah, no uh, no problem." The girl rubbed the back of her head as Damien gave his thanks to her, glancing to him and then away in embarrassment at the comment. Though the girl thought something was off in that brief glance, she didn't really think more on it as the topic shifted to the beast that they had just faced. The girl gulped as she realized what kind of terrors still must've lived in this jungle, if this was simply a young of its kind. She also didn't want to think about how much weirder this place could get for that matter either. With needing to go find a new place to set up camp being the topic, the girl thought about it for a minute. There were no roads to speak of and not much in ways of civilization here outside of the lycans and elves, both of which seemed like very off limit places to be near to begin with. Ryia didn't know if they had entered a particularly dangerous part of the forest either, but it didn't seem so to her, and yet they were still beset by the reptilians that lived here. With not much knowledge on where a better place to set up would be, the girl simply said, "well um, I guess we should uh, leave here first. Because well..." She figured being near the corpses would only do to harm them through the night. Before moving on, though, the girl walked over to Reinaan, holding out his halberd to him. "Uh, here you go. Thanks for uh..." Normally one would thank for a follow up or assist, but in this case she was the follow up, so after pausing awkwardly in silence the girl said, "it was really helpful."
  3. Iris had been fairly antsy the past few days, awaiting her own tournament debut after seeing Yuliya's performance. The duel itself had had enough energy in it to get Iris's blood pumping, but her restlessness was more than just a passing phase of anticipation. Nothing had really been able to capture her attention over the days, and she had felt somewhat off about taking off so much time from work. After all, Iris prided herself on her both her punctuality and attendance and so missing work for what was likely going to be a month did little to calm her nerves. Of course there was always the chance to just explore, but Iris felt little joy in exploring an unfamiliar location by herself. And so, as chance would have it, as she was waiting for her match to come by to her, the girl received a message from one of her friends. Looking at Yuliya's message, she couldn't help but feel as though the girl had peered into her thought. From: Iris To: Yuliya Sekelsky I was just wondering what to do with myself today. So, I would be happy to accompany you. I will be there as soon as I am able. Some time later, after having a rather difficult time following her phone's map app to the correct location, she eventually met up with Yuliya. Giving a small bow the woman said, "I apologize if I had kept you waiting at all. Sometimes I just do not understand this device's instructions." Shaking her head to herself, the girl then looked to the sea, then back to the boardwalk, then back to Yuliya. "No matter! What kind of fun awaits us on this boardwalk?" As Cid had arrived at the meeting place he would notice a silver haired girl with a bag standing around, looking aimlessly up into the clouds. Looking down, as if sensing someone was approaching, the girl looked at both Cid and her sister for a second. The same vacant expression on her face, before her eyes lit up and she waved to the two of them. Shouting out, "heeeeeeyyyyyy. Ooooover heeeereee." Without a care in the world, the girl walked over and said, "hello, Cid and...." Leila stared at the young girl with him for a second before nodding saying, "Cid's Sister....oh! I brought snacks." The girl pulled out a pastry for the both of them, being incredibly insistent they take one even if they at first rejected, before getting one for herself. Standing there, eating happily and was likely to stay silent if no one said anything.
  4. Gulping at the sight of the Minotaur hurling yet another rock at her, charging at the same time, the girl had a very bad feeling about just dodging this like she had the last one. Not like there was any cover to fully absorb the rock this time either. So Lana had to think on her feet, and her feet were telling her to trust her hands. And so, with her hands tightening their grip against the axe's haft Lana swung it the flat of the blade at the rock. Twisting her entire body into the swing, the girl managed to knock the rock off course from smashing into her, jerking her arms back in the process. Stumbling backwards, she went wide-eyed as the axe made its way towards her, throwing her body to the side to try and avoid it. Smashing into the wall nearby and and tumbling to the side, a much better alternative than being turned into a ground stain, she managed to avoid being crushed by the axe-hammer. This came as little comfort to her, though, as she was still far too close to comfort to this minotaur. As it turned to face her properly, the girl took a gulp before shouting, "well come on! I'll cut up your hand just like the last time!" The Minotaur didn't seem keen on grabbing Lana, instead opting to again smash her to bits with its large weapon. Bringing the weapon at her with a powerful swing, Lana realized that it was using the same kind of weapon as her, and thus it probably had the same limitations. So, rather than dodging to the side and keeping herself in prime "getting crushed" range, Lana instead opted to rush closer to the avoid the attack. the axe smashing against the wall behind her much to her relief. However, she couldn't get entirely past the beast as it had interposed itself between her and open space. Not being able to move backwards in fear of the axe and not being able to go forward, Lana gripped her haft tight as she tried to force her forward. Smashing the butt of the weapon against the Minotaur's leg, the beast snorted in pain as it looked down at her. Seeing its clearly annoyed expression, Lana said, "t-take that!"
  5. Senapi ga Uzau Kouhai no Hanashi - Annoying! San San Week! Princess Principal - The Other Side of the Wall San-gatsu no Lion - Raise the Flag Bang Dream! Season 2 - Kizuna Music
  6. As Fen readied herself to take the brunt of the buff sloth attacks, both Aduain and Trevor showed her once again her worries were misplaced. As the two electrocuted the horde of beasts Fen relaxed her shoulders and said, "uh, right. Nevermind then." Dismissing her icy armaments, the girl looked around the room to see another door leading to a stair case. This one decidedly not blocked by rubble and so their path was unbarred to continue going up. And so they continued. After going up a few more floors, the path was blocked yet again. With a wall of rubble in their way, the only forward was through the next room. And, with what they had just found, Fen was already on high alert here and so she was already expecting some monkey business in the next room. "I guess uh, be ready for anything?" The girl said to her two companions before conjuring an ice bow and arrow in her hands, walking first into the room. As she did ten more of the creatures that she had fought previously had jumped out from behind cubicles once more, ten of them this time all ready to charge the moment they noticed the trio. Though, only nine were actually able to, as one had found an arrow between its eyes the moments it had popped out from its cover. Seemingly undaunted by this Fen continued to charge her bow with ice magic, causing spikes to appear on the front of it before she tossed it into the charging crowd. One of the sloth monsters tried to swat it away, only to find that their arm was now impaled by an ice bow. As more approached, Fen conjured two ice knives that she continued to charge with magic before tossing them at the feet of two of the monsters, striking their mark and erupting into a larger block of ice that pinned the creatures in place. With one more running directly at her specifically, the girl conjured a small disc and chucked it at the creature and started walking to meet it. As the monster smashed through the disc, hammering its arms down onto it, Fen had already closed the distance, frozen short sword in hand. With one thrust she landed a blow into its got, as the more roared in pain it took another swing at her, the girl gracefully dodging the swing before going for another strike at its heart. Enduring through the strike it had just received, now that they were this close in a last act of desperation, the beast lurched forward trying to use its whole body to slam into the girl. Bringing her other arm up to defend, Fen stumbled, bending backward, briefly taken by the weight of the creature, gritting her teeth as she struggle a bit. Yet, it seemed that after the initial crash it was only the creatures weight that was pushing against her, as she shoved its body off of her, a frozen knife in its throat.
  7. With the reptilian monster lying against the tree, it had seemed still ready to fight the others. Seeing it started to go from its slumping position to instead a fall, Ryia started to back away the creature so as not to be eaten by its falling snapping maw. However, her eyes widened as she realized that not everyone was clear of the fall area. "Damien!" Shouting out to the man, he didn't seem to notice at first and so rather than continuing her retreat, Ryia ran forward and shoved him out of the path. This in turn left the dinosaur more near Ryia, the girl gulping as the large face was far too close for comfort for her. Backpedaling, the girl made her retreat away from the snapping maw and the beast turned its attention back to Damien. This time, however, the boy was more cognizant of the danger he was in and managed to avoid the beast's bite. As the large reptile collapsed onto the ground, not able to support itself again, Ryia noticed that Reinaan's polearm was still stuck in its neck. Thinking her sword was a poor weapon for the job here, the girl dropped it to the ground as she ran over to the beast's throat. Grabbing Reinaan's halberd and freeing it, holding it closer to the place like a very awkwardly long hafted axe, the Earth Chosen then went to bring the blade down on its neck. Sinking deeper into the wound that Reinaan had previously created, the creature gurgled and roared as it continued to struggle against the attack. Thrashing its head around, seemingly intent on knocking the girl away, it was met with something solid though likely not what it was expecting. Madelyn, grumbling about how brutish her methods had been against this creature, had created a barrier to pin its head in place, keeping Ryia safe from the attack. Free to go for one more strike, Ryia dislodged the blade from the wound before bringing the weapon down for last fatal strike. The girl let out a sigh of relief, pulling the weapon out as the creature was finally killed, looking around to make sure everyone else was alright.
  8. I'mma say Summer Anatasia,
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