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  2. Chester's eye twitched a bit as he repeated the phrase, "fake internet cop?" His frustration on his face from the expression was very evident, and in fact one could briefly hear him muttering about his trials and tribulations on a daily basis at high speeds if they were paying attention, but he managed to recollect himself before paying attention to the other part of what Z. had said. "Oh, so there was a door back there then? Well, all the better! I'm sure this pillar will prove invaluable if ever we have to come back here!" Chester hit his fist against the stone column, pride and a twinge of pain on his face he did so. He had no idea how this cave was outlined even remotely, and no idea why a locked door would be here as well. As such, there was no guarantee that they would ever come back to this door and truthfully Chester was very much hoping that they would be able to get their bearings in wherever it was they were without much adversity. Though, with some of the people and the strange situation they were in in general, there was no shortage of adversity to go around to begin with. All the same, he said, "so, well, let's all move out! Together!" He had emphasized that last part, full well knowing that there were already those that were either not going to listen to him or had already blazed ahead. Yet nevertheless, Chester wore his fake internet cop badge with pride and would try to act as at least try to bring some sense of order and teamwork to their motely crew. As he began to walk away, he stopped himself. "Oh, right." Turning around, the Chespin, with some degree of effort, managed to lift the stray Falinks that had nearly hit him square in the head. "There we go. Right as rain. Good work in trying to weigh down the pillar, uh, Gamer? No...that's not quite - I'll work on it." Clearing his throat after speaking directly to FalinCs, he repeated, "onward!" And walked into the next room. The sight there was familiar to the one that they had just come from, being a cavernous room with water flowing through it. But this one had stairs as well! With luck they would find some answers in the room above. Though, Chester couldn't help but look past the water before ascending just to make certain there were no passages or the like beyond it. He was curious to get information quickly, but of course there was something within that told him that it was always important to check everything but the path of least resistance in a cave first before taking it. Assured that there was nothing of note and with some already on the staircase, Chester made his way onto them as well.
  3. "Eggs it is! Hector!" Lana shouted joyously as the time changed from introductions to actual meals. She seemed to get over her excitement of the new party members almost immediately once the meal was brought out and spared no time in digging in. Once all was said and done the gang left and made their way back into the dungeon proper. She didn't think anything of how they had started on the 10th floor with their new party members. Instead, the excitable nature of the girl seemed to be nowhere to be seen as they made their way onto the mist laden Floor 11. "Geh...." the girl could only mutter as she saw the horde in front of her. Lana's first instinct, of course, was to rush headfirst into danger as she had, knowingly and unwittingly alike, several times before. But with the horde as visible and clustered as they were, and thus the danger all the more apparent, she instead looked annoyed at the creatures from afar. As Chris started talking about how best to approach the situation at hand, Lana took the axe off of her back and rested the butt of it on the ground. "They still have to be alive even if they're dead right? Like, they're moving so," she rocked her axe forward. "Just a good wham and watching them explode into a million pieces should be good. But...ugh...trying to do that to all of them sounds like a pain and I'm trying to get less stabbed..." Her eyes lit up for a moment, seeming to get excited again as she looked over to the others of the group. "Oh, this sounds like a good time to blow them all up." Clearly excited to see some fireworks as she looked to Estelle, she then looked over to the bard saying, "or like, do some illusion stuff to uh...illusion them. And then we just run straight ahead, since that's gotta be where the stairs are right?"
  4. As the group was gaining their bearings and trying to understand the situation they had all found themselves in, or finding a good wall to hit, their conversations, and guided fury, had been cut short. As it had when they had first come to their senses in this strange new building. The sound of heavy church bells rang once more. The first strike had echoed and reverberated through the room without warning or distortion, as if to simply announce its presence to everyone. Then, when the bell rang second the room had become lightless. Any noise that they tried to make would simply be garbled out, any movement met with heavy resistance in the air. The bell rang third, this time as if to punctuate the distortion they had found themselves in, being muffled and garbled as their own speech would. And with the fourth, everything returned to normal. As they reassessed their situation the room had been largely the same. They hadn't moved from their spots and neither had the pews they had been sitting in when they first arrived. There were only two key difference to the room. To what they would assume the back of the room was, no longer was it just a wall of agate, and instead now replaced by a door made of wood not dissimilar to that which made up the floor. Though, this had no crack or holes in it and seemed reasonably sturdy. And more curiously there was something on the opposite end. A chair at the head of the room, centered in front the picture of the serpent. And even more curiously, a bizarre young woman was sitting it in. Her long dark hair, parted on either side of her head by the antlers on it, ran down to the back of the chair. Were one to follow it, they would find something even more inhuman about the woman; a long scaled tail colored the same as her hair that broke into something akin to a tail fin at its tip. The woman made no comment about the others, in fact she made no comment at all. For she was asleep. Furthermore, one final change had been apparent in all those who were paying attention to themselves or their fellows. On the back of one of each of theirs hand they would see the sudden appearance of a mark. Like a featureless tattoo depicting some kind of bizarre shape that seemed vaguely reminiscent of the antlered serpent head on the window before them. Continuing further down their arm a black line stretched itself around the top of their wrist on the hand that bore the marking. At the center of this line, another black one stretched down from it down a small part of their forearm, breaking into a circle in both the middle and endpoint of the line. Each circle as well was filled with a strange marking, which while it was clearly in a language none of them had ever seen the intent and meaning behind what these words were were bizarrely clear to them.
  5. As Alois was getting ready to leave the house, in search of other lodgings, he stopped as Penelope started to speak up. As she insinuated that he was trying to kick the wyvern rider out of his house, the boy raised an eyebrow. She wasn't wrong, per se; he did want to kick her out of the house and Edrick's status of lodging wasn't something he was really considering in that regard. If anything, he wanted all of them out of his house. Heck, he wanted himself out of his house too but it seemed that they were staying in the village for the night so it was more just a matter of course then anything else. "Sure but - " the boy was cut off as the princess continued speaking before making her final accusation against his behavior. "Wait, wait. Wait." The boy was trying to keep the situation under control as he could see the situation devolving against him, trying to clear up any misunderstanding that was going on. The boy's defense however came to a screeching halt. He didn't quite understand why, but it took him a moment to process the words that she had said, Something he didn't quite understand that made him pause. It wasn't the words themselves or even the intent behind them, but something about it definitely stuck out to him. As a result, he seemed to more contemplating this then actively trying to defend himself, which left him staring into space only to then return to see that his mother had seemed to have to want a word with him now. Uncharacteristically, in spite of his generally flippant behavior, Alois seemed to shrink back from his mother's stern disapproving gaze. "I mean yeah, that's all I was doing. Trying to, you know, show them all the places around town." Letting out a resigned sigh, Alois opened the door and said, "I'll just sleep outside tonight." Though Tsetseg kept up her conflicted glare towards Rocky it soon broke way to curiosity as the boy explained what he had overheard between the two town villagers. The girl didn't really recognize the names given, but she almost certainly remembered a secret passage. She hadn't been in many secret passages in her life, but was caught wondering if there was more than one passage in this village. As she thought about it more, the girl then looked to Phai and assured her with a smile. "I haven't been to many places since I left Locris but this seems just as normal as the last place we went to. Mhm, mhm. People that become lovable fluffy animals and secret passages. All normal, yup!" The girl nodded and smiled before looking lost in thought, "oh, hm, hm. Maybe all Histian villages have secret passages?" As she mused about this, Gunther then spoke up as well, causing the girl to nod with a more serious look on her face. "We can't just sit by if there are still more baddies around the town. Even if the big rocky wyvern - " the girl paused again, glancing over to the Isaurian again before back to Gunther, "was defeated, that's no reason for a patrol member to stop until all the baddies are taken care of!" The girl emphatically declared, puffing her chest out with pride. "So, let's go meet up with the others."
  6. With the effort of most of the Pokemon forum members, the group had successfully managed to shove the pillar from its original resting place to across the water. As they started, Chester heard a thought in his head that was most certainly not his own yet one that he assumed was common amongst the general forum. Muttering, "well perhaps if they did we'd have much less problems." Then, as they had continued to do so it had seemed that physics had caught up with them; gravity deciding to be their foe as it shoved the pillar into the water. As this disaster was starting to take place, Chester started to do all he could to yank the pillar backwards and with the combined effort of just about everyone they had managed to keep the worst happening. For now. Startled as a Falinx had fallen from the sky right next to him, the thud it landed it with making Chester rub his head in discomfort at the thought of it landing on top of him, the Chespin looked at their surroundings. Chester, for his own part, found neither the pun spoken nor the one that had somehow found its way into his head - the same voice that was not his own still - amusing. In fact, as he took stock of everything he emphatically pointed to Z. saying, "NG-Plus is correct." The Chespin paused briefly as he said the name of the Falinks. He was certain that he had referred to the man as nothing but that for most of the time that he knew him but saying it aloud seemed to not have the same ease or flow he had remembered it having. New Game Plus was far too much of a mouthful to say easily though. New Game? Plus? New? None of these seemed like a proper name to actually call someone either. Nick or otherwise. Continuing his thought, he added, "now is not the time to berate one another with vicious and petty sarcasm. Not when Clobber proved himself quite immaculately in our efforts!" The Chespin furrowed his brow and said, "that being said, this was not a worthless endeavor!" Looking between Clobber, Es, and Z. he added, "even if this path ultimately leads to a dead end, we learned many valuable things about our bodies and capabilities thus far in this exercise. Furthermore!" He looked over to the Treecko. "We have learned what we are able to accomplish when we all - mostly - work together! See, we were able to create a path across this stream. That's something to take pride in of itself, and something to keep in mind for later. Good work all the same on the plan Shadow!" Clearing his throat he added, "but well, yes, if Z.'s excursion truly proved to be nothing but a dead end then we should probably head elsewhere. As a group!"
  7. Though Ryia was aware that magic could affect the forest she hadn't been expecting the degree or manner in which it had already done so. She couldn't help but feel like she had stepped into some kind of old folk story of a realm of pure magic and whimsical creatures with how oddly shaped and bent the trees were and how the colors shifted all around where they were. The forest itself seemed to be alive at that, with the spinning mushrooms and the arcs of water coming out from the water seemingly on their own. Taken aback by the whole wondrous sight of it, the girl stood still for a moment as Reinaan had begun his own investigation. Ryia didn't have much of an idea as to what would be considered strange or out of place in an area already so foreign as this, so she decided to go to the biggest point of interest. The lake. Walking over to the edge, the girl looked down into the water, noting that it the surface of it was incredibly clear and could see deeper into the bottom. But that was where the clarity ended. The bottom of the lake had an everchanging cloud of colors formed that she couldn't make much sense of. And further away from them, the girl had also noticed some kind of dark patch in the water as well as more water arcing off the surface. Without much knowledge to go on, Ryia turned to the people she believed to be the two more learned individuals and asked, "would, um, well, either of you know what's up with uh, that?" She gestured to the body of water. Madelyn refused to get too close to the water, though when she squinted at where Ryia gestured she waved her off. "Those clouds are just excess magic." Keres added, having gotten closer, about the dark spot "It's something large." "Do uh, you think it's dangerous?" She'll ask Keres. Keres shrugged. Then, a moment later, said "Sorry..." "Oh, no, there's nothing to be sorry about or anything. I uh, I don't really know where to start with it but...hmmm...maybe..." Ryia didn't really know what to make of the dark spot. It could've been a creature of some kind. It could've been some kind of amalgam of magic quite like cloud below, but dark instead of rainbowy. It could even be some kind of large object that was just hiding beneath the water. She wanted to figure out what it was but, jumping into the water to go directly to it seemed like a terrible idea to her. Next, she had the thought of having Keres pull it closer to them via magic, but given how the forest already was with magic she didn't want to warp the area any more then it already had been. And she didn't know if there would be any other consequences of it as well. So it finally brought her to her final idea. The girl pulled out her bow, and drew an arrow. Worried about whether the elves would mind an arrow littering this lake or not, the girl said, "I uh, I hope they don't mind this," and shot the arrow towards the dark spot. Her arrow sank into the water, and whether she actually hit her mark or not was unclear to her. What was clear, however, was that she had certainly gotten its attention. "Oh..." The girl said as the dark spot began moving towards the shore, and realizing she hadn't actually thought that far ahead in her plan. Thinking that it would be dangerou to stay, and worried about the water itself at that, Ryia looked to the others saying, "we should uh, probably back away now."
  8. With the day having passed, Fen woke up in her room to see that there was a message from their employer. Glad that there was no imminent danger threatening the city they found themselves in, Fen muttered to herself, "hm, training sessions..." The girl hadn't known much of their seniors up to this point, only Salvo and Natasha, and wasn't quite sure what they were going to be trained on. Her first thought was combat, and Natasha certainly looked capable and Salvo certainly had the air about her that some of the more fiery guild members she had known had. Fen as well didn't consider herself a perfect combatant, so she figured more practice would only help. Though, the thought also briefly entered her head that the training may be for some of the more esoteric and strange, foreign devices that were in this world. Fen's cooking session yesterday had provided her more insight as to how the "stove tops" worked, though she knew that this wouldn't be the end of her difficulties in adjusting to these non-magic technologies. All the same, while Fen was trying to figure out what to expect and what to do with her free time, the door bell rang. And it kept ranging. Already pretty much up and about, Fen saw herself downstairs before opening to the door. A woman, bright in disposition in spite of being rained on, was there to greet her. Taken aback by the enthusiasm of the woman Fen said, "uh, hello - Good morning?" "Oh there you are, I was wondering when someone would answer. Do you mind if I come inside? It's raining and all that." "Oh, um please." Fen stepped away from the door, gesturing her hand into the hall behind her, "come right in. Do you need like, a towel or something?" "No, that's fine, I don't mind getting a bit wet it's just harder to talk in the rain." She turned towards Fen and took a step closer. "You're one of the new ones right?" "Oh, uh, yes. I'm Fen, Fen Yi. Pleasure to meet you." Fen gave a small bow to the woman. Curious about the woman herself, as she had referred to her as one of the "new ones" the girl couldn't help but wonder if she was apart of the training session for later. "Do you also, like, do this kind of work?" "Oh, no no no, I'm not too interested in the fighty magic pew pew stuff, I'm just here to discover all sorts of things." she waved her notepad, "which is why I'm here. Most journalists stay away from the new ones for a bit but I don't see why. So....I figure I'd learn every little thing I could before them. Smart, right?" she winked. "A journalist?" The girl's eyes lit up for a second. A journalist meant there was publicity to be had. And more publicity meant more people would know who they were, and that meant that they would get more jobs. And more jobs meant more money to - Her eyes then became contemplative for a moment as she remembered that she was not currently doing jobs for her guild, nor did she have much of an idea how her payment worked. So she wasn't quite sure how important people knowing who they were was, but the woman had come all the way here to interview them before anyone else, so it would be simply rude of her to just decline. Not that she minded anyway. "Well, I can't really speak for everyone but if you're here to talk to us or something then, well, I don't have any problem with it." "Ooh, perfect, perfect." Then without missing a beat she put pen to the notepad and looked up at Fen. "So, first, what's your squad name? Who's your leader?" "Oh well I'm a part of Ch-...eh?" The girl blinked for a few seconds as the question actually settled in. "Squad name?" "Well, yes. The name of your squad, you know, this group you're in. You...do have a name, right? All of the others have one I thought it was the first thing you guys do." "I uh...can't say we've talked about it, or anything..." The girl thought about it for a moment, before saying, "I'm not even sure if we've all talked about anything together..." "Oooh...." The woman's eyes glittered at this. "Is there some in-fighting? Arguments? Love triangles?" "Ehh?" The girl thought about it, surprised by the woman's sudden barrage before saying, "no? I don't really think anyone like hates or argues with anyone here...we just don't really talk all that much. Or well, I haven't talked all that much to them, I guess some more than others?" She pouted a bit, clearly disappointed, then said, "Well, then I don't suppose you know anything...spicy about them?" "Not really no? Sorry." Trailing off, trying not to leave the woman disappointed the girl said, "but uh, one of them is a zombie and the other's a fish, man, person. That's not, particularly normal where I'm from so I don't know if that's of uh, interest to you." "Well, given the dog, I shouldn't be surprised by anything...." she tapped the pen to her chin a few moments then said, "Well, how about yourself? Got anything that people wouldn't expect about you?" Fen thinks for a moment before saying, "I think I'm like, pretty normal? I make ice." The girl created a ice knife in her hand, absentmindedly tossing and catching it as she added, "and I do a lot of cooking. Well, I haven't gotten to do much since getting here and there's all these weird devices I don't really get." Pouting a bit she added, "also we froze the giant monkey and the road sharks vanished so I couldn't even make anything out of them." The girl stepped even closer, too close for comfort, and followed up with another question. "Make anything? Like what? A coat rack?" "Eh?" Fen backed up a little bit before adding, "oh uh, no. I don't do like, crafts with them. I just cook them. Like, I could've used the shark innards for dinner and maybe used their bones for a broth." Thinking for it a moment, the girl dismissed her knife before saying, "oh but if it's a coat rack then," extending her hand out she created an ice coat rack. "I can do that." She looked over at the coat rack, then back at Fen, and grinned before stepping closer again as though covering the distance Fen made. "You're strange, that's perfect! People love strange!" Awkwardly smiling, only slightly moving her head back the girl said, "uh, um, thanks?" "You and me should go somewhere when you got a chance so you can tell me all about it." The woman thought a second , looking away, then said, "maybe sometime later, you might have a chance to get something juicy from the others in your group by then, yes, that'd be perfect...." With a gasp the woman stepped even closer, practically nose to nose with Fen, eyes glittering in excitement "I'll give you my number and you can tell me whenever you find something interesting out!" Giving a bit of a nervous laugh with an uncomfortable smile on her face the girl said, "uhh, okay. I'll uh...be on the lookout?" Thinking about it for a moment Fen looked upward, pondering, "I wonder if they like spicy food."
  9. Putting a hand to her chin, Ryia tried to think more about the situation they were in and how to find the wayward traitor. Reinaan had thought there would be sites for it, and from what she saw in Sol that proved true even there. Lindow meanwhile was curious about what they were doing to evade the elves' gaze. Ryia wasn't quite adept in either tracking or magic so she didn't have much to offer there either. Both Damien and Keres then laid out a possible explanation for why it was likely hard to find the traitor but it didn't exactly help narrow down their search either. If anything it just made the forest seem all the larger and harder to search through. Thankfully both Madelyn and Damien had made some suggestions to try and help narrow down where they were supposed to look. A shrine where they had previously entombed the first elven Lord, a lake full of magic trinkets, and a graveyard of the lizard creatures - dinosaurs - they had fought before. The girl tried to think hard about it to try and figure out which of the three they were likely to be at, or wanted to be at most. The shrine had certainly lined up with what Reinaan had said, but from Damien's description it didn't sound like there was all that magic there to begin with. So, if she were trying to hone in on that, the lake and the dinosaur graveyard sounded more plausible. And to Keres's point, they seemed easier to make pit stops in and leave at a moments notice as opposed to the shrine. After thinking about it some more Ryia finally voiced her opinion. "Well, um, if it's a lot of magic that we're uh, looking for then the lake sounds good. Right? It's got like a lot, and sounds like it'd make the forest uh, worse or something, if even more magic was used there. I'm not really sure how all of these things work but, uh, yeah?" Not entirely confident in her guess, Ryia had stuck with it all the same as she wanted no part in an area filled with the corpses of those beasts they had fought earlier. Not only did that just sound intimidating, she felt the less she knew what a full grown dinosaur looked like the better off she was.
  10. Dragon Sign OOC Thread It had been the end in one way or another. Stabbed. Smashed. Poisoned. Burned. Shot. Though it had come in all shapes and forms the end had come to you in one way or another. And there was little waiting for you on the other side. Simply the ever present sensation of floating. Drifting. Sinking. You try to hear. You try to feel. You try to think. But there is little to make sense of, little to understand, and nothing that you can fully comprehend. Time presses on but you can not figure out how long this goes on for. An eternity? An instant? As you drift in this oblivion a voice speaks to you. Perhaps you speak back to it. But you cannot decipher its words nor meaning, and thus any reply you might have made can be equally as understood. Yet, the voice continues. And it finishes. You begin moving. Rushing. Rising. And then - BGM Bong. Bong. Bong The ringing of loud bells echoed throughout the ancient church, signaling that it was time to awaken to all those who had found themselves in it. Those individuals found themselves resting, sitting, in a wooden pew. The seats were all scattered about the floor, not lined up in any particular order though all facing forward. Once they opened their eyes they would be able to take note of several features of the building. One, the floor. Old, dark and wooden, same as the pews, with clumps of large, thick grass scattered about. Second the walls, shimmering as the light reflected off of the multicolored agate stone that made them up. Third, the stained glass window ahead of them. The window ahead of them looked as if sunlight were flooding through it, shining downward into the room. And bizarrely so too did the other six windows, three on either side, in the room. Each had a blue background to it and each depicted some sort of creature or object. To the left; a white bird with the edges of its wings shining like a prism, a gray wolf with arcs of yellow on and around it, and a purple orca with black where one would expect white. To the right; a tree with brown trunk and green leaves, a silver gear with lines of green converging onto its center, and a black stone with cracks of red. In the center at the head of the room it depicted a serpentine creature with antlers protruding from its head, coiled around a golden orb with a black center. The final thing to note was there were no other rooms in this small building. And were they to look backward, they would see no door they could've entered from. OOC
  11. As Chester was attempting to call Zeta back over, his attention was gotten too as the Falinks started informing everyone about what was going on and what to do next. He remembered from earlier, all of five seconds ago, that he had identified as NewGamePlus; a name that Chester was certainly familiar with. He hadn't thought much of any of these incredibly familiar names, in fact he hadn't thought much of the situation at all. He was a pokemon now and there were other pokemon here so he figured this might've all been one crazy dream and he was just placing random names on to them. Of course as the man talked and mentioned NCM he was starting to think that this kind of random ascribing of details in a dream was starting to break down a little. Thankfully, both NG+ and Zeta's speeches had made him completely shove that to the side. As the Zorua spoke with the confidence that they did about their situation Chester couldn't help but wonder if they had some kind of experience in cave spelunking before this. Certainly it would be helpful if they did if it wasn't frustrating who such experience was attached to. "Even if this is the correct way what do you think you're going to get done by yourself?" Frustrated the Chespin shouted, "but if you want to see someone swim then - " As he went to go jump into the water, he stopped as Marv had brought up an idea. "Excellent thinking!" Walking over to one of the pillars that the Treecko had pointed to the boy thought aloud, "well, I have no idea how strong I am in this body. But Chespin's are known for their physical might...eventually...so!" The grass type flexed their tiny arms before getting ready. "Let's get pushing everyone!"
  12. Alois didn't seem phased as Penelope offered his services on his behalf, instead responding to the princess saying, "I'd love to but well..." Trailing off, he let Citron speak before explaining else. Then, when his mother denied her help, attempting to do all the cleaning around the house herself he gestured to her saying, "there's that. I swear where does she get her stubbornness from," the boy jokingly shook his head before standing up, not paying much mind to what his mother was doing. "Well, if you don't need our help here then I'd say it's all the better we don't get in your way. Besides," the boy looked over to Citron, "we are kind of at capacity here. So, if my mom doesn't just build an extension to our house in the next few hours then it's probably best we see if we can find someone who can take you in for the night. And I'm sure there's much of this wonderful town you two want to see now that's it back to being a bustling paradise." With sarcasm evident in his tone, he began to walk towards the door. Tsetseg looked confused at Gunther as he made his comment, pausing for a moment. "Ew, no, no. I'd never bite a wyvern, I bet they taste gross. Bleh." Then, turning to Phai she looked similarly confused at her question. "I'm fine fine. That wyvern is growling at me so you meet growling with growling like you meet punch with punch or bread with bread - unless they don't want bread then maybe you meet bread with apple? Hmmm, oh but if I was an animal I could growl way better there were these biiiiig fluffy foxes and they were really growly snarly and if I could do that then - oh then I'd also be fluffy too - oh!" The girl's rambling was cut short as she realized that she had entirely stopped paying attention to her quarry and their rider. And in that time the rider had vanished and the wyvern was diving into the hole. To Tsetseg's surprise, both Timmy and the Isaurian were carried out with any incident leaving the girl with yet more complicated feelings. "Oh, you didn't get eaten Timmy...hmhmhmhmmmm..." The girl trailed off as she tried to figure out what this meant and also why the Isaurian was in the hole to begin with but she made very little headway before Timmy mentioned going back into town and not leaving Rocky here in case of baddies. "Oh, oh well let's take you - escort you! there. Especially if there are baddies out. Baddies are no good but we're really good at fighting baddies, mhm, mhm." The girl nodded to herself, before looking at Rocky. While normally she would implicate him as a baddy himself, due to what had just happened she had kept silent in words alone. Her glare and incredibly strained expression, as her mouth looked like it was about ready to shout something told a completely different story. Yet, all the same she turned away from him and got ready to head back.
  13. I feel like I should deny this on principle but alas I am a man bereft of them. As such once more if I have liked your posts then you're accepted and if you were already accepted before this post then congratulations you're on double secret acceptance. So yeah, with this app submissions are closed and the RP will start proper later this week. So look forward to that. Before this post ends though gonna go clear some things up and add new mechanical nonsense into this RP. First MP is an abstraction and a poor explanation as to what your casting limit, flavorfully is. In universe it would more so be referred to as "Focus" and is a more a measure of mental stamina then it is a pool of magic that you pull from. Therefore, when you run out of Focus nothing is physically wrong with you, your mind just can't focus on doing complex things (IE arts and magic) and so it just fails at them. This will re-explained in the opening post. Next up, I saw on two of these apps the notion of spending more MP on an art to make it better on cast. And rather than just keep it in total abstract I'm a man of rules and guidelines. And so I've decided to add in the "Overcharge" mechanic. Essentially this is useable on any Art or spell in the game. When used it doubles the Focus used when cast and increase the potency of the attack by 1.75x, essentially trading cost for time efficiency. When used, Overcharge will also make the attack look visually stronger. Arts can be upgraded to grant additional levels of Overcharge up to a max of Overcharge 4, increasing by +1,+.75 for each additional level. (Ie Overcharge 2 would be 3 times the cost and 2.5 times the effectiveness.) This will also be added to the opening at some point. Along with other gameplay nonsense you have to look forward to. So yeah.
  14. As Fen wondered what next to do with their curious guest, her attention was directed towards the staircase as Morgan made her way downstairs. As the zombie girl had asked about the box, Melissa and Aduain had both informed her about the specifics of it, Fen just adding, "yeah we're just trying to figure out what to do with it. I don't think this is, well, the best place." She gestured to the pool table. Granted, as far as she knew no one was actually using the table at present, but a table was no place for a pet all the same. Or a monstrous guest as it would happen. As Melissa left to go take care of something else, Fen gave her a wave saying, "I'll uh, try to put him in the box and stuff while you're out." As Aduain was conversing with Morgan, Fen looked to the box trying to figure out the best way to cut it open. With an ice knife in hand, the girl wasn't sure where the best part to put the hole was, or even how big to make it but it was probably better to start smaller then larger. After all one could always just make the hole bigger at a later date. As the girl bended towards the box, she raised her knife ready to cut into it only to have her attention taken by something else. Looking back, she caught the door closing, wondering what that was about before turning back to the box. Looking at her knife, the girl looked between the box and her weapon thinking about it for a moment longer. The box was made of cardboard, which would be hard for her to puncture but it wasn't as though her knife was sharp enough to cut through it like butter. Ergo, the process was more likely to end with a much more imprecise hole if she tried to do it like that. And so instead, she backed up from the container for a moment. Reshaping her weapon into a much thicker and longer lance, the girl smiled to herself, "perfect." A hole very easily formed in both ends of the box as she ran her lance through it and pulling it out she was very satisfied with how circular it ended up. Much more then if she had stuck to a knife. With a job well done, the girl dismissed her weapon before looking to the other two. "Oh, right. It's been a bit and we came back here so um, I'm going to go to the kitchen and get some food. Do you all - well, I don't really think there's much in there but, do you both want something." She briefly looked to the Slakoth, wondering if it too wanted food but she hadn't the faintest idea what to even feed it to begin with. And it never really seemed to be in much of a hurry.
  15. Alright so if I've liked your app that means i think it's all good and you're accepted into the RP. And wouldn't you know I liked all of them, so good job gang. Anyway, the PSA is that I've decided for a soft deadline for apps on this RP to Thursday, the 28th. So, be sure to have it done or at the very least mostly done/thought out by that point. Happy Signing.
  16. Lana had been made only more curious about their new party member as Chris mentioned that they'd also likely have been strong enough to get to their current floor as well. And so, she expectantly and excitedly looked towards Estelle, awaiting the girl's further explanation of them. It didn't take much waiting, however, before the girl could explain anymore some new faces came walking over to the table. Lana looked over, surprised at first but then all the more excited as they were to be their new team members. Smiling brightly she waved as Estelle gestured to her and then matched the girls enthusiasm with her own saying, "I know right? Five whole people in one group. We've been doing pretty well with just the three of us," Lana sighed happily as she trailed off, thinking of how much easier her life had become with two other people in the party. Though, she couldn't help but something hadn't lined up with her expectations but her excitement made unable to place what that was. Looking over to Robin, specifically to her belt, the girl ogled her weaponry saying, "whoa, pistols? I haven't seen many of those before. But these ones look pretty cool so I'm sure they've gotta be awesome too." The girl nodded, though being entirely honest she wasn't exactly sure what a pistol was or did. She had heard of them and seen their shape before, and from Robin's description they were some kind of ranged weaponry so she just figured they were some kind of magic, small crossbow or something to that affect. Looking back to Robin she nodded saying, "yeah, you sound pretty cool Robin." Then looking over to the bard, a teammate of theirs who had been hiding in plain sight up to this point the girl said, "and a bard too? Hm, having music in the dungeon might be nice then the whole creepy vibe its got a lot." Thinking more on it she furrowed her brow before saying, "though, maybe music isn't the best for some floors..." Her expression brightened again before saying, "oh but maybe it is! Then I might not have to worry so much about having things fall on top of me if they already know we're there with music." Nodding at this utterly flawless deduction of hers, the girl then said, "but you're also a mage too? That's also pretty cool. I don't know much about illusions, really, but anything that confuses the enemy is good in my book." Moving back to herself the girl said, "oh, yeah. I'm Lana, like Estelle said. I don't really do anything fancy, I just kind of run at the enemy and whack them." The girl grabbed the haft of her axe, rustling the weapon a little bit. "With this. Sometimes my smaller axes too."
  17. Chester wasn't a stranger to falling asleep in places that weren't his bed. Many a time when he had something important to work on he would end up falling asleep wherever he was working. Usually these were chairs or even the floor if he was truly that tired. So it wasn't strange for him to wake up feeling sore or uncomfortable. But no floor he had fallen asleep on was ever quite this hard of cold. For that matter, what was he even working on that demanded him to fall asleep in such conditions in the first place? While no floor was ever quite this hard, he also had to say that the ceilings were never quite this leaky either. Well, he presumed they weren't anyway, otherwise he would've had to bring that up to...someone? Well, that didn't quite matter right now. What did, was that there was water falling onto his face. There were also people shouting, which was quite discourteous of them when someone was so clearly sleeping here and so early in the morning at that. As the young man opened his eyes, he had to have that second part of his thought come into question. It was most certainly still dark in here, wherever here was. He didn't think he had a habit of going into caves to work on whatever it was, but he also wasn't so sure of his habits either. Regardless, it had seemed that there was something of a situation going on, and where there was a situation there was solving that needed to be done. Picking himself up off the ground, Chester struggled for a moment as he realized that he was a lot top heavier than he remembered. He was also a lot back heavier then he remembered - and is if on command that "back heavy" part started waving itself around. It was a sensation that was entirely foreign to the man but also naturally recognizable as "having a tail." Being perplexed about this for a moment longer, Chester finally pushed himself up onto his feet, before getting his balance proper. Looking around, he saw a sight that was not quite what he expected when he woke up. There was nothing but Pokemon. Pokemon and gave rock and some water. Chester blinked for a moment, and then stared as if he was lost deep in thought. He was in a cave with a bunch of pokemon that were surprisingly level with his own height. He had a tail and no thumbs. He hadn't any idea how he had gotten here and no one else seemed to as well, and he was positive that all of these names were hauntingly familiar to him. "Zeta" especially stuck out like a sore thumb to him, yet in this baffling situation there was no way it could possibly be the Zeta he knew of. Yes, such were the thoughts that Chester had that his deep thought had instead circled back to "no thought," and with his head empty he declared, "I will sort that all out later." Clearing his throat loud enough for everyone to hear, the man continued, "since we're introducing ourselves allow me to as well. I am Chester! Or, by another handle Appletun!" Proudly declaring his screen name, he paused for a moment as he couldn't help but suddenly feel like he was appropriating something. "I don't know what's going on but in times like these it's best to stay put, stay calm and - hey! That is doing neither!" The man shouted out to Zeta as she hopped into the water. Rushing ahead of the other he shouted, "get back over here now, it's not safe to go into a cave all by yourself!"
  18. With that, we're a full OOC now folks. Have fun in reading these mad ramblings and please let me know if anything is unclear or missing.
  19. I don't have a quote but here's the color, please don't hurt me Basic Information Nickname: Chester Gender: Male Personality: Pokémon Information Species: Chespin Appearance: Art by Nullma 1 and 1/6th Starly tall. Ability: Bulletproof. Starting Moves: Vinewhip Growl Syntehsis Power Up Punch Human Information Username: Sawsbuck76, ProdigyProfessor, Appletun Real Name: Chester Pinesly Appearance: Art by Keishin Forum Biography: Biography: Other Information I'm sure there's a theme for him out there.
  20. Ryia's discomfort didn't fade even as she was talking with her fellow Chosen. The stares of the elves from behind were certainly intense and she had the sensation that they were likely to keep true to their word were the group to take one more step forward towards the city. And so, she was all the more relieved when they finally started making their way away from the city walls. Though this didn't stop her from quickly turning and giving a bow to the elves as they left saying, "uh, um, thanks for the...help...your time...uh..." Awkwardly, the girl righted herself before joining back with the others. Though she wasn't one to make angry outbursts, she found a strange sense of comfort in Madelyn returning to her annoyed, boisterous self. Of course her smile was still somewhat uncomfortable as it wasn't as though the girl was giving good news or anything. "Well, uh, it sounds pretty um, dangerous anyway. So maybe, uh, maybe it all works out?" "Oh, yes, helping with something dangerous that makes it much better." she replied, with a grumble. Letting out a nervous chuckle, not entirely sure how to respond to the Light Mage's frustrations, the girl said, "ah ha, y-yeah, I guess uh, I guess not." Once they met back up with Damien, though, they explained to him everything that had happened. She wasn't usually one to parse much from someone's facial expressions, but as they were talking about finding the wolves it occurred to her that perhaps it was for the best that they went after the traitor. After all, she figured that Damien had something of a soft spot for animals, so she figured he probably wouldn't enjoy having to kill a pack of wolves no matter how dangerous they may have been to the elves. Unfortunately he didn't have much of an idea on where to go either and so the group was stuck with little in way of leads as to where to go. As Keres was thinking aloud and then turned her attention to everyone else, Ryia thought about it herself. She hadn't the faintest idea about actually tracking others - that had never been her specialty - and even less so when it came to a veritable needle in a haystack. But, as she thought on it more she inquired, "well, um, I don't know where they might be but...hmm...The captain um, said that it would bring great destruction, to the uh, forest. So maybe it, um, can only be used here?" Spit balling ideas she added, "maybe it uh, starts like, a big fire or, um, something? So maybe it's somewhere that's uh easy - er," the girl looked around at all the tree before adding, "easier? Sorry, I um, I don't know."
  21. Ryia's nerves didn't really calm down any as Lindow had taken the lead in speaking with the elves. Though he was generally direct with how he spoke, she couldn't always help but feel like there was something about his tone that was basically inviting the other party to fight them. She had no desire or intention to fight the elves, especially in the situation so she was glad at the very least they were looking to at least hear them out, however doubtful they might've been. As Reinaan spoke with their captain, though, it didn't seem like the group was going to make any headway until they had done something for the elves in exchange. Neither option sounded particularly easy, no matter how gung ho Reinaan might've been to wrestle an alpha wolf. Figuring it would be prudent to know more about what they were up against before going deciding which one to go with the girl looked to the captain, saying, "um, hello. Uh would it um, be alright to ask some uh, questions. About both?" He turned his head to look at her and then gave a brief nod. "If you must." "For the uh, first request. Where- um when too? Do you usually find the uh, wolves. And is it like, some or like a um, a whole bunch or, uh...?" "We don't find them, they find us. Where their.....territory is, is wherever there happens to be the most prey at the time. I suppose I could share which area of the forest that might be. As for how many, they haven't been counted, they are adapt at escaping swiftly after an attack, but they number at least a dozen." "I uh, I see..." The girl didn't exactly find the idea of having to go against a dozen wolves that seemed to be too fast and ferocious for even the locals to deal with all that appealing. So, to make sure that it was the lesser of two evils to her the girl asked, "and about the uh, traitor. What do they uh, look like and well, um, what did they, uh, steal?" "What they look like doesn't matter. If you see someone out there who isn't part of a hunting group it must be them. As for what they stole...It was something that could bring great destruction to this forest if not under enchantments for too long. I only hope there is enough time to find them before it...is too late." "Oh, that uh, that sounds...bad..." Stating the obvious, the girl's voice trailed off, not really attempting to press either subject further with the man the girl turned to the others. "Well, the um, artifact sounds really bad to just uh, keep loose. And um, someone else is in trouble uh, because of them too. So...well, uh, maybe that?" Figuring it was the more important of the two, as well as definitely wanting to not fight the wolves.
  22. [Super fancy Logo whoa oh my god how does he do it] Premise Rules General Plot Setting Terminology Gameplay App
  23. Alois didn't meet his mother's gaze as she began to narrow her eyes at him, having something of an obviously guilty yet innocent expression on his face. Thankfully Penelope had managed to keep that situation from getting any sourer by souring the conversation in a different way. As the topic of his and the mayor's history came up, Alois's expression changed to an annoyed frown as he thought back on his time here in Phar. As his mother seemed to state the situation between him and his hoity toity lord of Phar the boy grimaced. "Yeah, well, that's the long and short of it. I've never been one much for stupid rules and he's never been one for reason, so this is just how things ended up between us. I couldn't tell you really when it all started. If anything, you could just say it's one of the town's charms its had for the past decade," the boy wryly joked. Though he had a sarcastic smile on his face it quickly broke away back to a somber look. He hadn't been certain of when all this started or what was the cause of it. But he had a good idea of why it happened, and how he was going to end all of this. "Well, I'm sure he has something to say himself," the boy added, before swiftly switching topics. "But I've had enough of that badger for one day already. So, how about you princess?" The boy smiled as he asked, "anyone you couldn't help but butt heads with back home?" Tsetseg had still stayed behind Gunther as Rocky had continued to explain himself. Given her current attitude, she gave an oddly understanding nod as he had mentioned not using dark magic but then felt bewildered by his next comment. It was true that it was stone and Tsetseg had never known stone to fly - at least in the literal sense. So it didn't make any sense to think that the stone statue was actually flying. But she had seen it with her own eyes and it was most certainly flying. Which is where the strange, presumably dark, magic had come in to play. Reorienting her thoughts, she nodded to herself, proud for not getting too confused by the Isaurian's double talk. She was snapped out of this kind of circular thinking, though, as the scaly terror of the skies had come down and looked at them. "Ah! Another another one!" The girl yelped out in surprise as, in addition to the third Isaurian, this had been the second - third? - wyvern that she had seen in one day. Her shocked expression gave one into wary annoyance as the wyvern growled at her and the others. And so Tsetseg growled back at them. Locked in a staring contest with the wyvern, Tsetseg stated, "it's a good thing you're not a goat Timmy, yup yup." She nodded to herself. Goats weren't that far off from horses after all.
  24. As if on cue, her complaints were answered by the arrival of Chris. As the boy asked who, she waved her hand to shoo off the comment saying, "Leo? No no, he's a real gentleman you know? He definitely wouldn't have just acted like he owned the place and then berate me with questions." The girl frowned as she remembered the experience, before saying, "no they were more like - " the girl stopped as she looked more closely at Chris. She narrowed her eyes, as if examining his head more closely before asking, "how often do you wash your hair?" Lana's train of thought was broken as Chris sat down and Estelle talked about some kind of permission that she had gotten for him. Curious at the secrecy of whatever it was they were talking about, the girl leaned in closer to listen before immediately scooching back in her seat as Estelle moved suddenly. "Eh?!" As Estelle then went on to explain what she had remembered, Lana's eyes lit up, "a new member!?" The girl exclaimed. Things had been a bit rough for her since Sergei had left, being the primary one to have to rush at enemies, be stabbed, be eaten and tossed around like a toy doll. So having another person to help take the fury of the attacks sounded like only good news to her. Plus it was Estelle recommending them so Lana could only imagine that they were as reliable as they came. Curious and excited, the girl asked, "so what are they like, and when should they be here?"
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