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  1. just a bit of a note - it's slag boom being remixed by BoC not the other way around. anyway heres the "music to ____'s ears" shitpost video i talked about, but its length is a monster of its own. i dont actually expect you to finish it but i do want to know your thoughts on the fact that this exists (this isn't supposed to be a prosletizing post btw, i just thought it was a good shitpost)
  2. will we ever again in our lifetime see a triple-A game that prioritizes fun gameplay over being an interactive movie (and isn't from nintendo or valve)? possibly even incorporating the story into the gameplay like an Undertale or a Missile Command? or is indie the future of gaming (a la Pizza Tower, Rift Wizard 1, etc?) (if you're wondering, i left out things like microtransactions and crunch because if there's one thing we can count on the suits to do, it'd be being stubborn)
  3. why the FUCK is a major news outlet like NBC reporting autist inspiration porn in the year of our Lord 2023 and not even giving the autistic kid a chance to answer any of the questions in the interview

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      @cr47t worth noting this is a local broadcasting station. "NBC News" isn't a monolith.


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      @(o x) a bit confused, do you mean the link from my rant above? in any case thanks for pointing the distinction out, i missed it for some reason

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      Yes, the link.

  4. ok funny thing is, just after posting planisphere i remembered this monster of a YT shitpost - well worthy of an opponent, i imagine, while also being a golden achievement of internet humor and all that. catch is, its not really music but the joke was going to be "tell me this isn't music to your ears" or some shit like that. in the end i decided not to post it because i didnt want to be a dick by possibly derailing the thread with something of hours-long length, so please let me ask now, is it ok if i post it here? or if not that can i DM it to you? in the meantime heres some calmer stuff for me to offer until i know if it's okay
  5. the original, for reference (loops once) the remix i'm actually listening to
  6. i honestly think this mashup works quite well, after this i can't help but feel the original sample in lucid dreams was a bit too angsty. only other thing i'd change if i was jarad was revise "i wont let you forget me" to "i hope you won't forget me" to something along those lines this was pre-sellout ed and he doesnt sing in this so if you dont like it, i'm fine with that as long as you dont ad hominem me over it
  7. A father scolds his little boy for trading secrets with a girl
    He turns and kicks the neighbor's dog into the other yard

    -Dave Grohl (as "Late!"), "Milk" (from the pocketwatch demos)


  8. ClascyJitto - Wudpecker (WayFer remix)
  9. Three o'clock, just can't close my eyes
    Something's wrong with me
    No, I can't deal, I can't go to sleep
    There's something in my heart
    The streets keep calling me

  10. Wild Train in Austria is gonna close at end of 2024. Really sucks because I was nearby in Salzburg earlier this year but didnt go and probably won't get back in time. Shame, reportedly the most violent 'family coaster'


  11. man i have been listening to way too much travis scott, anyone got other ideas?

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      I heard he was really crushing it a few years ago 

  12. My thoughts (since I presume everyone active here can get the gist of the context of this album) I see a lot of people debating this along the hip hop internet, partly in the fighting for ordering the tracks, but also whether this album is good at all or if Travis is gonna tank over it. Been seeing/hearing of haters who say things like "FE!N is the only good song/the best" or "there's no number 1 hits" like wtf?... the thing is Travis isn't exactly trying to make the next Astroworld (i mean just look at "Meltdown", regardless of how good you think it is, in terms of the song itself no way it's sicko mode 2) where every song can be a single. Just look at "Telekinesis" which was basically given to him from when Kanye gave up on Future Sounds/Bounce (can't pin down which leak is the right one on YT) - he could have kept a lot of that material but I for one prefer the streamable mix, between Future's vulnerable deliver of his verses, and the laid back vibe of it until it explodes w/ SZA (as opposed to the more traditional buildup the kanye mix reportedly had going). Compare any tracks on Utopia to any other tracks on Utopia and the versatility of the production (because let's be honest, you listen to Travis for the vibes) shows it's not about making the next banger bonanza, he's more concerned with putting together a complete body of work (that is to say, more than the sum of its parts.) As far as that goes I like the album the way it is. Some tracks I don't care for but I try not to tier them because that's not exactly the point. If I had to pick favorites though I'd choose "Hyaena" "My Eyes" and "Telekinesis" for personal listening pleasure. I also like that Travis is kind of standing out more on his verses, because with Astroworld it was like Travis as a rapper was largely one of the weaker parts of his own album, but here his presence is better executed - when I go to utopia, part of why I'm going is for Travis himself and what he brings to the table beyond production, and that's a nice change of pace from before. Anyone else's thoughts on the album?
  13. Post Corrected Update) When I posted this post it was just me trying to bring to attention things that I was concerned about with the sister forum YCM - basically copy+pasting with a few edits, and the YCM post in turn was written shortly before leaving the screen for the day. As Yui illustrated below here, I posted ignorantly - I had no clue that Tormented was the owner of the site and that he's UK based (which defeats the whole point of my post here), I hadn't considered NCM's internet footprint even in relation to YCM, and how the law apparently would not affect people who aren't doing anything shady (which as far as I know, nobody is, or at least I would hope nobody is.) Yui's post in general is much more thought out than my own, and while I do think I can plead ignorance for not knowing the context of NCM properly, I also take responsibility for the bad posting. My apologies to Tormented and everyone else - I've no hard feelings and I hope this doesn't cause any more of them. I don't back the original post any more for NCM so I deleted it but I kept the video for context sake.. I'm also requesting someone lock this so I can just put this behind me and keep on as usual.
  14. i know people are hyping ai but to get a youtube ad for an ai in a fucking washing machine come on guys this is getting ridiculous

  15. i would post my take but i dont have much of a take except to say that during the entirety of my tie at roblox there was a sitewide rule on no online dating (ODing is what we used to call it, it was basically the strictest rule on the platform), and also given that roblox is famous and popular largely because of (not despite) the pdp problem in their user base for a children's aimed game is unaddressed (IIRCl a family member of John "free players quitting saves us money" Shedletsky got their own scandal - John has been on the team since before I started playing in 2008) so with this i can safely say i regard roblox as lower than netflix (b/c mvideo-name-redacted controversy back in 2020) and autism speaks (actual fascists) put together, exaberated by the fact that roblox corporation has never backtracked on anything (except the clothes price floor and even they didnt remove it completely just lowered it) and even if they did you can't go straight after something like this so the question is, how do you bring the public attention en masse to outcry against this sort of thing all at once and over an extended period of time? this is what i'm hoping to discuss. i should note it's not going to be easy when outrage culture works by moving on to the next big scary looking thing within days if not hours - the only way i can think of is a mass campaign by the US press or getting US/CA law enforcement to investigate with intent to prosecute (which would get attention), although neither is likely, b/c law enforcement might not have a lead to follow or weasel out of it with a law clause, and b/c the media ganged up by netflix's side with movie-name-redacted (probably a decision by the suits and not the reporters). also someone said in the comments "making it 17+ instead of 18+ makes it easier for roblox to deal with the law, instead of it being strictly an adult space which have legal precedents it is just a space tailored to older teens. Roblox now will not be held at the standard of exposing children to adult content and having the authorities involved. Instead they now can just say that "there are just some creepy people in the space and we are doing our best to get rid of them.'" i dont know how true this is at least in US so if someone could verify that'd be informative. but in the end, stuff like this makes me thank the LORD for helping me walk away all those years ago, around the time tix ('tickets', free online currency on roblox) got removed, but i never thought it'd quite come to this [NOTE: I will not tolerate incitements to violence against roblox corporation, or its infrastructure, because that only gives them the martyr card. vigilante action should be reserved for individuals who have been found guilty in a court of law]
  16. Hi everyone - So I've been in a bit of a rut recently regarding a writing project I was working on and off for about 2 or so years, then put aside over the past month, and now that I'm revisiting it I'm not sure what to do with it. For context: My initial main idea that I wanted to write about was a magic system I came up with, where emotions and perspective were just as important an aspect of it as the actual abilities gained. (I'd rather not disclose exactly how it works on the internet.) I thought it was a pretty good expression of what I wanted to share through this story - basically that we need more empathy in the world. I also was intrigued about writing a story w/ an autistic protagonist whose (abundant) empathy would factor heavily into the plot but the plot itself would not center around his autism. (As an autistic person IRL I thought these would go well together, also b/c I haven't been able to find any characters like that in popular fiction...) (In addition I still intend to use a mountain setting, a la the places I traveled to in the alps this year - that's part of why I went after all, to reuse my experience there into the story.) I also have/had (more on that later) a lot of moving parts that I included either as A. a writing conceit (for example, a team of human antagonist, in this case from far away and intent on seizing the setting) or B. something I thought would be cool to include without thinking much about how it would affect my workload (e.g. a sympathetic member of that antagonist team w/ redemption arc and some viewpoint chapters, etc.) But eventually about a month and a week ago I put it aside after 7 chapters (out of an guesstimated 40) over the course of those two or so years, to give myself some distance and see if I would be able to figure out what was railroading my creative process on that story. It worked: I think the problem was that I had a lot of moving parts that I was not willing to let go of, so now I'm trying to simplify the story and cut down heavily on the extraneous ambitions (such as example B above) and focus primarily on those 2 main story ideas in the second paragraph of this post (mainly the magic system, but to a slightly lesser degree the protagonist too, who I was not giving his full due.) So now I'm trying to figure out some ideas for the central conflict, stakes, and antagonist/character web setup. Generally speaking I feel a part of the stakes should involve the community(s) of the setting, and whether they find/keep common ground or (continue to?) turn on each other. Also a single "team bad" I think would be less than ideal, as I'm not sure that would be earnest anymore coming from me, but a natural intrusion (a la Nausicaa) or a faction setup are things I've been weighing. Like I said before, I'm trying to go with whatever best allows Exchanging and the MC to shine as they should, without over-burdening my workload. (These two ideas I'm keeping might put a lot on my plate already.) What are some ideas for character setups I could possibly use? (I don't mind borrowing from other works if there's a way I can see to put my own spin on it.)
  17. how did you just not think of easy-ins like cyber stein, waking the dragon, etc i mean there's not even a "must be fusion'd with the above materials" clause or anything
  18. browsing YT and first thing i see, im like bro they're really gonna make a third wonka movie...?

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      It looks like it's a prequel of sorts to the original movie with Gene Wilder, with it being a musical and all

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