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  1. Lindow tried is best to follow the multiple conversations that had broken out whilst still keep his eyes on the minotaur at the doorway. It seemed like he had made the right decision by not acting aggressively out the gate, and now they also had an opportunity to learn some new information if they played their cards right. “Maybe slip in that this building is gonna fall on the lot of us any minute now…” He urged Damien quietly before tuning back into the exchange between Ryia and Madeylyn. From what he could tell, it wasn’t completely out of the question that this woman might have information that would lead them to the Demon Gate. The only problem was that the minotaur didn’t seem like they had any interest in letting the group borrow her… “She might be our only chance at a lead.” He spoke again through his teeth, low enough for Damien to hear. For now he could only hope that the other three chosen wouldn’t let this opportunity slip, and be ready to use force if came down to it.
  2. The explosion triggered by the booby trap was quite loud. Too loud to afford them more than a minute before the minotaur outside came storming in. Springing forward from the entrance, Lindow quickly closed the distance between himself and the girl without a sound. Though instead of subduing her like he originally planned, he found himself tightly gripping her shoulder. “What do you think you’re doing?!” He barked with the gruff authoritative tone reserved for his men in the field. There would be no chance of diplomacy if the men outside stumbled into a hostage situation… “UnHAND me you brute." Was her response. Followed by a swift smack to the face that surprisingly compelled him to let go despite the fact that it didn’t actually hurt. "I'm leaving this broken-down old tower and I'd suggest you do the same." Keeping his hand hovering in the air near the strange woman, Lindow narrowed his eye and growled. "We would, but it seems you've parked three reasons not to outside... what are you searching for out here? His tone was stern now, but her demeanor made it hard to consider her a threat. "We're not here for a fight, but if you're planning to introduce the tribe to the Demon realm, then I'm afraid it's over for you." "All I'm doing is what they hired me to do." She snapped back. "I do not threaten easily. Especially not because of some brutish thug like yourself." "We're no ordinary thugs, and that wasn't a threat." He sighed, relaxing his posture. "We have reason to believe that the tribe is looking for something that's best not be messed with. If you can just confirm that it's nothing of concern, that would be lovely- because then me and my people could leave." The tower rumbled and she rolled her eyes. "I don't care if you leave or stay to get buried if this place falls but I'm not sticking around." With that, she began making for the entrance. He glanced towards the unstable structure above them. She was right, this wasn't a smart place to be standing at all. "Clearly bullheadedness is rampant around here... I'm telling you all this to avoid a full scale battle breaking out." The Thunder Chosen persisted a final time before the minotaur appeared in the doorway. "I'm just trying to get paid here." She remarked with finality before addressing the figures at the entrance. . "You lot sure took your time." Backing up slightly, Lindow moved his left hand to one of the swords on his hip whilst bringing his right up to show he meant no harm. All that was left to do was watch to see what would happen.
  3. Though he hadn't expected to find another human when the entered the tower, Lindow didn't visibly react to the sight of the woman. Holding his hand up slightly to signal Damien to halt. He observed as she used magic to reveal some kind of treasure chest that had been hidden amongst the ruins of the building. For a moment he contemplated grabbing her from behind and placing a blade to her throat. She hadn't them noticed them yet, and given the circumstances, it was very likely that she was here with the lovely crowd outside. However, after playing at the notion for a few moments, he decided to risk waiting to see if she actually managed to open the chest before making his move. If it came down to it, they would just have to try taking her hostage... they clearly needed her for whatever they were planning, and that made her valuable. It wasn't like one of the brutes outside would be able to fill in if she were compromised after all. Holding his breath, Lindow watched the women carefully as he silently took a step closer, his body ready to spring into action the moment he sensed a disturbance.
  4. Lindow peered back and Damien for a moment before nodding. He felt the paranoia from earlier bubbling in his stomach once again. “Let’s give them a second…” He said whilst ducking down and observing the other group’s attempt at distracting the minotaur. He couldn’t hear them from this distance of course, but after a few a minute or so it seemed that Reinaan of all people had managed to rope the guards into some kind of game. “Looks like the boy has finally found his audience.” The witch hunter remarked dryly before motioning Damien to follow. “Let’s play the wind. See if we can spot anything if we circle around. If not, perhaps we can see about getting inside whilst they’re distracted..." Though this wasn't his first time infiltrating enemy territory, for some reason the man felt nervous as began his brawl towards the other side of the tower. Steading his breathing, he was careful to keep any eye on the other group with each step.
  5. Luckily Damien wasn’t too off put by their peculiar morning greeting- or if he wasn’t showing very much. Lindow’s morning would only get stranger from there though. Pyrrha’s disappearance seemed to be almost too perfectly timed to be a coincidence, and though he tried not to show it, the man found himself on edge. Even when after Reinaan’s trinket was presented, he simply feigned interest, for a moment before slipping the stone into one of his pockets. He didn’t want to let the words from his dream effect him so easily. Nonetheless during the trip to search for the minotaur group, he found himself looking at the remainder of his allies with some suspicion. When the party finally arrived at their destination, it became necessary for them to solidify how they’d approach their first meeting with the tribe. Naturally, the kinder of the chosen wanted to try diplomacy, and from that Reinaan moved for the party to be split into two groups. Eager to get some space, Lindow was quick to finally speak up after an entire journey in silence. "I'll hang back then. Maybe see if I can scout around whilst you have them distracted."
  6. "Just save some for the morning..." Lindow yawned with shrug. Turning away just as the other man began to undress, he fell back into his bed and drearily peered up into the ceiling for a moment. He felt glum. Though mercenary in him was satisfied by simply writing it off as product of the fish stench, rather than try working out the source of the melancholy. There was part of him that wanted to pry about Damien's fixation with the elven blade that he carried around everywhere. But the timing just seemed off, and the fear of getting stuck in a fruitless conversation served as a strong deterrent for the Thunder Chosen. This wouldn't be the night he learned their mysterious allies's secrets. It didn't take long for Lindow to drift into sleep once both the men had settled into their sides of the room. His dreams were shrouded in a darkness, that felt almost familiar, yet unnerving just the same. As he wandered around in the dark, he half expected to be met with the grey woman. Lindow's senses reached into the infinite shadow, straining through an uncountable amount of nothing for quite some time before finally confirming his suspicion. "There's something else here." He thought to himself, weary to break the silence and possible give away his position. Nonetheless, a voice called out in response. "What are you doing? You're too trusting. You don't know these people. You don't know what they want from you. Or if they'll betray you." Lindow's eyes widened at the realization that it was man's voice. Quickly sliding into a low ready stance, he peered off towards where the voice had came from. He wouldn't respond. So long as he didn't reveal his location by taking the bait, the advantage was his... Then the voice came from another direction. "And they're so weak. They'll give up or die and the power given to them will go to waste? Are you going to let that happen?" "You saw it didn't you? They won't last. You know some are thinking of abandoning this right now don't you? Why not just take care of the problem now?" The voice seemed to moving all around him, faster than what should have been possible without ant signs of... well anything. In a slight panic, Lindow began to call on Lily's power, his glowing eyes furiously darting about as sparks danced in the air around him. The voice then was right behind him. "You're the only one you can trust." Turning to meet his tormentor face to face, Lindow froze in his tracks. Inches from his face, he was staring back at himself. Without warning, Lindow feverishly shot up in bed with gasp. Glazed in a cold sweat, he stared forward with a look of terror, eyes still glowing cyan with magic. Once again recognizing a second presence around him, Lindow ferociously turned towards Damien with the aura of a cornered animal. Driven by instinct, his right hand reached out and grabbed the hilt of his Bandit's Cleaver, only to be halted by his left. The sight of a face that wasn't his own was enough to bring Lindow to his senses. With his left hand still tasked with subduing his sword hand, Lindow took a moment to process this what had just happened whilst staring into Damien's face. "Excuse me." Lindow finally said after releasing his grip on his sword, and then his arm to let himself relax his shoulders. "It was terrible dream. Just another perk of our luxurious occupation, I'm afraid..."
  7. For the most part Lindow was satisfied by each person's response to his question. Naturally, Keres seemed to be the only one who actually realize what kind of disadvantage they were facing statistically. Though Damien likely also had a pretty good idea, but would choose to keep up himself in favor of sticking to character. He already knew Reinaan mean't what he said about wrestling the minotaur, and that the boy was eager to make another tale to exaggerate for some grubby villagers in the next town over. Something about the tone of Ryia's response peaked his interest however. It was rare to see her so resolute about anything, and he couldn't help notice that she wore confidence well. Pyrrha's silence during the discussion was probably warranted, given how the girl had been through quite a rough first day being a protector of the realm. Lindow found himself studying her a few times throughout the night. From what he could tell, the girl had a good head on her shoulders. But for some reason the question of if she were cut out for this new life kept presenting itself to him. Whilst the others discussed the sleeping arrangements, Lindow stood beer in hand as he watched with a bored expression. With his belly full, and the possibility of death on the horizon, the witch hunter was much more concerned with how long he would get to sleep, rather than who he'd be sleeping with. He so very much enjoyed the deep slumber that alcohol gave him, and he didn't want to waste a moment of quality napping an actual bed. Luckily, it didn't take long for the group to break off into pairs amongst themselves. Realizing that this meant Damien and him would be paired be default, Lindow felt a slight tension within himself. "Welp, now that that's settled..." He said with between gulps has he finished his drink and placed the tanker on a nearby ledge. Having already known that he didn't completely trust the other man, Lindow smothered sliver of unease with a dreary smile. "I think it's safe to say this meeting is adjourned, then? We have another big day of playing hero tomorrow... I think the realm owes us at least twelve hours!" The witch hunter yawned whilst motioning to their server that the group was turning in for the night.
  8. "Make that three order of the potatoes, and I'll have beer too when get a chance." Lindow leaned back in his chair after placing his order. One didn't last long in his kind of work if they had a weak stomach, but now the man was certain that he'd rather swamp stench over sea stench any day of the week. The fish smell wasn't unbearable, but it didn't lend itself at all to creating a very appetizing environment. The the booze would certainly take his mind off it, if he tried hard enough. "Um, uh. Well, I know it might not be - it might be awkward to talk. Over food. Or before food. But I think we should well, um, figure it out. Where to go...that is. And well..." Ryia finally pipped up to continue the discussion from outside. "I think we should go to where the Minotaur are." Just like that, the smell fish in the air was replaced with that of blood, as Lindow's memories took him through the battles he'd seen a single minotaur smash through with ease. It was rare, but not impossible to find them amongst the ranks of mercenaries. Given their hulking anatomy, they were undoubtedly physically well suited for the trade. An unquestionably formidable race, a group of minotaurs was big a step up from the beast men they had been ambushed by at the farm. Hearing Reinaan's thoughts on the matter made him smile, but for a second Lindow couldn't help but wonder how well the boy actually sized up to a battle ready minotaur, even with the fair bit of size he'd put on since they first met. It would be quit fight if one where to break out between the chosen and the tribes with the demon gate in play, that was for sure. "We'll need to play it smart if we're going after them." Lindow addressed the table whilst studying the room be sure nobody was listening in. "The minotaur won't be offering us a drink when we show up crash their little dip into the occult, and a straight confrontation could be... messy. They aren't bandits, or monsters this time, friends. Hesitation amongst the group could mean death for them all, and it would be pointless to throw his live away in such a manner. "I'll cut down any warrior that stands before me. But is everyone else here prepared for the scenario where they have found the gate?"
  9. Lindow felt his eyebrows lift when Damien mentioned that he had actually managed to secure some information for them whilst he'd been making a fool out of himself. Leaning back against the bars of the cell, he watched Ryia struggle to untie the man as he had a go at making her squirm with his usual flirtatious banter. One would think she'd have gotten used to the swordsman's antics by now... "Maybe we should keep the rope incase he gets frisky..." Lindow chirped from the back of the group before addressing Damien. "So, the suspense is killing me. What did your minotaur friend have to say?" As he spoke he studied Damien closely. Though he fairly sure that the man could be trusted, something about his mannerisms didn't seem quite genuine. The more time they spent with him, the more certain Lindow was that he was this happy go-lucky persona was some sort of front. Or perhaps the paranoia of voices that lingered from the darkness spirit were beginning to have some sort of lasting effect...
  10. Lindow scoffed at the mention of Damien's refusal to give up is sword even when unconscious. This wasn't the first time he a noticed the other man's deep attachment to the elven blade, and it made the mysterious weapon even more interesting to him. Watching Ryia catch the key, Lindow nodded in thanks to the Sheriff before following beside the earth chosen. As the they strolled deeper into the prison, he idly studied the contents of the various cells they passed. "After we're done collecting our chaperone, I think we should look into speaking with whomever is running this city." He said to the two girls whilst adjusting his cloak with a bored expression. "Maybe they might be able to give us some direction..."
  11. The fact that Damien had gotten himself into trouble wasn't the least bit surprising to Lindow. "Hm," Listening to Ryia speak, he once again found himself fascinated by how sheepish the girl could be when she wasn't smashing through their opposition. Part of him wanted to remind her that she was probably amongst the strongest people in the room- or the town even, but it would certainly not be received in a manner that would make a difference. People were funny that way... "Yes, I suppose we should go collect him. I hope that blade of his alright..." Lindow answered the earth chosen's question with a nod. Though instead of stepping back, he slid forward towards the bar. "But before we head out, have you heard anything interesting lately, my friend?" He addressed the barkeep with a smile whilst producing a sack of gold from his belt. "We'll make it worth your while, and if our friend has any debts I'll gladly take care of them now as well."
  12. Whilst the group made the trip back to where their quest had started, Lindow used the time to heal and think on the conversation regarding the demon gates. Though Keres seemed to be certain otherwise, the man wasn't quite ready to do away with the notion that there was a someone pulling the strings behind gates and their activity. Though as to how they would go about finding the gate's new location... he didn't really care what the party did, so long as the path kept leading through strong opponents. Once they had managed to enter the town proper, Lindow gave Geoff a nod just before the other man promptly ran off begin another adventure. Watching the buffalo chosen disappear from view, Lindow suddenly remembered that they never asked why Geoff had thought he'd been chosen to begin with. With the brief goodbye to the outsider taken care of, the party of heroes too began to split up. Even though he had been the first to make contact with the client, Lindow had no interest in telling her the fate of her husband. So naturally when Ryia she'd be going to fetch Damien, he was quick to slink over to her side. "I'd bet he's stewing at the same hole in the wall we found him in last time..." He said whilst lazily resting both thumbs in the straps of his armor. "I'll get us a round! I'd say we deserve it after taking care of those beastmen and like." Glancing over to Keres, he waved for to join them. "Come on, let's see if your magic works with the good kind of water..."
  13. Lindow couldn't help but snicker at the impromptu crash course that Reinaan gave about the gates and their effects. He's eating and had slowed down considerable now, and by the time Ryia addressed the group, the Thunder was slumped backwards with his hand resting on his stomach. "Most definitely." Lindow was the first to respond to the girls question. Peering into the crackling embers of the fire, he recounted their fierce clash with the fire elemental with a dreamy smirk. "Judging from what we know so far, I'd say it's safe to assume that our enemies are mages like the man on fire. No normal ilk would have the faculties to be near the gate for long periods of time, let alone move it or harness its power." Though he didn't feel the need to mention it, Lindow could feel his suspicion for the council growing larger yet again. "By the way he was speaking, I don't think they're completely immune the demon realm's effects either... " He glanced and Reinaan and tickled the air as if he were sprinkling fairy dust at the boy. "With that in mind, it's likely that not all the members of this... organization will be so eager to confront us directly like he did. Heck, if I were tasked with tending to one of these things, I'd be more inclined to use some kind of creature or maybe even a natural deterrent of sorts." Lindow brought his hand up to his lip as he toyed with the idea for a moment. "I think we should look into the island that villagers seem so weary of... it almost too perfect not to provide any leads."
  14. "I see... so I did over do it." Lindow took a moment to process the information Keres had presented. The fact their client's husband was dead hadn't been a very surprising revelation at all, but he'd be sure to remember the girl's explanation for what had happened during his battle with the weasel. "It's important to know our limits. I guess this was a good experiment if we think about it like that..." He said whilst studying the water chosen. Peering into the plain looking girl's blank expression, Lindow's felt his lips curl into playful smile. "are you going to write about me in your notes?" Having spent the most of his youth picking through trash, Lindow was far from picky eater. So whilst the rest of the group chatted amongst themselves about food and hunting, the Thunder Chosen went about dutifully stuffing his face full the charred weasel meat. Those who ventured too close would risk also joining the weasel as calories to fuel his agile movements. "Speaking of our journey..." He finally chimed in after Ryia between one of his bites. "unless I'm missing something, It looks like we're still none closer to finding the Gate."
  15. "A flying beast, huh?" Lindow's hand moved up to his chin whilst Ryia and Geoff recounted their battle against the Roc. Embers of interest that were almost childlike flickered in is eye as the man pictured a mighty foe descending from the sky to test his might. Clearly the chosen of buffalo was an unreliable storyteller at best, but regardless the beast must have been impressive, judging from the power he had felt flow into him earlier. "Next time someone else is staying behind..." He grumbled with a pout. Hearing Pyrrha tell Keres about his injury, the witch hunter turned to face the water chosen with smile whilst patting the ground next to him, "My body seemed to have failed me when tried to harness thunder earlier. I don't think I'll be able to heal myself for a bit... care to teach me any tricks to get the juices flowing again, little Keres?" Whilst Lindow spoke, Reinaan moved over to sniff around the corpse of the weasel. After a moment of study, the boy keenly observed that the creature and barely touched the elf at all, causing Lindow to sigh. "Looks like the thing left you alone for the most part. Lucky break after that big pack. So how'd ya kill it?" Barely. "The wild life here is cheeky. The thing just shot out of the grass and had a go at making a meal out of us..." He did his best to tell the story without sounding resentful about Pyrrha's hesitation, making it seem like there wasn't much to the battle. A brief sideways glance towards the elf was the only indication of he feelings. "Evidently it found me to be the more appetizing of the two, so I repaid the compliment by aquatinting it's brain with one of my daggers." Lindow punctuated his sentence by thrusting is index finger toward the dead weasel's face with a sneer. "Was there any sign of the woman's husband out there?"