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  1. Though none amongst the gnolls had proved to be a true warrior, this last battle certainly had kept the team active for a bit. Tending to Ryia's wounds with a disinterested expression, Lindow yawned as he watched the other Chosen begin to investigate the scene. With every moment he used the Light's Spirit magic, he felt more of his stamina slipping away, and by the time he had finished restoring Ryia to a point where she could travel without her arm falling off, Lindow wanted to do nothing more than take another nap. However, it seemed that fate demanded that the party to begin moving once again if they wanted to get to the bottom of this missing persons case. "we- we should probably keep looking." Seeing the Earth Chosen struggle, Lindow sighed before helping her right herself despite the weight of her armor. Sighing from the effort involved, the man shook his head and motioned towards Kloqah and Geoff's buffalo companion whilst Reinaan began to follow the trail. "I'm sure you know you'll be a liability if another battle breaks out, my dear. Why don't you take a break, and catch a ride with one of our friends for a bit?" He addressed Ryia in a polite tone. Though question mark was purely ornamental. He still had to tend to Pyrrha's injuries as well, and the thought of having to repair Ryia's arm a second time filled him with dread... " You cant protect anyone if you're dead after all." As the group continued to investigate the blood trail, Lindow let the others take point whilst he covered the flank and begun the process of restoring the Wind Chosen's vitality.
  2. Lindow dipped to the side to allow Reinaan stumbled past him as the warg began backing away from the group. Whilst Keres began jot notes about the creature's behavior, both Reinaan and Ryia took position to face the beast one last time. However it was painfully obvious that the Earth Chosen would be relegated to the sidelines due to her injuries, and judging by the way he was moving... the Fire Chosen also wasn't in the best shape. Having barely sustained damage yet himself, Lindow knew that it would be up to him to be the deciding factor this time around. The thought of the effort he was about to put forth for this simple beast caused him to sigh, yet even so he took a low stance and placed both hands on the Bandit Cleaver's hilt. When Reinaan looked his way, the Thunder Chosen responded with a nod. Watching as the boy charged forward to meet the warg head on, Lindow's eyes narrowed as the creature lunged forward at the draken just as one would expect from a cornered animal. Lindow winced at the sight. Though collision happened far too quickly for him to do anything to help his comrade deal with the initial impact, the man made up for it by closing on the wolf's flank just before the creature had a moment's reprieve. A crimson mist took the air as his first slash bit into the warg's legs, causing the massive beast to fold over and tumble to the ground. With a blur of movement and two flashes steel, Lindow skillfully stepped in, swinging the Bandit Cleaver upwards to slash at warg's exposed belly before quickly bringing the blade down into the creature's neck. He left it there for a moment. Exhaling deeply as he watched the last traces of life leave the creature at his feet. With with battle finally over, Lindow yanked his blade free from the warg's corpse before turning to the rest of the group. Swinging the Bandit Cleaver once to clean its blade, he began walking towards Ryia with a strange expression. "You won't be able to continue like that, my dear..." He said in grim tone. The blood from his last attack had left streaks of crimson that were now dripping down his messy locks as the man peered down at the Earth Chosen with a shark eyes. Lindow would loom over her like this long moment before slowly reaching out... Ryia would feel the warmth of the Light Spirit's magic wash over her immediately. Smirking, Lindow let his gaze soften as he began studying her wounds with a friendly smile. "You're rather good at playing the diversion, Reinaan. Remind me to take a turn next time, yea?" He called back to the boy without looking away from his current task. "Let's get our new friend over her too before we need another replacement..."
  3. Lindow shuffled to the left to avoid crashing into Geoff when the other man went to slash at the warg. Grunting, he quickly continued his pursuit. He wasn't able to make it in time to stop the beast from chomping into Ryia. Though luckily the Earth Chosen thought quickly on her feet, and was able force the warg to release it's grip on her before it could cause any damage that couldn't be repaired. Lindow's eyes lingered on Ryia for a moment whilst Reinaan finish off the gnoll leader and made a move towards the warg. The girl had sustained far too many injuries and would need about the same level of treatment as Pyrrha at this point. This battle needed to end. Seeing that Reinaan had managed to get a grip on the beast, Lindow promptly closed in for the kill. Hastily returning his longsword to it's scabbard, the Thunder Chosen approached from the side with cyan lightening furiously chirping in his palm. "Die." His tone was cold has he stepped forward and swung the Bandit Cleaver towards the creature's legs, before going to pierce it's chest with the Third Blade.
  4. Lindow ignored Geoff's question entirely. The lion's share of his attention was on the warg, and when he noticed that the creature seemed to be planning to slip away, the man quickly grabbed another throwing knife and tossed it towards the beast's fast. Seemingly ready this time, the warg used it's head to bat the tiny blade away before it could do any damage. Though Lindow had suspected this would be the case, and as he watched the warg deal with the throwing knife, the man was already preparing for his next attack. Quickly switching the Bandit Cleaver over to his left hand, Lindow dashed forward whilst drawing his longsword with his right. He tilted his body to delver an upwards stroke with bandit cleaver, but before he could follow through, the warg shot forward to slam it's head into his chest. "Oof" He wheezed. With the wind knocked out of him, Lindow was sent stumbling backwards as the warg took off towards the other battle. Gritting his teeth, Lindow struggled to regain his footing before taking a deep breath to steady his breathing. "In coming!" He called out to the others before shooting after the warg at full speed with both weapons at the ready.
  5. "Leave. Leave food. Will eat you instead if stay." The warg snarled at the two men as it took a step backwards. "You wouldn't happen to know where we could find the Demon Gate, would you?" Lindow met the warg's sharp gaze with neutral expression. He figured that with the creature's senses, it wouldn't be completely absurd that it might know something. If it was smart enough to try and negotiate, perhaps the warg could be of use for something more than testing his new blades... "What is....gate?" The warg tilted it's head in confusion. “Demons." Resting the Bandit Cleaver on his shoulder, Lindow smiled. If he had absorbed the Nature Spirit, would he be able to talk to animals like this all the time? There was something oddly charming about the warg's brutish nature, and it made him wonder if most animals had the same air about them but lacked the means to convey it. "We didn't come out here looking for you... we're searching for things that don't belong to this land. Have you noticed anything strange, friend?" "Am hungry. Don't care about....belonging. Just food." The monster responded with a growl. "You can have the food." He lied. It was possible that the effects of the Demon Gate were causing it's hunger... Lindow toyed with the idea for a moment before dismissing it with a sigh. None of the gnoll seemed to be twisted like the bodies of the creatures that were effected during the fight with fire mage. The creature was probably always hungry, and was simply doing what i thought was necessary for it's survival. "Just tell me what I want to know and it's yours, along with your life..." "Too much talk! Go or be food." "Alright." Negotiations were officially over. Shrugging, Lindow shifted his stance to one more suitable to counter rather than attack. "Come then... I've got a new trick to teach you." He said with smile as he watched the warg with eyes that also seemed to be hungry. "Let's see you play dead!"
  6. Without much hesitation, the leader of the gnolls took off towards the wagons to finish off the wounded Wind Chosen. It left Ryia to the warg, who rushed towards the Earth Chosen as of planning to to cover it's rider's escape. Though in it's haste, the beast failed to notice that Ryia's shadow had begun to quiver and twisted in a rather unnatural manner. Just as the warg got close to enough strike, a blade of crackling energy shot out from the darkness to intercept the beast. The effects were instant. With the sudden current of electricity causing the warg's body to seize up and spasm as Lindow emerged from Ryia's shadow with the Third Blade still angrily chirping in his extended hand. "Good grief..." The witch hunter addressed the Earth Chosen with a glance. "It would be shame to lose the Wind Chosen twice." He said whilst pointing back over his shoulder with his thumb. If he knew Ryia like the thought he did, Lindow was sure she would go running to the other girl's aid now that she had an opening... As Lindow spoke he watched the warg regain it some of it's composure. With a growl the beast turned him and lunged, breaking off the end of the extended Third Blade was lodged in it's body. Grinning at the warg's strength Lindow hopped backwards, retracting what remained of his spear of lightning to form it into a cutting edge around his left hand. Simultaneously, he reached grabbed the handle of the Bandit Cleaver to release a quick downwards stroke towards his attacker, who was forced leap backwards to avoid being cleaved. It certainly was much more skilled the the gnoll he had slaughtered earlier. "Magic. Disgusting." The warg snarled in the common tongue as Lindow surged forward. "Oh wow it talks!" The man didn't care to hide his amusement. He had heard of creatures such as this but this was the first time he had ever laid eyes on one. "what other tricks do you know?!" Swinging the Third Blade in a wide arc, Lindow intended to follow with an upwards strike with his sword. However it seemed the warg had other plans. Seeing the creature intentional take his first attack, Lindow's grin flickered as the beast went to try and bite down on his right arm during the second swing. Losing an arm was certainly not on the agenda... Quickly pulling back mid-stroke, Lindow clenched his fist to dispel the last remnants of Thunder Magic in his free hand. A loud snap could be heard, as the warg slammed it's jaws closed, narrowly missing it's target due to the man's speed. With a grunt, Lindow hammered his shield down into the beast's face whilst moving back to regain his footing. The warg responded by pushing the small shield away with a swing of it's head before lunging at Lindow again as if trying to tackle him. The Thunder Chosen's eyes narrowed. The warg had to weigh at least four times his own body weight, and he had no intention of seeing what would happen if the two of them were to have a head on collision. Thus, his shadow sprang to his aid, quickly raising from the ground between the two in order to protect it's owner as he hopped backwards to gain some distance. Knowing all too well that his hasty defense would only buy him a few precious moments, Lindow began to backpedal whilst reaching for a pair of throwing knives. When warg broke through his shadow, he would reward it by tossing the two razor blades towards the creature's face with intention of blinding it.
  7. Lindow wasn't the least bit surprised when the gnoll dodged his first attack, given how long it had to brace itself. Seeing the creature duck down and go to stab him with it's spear, the Thunder Chosen let the momentum of his swing carry his body to the left for a dodge whilst swiping his short sword upwards to try and slice through the frail looking shaft. The gnoll quickly pulled it's weapon back, just in time to avoid having it destroyed. Though while his opponent focused on saving it's spear, Lindow was already pivoting unto his back foot in preparation for a follow up attack. Thrusting his longsword under the gnolls left breast, Lindow sneered as the creature tried retaliate with another poke from it's spear, despite the near fatal wound it had just received. A spray of blood painted the air as Lindow yanked his longsword free. Using his shield arm to deflect the spear, he quickly slashed at the beast's side, leaving another gash and causing the spear to fly out of the gnoll's hands. Seeing dying gnoll make a desperate reach for it's axe, Lindow sprang into action once more, quickly slicing it's hand with his longsword before finishing the beast off with his short sword. The gnoll let out a whimper before falling back, dead before it hit the ground. With all the enemies on his front cleared out, Lindow shook the vile blood from his blades as he turned his eye to other side of the battlefield. "Tsk," Things weren't looking good for the other Chosen, but at least none them had gotten themselves killed just yet. "Hey, we're not done..." He called over Geoff. "help the little one will ya?" As he spoke, the Thunder Chosen's shadow grew darker, bubbling and expanding as it began to hungrily swallow it's owner's boots, then his entire body soon after. Moving through the realm of shadows, Lindow made his way towards the wall of earth that Ryia had erected moments prior.
  8. "I would be far more impressed if had chosen to actually finish one off..." Lindow responded to Geoff's gloating with a shrug before reaching down and plucking the short spear from the hands of the corpse at his feet. "you move pretty well though." Taking only a moment to line up his shot, Lindow tossed the borrowed weapon towards the gnoll with the injured shoulder. Watching the spear lodge itself into the creature's leg, the Thunder Chosen closed in on his target with a sudden burst of speed. He met the gnoll with a thrust from his longsword, observing it's sloppy attempt to block with the axe carried, as he powered through and drove the blade deep into the monster's chest. Though that didn't seem to be enough to outright kill it. Struggling to use the last of it's strength, the gnoll whimpered and took a final swing of it's axe. Lindow responded in kind, quickly drawing his short sword and parrying the attack, before stepping in and driving both blades even deeper into the Gnoll's body for a brutal finishing blow. With another enemy defeated, Lindow took a moment to inhale deeply. He could hear the others fighting the rest of the pack, but didn't bother to look back to check on them. He needed to trust that they could hold their own until he and Geoff cleared this side of the battlefield. If this was too much, then they were doomed from the start after all... He exhaled. Pushing back the tiny inklings of concern, Lindow kicked the dead gnoll free from the embrace of his swords. Landing on his front foot, the Thunder Chosen took off towards the gnoll that had been lingering in the back of the group. Twirling his short sword to a reverse grip in his left hand, he attempted to slice at the creature's throat with the longsword in his right hand.
  9. As the whoops and cries of the gnolls grew closer, Lindow's expression darkened. Things would get very ugly if the horde managed to break the Chosen's formation with this death charge. "Pyrrha," He called Elf's name over the noise after seeing both Ryia and Geoff meet the first of their attackers without hesitation. "go help the others, dear. Leave this side to us..." Though he was sure the other three Chosen could hold their own on the battlefield, the sheer numbers they faced were worrisome. It'd be much easier for the Thunder Chosen to cut loose knowing that they had someone providing firing support... As the words left his lips, Lindow watched Geoff skillful knock two of the gnoll to the ground. The man's moves were rather impressive, and even though he was surrounded, the buffalo ridder clearly had control of the situation. Not wanting to let the opening slip away, Lindow quickly raised his crossbow and fired a bolt towards one of the gnolls to Geoff's right, killing it instantly with a well placed shot to side of the head. Quickly discarding his crossbow behind the wagon, Lindow sprung towards his next target with his longsword already drawn. Before the downed gnoll could bring itself back up to its feet, Lindow was upon it. Without a word, the witch hunter dropped down and blunged his blade deep into the creature's chest, causing it to thrash around in agony for just a moment, before ending its life with a twist his wrist. With two down, he ripped his blade free from his victim's corpse whilst watching to see what the other three would do in response.
  10. Lindow had been studying the trail of blood leading away from the farm when the pack Gnolls came into view. "Hm," The man quickly brought himself up to his feet as his gaze danced amongst the groups of savage looking figures until finally landing on one that stood out as the leader. The Alpha Gnoll only seemed slightly bigger than the rest of its brethren, but Lindow could already tell that it had the potential to be a worthy opponent along with it's mount. They'd need to thin the pack's numbers a bit before he'd even have the chance to test this though... "It seems we've been mistaken for prey..." He said whilst observing the way the Gnoll were approaching the group. Things were finally starting to pick up, and Lindow could feel a grin creep across his face as he tightened the straps on his new shield before making his way towards the mule. His movements were quick and deliberate. Within moments he had already grabbed two crossbows and prepared a pair of quivers with several bolts. "Reinaan," He called out to the boy before tossing the young Draken both weapon and ammunition in kind. "shall we remind them where they stand on the food chain, my friend?" Already loading his own crossbow, Lindow positioned himself behind the middle cart and begun sizing up the group coming from the left. When he finally settled on a target, the man stepped out from behind his cover and took aim, firing not long after. The bolt sailed true, striking the Gnoll in the middle of left formation but lacking the power to kill the creature outright. Without wasting another moment, Lindow ducked back behind the wagon once again and begun readying his next shot. The quicker they dealt with the less Gnolls, the quicker he could see about engaging the leader.
  11. Having awoken when he felt his ride stop moving, Lindow laid lazily on Kloqah's back with his eyes closed. He couldn't really tell how long they had been traveling for, but after taking a moment to listen to the other Chosen, he realized that they still hadn't arrived at their destination. Shifting slightly, Lindow allowed himself to slide off of Kloqah, landing silently on the worn path before finally taking a moment to check out his surroundings. The bodies were the first thing to catch his interest, but that was rather short lived when he realized that those poor souls had been dead long before the group had gotten there. "Thank you," He whispered to Kloqah in friendly tone. As the words left his lips, the Thunder Chosen recalled that the old women's mention of an amulet that her husband- or in a more likely scenario, his corpse would be wearing. Yawning slightly, Lindow rolled his shoulders and began strolling up to the front of the group. "Did guys happen see if any of our friends over there are sporting the other half of our client's neckless?" Not knowing exactly who had been fiddling with the bodies, Lindow addressed the entire party.
  12. "Isn't she just the sweetest..." Lindow sighed whilst turning to avoid the glare coming off of the Fire Chosen's butt. Realizing that they'ed be heading out soon, he readjusted himself on the boy's mount in preparation for the nap he intended to take on the way there. Although buzz from the drink he had earlier had begun to dull, Lindow was still in good spirits nonetheless. The witch hunter had no interest in Geoff, and couldn't have cared less that the man would be joining them on their quest. What mattered to him was the fact that this excursion would potentially yield leads in their search for Gate hidden somewhere on the island. In addition to bringing the Chosen onestep closer to understanding the nature of the threat they were facing, his gut told him that if he continued down this path it would eventually lead him to the grey woman from his dreams. Lindow smiled at the notion, a satisfied smirk that creeped across his lips and caused his eyes to close in satisfaction. "Who knows, maybe our new friend will prove to be competent..." He addressed the group with a shrug. "If the man can fight half as well as Gilly, he'll be fine- so long as we don't stumble across the Gate."
  13. "So... what's the drink like?" "The drink?" Lindow grunted. It took him no small amount of effort shift so that he could face Reinaan whilst still remaining sprawled across Kloqah's back, but when he was finally looking at the boy he smiled lazily. Aware that this could likely be young Reinaan's first talking to about the subject, Lindow dutifully stepped up to the plate by giving his best impression of a responsible adult. "In moderation it's great for supplementing an experience, but if consumed irresponsibly it can very easily lead to death... blindness... pregnancy!" He wagged his finger in the air rather responsibly whilst listing off the dangers of drinking as they came to him. Though by the time Ryia and Keres had finally joined the pair outside the pub, the Thunder Chosen had fallen way off topic, and simply telling bar stories from his past inquisitions. "hey um...hi. Glad we caught up and...is uh...Are we um...uh..." Ryia stumbled over her words just a little more than usual, causing Lindow to turn and begin studying the Earth Chosen. He watched her peer into the bar for a few seconds before turning back to the boys with a smile that seemed to not wanna be there. "so um...we were...we weren't gonna...leave immediately...right? The city, that is. For our...yeah..." For a moment he couldn't help but scoff at the fact that her timid inclinations didn't suit her caliber as a warrior at all. On the battlefield she was quite the force reckoned, perhaps even more of a threat than Reinnan if one were to consider her monstrous endurance and armor. It was oddly fascinating to see her mouse around social situations after wrestling a shark a few days ago... Staring at the Earth Chosen blankly for a moment, Lindow tilted his head and pointed one his slender index fingers. "Hurry up and tell us what's the matter, love. My heart couldn't bare to see you hold it in any longer..."
  14. Lindow yawned loudly as he watched Geoff's display. A large part of him had been looking forward to the prospect of testing the false Chosen in combat, but this man didn't even seem worth the effort of moving, let alone dulling his new blades. "It'd probably be more fun to fight the buffalo..." He sighed whilst watching Reinaan vibrate with irritation. "You know... It sounds like you're reaaally busy. So maybe we should just take this one and let you get to those other hundreds of people. Wouldn't want to keep every one waiting." Lindow couldn't help but scoff at the how Reinaan handled the situation. In all his travels he had never came across a Draken that was half as moody as the Fire Chosen, and he couldn't help but wonder if this trip around the realm was the cause of Reinaan's colorful personality. The boy really kept his heart on his sleeve- or he would, if they ever found him a set of garments that were to his liking. "Let's go find Damien then." He said, turning away from Geoff and his beast without so much as a second glance. The warmness of the alcohol in his belly paired rather nicely with the cool country breeze that had blown over the area, and so even if he was disappointed with the Chosen impersonator, Lindow was content with seeing what the rest of the day would bring the group. "Hey," He called after Reinaan whilst placing a hand on Kloqah with a sleepy grin. "do you think I could get a ride? Walking is such a bother..."
  15. "Heeeey! Lindow!" Reinaan's voice called from his left. With little warning to the other shoppers who had been walking in the same direction, Lindow suddenly pivoted his entire body midstep so that he was facing the young Draken with smile. But as he watched the boy approach with Pyrrha in tow, his eyes narrowed in discomfort. "Oh. That's.... really something." He mumbled whilst shifting to the side so that light reflecting from Reinaan's scales wasn't capable of blinding him any further. "Well met, friends. Only one of you is sparkling, so I'm gonna go out on a limb say that Reinaan did his own shopping..." Nodding towards Pyrrha whilst Reinaan eyeballed his new leather armor, Lindow leaned against the side of the closest building and yawned lazily in the shade with his extra equipment resting at his feet. "I cant wait to see what else you guys got." "I thought you'd have more new swords." Was the young Draken's much anticipated assessment of the new gear that Lindow had acquired. "I only really needed replacements for my old set..." Lindow couldn't help but snicker at the boy's expression. "The scimitars that the folk used back in the desert definitely got the job done, but they really only shine when you're on a mount." He spoke thoughtfully for a moment. "Honestly, it would suit your fighting style way better. Where as in my case, I think it would be a lot more convenient to be able to run the other guy through when possible..." An air of childish enthusiasm appeared from nowhere whilst Lindow reached back and pulled on the handle the Bandit's Cleaver to reveal it's cutting edge. "besides, I bet any weapons that are really worth acquiring will be found in the hands of their wielder, like this was!" Lindow's eye twinkled as his mind flashed to Damien with his mysterious blade, and then to the battle with the Bandit Berserker. "I know it sounds like bard song, but truly believe that a weapon is made great long after it's forged, and I can just tell when I see a good one~" The man flapped his hand and chirped on for a bit before realizing that he was being a tad overly chatty. "-anyway," Lindow's cheeks were slightly flushed as coughed before changing the subject. "I managed to gather a little bit of information by the way..." He took the next few minutes to fill in the other two chosen about what happened at the pub. Skipping over what he had been told about Hannah's activities, he informed them about the cases of missing people in the grasslands, and how there was word of man claiming to be Chosen somewhere in town. He was also sure to mention the old women in his tale, but before he could finish explaining, the very women appeared before them. "Excuse me...I heard you talking before and...When you find this Chosen you're looking for could you give him a request from me?" Her gaze went downward. Lindow listened to her speak with his usual smile. His time spent dealing with witches had left him with a slight skepticism when it came to this kind of conversation, and so when she offered to mark the farm on the map he simply nodded helpfully. "Rude? No I think you're very brave for trying to help your husband." Shooting Reinaan and Pyrrha a look, he motioned for one of them to produce a map. "Go ahead and mark it here, and I promise I'll pass it on to the Chosen. Surely if they're anything like what people are saying, they'll be glad to help..." He could only hope that the other two would pick up on him not wanting to reveal their identity to this person. Though he had his doubts about Reinaan's capacity for picking up on such vibes, Pyrrha seemed like a smart girl and maybe that would be enough. "How will he contact you?"