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  1. Well, Morgan's new prey certainly took her double-feature attack in stride. And in response, the woman had not fired a volley of rather sharp-looking stones at Morgan, but had even conjured up a sandstorm around her somehow. Quite an advanced ability by Morgan's reckoning! In all her hunting and questing, she'd maybe met one person in Lemuria able to do anything to the weather, and that was a very specific and unique case that would probably never be replicated. Curiosity demanded she figure out how that worked. But that would have to come later. Right now, there was the matter of the stones. Simply put, if she was a speed-type Hunter, there was no way those things would hit her. However, she was not, and although they were spread too much to all hit her, there was no way she'd be able to dodge all of them either. So, seeking to minimize damage, Morgan made for the edge of the spread, where only three stones were able to hit their mark, digging their way into her flesh. One in the leg. I can't move it. Well... that leg was getting old anyway. I'll need a new one after this fight. One in the lung. If I was a living person, that would definitely be fatal! I should probably get that checked out either way. One in the forehead. Now THAT'S a close call!! Glancing around at her surroundings, there was a distressing lack of organic things suitable to fashion a new leg out of. There were, however, many cars. An idea was forming. While the others kept the group's enemy occupied, Morgan limped over to a car that clearly wouldn't be needing its wheels anymore. With a bit of backbone put into it, she was able to rip the wheels clean off. With these secured, the next step was to deal with that unresponsive leg. She couldn't feel pain exactly, but there was always a distinctly uncomfortable feeling if something happened that would significantly affect her aura. For example, pulling the stone out of her leg, only to slam it back in even harder, with enough force to tear the limb off. Now out a leg, Morgan's first action was to throw it directly into the fray. It was difficult to make out where exactly she was supposed to be aiming, however. And that was where the wheels came into play. Gripping the circles of metal and rubber, Morgan used them as improvised crutches, hurrying as fast as her remaining limbs would take her. The sandstorm around her stung, constantly poking at her with little grains of sand and other minerals. But for someone who got stronger by getting damaged, this was a perfect environment! It wasn't much, but little by little, Morgan could feel her aura swelling up as she hurried back into the frontlines. As soon as she could make out the green woman, Morgan threw the wheel from her arm that still had a leg beneath it.
  2. new dead cells DLC dropped and that means new animated trailer and that means new trailer theme
  3. Having finished it just last night, I cannot strongly enough recommend Celeste to anyone that hasn't played it. The artstyle is lovely, the cast is small but incredibly charming, the soundtrack is amazing, and it's the only game I've played where I got so invested in the story by the end that I began actively neglecting the collectibles (strawberries and b-sides) just to see the ending. Now, I've logged quite a bit of time in the critically-acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, so that last part is no small feat when I specify Celeste is the only game where I began to neglect side content out of sheer investment in the story. The game has a very feels-good ending and epilogue, and while finishing the game is still finishing the game, it's not 100%ing the thing by a long shot. If you try to pick up any strawberries you happen to pass by for the first five chapters and tend to do stupid things that make you die on the same screen a bunch of times, Celeste should still only clock in at about six hours (I'm not proud of how much of that time was spent getting lost in chapter five) to clear the story. If you enjoy sandbox games and don't mind some jank in your early access games, Craftopia has also been a recent fixation of mine. The game is far from perfect in its current state and I wouldn't recommend buying it full price, but if you can find a good deal on it it's a nice hybrid of... all sorts of things. There's crafting, building, skill trees that offer plenty of ways to build your character, automation, the game basically has everything, up to and including some serious short-comings. Island terrain is the same for every island of the same type, not procedurally generated. The grass effects are hilariously unoptimized to the point where I have to disable grass entirely just to play the game. And your building options feel limited. However, the game is in early access, so I'm willing to pass these off as the pains of being so. Pick it up if you like sandboxes, but not at full price. Also in the sandbox category, Starbound and Terraria stand out to me. The former is best played with the Frackin' Universe mod installed, but the latter doesn't need mods (don't let Calamity simps tell you otherwise). The former is more story-based yet also has more side content, but the latter just in general has a better vibe otherwise, especially if you play both games unmodded. Not much else to say here on these two, so I'd look into gameplay for them from here. 100% Orange Juice is my final suggestion. It's a quick, simple, and chaotic party game where you get to kill your friends to take their money. What more could you need? Be warned that this game in particular has a lot of DLC in the form of character packs, and while they aren't individually very expensive, the price tag will add up very quickly if you buy a bunch all at once.
  4. It's not quite what you asked, but I'd like to start with something I think shouldn't be added/fixed since it's been on my mind lately. Guns. Guns do a frankly ridiculous amount of damage; the very first gun does more damage per shot than the strongest bow with the strongest arrows using Magnum Shot (an endgame bow skill), but they only pump out their full damage at certain ranges, the bullets are harder to craft than arrows, and most importantly, there are no skills associated with guns. This last one feels like a fair tradeoff for the higher utility of bows, which can grab things like Magnum Shot, Rapid Fire, and Jump Shot, and can land headshots at any distance. If anything I'd argue no gun skills is also a benefit, since it means you can spec into other useful stuff like supplementary magic, general mobility, or pet mastery, without hampering the real core of your build. Anyway, things that should be added/fixed, right, let's talk about that. More island types. We've got about a dozen right now, but with terrain currently being all the same per each type of island, some new types would help vary things up in lieu of procedurally-generated terrain while the devs hopefully work on that. TOOLTIPS!!! Or otherwise an in-game guide to different things since the wiki for this game is approximately as barren as the moon's surface. I get buffs when I use spears, katanas, or dual wielding, but I have no damn clue what any of it does outside of the katana buff making my combos longer. This also applies to items that are currently described as having descriptions too long to fully explain; scrolling tooltips for those would be nice. A lot of this second category is just building blocks, but there are some things that may actually have utility mixed in there too. Magic could use some touch-ups, particularly in the early game. I find that landing any tier 1 spells not named Wind Edge is near impossible, and that is no bueno for early-game if you wanna go pure mage and not melee mage like I personally prefer. Past that point, a lot of spells outside of the first tier have pretty lengthy cooldowns, which is fine for pure mage but makes melee mage heavily reliant on the ever-faithful Wind Edge in my experience. Bonus round: weather system. They're just nice to have in sandbox games.
  5. these just happen to be the gifs i stumble upon, but i do dig the general aesthetic of them. it helps key points in the animation really stick out
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