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  1. industrial fantasy jrpg starring girls in raincoats
  2. holy shit the sequel we never expected
  3. As the group hustled down to the next floor, the first thing Robin noticed upon arrival was that this floor was like the last floor, but more. More skeletons that seemed more organized, more things besides the bony soldiers, though Robin didn't get a good enough look to tell what exactly those other things were. The best she was able to manage was a brief glance that there was something. And more of that fog, of course. Which meant the party of would-be Spark-hunters would have to be more organized and efficient themselves. “Okay, so if it’s more skeletons maybe we should start with the enchanted weapons thing?” Robin nodded in agreement, fetching the pistol Estelle had enchanted previously. If they were going through with this, it would be better to have the thing ready to go as soon as possible. "And then I would also say stick together this time. Don’t want anyone’s ankles getting grabbed or worse in more of this fog.” "I don't want to have to run from wall to wall of the room again either. Also maybe we should pick a side of the wall and stick to it? I can't see the door but there's no point in tearing through all of these skeletons if they're just gonna come back right?" "You'd both make good captains on the high seas," Robin praised. For a pirate, strategy was everything, and these two wasted no time coming up with a plan that sounded pretty damn good! "Let's do it." "I trust you recall this one." "Only one is safe," Robin winked back. "This wall to our left is closer." "Then let's follow that one to find the door out of here," Robin suggested, brandishing the enchanted pistol in one hand, and the already-magical pistol in her other hand. "I'd like to suggest Lana and Chris take up the respective ends of our little group huddle, so that we're covered from both flanks with someone who knows how to handle skeletons up close. I'll take up the middle with our magically-inclined friends if it's all the same."
  4. Shopping! Again! And dogs! Morgan's experience with dogs was highly mixed. Some were good. Very friendly creatures, very pettable, they kind of made her want one for herself during her Lemuria adventures. Others did things like take her arm and run away with it. So Morgan tended to keep a close eye on man's best friend until she discerned if they saw her as friend or food. Luckily, this one hadn't made any moves that looked like they would escalate into arm-napping, so the girl was confident she could at least trust it for now. And then there was the girl riding the dog. Who had slid off, commented about her new low-ground position, then got up, then went up to Morgan for a lively chat. And lively she certainly was! The first thing that stuck out to Morgan - only partly thanks to it being among the first things this girl had brought up - was how very different Morgan looked from her. I get that a lot. "Does that mean you're not a Human or Gijinka? There's so many different people here! I met a guy who was a cat! Or was he a cat that was a guy.... Who are you?" "I'm Morgan. I'm not a human, and I'm not... whatever that other thing was. People usually settle for calling me a zombie, but if my master was here he would talk about how it's not that simple. What about you?" "Only an hour remains until the collab deal ends!" The crowd began surging forward with that announcement, everyone in a rush to get one of whatever the fuss was about. Morgan saw this as beneficial. It presented the zombie girl with an opportunity to push forward herself. That shopping wasn't going to do itself, and she didn't want to get stopped just by some crowd geeking out over some plants in pants. What a silly thing to obsess over. Plants didn't have legs; why would they need pants in the first place?
  5. One by one, the others in the group stepped up to the challenge of the armed hyenas, until all that remained of the Exalted who had yet to step in were Abby and Percy. And the bold challengers summoned weapons out of thin air themselves! Like something out of one of Collin's comic books. Neat. From the traditional sword to the unorthodox scythe, it seemed they each got a unique weapon too. And while it was easy to infer that this was some fancy new ability they'd received in this world, there was a question that would bug her if she didn't confirm it, no matter how obvious the answer was. Turning to face Rumian, Abby pointed to her fellow Exalted and asked "So is that just an Exalted thing or can people just do that in this world?" "I um, well, I- " the boy examined the group's actions as he stammered saying, "I've never seen anyone draw weapons like that before and to have command over the wind is, frankly, unheard of." "Got it. That's a relief." It would have sucked to get herself hyped up only for one of these guys to pull a shiv out of nowhere or something. Time to go save the village or something. As Abby moved away from safety and into the fray, she felt something in her hand. Like something was in there, waiting to be set free. The closest thing she'd felt to that sort of sensation before was a really nasty itch, but this wasn't an itch so much as... something she couldn't really put her finger on. Like the shape of something she couldn't quite see was hovering in front of her, and her hand wanted to grab it. It seemed to work for everyone else. So Abby tried it, too. If You Want Them... Holy crap this thing's big! In front of Abby formed a hammer, as big as its wielder. And whatever it was made of, it was way lighter than Abby had expected. She couldn't even dream of picking up a normal hammer of this scale, but this one she could swing around with relative ease. Just as well too, for it seemed there was one last hyena left unattended. Not on her watch! Between her short legs and general lack of athleticism, it was taking longer than she would have liked to reach the hyena. Perhaps if she too could control the wind... "You. C'mere." Abby pointed her rune-tattooed hand out at the last hyena, trying to imagine what that would be like. To have the very wind at her beck and call. As if pulling a yo-yo back to her by its strings, or yanking a rogue puppet by its own, Abby pulled her hand back, and lo and behold, a blast of wind followed her signal, blowing from the hyena to Abby. The sudden feeling of something hitting her hard in the face from out of nowhere was still an uncomfortable one after the last time that happened, but at least it was just some air this time. The hyena - already on its way to confront Abby - stumbled at the sudden tailwind. Then it gave her a look. Some confused look, as if everyone else hadn't already done wild feats. Or at least, as if that scythe girl whose name Abby couldn't quite remember at this second hadn't already done wild feats. A look that Abby wasn't going to waste any time looking at, before bringing her hammer down over the beast's head to wipe it off its face. A strike which sent the creature even further down in its newfound chain of stumbling. Okay. I gotta admit. That was kinda fun. However, the hyena got back up to its feet with a snarl, lunging at Abby with claws bared, charging at her side. Unable to step aside in time, Abby settled for spinning with the attack's direction, to lessen the damage those claws could cause to her. This was also a good position for her to get another swing of the hammer in, slamming her hammer against the hyena's back.
  6. How many times have you actually seen a tumbleweed before? Did you know they're not actually native to North America and have been a giant pain in the Department of Agriculture's ass since they day they first showed up?
  7. if nobody else got me i know google's full understanding of what i mean with my very specific searches for a song that i don't know the title of got me

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