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    The other adventurers were named Lana and Chris. Out of them, Lana certainly seemed to be a fan. Of course, Lana had also brought up the matter of practical applications for a bard in the dead of combat. Setting aside the fact that the pair had already done some fighting together, and that Ziun had managed to hold his own, Robin had also wondered if music could be used in some clever way every now and then. And frankly, the ideas she'd come up with were, for lack of a better term, awfully one-note, and not things she'd want to try out with just the two of them. WIth a whole five people though, it was a different story!

    “But anyway, before we do all that dungeon stuff, we should probably share a meal together or at least toast. Do you two have any preferences? I stay here, so I know for a fact everything’s pretty good.”

    Now that was more like it! Somebody with the social sense to celebrate the merging of two ambitious crews with some food and drink!

    "I'm not picky, long as it's not fish."

    "I shall say this, illusion magic for myself is generally used when I play my songs...in regaling those tales to the patrons. I've only used it in the heat of battle to make a hasty retreat...aside from that, I'm unsure what else could be properly done with my own magic."

    "Are you kidding? Any crew worth their salt would kill to have a good illusion mage under their flag! Making it look as if there's more people than there are, disguising the ones you've got, any beast that can be tricked can be easily put out of its misery. And just between the five of us, good piracy is all about that sort of trickery. Obviously the high seas and the Dungeon are different matters, but a good illusionist is a huge asset."

    If anything, Robin would argue Ziun was the better of the two assets on display here, just by putting their skillsets in the vacuum of combat. This group clearly didn't want for the ability to make things dead, or else they probably wouldn't have survived as far as they did, and that was just about all Robin was good at in a direct fight. And she was no captain either, so she was hesitant to say she brought exceptional tactics to the table. But for now, food, and drinks. Robin was eager to get some ale in her system, and whatever Hector's non-fish suggestions for the day may have been.

    "Well, now that we're all chummy with each other, I say we follow up on Chris's suggestion and get something to mark the occasion. I'm looking most forward to getting to the Spark with the lot of you."

  2. 10 hours ago, worK said:

    If you had to give an evolution to Dunsparse, Delibird and Spinda which one would it be and why is it all of them?

    all of them, of course. i for one welcome our eviolite dunsparce overlords.

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