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  1. Stranger in a Wasteland Rejoice in the Glory of Combat!
  2. Thanks in some part to Morgan's hasty contributions, the day was saved. The woman was defeated. Only for her to fall into a strange hole. Definitely not something she could do herself, if her reaction was anything to go by. The plot thickened. More than she had expected when she first showed up in this world, Morgan truly was treading into unknown territory with her impromptu "vacation" from her Lemurian adventures. Speaking of treading, there was still the small matter of being out a leg. Improvised replacements probably wouldn't cut it for the future. Which brought up the other matter of how to go about getting new parts. A logistical and legal nightmare even in her home world. It had gotten so bad that at one point Morgan decided to just hire somebody else to do the paperwork for her, paying their salary out of her Hunter rewards. “I- Sandalphon -- that’s the ophan -- can help heal if either of you need it, just say the word. Or if you need anything else, too. Besides that, I guess, thank you, both of you.” "We're teammates now; it's what we do." Despite the maiming, Morgan did not need healing, fortunately. One of the problems with not being alive was that healing... didn't really have much effect. She could regenerate on her own fairly well, but it was something she had to take care of personally. "I don't think you'll be able to heal me, but if you could help me find some sort of crutch, that would be helpful." It would be nice to still be able to move without crawling around on the ground.
  3. Two Pichus and a Wynaut.
  4. Punctuality is key. Eve’s father had told her as much; it was how he had climbed up the corporate ladder. If word from overseas was true, he was due for another promotion soon, too! Good for him! As such, one could imagine she was in a bit of a rush when the team meeting was due to start rather soon, and she had only just now arrived at the building. Hurrying along, through the door, up the stairs, into the room, and… Empty. The rest of Team Genesis was nowhere to be found. Just Evelyn. And some girl. With very blue hair down to her hips. Well, one of these people certainly didn’t belong here, and the odd one out definitely wasn’t Evelyn. “Err… are you lost?” she asked. “Ah, Ms. Takao! Nope, I’m just here because my girlfriend’s running a bit behind.” She smirked and tapped a finger to her lips, “You might know her? Tall, olive skin, red hair?” “...ah! Coach Vega! Wait, her girlfriend?” She had a girlfriend? Evelyn inspected the woman before her closely. With every detail she took in, her face dropped in what seemed to be increasing shock. “...do I need to call the police?” “How is it that Saishisematta recognized me instantly, yet you’ve never heard me…? This team is weird. Adrian Nimue, former champion of the pro league here on the west coast. Vega’s girlfriend, though no one knows that. No, you don’t need to call the cops.” “Sashisematta’s a special case, and I haven't paid much attention to the pro leagues in America until very recently.” Relieved that Evelyn wouldn’t have to be the one to turn her own coach in to the officials, she brought her attention back to the present matter. The matter of nobody else being in this room. But clearly somebody had been here, because Adrian had met Sai. Which prompted the ever important question. “Speaking of, where is he? And the rest of the team for that matter? We were supposed to be meeting up here, but it looks like we’re the only ones here.” “You are the last of your team to arrive, though your captain will be absent,” Adrian continued, motioning to the stairwell, “They headed down to the training room. Find a seat and we’ll be down once Vega gets here.” “Got it. Thanks for the heads-up!” Giving a wave goodbye, Eve turned around and hurried back down the stairs. She technically wouldn’t be late until Vega showed up, but arriving as on time as possible was ideal. After all, punctuality is key.
  5. While it was hard to find any shortage in the planning and funding that went into the festival accompanying this year's sports festival, what one would find - particularly if one were participating in the tournament set to start - was that there seemed to be a shortage of time to experience all it had to offer. After one hour - down to the second, the particularly time-sensitive might observe - had passed, the sound of a voice rang out through the speakers dotting the grounds of the day's big event. "Testing, testing..." A distinctly non-Orikami voice. A voice most would recognize as belonging to the number four hero, Ruby Heart. "Orikami had a meeting to attend to, so for the time being, I'm fulfilling her announcement duties. One hour has passed. Will the competitors for the sports festival's tournament please gather in the arena at once?" Once the eight lucky winners were gathered in the arena, the directions on where to go were pretty clear-cut. Signs with the likenesses of the competitors on them pointed to various rooms throughout the facility. And upon entering their rooms, they'd find that the four rooms meant for them were very much identical to each other. An open-air square arena, with straight walls forming a crosshair-like shape across the center, while the corners were similarly covered by large walls. Surrounding the smooth arena floors was soft grass, worthy of lying down in and staring up at the sky on a nice day like this. Or it would be, if not for the fighting that would have to take place soon. "The rules are simple. Each of these four matches will be held simultaneously. To win, either knock your opponent out of the arena, have them forfeit the match, or - only if you must - render your opponent unconscious, or otherwise unable to fight any further. We expect good sportsmanship from all of you, but that doesn't mean you should force yourself to hold back. On my mark, you may begin your respective matches." Where there were screens on UA campus, the display changed, streaming footage live from drones set up above each arena so spectators could watch the matches all at once, be it from the festival grounds, or the comfort of their own home. "You've come this far. Show us all what you're really made of, students. Begin!"
  6. f-zero doko

  7. "Anna my beloved, what are you up to today?" The amount of favors Letty had to do just for this one decoration. A painting, hung on the wall of her room, in the likeness of her living lover Anna. Letty had been frustratingly particular with the details, ensuring everything captured her image perfectly. The length of her hair, the angle of her nose, that one peculiar eyelash that was just a little bit shorter than the others, and the clothes she most loved to wear of course. All the back-breaking tedium Letty had to go through just to get this thing was without a doubt worth it. A better portrait one could not ask for, short of taking a photograph, and that meant it was the perfect conduit through which Letty could activate her Soulverdrive. Letty stared into the painting's eyes, feeling a part of herself being thrown into it almost, for lack of a better term. Her vision drifted away from headquarters, down from the heavens, to the mortal realm. To a cozy little suburb, far away from where the two met. Into Anna's house, to find... A letter? A handwritten letter, in this day and age? To another woman, no less!? Was Letty not good enough!? After everything she had done, all the compromises she had made, doing everything in her power to make sure she and Anna would be together forever and that both of them would want nothing more in the world. The nerve! The audacity! There was the small matter of one of them being dead of course, but it wasn't unheard of for people to refuse to enter another relationship after their beloved passed away. Was Letty really that inadequate? Who's the other woman? This... Edna, you're writing to? What's so special about her? ... "Attention all available S.Y.S. Soulders of Class 2 and higher! Please assemble in the main conference room on floor 99. We will be having a mandatory emergency meeting in the next 30 minutes." Letty's field of vision was jarringly pulled back to her own locale when the announcement sounded out. This Edna mystery wouldn't leave her alone, she just knew it. She'd be thinking about it all day. What a sour note to have to start work on. "Well, another day, another step closer to meeting again. Have a lovely day, Anna." Giving the portrait a kiss goodbye as a substitute for the genuine article, Letty made sure to stop and ensure she was presentable before heading out. Clothes neatly ironed, almost as if she'd bought them that very morning. Hair thoroughly brushed, not a single lock out of place. Horns properly washed, waxed, and just a little bit of red polish at the tips, which all was a part of the routine she still had to get used to, despite it being a few months since they showed up alongside her Soulverdrive. And of course, the conspicuous scar across her neck from when she was killed. Had to take care to cover that up. In total, the process took twenty-five of the thirty minutes given to her before the meeting. That meant she'd make it just in time if she didn't stop along the way. For that reason, Letty's only detour along the way was a super-fast stop at the cafeteria, to get a bagel and a bottle of orange juice. She would have to eat on the way there. So she did. By the time Letty made it to the meeting room, with but a few seconds to spare, exactly as she expected, she'd eaten the bagel almost entirely, and was just now opening the juice. "Good morning, my fellow Soulders," Letty smiled. "It's not every day we have an emergency meeting. What could Saint Peter be so worked up about, I wonder?"
  8. Hello, potion seller. I am going into battle, and I want your strongest potions.

    1. UltimateIRS


      my strongest potion fortifies restoration by like 5 million percent

    2. Thar


      My strongest potions will kill a dragon let alone a man.

    3. LordCowCow
  9. dunno if i've already posted this here or not but i can only post so much ff14 music at once
  10. "Thanks for the save, I suppose...guess we're square now." Shion had done favors to NPCs before. Any MMO gamer worth their salt had done so more times than they'd ever be able to count, unless they were some freak with a memory card for a brain. More often than not, the return favor amounted to pretty much nothing. It wasn't that Shion wanted to help this bucket of bolts - that was just a convenient side effect of flinging her digimon at the nearby worms - but now that they were "square" Shion was comfortable in the knowledge she shouldn't go out of her way to help it again. Though did a player's digimon count as an NPC? Was a favor to Tinkermon a favor to this Seichi? For the time being, Shion set aside complicated questions like that, so she could focus on what mattered. "I'll back you all up! We gotta get to the real fight, before Seichi gets hurt!" "But Gea's a babyyyy what can he doooo," Shion mocked, delivering one last throw to the nearby Kunemon for good measure and catching her own partner on the rebound. With the worms handled, it was on to the beetle. Just in time too, to feel a buzzing in Shion's pocket. Fishing out the source, she was pleasantly surprised to find it was her digivice. And it said Gea was ready for the next step up. "You four might not have grace, but you have some fun style!" "Grace is for people who want adoring fans. I'll pass." As for the digivice... Looking it over, Shion pressed the appropriate button. The little device whirred to life, enveloping Gea in a bundle of zeroes and ones. From within the bubble of numbers, out burst her partner, in a new, more powerful form. It was a pink bird-dinosaur-pineapple thing. Frankly, it was an affront to Shion's eyes. How do I undo it? "Think fast, you're going right in!" Shion said, wasting no time picking up her now-heavier partner, and throwing him into the action as best she could, as she had done before.
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