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  1. Well, that worked. The sandstorm had petered out at least, but while Morgan would have preferred if the enemy was taken down by that particular team attack, it seemed there was still more fight left to fight. And now that she was out a leg, Morgan was at a disadvantage to say the least. Getting down onto her hands and foot, Morgan broke into an awkward sort of hobbling crawling sprint, back into the action. It seemed the woman was occupied with the other two at present, which bought Morgan the perfect opportunity. The perfect opportunity to, from her crawl, spring up and grab the target from behind. Before Morgan had time to make good on her move, she found herself shifting to and fro on her enemy's back to avoid getting grabbed. A task made all the simpler by her small size. When it became clear that there would be no grabbing the little zombie, Morgan's target instead dropped herself on her back, crushing Morgan underneath. What a foolish decision! Morgan wasn't going to pretend like that didn't hurt, because it sure did. But that just meant Morgan would have all the more force to fight with. And from her spot between the ground and a hard place, Morgan made good on the goal of latching onto an enemy in the first place. Morgan's jaws opened wide, and promptly crunched down hard on her target's right shoulder. Ideally, she would have gotten the neck instead, but having to avoid getting grabbed at first meant beggars couldn't be choosers.
  2. just realized this is the perfect thread for this since it wouldn't work in the music thread
  3. Well, things hadn't really gone to plan. But despite some setbacks and ultimately failing to make top eight, Ayane felt... Honestly, she still felt pretty defeated. Physically, she was feeling fine, but her ego had definitely taken a blow. It wasn't like she blamed Shannon for it or anything, but to think there could be someone who hated her so much... "Fine, we're out here, the fuck are we going to do?" Speaking of people hating things, there was the issue of a certain very grumpy classmate of hers, who clearly did not like the festivities. His loss if he couldn't enjoy himself, but this was a time to loosen up, and so it was her civic duty to help grumpy people have some fun for once! There were games, and food, and music, and more! Even somebody like Hakaro should have been able to have fun here. Was he just fun-phobic? Or, could it be... "...are you mad because there's no petting zoo?" "There isn't a- I'm not-" Hakaro was at a loss for words, raising an eyebrow at her incredulously. "I didn't come here to be an audience for your shitty jokes, you know." "I'm not joking. Anyone would feel better petting a soft animal, and you've got the whole animal motif going on too! Or if you want to be all grumpy and brooding about it you could say it's like..." Putting on her best (albeit still very poor) Hakaro impression, she continued "I'm doing up-close research on animals for my Quirk's development." Surely if it were with an excuse like that, Hakaro would at least try to do something enjoyable. "You never know when you may need to manifest a sheep. Or a small dog. Or a tiger!!" "That's... that's not how it works..." pulling his hood up over his head, he dragged his palm down across his face. "Well, there isn't a petting zoo, at least as far as I can tell, so what did you have in mind?" "Well, if there's no petting zoo, it's gotta be the festival classics! Like... like, um..." Uh-oh. "...I've gotta be totally honest. I've never been to a festival. Isn't there like... some fish scooping game? Let's find something like that!" What a shame. When she heard what the next event was going to be after the rescuethon she'd effectively been knocked out from, that was the first thought that passed through Yumi's mind. She was perfect for this sort of thing. A power-focused ranged combatant who wouldn't be too much of a burden on somebody's shoulders. Even doing something like shooting those flying students out of the sky would have been feasible given some prep time. Course, then she'd end up in the top eight, and she didn't fancy her odds fighting some... well, most of the other contenders. So in the end, maybe it was for the better she missed out. Besides, now she got to enjoy the festival without any pressure. And in the case of festivals, there was one attraction that always got her attention above all others. The shooting gallery. With a Quirk like hers, it was no surprise Yumi not only enjoyed shooting things, but had good aim to better facilitate it. And so, where a festival had those cheap-looking rifles and prizes to shoot at, Yumi was seldom far. And now it was her chance to take home something. Something she hadn't quite decided on yet. As she was about to step up and open fire on some cute prizes, however, she spotted someone out the corner of her eye. The class's newest addition, and top 8 contender, Rika. Maybe a bit of friendly chit-chat wouldn't hurt either. "Rika, hi there! What a coincidence running into you. Good job on making it to the top eight." ... U.A. certainly didn't spare any effort making this a nice festival. ... The food was good, there was no shortage of fun things to do. ... Everyone else sure seemed to be enjoying themselves, if nothing else. ... And yet... "The hell was that!?" Shinobu nearly jumped out of her seat at the exclamation. Mayu wasn't usually one to raise her voice - not unless a fight got her excited, at least, but even that was only during the fight itself - so the sudden outburst was a sure sign that whatever happened during the chicken fight, she was none too happy about it. She was curious. Shinobu wanted to know, and she wanted to ask just what "that" was. But knowing Mayu, she probably knew Shinobu wanted to know. And sure enough, without any further prompting than a nod from the tiny juggernaut, Mayu went on to explain her woes. "So, for the chicken fight I teamed up with some general course kid whose Quirk let him fly. If he stays up there where nobody can get to the target, I can stay down on the ground and take everyone else's points without the burden of carrying another person. Even if I lost in a fight, or got knocked out entirely, my points were safe. The plan was foolproof. And yet..." "And that concludes the Chicken Fight portion of this year's Sports Festival. If you will all direct your attention to the big screen, the bracket for the last phase will be visible, displaying our top eight." She made sure to pay rapt attention to the highlights reels. The most impressive feats of each team, and the eliminations thereof. Imagine her surprise when Mayu saw such a highlight featuring her new teammate Atsushi, struck from above by a falling student before plummeting like a rock with the other boy. Some part of Mayu wanted to believe Atsushi had done something clever. Something like flip the two over so that Atsushi would land on top of this blue-haired boy and therefore not on the ground. But for the most part, she couldn't help but accept what was probably about to become reality. And sure enough, while other names had appeared on the board - Shannon among them, of course - Mayu was nowhere to be seen in the top eight. "This final stage, as is tradition, will be single elimination sparring matches. While the previous rounds focused on adaptability, the eventual winner will be decided based on raw combat strength. The first rounds will all be conducted simultaneously, starting in one hour" Mayu wasn't going to pretend to be some psychologist or an expert on people. But she liked to think she at least had a vague idea of how Shannon operated. If it had been her receiving this glare from Orikami, she'd probably shrink away from it and do something like question why she had failed. "Was it my tactics? Did I not fight well enough? How could I have failed?" Naturally, Mayu's reaction was quite the opposite. Not only did she not avoid eye contact with Orikami, she glared right back, with a look and shrug that communicated her thoughts about as well as body language could. Like you could have planned for that. "I'm not usually a sore loser, but this is the second time today I've felt robbed." "Sounds rough," Shinobu commented, taking a long sip from the juice she'd bought from a stall earlier. "Even if you won though, you'd have to fight Shannon sooner or later. Can you even beat her?" "Not in a fair fight." From the comfort of a bench set aside from the festivities, Mayu observed the people buzzing to and fro, having a nice time. "Come to think of it, I don't actually know what you do for fun." "Mm?" "Well, I like my puzzles and history, Shannon... does something, probably, and I wouldn't be surprised if Orikami didn't have a concept of fun in the first place. But I don't actually know what anyone else enjoys. And now I'm curious." "Oh! Well, let's ask around! Anyone you had in mind?" "Let's see... how about we keep our eyes open for Shishi, Shoshiki, and that Akagi kid from 1A?"
  4. Yesterday... The Drooling Dragon…a popular tavern in Froura, a fount of knowledge and stories that were passed along by the fire. Some of glory, others of defeat…some of love, some of loss…no matter the outcome, there were stories and tales of adventures found here. So what better place would one find a purveyor of music and art of weaving together a story with said music! …except there was the case in which this purveyor of music and stories was currently in a drinking contest with another patron…and judging by the garb, a pirate at that. “This isn’t my first drinking contest, you know,” the pirate lady grinned, setting her second mug of ale down. “Purveyor of music and all, you should know what you’re getting into by weighing your liver up against a pirate’s.” “Ah, but what’s a little friendly competition between us, my dear?” the bard sat down his own second mug of ale. “However, at the same time, I do have a bit of a drinking side. You know…” he paused, moving to his lute and strumming the chords of it a few times. “...with my profession and all. Speaking of, I think I have a bit of a lyric for you.” Once again the bard began to strum on his lute. “The Dread Pirate Robin, found herself in a tavern hoping for glory. But alas while there, she drank herself under the table…and now things will get gory!” He paused, before groaning and began to lament. “Not one of my best ones, but I feel it’ll hold true if the wrong person gets between you. Don’t you think?” "Like whatever's waiting in that dungeon, eh? We join up with a crew, reach the bottom, get the Spark, and then..." And then... "I dunno, after everyone else has had their fun I'll just keep it around, I guess." The search for new comrades to join in their quest was one Robin got started on almost immediately after setting foot in town, but unfortunately with little success besides the bard sitting opposite her. After some asking around here in the Dragon, however, Robin had a hunch her fortunes were about to turn for the better... The woes of the morning's hangover had already passed, but the memory was still fresh in her mind, and the dull ache in her head had yet to fully subside. I won, though. Sweet victory. After spending much of the day in a room back at the Drooling Dragon, curled up in bed recovering from yesterday's show of liver power, Robin was finally ready to tackle what was left of the day. And the first order of business was getting something to eat. Tavern food was no way to start the day as far as she was concerned, so a trip to the local market was in order. It was still weird coming here. They were a bit hazy, but Robin still had memories of Froura's markets back from when she was a little girl. It was pretty different these days. Bigger, for one. And a lot easier to get distracted in. The goal here was just to get something to eat, but before she knew it Robin was off on a whole miniature adventure, seeing who had what in stock. Part of her considered getting a sword of some kind. It could serve to either replace that glorified twig Ziun carried around, or if he refused it, to help Robin protect herself against something trying to eat her face or whatever other horrific things the dungeon's denizens would undoubtedly try doing. But swords were not an investment she really felt like making today. Maybe some other time? For now, if I were a nice, tasty basket of oranges, in prime eating condition, where would I have someone trying to sell me... Rather than oranges, however, the thing Robin stumbled upon was a most curious sight. A pair of locals heading into a shop, only for the girl of the two to immediately step back outside. Stepping closer to see what this was all about, she could vaguely hear the chatter between customer and shopkeep from the inside. Something about ink. Was ink really that special? Robin only knew one type of person that would be so paraticular about ink of all things. "...Mages. What a bunch, am I right?" Robin asked to the girl who left the shop, peeking in on the ink transaction out of morbid curiosity.
  5. The duels were over, and the results were... a tie? Evelyn had to admit, she never expected to have one of those as part of a team dueling career, let alone in the wake of her very first professional duel. As for her own performance, she had to admit in hindsight that she was quite pleased! She very much did not deserve that win, but as Kendra had said, she took those. Against a more competent and attentive foe, she wouldn't have stood a snowball's chance in hell of winning that duel. She had to work out better strategies and combos, among other things. She'd be lying if she said she had much to chip in with regarding the team's overall performance. As much as she really was impressed by this unlikely outcome, "congratulations on getting a tie" didn't exactly sound encouraging, and everyone here was surely professional enough to look back and weed out their own mistakes themselves. But it would probably be even worse to just stand there saying nothing. It would be weak, but the attempt would certainly be there. "Well... good job, everyone. It certainly could have gone a lot worse."
  6. Well, Morgan's new prey certainly took her double-feature attack in stride. And in response, the woman had not fired a volley of rather sharp-looking stones at Morgan, but had even conjured up a sandstorm around her somehow. Quite an advanced ability by Morgan's reckoning! In all her hunting and questing, she'd maybe met one person in Lemuria able to do anything to the weather, and that was a very specific and unique case that would probably never be replicated. Curiosity demanded she figure out how that worked. But that would have to come later. Right now, there was the matter of the stones. Simply put, if she was a speed-type Hunter, there was no way those things would hit her. However, she was not, and although they were spread too much to all hit her, there was no way she'd be able to dodge all of them either. So, seeking to minimize damage, Morgan made for the edge of the spread, where only three stones were able to hit their mark, digging their way into her flesh. One in the leg. I can't move it. Well... that leg was getting old anyway. I'll need a new one after this fight. One in the lung. If I was a living person, that would definitely be fatal! I should probably get that checked out either way. One in the forehead. Now THAT'S a close call!! Glancing around at her surroundings, there was a distressing lack of organic things suitable to fashion a new leg out of. There were, however, many cars. An idea was forming. While the others kept the group's enemy occupied, Morgan limped over to a car that clearly wouldn't be needing its wheels anymore. With a bit of backbone put into it, she was able to rip the wheels clean off. With these secured, the next step was to deal with that unresponsive leg. She couldn't feel pain exactly, but there was always a distinctly uncomfortable feeling if something happened that would significantly affect her aura. For example, pulling the stone out of her leg, only to slam it back in even harder, with enough force to tear the limb off. Now out a leg, Morgan's first action was to throw it directly into the fray. It was difficult to make out where exactly she was supposed to be aiming, however. And that was where the wheels came into play. Gripping the circles of metal and rubber, Morgan used them as improvised crutches, hurrying as fast as her remaining limbs would take her. The sandstorm around her stung, constantly poking at her with little grains of sand and other minerals. But for someone who got stronger by getting damaged, this was a perfect environment! It wasn't much, but little by little, Morgan could feel her aura swelling up as she hurried back into the frontlines. As soon as she could make out the green woman, Morgan threw the wheel from her arm that still had a leg beneath it.
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