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  1. Tbh, Jewels is an incredible name for a character. A bad one, but also really good at the same time.


    1. radio414


      my parents have a friend named jules does that count

  2. Vaccine update: I had a mild headache for 2 days and my arm was less sore than the first jab. Clearly I am too powerful and you should be scared. Tagforce 1 #26: Jewels You wake up early in this game. 5:45 AM, in fact (5:45 if you are a heretic who uses 24-hour time). If you leave the dorms and head to class, you'll make it by 6. Two hours early! You're sure to be the first one there! Wait, nope, Jewels beat you there. And the rest of the characters that hang out in the classroom in the mornings, but I digress. She sits beside her friend Andrea and the game wants you to think that the two of them converse. But nope, instead they just stand at their desks, staring at each other. It's pretty weird. After class, the two of them head over to the shop where they act significantly more normal. Andrea stands around shyly while Jewels checks out a bunch of seats. The two of them serve the role of an expert-level DP farm in the shop during the afternoon. It's nice that there's an option between the two of them, rather than only one of them being available at the time. Jewels and Andrea form a friendship pair where they have opposite personalities. Andrea is shy and timid, whereas Jewels is confident in her dueling ability. She wants to be the top duelist of this academy, a goal shared by nearly every single character in the whole game. After that, she wants to defeat North Academy's champion to further prove herself. Her determination is admirable, but her goal has one fatal flaw. She is not a protagonist so she will not be given this opportunity. Like with the other friendship pair characters, Jewels' character is hurt by a lack of actual interaction with her friend. Maybe Andrea could slowly gain confidence throughout the game from all of her time spent with Jewels. As for Jewels herself, maybe make her too confident. Make it so she duels a bit too recklessly, and Andrea actually helps to train her to duel more carefully. Jewels runs an... interesting deck. She uses tribute fodder such as Treeborn Frog and Marshmallon to bring out monsters that revive themselves if you destroy them with card effects. She can pressure you into having to do so by using Mist Body, but her AI is pretty bad about this and she will usually put it on Breaker. A big weakness of her deck is that she goes into highlander mode for so much of her deck. She's got plenty of answers for your cards, but she runs only one copy of so many of those cards. This means that she can typically stall out the match a little bit so that she can bring out her bosses and try to turn the duel around, while making sure that your board isn't so advanced that her Vampires and Mobius become irrelevant. Despite dueling against her so many times, I don't feel like I truly understand what makes this deck as good as it is. Probably the sheer amount of removal coupled with bosses that could resurrect themselves. I want to take out some cards to make room for Pyramid Turtle, but I don't really know what to remove for it. Maybe Waboku and Offerings to the Doomed for two Pyramid Turtles? As for other changes, maybe swap out some of her removal cards for extra copies of other removal cards. It would take some testing to figure out which ones to increase the number of and which ones to remove, and I can't do that at the moment as I still cannot use several key cards in her deck. I'm giving Jewels a 3.5. She has an interesting deck, but the rest is rather lackluster. The next five duelists I'll be going over will all be from Slifer Red, so be prepared to see some absolute horseshit decks.
  3. Woah I didn't know this.


  4. So Fandom has moved the search bar from the top-right of the screen to the left side. It's a change, therefore I hate it with my entire being. Anyway, it's Jaime for the first time.


  5. Tomorrow my transformation into a 5G cell tower will be complete. Soon I shall take over the entire planet and there's nothing you can do to stop me. So I wanna get one of these done before that happens because I heard that the second dose hits like a truck. Tagforce 1 #25: Jaime Ivan has a friend he hangs out with all the time, and so does Jaime. But Jaime's friendship is clearly stronger because Jaime's friend doesn't leave him for dinner. Get rekt nerd! Actually, jokes on him, Obelisk Blue doesn't have a place to eat at. Slifers may have shitty food but at least they have food. Jaime instead has to make his own sandwiches. His friend Syun doesn't like sandwiches though, so he has to starve to death. Maybe if Jaime didn't make bad sandwiches. In the mornings, Jaime and his friend hang out at the Duel Field. He isn't shocked to lose to a Slifer Red and may mention that he should reconstruct his deck. This makes it seem like Jaime likes to experiment with many different decks, the weirdo. All the cool people pick one deck and stick with it! Unfortunately, the game doesn't care about that character detail I probably just made up in my mind, and he only has one deck throughout the entire game. It would've been neat if Jaime would at least constantly modify his deck throughout the game as he tests out many different cards, some improving his deck, some not. Maybe the real story behind Jaime is that he's one of those students whose parents paid their way to Obelisk Blue instead of progressing there naturally, which would explain why his deck has more questionable choices than most of the other Obelisk Blues out there. In the afternoons, you can find them at the Obelisk Blue Boys dorm. Just two dudes being guys. Jaime's temporary deck that he playtests with forever is A neat thing about this deck choice is that it actually makes sense with the dueling tip he gives you if you talk to him, which is basically "If you use monsters with high ATK, watch out for cards like Magic Cylinder or Dimension Wall." In fact, his deck actually counters monsters with high ATK in general. His gameplay tip is to protect you from him. Unfortunately, Aliens in a format this early into Yugioh are not capable of much. The only thing that makes Jaime strong is the loads of monster stealing cards he runs, like Brain Control and Snatch Steal. Yes, Tribute Summoning Gangi'el for one Tribute is nice, but even with that condition met I would rather bring out a Monarch instead. Aside from Gangi'el, Aliens Grey ew british spelling and Warrior are how he gets A-counters onto the field. Honestly, this isn't really enough to make Alien Mother and especially Alien Hunter viable cards. Alien Skull is a bit situational but it's great against Marshmallon, Spirit Reaper, or A Legendary Ocean. Flying Saucer Muusik'i is unplayable without Shining Angel. Gagagigo doesn't make much sense in this deck. He has no synergy with it for being a Reptile, so he could instead run a card like Gemini Elf instead if he really needed a vanilla beater, which he doesn't actually. In fact, it being a Reptile makes it worse for him if you decide to run Tribe-Infecting Virus. Rush Recklessly is outclassed by Shrink, which could be a neat card to work with Alien Mother or Alien Hunter. Crop Circles is a weird card that you use so you don't have to give your opponent their monster back and can't just Tribute Summon with it. The 2000 damage failcase is pretty steep but it would be better than giving the monster back, unless you're stealing bad cards. Brainwashing Beam is an amazing card like holy shit god damn wow I love it so much. It's definitely the best A-Counter payoff until you get to the Alien Synchro age, and even then it's pretty strong. Orbital Bombardment counters targeting effects and turns them into MSTs, which is nice but I'm pretty sure Dust Tornado is better. Waboku is purely for turning Alien Grey into Alien Mother, whether by Tribute Summoning or via Crop Circles. But since Grey only draws a card if it is destroyed by battle, Waboku isn't really that great. Embodiment of Apophis... isn't bad, but it also doesn't feel necessary here. And finally, Micro Ray. Micro Ray is a garbage card. Why is it here. Go away. No decklist image available this time because I don't have all the cards I'd put in this deck I think that to fix the deck, you would need to take out the Gagagigos, two of the Alien Hunters, the Muusik'is, Rush Recklessly, Embodiment of Apophis, Micro Ray, Orbital Bombardment, and Waboku. And now that there are 14 open spots, it's time for replacements. First, I wanna add Breaker the Magical Warrior and D.D. Warrior Lady because they're both incredible cards. They also have synergy with Crop Circles; you can counter cards like Bottomless Trap Hole or Sakuretsu by swapping them out for Alien Warrior. I'd also like to add a third copy of Brain Control and Brainwashing Beam. Maybe even add a third Sakuretsu and 1-3 Bottomless Trap Holes for defense, though this isn't too necessary. Add a Call of the Haunted, two Nobleman of Crossout because Aliens despise face-down cards, and that leaves about three empty spots. One option would be to run 3x Nimble Momonga to offset the LP cost of Brain Control and because they sorta work with Crop Circles. Another would be to run Zaborg the Thunder Monarch and/or Mobius the Frost Monarch to give you a strong card to Tribute Summon off of an opponent's monster. If you do this, you can take out a Gangi'el for more space. Option three is remembering that I mentioned Shrink, adding that, and also My Body as a Shield. This is to protect Alien Warrior from effect destruction to force your opponent into having to fight it in battle. Swords of Revealing Light is also stronger than normal here because not only do you buy yourself three turns of protection, you can use it to flip your opponent's monsters up and then steal them. The strategy of this deck is pretty simple: If an opponent's monster can beat your Alien Warrior, then steal it. Alien Warrior's effect works well with Brainwashing Beam. You can use Alien Grey or Crop Circles to try to get it faster. You can also add Cyber Jar, but I'm not sure if this deck has enough low level monsters to make this a safe bet, but Alien Warrior is important and you do have Sakuretsu to help keep you safe. With seven cards devoted to changing control of your opponent's monsters, you can just steal your opponent's frontrow and beat them over the head with it to win. I went back and retroactively did this with the previous duelists, but I'm going to start offering a numerical score to these characters. These numbers aren't really strict but they are in the ballpark of what I think of them. As for Jaime, he's a 5/10.
  6. First Duelist of the Roses gets a mod back in late December, and now Capsule Monsters Coliseum is gonna get one in like 5 days!

    I'm so happy to see these games get some love.

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      A Billion Cheetahs

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  7. What do y'all mean it isn't the moon???
  8. I prolly just worded it awkwardly
  9. Am I powerful enough to make a status in these trying times?

  10. Getting this on Spectrum too. I also can't read replies on the front page.
  11. I've reviewed Ivan the Terrible. Check it out, nerds! No, not the Russian guy, I'm talking about a duelist who's bad at the game.


  12. So a little over two weeks ago a friend of mine gifted me the game Don't Starve Together so that more people in our friend group could play a co-op game every now and then. It has been a huge learning experience, and I wouldn't consider myself to be remotely good even after I managed to take down a Bearger (scary, quit running at me plz) in my solo world. Still, it's a fun game and I'm looking forward to exploring more of what it has to offer. Tagforce 1 #24: Ivan Ivan can be found hanging out at the Harbor before class. When you talk to him, he will mention taking a night stroll that has him pass by the lighthouse there, showing that he really likes this place. Unfortunately you cannot find him taking this stroll, which would have been really cool if you could have. Instead, he does mention seeing two figures standing near the lighthouse and you can find those people during nighttime. It's Zane and Alexis. It is neat that Ivan will point out that they hang out by the lighthouse, EXCEPPPPPPT... the game tells you this on its own. When you go to the map, the game tells you where all of the "major" characters are, including Zane and Alexis. This ultimately makes Ivan's line of dialogue useless in a mechanical sense. This would've been really good chatter if it weren't for the game spoiling it. If you wanna find Ivan during the afternoon, you will have to check the Duel Field. Due to the vagueness of the game, I'm not entirely sure if Ivan is there to practice dueling or just to spectate. Given the state of his deck, I imagine that it's more of the latter. Either way, he is interested in getting better at Yugioh, he just has a lot of work set out for him. He is always accompanied by his friend Terence. Well, except during 7:00 PM where Terence leaves him for food for an hour, the jerk. That's right, there's another friendship pair that never interacts with one another! At least they team up for tag duels, but I still wanna see them talk to each other and maybe become boyfriends or something. Ivan surprisingly has a bit of character to him. It isn't much but when you've set the bar on the ground even a little bit of character detail will be neat. He wants to become good at Yugioh but he's just so bad at being good that it's a tougher challenge for him than for most. His heart is in the right place but his brain is in the trash can. Ivan's deck of choice is Fairies. Wait, no, sorry, that's incorrect. This is a deck of fairy-like monsters that may or may not actually be Fairies. There are more Plants in his deck than Fairies. He runs all four of the Attribute Spirit monsters that existed at the time (Aqua Spirit, Garuda, Spirit of Flames, and The Rock Spirit) as well as monsters that can fuel their summon requirements. This lets him Tribute Summon monsters more easily as well as giving him some battle position-changing shenanigans (along with Prickle Fairy). And while he can make good use of changing your monsters' battle positions occasionally, his Tribute Summonable monsters are just awful. Fairy King Truesdale is cool as hell and is amazing in Duelist of the Roses, but unfortunately that doesn't carry over to the regular game. The rest range from being equivalent to his Level 4 monsters to being actually worse. The rest of his deck doesn't really do anything of note. He's got Raging Flame Sprite which can be a dangerous card if he can protect it, but he doesn't have any way to actually do so. He can equip his Fairy's Gift with Elf's Light and it'll still be bad. He has not one, but three Spirits of the Pot of Greed so he can draw a card if you play Pot of Greed, which admittedly is a card you should be running in every deck but in no situation does he actually put this monster in Attack Position for its effect to go off. Wait, it gives the person playing Got of Greed an extra card, and since he doesn't even run it, this means that he runs three copies of a card that actively helps his opponent on the rare occasion that it's ever set up properly. No wonder why he's bad at the game, holy shit. This is one of those decks that I would just start over from scratch on. This idea is too far gone from any semblance of a functional deck. So I just hastily threw together a Fairy deck. Its main focus is to Ritual Summon Shinato, King of a Higher Plane, though it also packs some power via the Majestic Mech cards and Mudora. It also could make good use of Last Will, which is a busted card and can tutor up Mudora, D.D. Warrior Lady, or even an emergency Marshmallon. I haven't really tested out the deck much but even by looking at it it's going to be significantly better than whatever the fuck deck Ivan runs. Like, I'm not too sure about running Agent Venus+Shine Balls at any point before the 2011 Agent Meta where Venus suddenly became incredibly powerful. I'm also not too sure if I should be running Goryu at all. Score: 5/10 So that's it on this Slifer Red whose fatal flaw was to build a deck around an archetype that wasn't officially certified by Konami as being a real archetype. The next entry will be an Obelisk Blue student who doesn't make this mistake. He runs an actual archetype!
  13. Do you like bugs? If so,

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