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  1. First Jaden snitches on Chazz, then Alexis snitches on him too.

    We ain't chazzing it up today 😔

    1. radio414


      that's not very chazz money of them

    2. Horu


      I see Jaden wasn't getting his game on

  2. Please let this guy know if you've ever seen a girl. Please, he's dying of thirst.


  3. Did you know that this character is Raeg's favorite character in the entire game? True story. He even admitted to it. Tagforce 1 #15: Deron A staple of any anime, no, any media in general that features teenagers, is the horny bastard. Today, we will be talking about the horny bastard. The dude hangs out at the Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm 24/7, never leaving. Well, except to go to class. He can't let his horniness hurt his grades, after all, or else he'll be expelled from the academy and will never be able to see a girl ever again. He is busy with the daunting task of looking for girls, at the girls dorm, a task that he plans to accomplish by walking around in the area like the rest of the NPCs. He could see plenty of girls if he used his eyes, it's not like they're hiding from the creep or anything. But then he might see Vyga! And Vyga isn't a girl! Oh no! If you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, he does say that he's looking for female duel spirits, not just girls. Regular conversation has him asking you if you're more horny for the Dark Magician Girl or Injection Fairy Lily. While he may be more interested in card spirits than actual girls, he's still really horny for girls of all stripes. Girls wear stripes, right? He will only reluctantly duel you on the condition that you don't waste too much of his time, and he is vocal about how he would be much more willing to do so if you were a girl. And if you defeat him, he complains that he lost to a guy. Every bit of dialogue he has is about how horny is he for girls. He even turns down your sandwich offer because you're not a girl - Deron may reluctantly give up his search for female duel spirits to go to class but he draws the line at eating food that isn't from a girl. He would probably starve to death if Sadie and Dorothy at the shop were guys. My thoughts on Deron is that he's just a worse Colin. The Anti-Colin. Colin at least warns you about adding card crushes to your deck (and then hilariously sidesteps his own advice), whereas Deron's entire life revolves around girls. He breathes and eats just for the sake of girls. Plus, with the limited interactions with the NPCs, nobody reacts to him being the most obvious creep ever to exist. Nobody runs him into the sea for acting this way. He's just there because someone decided it was really necessary to add a horny bastard to the roster of generic duelists. Maybe if he cared exclusively about female card spirits, and is just mistaken for a horny bastard, that would be kinda funny. Especially if he doesn't even like real girls at all. But nope, he's just a horny bastard. These near-highlander decks are such a pain. Anyway, Deron's deck is what happens when you take both of Colin's decks and mash them together. It's disgusting. He runs Charmers, Princesses, and the one Doriado because look she's a girl. And as it turns out, he likes both Dark Magician Girl and Injection Fairy Lily. There's not much I can say about this deck that I haven't already said for Colin, except for an emphasis on why would you build this. Well, aside from the obvious answer. Like, he could've just had Colin's second deck. The Wiki describes his deck as being more aggressive than Colin's, except that's only barely true. He focuses a bit more on his singular copies of the Familiar-Possessed Charmers but he still only has one copy of each, and yeah he can use Magician's Circle to summon DMG but, again, one copy. If he wanted to make an aggressive deck full of girls, he could make Amazonesses. I don't really know all the cards they have in this game or if someone else in game uses them, but it's probably the only other functional female deck he could possibly make that isn't taken by Colin already. And then there's another female-centric deck that someone else is using, just haven't gotten to that character yet. Aggressive Spellcasters is out of the question since I know for sure that someone else runs that deck. He could also make a Doriado deck since I didn't actually suggest focusing on that card in the Colin entry. The downside to that is that it would involve running Manju and Senju and they aren't distinctly girls, oh no. Also there's a dude on the card art of Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan, can't have that now can we. After dealing with this creep, it's only naturally fitting that the next duelist that I will be covering in this thread is a queen. "If she breathes," and all that.
  4. Did the translation patch rename all the places places of origin or is everyone in post-apocalyptic Germany from the U.S.? COINCIDENTALLY, Rammstein's Amerika was also released in 2004 Anyways, I loved reading this!
  5. I regret to inform you that I have found another website. It takes, uh, how do I describe it, conversations that you might've seen in memes or something, but you can have the characters you want play them out. There's only a few prompts depending on the number of characters you wanna get involved. If you're curious, here it is. Some of the ones I got:
  6. Huge doubt I'm gonna get to the next character before Geneforge Mutagen releases (tomorrow!!!), but in the meantime you may want to learn about your new rival. It's time to duel, get yer game on, etc.


    1. LordCowCow


      thought this was a new one realized i saw it already, I've been tricked!

    2. A Burgerking Crouton

      A Burgerking Crouton

      im evil muahahaha

      But fr when I got Deloge's entry out I had a status near the top so I wanted to wait a bit before posting it in the status bar

  7. I'm trying to get this entry out early because Geneforge 1 - Mutagen, the remake of the first Geneforge, is finally coming out on the 24th. I am very excited to play that game, and might end up neglecting this little blog for some time because of it. Tagforce 1 #14: Deloge The Ra Yellow dorm is understandably the best place to find students of that dorm. That's where you can find this guy before school, talking about how much he doesn't like the Ante rule. With the Ante rule, whoever loses in a duel has to give the winner their best card. Deloge thinks this is stupid, and he is correct. Even if it were in effect, he wouldn't even use it. Fortunately you don't have to deal with this rule at all in the game. You know how sometimes there are those characters that just want to be your friend? Well, Deloge is the opposite of that. He wants to be your enemy. Bitch, next time I'll offer you a knuckle sandwich. After school, you can find him hanging out in the classroom. He's got detention every day, probably for trying to be everyone's rival. You, Jaden, Crowler, the cat, everyone is his rival. Ok, it's probably more likely that he's just studying after class in the classroom, but that's such a boring answer. No, he's rough and loud and he wants to fight. Shut up. When you challenge him to a duel, he warns you that he doesn't stop until his opponent surrenders, which, um, is kind of how card games work. You don't stop in the middle and call it a draw, unless you're on Duelingbook, then I guess people will try to pull that stunt on you. If you manage to beat him, he will blame his defeat on topdecking regardless of how decisive your victory is. He's lucky that I can't steal all his cards with the Ante rule, or else he won't have a top to his deck. IMO, Deloge is the second best Ra Yellow character, and during Tag Duel Sundays he teams up with the #1 player in that spot. I love the rival tension he has with the player for no reason. He isn't a jerkass, he's just your rival. This one random generic student is your rival. Forget the characters from the show, Deloge is the true rival character. He's also got a creative deck. Speaking of which, here it is! Deloge runs a FIRE deck that goes all out on taking advantage of Tenkabito Shien's effect. Tenkabito Shien is immune to Trap Cards, so he can survive TT and Needle Ceiling. while ignoring cards such as Gravity Bind and Begone, Knave!. His deck does have some flaws though, first of which being Ultimate Obedient Fiend being in a deck it does not belong in once again. He also goes a little bit overboard on some of these Traps that work well with Tenkabito. D.D. Trap Hole is still going to be worse than Nobleman of Crossout, and if a one-sided Curse of Anubis was good you would have seen people running Windstorm of Etaqua much more often. Then there's The Warrior Returning Alive, which doesn't have any targets in this deck. It's unplayable here. He also has only one answer for Jinzo and Royal Decree, both of which destroy his deck. I think in order to improve his deck, he would need to remove the TWRAs, the Fiend, the Blind Destructions, Curses of Anubis, D.D. Trap Holes, and Two-Pronged Attack. I'm also not interested in The Thing in the Crater. Masked Dragon is also not enticing since he has no need to fill his GY with FIRE monsters, but at the same time his monster count is already pretty low. He can run Mask of Darkness to get his Traps back. Bottomless Trap Hole and/or Sakuretsu Armor for being great cards that he can even recycle with the Mask. Book of Moon because it's an incredible card with that tiny bit of extra synergy with Needle Ceiling. Furthermore, even with the Molten Destruction and Little Chimera, his Tenkabito Shien tends to sit around 2000-2500 ATK, which is not great. I think he would benefit a lot from adding United We Stand and Mage Power to further boost his Tenkabito. Maybe even Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu to help search those cards (and Premature). It even benefits from the FIRE boosts. Finally, he should look into running Pot of Avarice, Dark Hole, and perhaps even Double Snare as narrow as it is so that he doesn't auto-lose to Jinzo/Royal Decree. I wanted to find a way to fit Elemental HERO Wildheart into his deck as it has the same effect, but that can't really happen since his deck focuses heavily on the FIRE attribute. Plus, if you're running Wildheart you're probably just running HEROes more than you are running a Trap Immunity deck thingy. Begone, Knave! isn't as useful if you Fusion Summon. That's all I have to say about Deloge... or at least I think it is. I tried to go to bed like 5 hours ago and couldn't, so I'm half-groggy yet unable to sleep. The next duelist is another Ra Yellow (woah 2 of those in a row) and is basically an evil form of a character we've already seen on here. It might be a while before I get to him though.
  8. This status is making fun of you while you sleep.

  9. NECRO!!!!!!!ing this thread with some updates. Mostly new additions, but with one card (previously known as Vanguard) nerfed a bit because I didn't like how easily it could just sit at 2800 DEF with Snipers. Here is the one change: Crusolar Vanguard Warrior/LIGHT/Level 4/ATK 1300/DEF 1800 If your opponent declares a direct attack while you control a "Crusolar" Continuous Spell: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, and if you do, change the attack target to this card. If this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent: You can target 1 card you control; shuffle it into your Deck, and if you do, place 1 "Crusolar" monster from your hand, Deck, or GY in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell. Crusolar Rethresher Fish/LIGHT/Level 4/ATK 1300/DEF 1800 If your opponent declares a direct attack while you control a "Crusolar" Continuous Spell: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, and if you do, change the attack target to this card. If this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent: You can target 1 card you control; shuffle it into your Deck, and if you do, place 1 "Crusolar" monster from your hand, Deck, or GY in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell. Each effect of "Crusolar Rethresher" can only be activated once per turn. Every card has a generic name and then there's Punny McGee over here. ------------------------------------- New cards: Crusolar Conjurer Spellcaster/LIGHT/Level 4/ATK 1000/DEF 900 If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 "Crusolar Drake Token" (Wyrm/LIGHT/Level 4/ATK 1800/DEF 1500), and if you do, place this card in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell. If a "Crusolar" monster(s) is sent from your field to the GY: You can send this Continuous Spell to the GY, then target 1 of those cards; place it in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell, but its effects are negated until the end of the turn. Crusolar Magus Spellcaster/LIGHT/Level 4/ATK 1200/DEF 1000 If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can target 1 "Crusolar" monster in your Spell & Trap Card Zone; Special Summon it. This effect of "Crusolar Magus" can only be activated once per turn. During the Damage Step, if this card attacks an opponent's monster: You can send 1 "Crusolar" Continuous Spell you control to the GY; destroy the opponent's monster. Crusolar Dual Advance Normal Spell Reveal 1 "Crusolar" monster in your hand; add 1 "Crusolar" monster with the same Type to your Deck to your hand, then place the revealed card in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell. Crusolar Skycavalry Xyz/Fairy/LIGHT/Rank 4/ATK 2000/DEF 1700 2 Level 4 monsters Once per turn, when your opponent activates a card effect during the Battle Phase: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card. During your opponent's Main Phase: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; place this card in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell with the following effect: * Decrease the ATK/DEF of all monsters your opponent controls by 500. Conjurer lets you start filling up your backrow while still having a decent monster on the field so you aren't wide open. Magus offers you effect destruction, not similar to how it did in the original archetype, but it also gives you a way to Xyz Summon as well. That's because this archetype finally has an Extra Deck monster. Skycavalry hoses dangerous BP effects and then can toss itself onto your backrow for a small stat debuff. Idk how useful that part would be but it is spell-speed 2 so that's gotta be nice for something. Dual Advance helps you set up your backrow if you don't open with the Field Spell, and I suppose it makes it easier to use the (about to be nerfed) Balance skill for the deck as well. It's because of this card that Rethresher is a Fish now btw. It felt like it would get a little too annoying with Sniper+old Vanguard.
  10. r u hot for this teacher


  11. The surprise is that this next installment is only one week later (and a day), rather than two or three. Tagforce 1 #13: Dean Who knew that you would find teachers at an academy? Well, more than just Dr. Crowler. Dean is one of the probably six generic teachers in this game, and one of the two that you can converse with normally, at least in the first part. Dean spends his time in the place you would expect all teachers to spend their every waking moment: inside the classroom. No home to call his own or anything, this guy lives in the classroom. Dean is stationary for a good reason, though. He serves a practical purpose. Each day you have a chance of receiving a random email from Chancellor Shepherd, saying that you've won the lottery. Or, to put it more accurately to what the game calls it: You were randomly selected as a Recommended Duelist. So you won the lottery but in a less gambley way. If you speak to him on the day you win the lottery, you gain a whopping 1,000 DP, which is anywhere between 2.5-4.5 worth of duels depending on who you're dueling. A nice bonus, but kinda small and isn't that important since you can just infinitely duel the same dude a bajillion times a day for infinite DP anyway. That feature gets removed in later Tagforce games, which makes sense but rip to my infinite DP. Edit: I forgot about the auto-acronym thing suggesting that DP stands for Draw Phase, when in this context it's the currency you use to purchase packs. Yes, I have infinite Draw Phases, and no I will not "deck out." I refuse. Unfortunately by being a practically useful character there is no room for Dean to have any character of his own. He's just the guy who gives you points for receiving emails. Hooray. I mean, maybe he gets annoyed by students saying they got an email when they didn't actually? That's it really. Found the Blue player. The teachers in this game are supposed to be among the toughest duelists you'll face, and while I don't know how meta Counter Fairies were in this format I do know that Dean's Counter Fairy Deck is built pretty decently. One thing I don't like about early-era Counter Fairies is that Voltanis the Adjudicator just simply does not work with Bountiful Artemis. It's a disaster. If you have Artemis on the field and Voltanis in the hand, after playing a Counter Trap, things will go like this: Bountiful Artemis's effect activate. Voltanis is chained. You tribute Artemis, Summon Voltanis. Artemis fails to resolve because it has to be on the field in order to draw you the card. Voltanis's destruction effect can't go off. You missed the timing because you were too busy failing to resolve Bountiful Artemis. You break down in tears. Thankfully this combo actually works in Duel Links, because damn does this fuckup fucking hurt. Because of that, I would remove the Voltanises, and by extention, Synthetic Seraphim since that's a card that really only work with Voltanis. Since Fairies don't matter anymore, you could also replace Kelbek with Wall of Illusion for that slightly higher DEF, and also for another reason. By doing this, the deck now has a lot of LIGHT and DARK monsters, so you know what that means, right? CHAOS SORCERER, BABEY. You kinda want more win conditions than those 3 Van'Dalgyons. Finally, I'd probably remove either the Curse of Royal or the Judgment of Anubis since idk about having more than one copy total of both of those cards. That's all for Dean. The next duelist that I'll be covering is yet another Ra Yellow. They've been scarce and now all of a sudden they're all over the place! Also, he runs a FIRE Deck of his own. Lots of fire lately, huh.
  12. that moment when your have been EPICALLY pwned!!

    1. Thar


      if you're gonna get pwned, might as well be EPIC

    2. (␀)



  13. The Inca vs. Blue-Eyes matchup on Duel Links is so much fun. Most likely because the Blue-Eyes players are garbage but also because the Sun+Moon loop is just a bunch of fun once you get it running.

  14. Are you cold? Do you want to read about the worst Elemental Master in the first Tagforce game? I got you covered.