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  1. Quick question: If u send a card to your opponent's GY, and then banish it, which banished pile does it go to? Mine or the opponent's?

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    2. Thar


      Considering it had to specify whose graveyard it's going to but not whose banish pile, then I assume since it was your card that it would go to yours by default.

    3. Zaziuma


      You can't have your cards in your opponent's GY, any time they would be sent there, they go back to your own GY instead, so simply, banishing a card your opponent owns would put it in their banished pile.

    4. Darj


      Yes, it would go to your banished area, since you own the card. For it to be treated as an opponent's banished card it would require it to be part of the banishing effect to override the mechanic. And even then, a funny thing is that there is no official distinction for the player's respective "areas" or "piles", so you can't just write "If this card is banished, it is sent to the opponent's banished pile/area/whatever instead". It would require a different approach, something on the lines of "this card is banished, it is treated as in the opponent's possession".

  2. This should be easy, if u know me. If not, good luck~
  3. Do I really need to put the effects of the cards when they r official cards made by Konami? I get for like, custom cards, but since Riley is using Konami made cards, do i really have to put the effects? Other than that, I can put the card names and where they r on her field in a spoiler, yes
  4. "You can go first, if you wanna . . ." Riley heard the small boy offer her the first turn. She pondered this for a moment, surprised by his kind offer, but since she barely knows how to play, she was hoping he would take the first turn. Eh, What's the worst that could happen? She accepted the boy's offer, and looked down at her Duel Disk. It was already beeping gently, as if signaling her turn. "Alrighty then, I'll start!" She exclaimed, tho with a rather uncertain tone to her voice. Looking down at her hand, she wasn't exactly sure what she was supposed to do. Her rulebook didn't tell her combos after all, just the basics of the game! She pondered for a few moments more, recognizing a few of the cards in her hand. She began to make her move, tho the uncertainty in her voice remained. "I'll activate the Field Spell, The Grand Spellbook Tower, along with Spellbook Star Hall. Oh! And I'll also Normal Summon Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, allowing me to search my Deck for a Spellbook card! And... I think I'll choose.. Erm... Spellbook of Secrets! Yeah!" She smirked, happy that she figured something out properly. "And to top it all off, I think i will Special Summon Silent Magician from my hand by Tributing 1 Spellcaster I control. Bye bye Spellbook Magician, hello Silent Magician!~" She giggled softly as she slammed the card down onto her Duel Disk. The blue robed novice wizard that once resided on her side of the field was soon replaced by a white robed one, who wore a big hat, similar to those classic witches are depicted with, but white. "And with that, I end my turn!" Amaryllis would giggle once more, resisting the urge to jump up and down with joy, excited by the Duel and figuring out what to do. She would have to keep her cool if she wanted to make an impression.
  5. I AM SOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!! I was operating under shitty conditions and had unreliable wifi and a phone until now ;-; I will try my best to be active again, as I really like this RP's concept and want to continue it. Now that I have a computer and the fastest internet available here, I can actually make posts regularly! Again, I sincerely apologize!!
  6. I have posted. Hope I didn't move the duel part along too quickly.. Also, yes i'm aware she forgot to introduce herself. She's not a social person, so she forgets things like that easily. Also, I didn't know what version of dueling equipment we're using, or if we r using any at all, but I figured that if we were, it would probs be up to the user as to which edition to use, so I picked my fav version, which is the Zexal Duel Gazers and an Arc-V Duel Disk. U by no means have to use the same edition as Riley tho
  7. Amaryllis had just walked out of class when the bell had rung for recess. She knew something was planned for this time of the day, as she recalled seeing the ticket under her desk. However, she wasn't particularly sure of what it was yet. "I pick . . . her." Amaryllis heard the small boy speak thru a shaky, almost uncertain voice as he pointed straight towards her. She froze for a quick second, knowing that the attention had been turned to her suddenly. She didnt even know what he was choosing her for, but it made her nervous nonetheless. "Erm... M-Me..?" She asked hesitantly, her voice quivering and almost inaudible. She goes to hide her hands in her jacket pockets, when she feels a small, rectangular bump in them. It takes her a good minute, but she realizes that this was the new deck of cards her stepmom gave her that morning.. Her stepmom's words echoed in her head: "Remember sweetie, this is a game best played with other ppl. So I want u to go out there today, and see if anyone wants to play with u. Who knows, u might make a few friends~" Alright Mom... Guess now's my chance to do what I promised u I would.. She eventually would break herself from her thoughts, finally connecting the dots that she had just been challenged to a duel. She grabs her deck, and searches her back pack for a cheap edition of a Duel Disk and Duel Gazer, slipping them on slightly. "I'm letting u know, I've never done this before.. But that doesnt mean I'll be a pushover either! I stayed up late last night, studying the rules, and I won't lose!~" With this, she slips her new cards into the deckslot with ease, as the Duel Disk scans and analyzes each individual card. Before Long, a robotic voice is heard from both player's Disks: "Duel Disks r activated and on standby. Establishing audio-visual holographic link. Commence the Duel."
  8. So, I have been working on these guys for quite a while now. They still r not fully finished, but I thought maybe I could post the ones I do have, considering they r almost complete. The design is supposed to be little slime globs that, thru the power of metamorphosis, change into more humanoid slimes, to take on a more battle suited role. All their names r color based, and the bosses have RPG Class Titles as well. Their Playstyle is a bit of a weird one. I wanted to make them flexible like slime is, but didn't know how to do that. That is, until I saw Which Starling, which gave me the idea for a Playstyle that focuses on versatility. You see, much like Which Starling, zone placement matters when u r playing Proteans. Each non boss monster gains certain effects, depending on which MMZ they r in. The bosses have some column play, and support adjacent monsters. The higher level bosses have additional effects that they gain if they sit above a Spell or Trap card. Also, these guys r a Ritual Archetype. All the bosses r Ritual Monsters, while the non bosses, r regular monsters. Anyway, without further ado, the "Protean" archetype! (Or at least what I have of it so far):
  9. Yatago, The Myth LIGHT - Level 4 - Spellcaster/Pendulum/Normal - 1000/2000 Scale: 9 PE: Once per turn, if you control a Normal monster: you can add 1 Normal monster from your Deck or GY to your hand. If you control another card in your other Pendulum Zone, you can add 1 face-up Normal monster in your Extra Deck to your hand instead. Normal monsters you control gain 500 ATK and DEF. Lore: This mage of myth sought throughout the lands with her partner and friend, Yatara, The Legend. The two of them combined made a powerful combination of sword and magic; there was no beast that could stand in their way. ================= Up next: Yatara, The Legend
  10. 8/10 tbh. If it's supposed to be a character from a series, I obviously haven't seen the series, but if it's not, I could probs give it a 9. All in all, it's a good avi
  11. It's supposed to be the name of the next monster. Everything else is decided by the next poster iirc. /Skip/
  12. I'm a little confused here... U don't really have a plot set forth, rather, in your plot section u have simply the backstory of Faerids and a mere explanation of what Faerids r doing nowadays. While the latter could be implemented into the plot, the former simply doesn't belong in the "Plot" spoiler. It's also worth noting that, even if u were going for a more casual kind of RP, there would still need to be a basic plot element, to keep players interested. Doesn't have to be anything complicated, but maybe a simple antagonistic character for the players to have to take down at some point thru the bond of their Faerid could do the trick. Other than that, looks great, and, provided we get some sort of plot going, u have my interest.
  13. So, I was messing around on the Discord server, and ended up making this as a joke. However, Dova himself actually liked it, so why should I let it go to waste? Here it is: Dova, the Avian Reptile WATER - Level 6 - Winged-Beast/Effect - 2000/1800 When this card is Tribute Summoned, you can target 1 WATER monster in your GY, add it to your hand, and if you do, shuffle 1 WATER monster from your GY into your Deck. When this card leaves the field, you can Special Summon 1 WATER monster from hand, then shuffle this card into your Deck.
  14. How does one make a club on here? I don't see a clubs and organizations subject

    1. 3TH3L


      idk this is new to me, everything is 😕

    2. Darj



      Place the cursor over the word "Forums" at the top and a menu will be displayed, showing a list or other sections, including Clubs.

    3. The Warden

      The Warden

      The same also applies for Blogs as well, which has a candy dandy system of generating it, then you can post content as you please. Members can also follows your blogs and clubs for updates too~