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  1. Y'all want to know something interesting I found out from meeting the voice actors I met yesterday? The voice actor of Android 16 (Jeremy Inman) had actually read for the voice of Piccolo but got passed over for Christopher Sabat, and ended up getting a callback to play Android 16.

  2. I can now check off meeting the voice actors behind Androids 16 and 17, Adult Gohan, Piccolo, Emperor Pilaf, Dr. Gero, Janemba, General Tao, and Supreme Kai off my bucket list! They were all the absolute nicest ever!

  3. Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus 2 has recaptured the essence she had as Sarah Sanderson in the first movie. 

  4. Werewolf By Night is now classified as horror instead of comedy on Disney+ with just over a week to go until it drops! Can't wait to see what they've done!

  5. RIP Coolio. He will now forever rest in Gangsta's Paradise... 59 is way too young

    1. Comrade Duck

      Comrade Duck

      Another great one gone too soon. Way too soon man.

  6. The Beach Boys, John Stamos AND Hanson performed tonight... such an AWESOME concert! Even for The Beach Boys that are still alive being in their 70s-80s, they sure know how to rock out!

  7. Just a few hours until I'm sitting in the 7th row of The Beach Boys concert! Can't wait, should be a lot of fun. Fun way to start my 10 day vacation too

    1. LordCowCow


      Happy birthday!

  8. Well dang... the IMAX theater I frequent has closed its doors permanently... the owner of the franchise has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 

  9. There's a 40 minute Nintendo Direct AND a PlayStation State of Play tomorrow. Should be an interesting day for gaming news tomorrow 

  10. The actor that played Cornelius in She-Hulk, Donny Blaze's sidekick, is 104 making him the oldest actor to appear in the MCU. 

  11. Inside Out 2 is finally coming... unfortunately I feel like it's 5 years too late 

  12. just over 2 weeks until I see The Beach Boys and start my 10 day vacation (birthday, no work that Saturday, then from Sunday to Sunday the following week)

  13. I don't get why people are saying She-Hulk is a man hating show when literally all but three characters in the show have been men...

    1. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic

      These are also probably the same people who've never READ a She-Hulk comic before :T

  14. Beat the 2022 reboot of Saints Row, it's definitely not the best game in the franchise (that's Saints Row The Third imo) but it was a fun experience

  15. It seems Henry Cavill is the latest to go from DC to Marvel, he has been reported to be cast in Loki season 2 by Deadline

  16. So... how about that Winnie the Pooh Blood & Honey trailer? 

    1. Arbalest's Big Crossbow

      Arbalest's Big Crossbow

      He really do be swingin his hand through a swarm of bees because he wants honey on the table

  17. So far I've come across a Donkey Kong Country and a Thor Easter egg in the new Saints Row. The Thor one is a double one though. "Only a Chris can lift it." is the description for one of the collectibles (yes it's Mjolnir)

  18. I started playing the new Saints Row last night. It seems like it's a reboot of the franchise, because within the first few hours of playing you come up with the logo and name for the Saints

  19. Looks like I'll be seeing The Beach Boys on my birthday next month

  20. The amount of people who forget Gatomon is a champion level Digimon... I'd be more confused that a dog (Salamon) digivolves to a cat (Gatomon)

  21. The way She-Hulk Attorney at Law started... I'm pretty excited for it, not near as excited as I was for Moon Knight but maybe by next week's episode I'll be as hyped

  22. Since it's highly unlikely I'll try to get the true ending for Digimon Survive, I went and looked it up on YouTube. I'll be honest, I got chills watching it 

  23. I have a fun idea for a thread... comparing Digimon to Pokémon... as far as the monsters themselves go anyway... like I ask who is the Pokémon equivalent of... say Garudamon, and the next person gives an answer (should be Blaziken) then asks who is the either Digimon or Pokémon equivalent of their choice... I'm sure with the over 1400 Digimon and close to 1000 Pokémon there's lots of equivalents... would anyone be down to do this??

  24. Finished Digimon Survive finally and got the Harmonious ending, which according to XBOX, less than 5% of gamers have gotten the achievement for getting that ending. Won't do an NG+ playthrough to get the true ending yet... gonna hold off on that for a while

  25. What are the odds of coming across a Champion, Ultimate and Mega Digimon of the same digivolution line and having the chance to recruit all 3 of them in Free Battle in Digimon Survive? I came across them and immediately tried (and succeeded) to recruit the Mega... next the Ultimate & Champion... then to finish the story hopefully 

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