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  1. As someone who had been a PlayStation gamer his entire life, I think prior to me getting a ps5 and an Xbox series S, the ps3 controller was so nice to me, it felt good in my hands. Then when I got both the current gen consoles (first Xbox console I've owned), while the PS5 controller is nice... the Xbox controller, specifically the Forza Horizon 5 edition, just feels right.

  2. Someone I've known for the better part of 15 years has put out some new music after almost exactly 10 years, and she's gone from country to alternative (at least according to iTunes) and this is probably my favorite song on her EP. And maybe it's just me, but her singing cadence reminds me of Avril Lavigne 


  3. I enjoyed the trailer thoroughly, I have no complaints but one little remark regarding one of the things shown
    If you'd have told me that Eviolite was gonna have viability with one of the best SwSh Pokémon, I'd have laughed in your face... but now I feel bad for those who play Pokémon competitively 

  4. So I'll give my quick thoughts on the 10 episode season, I'll try to not put any major spoilers in my thoughts.

    I'll start by saying, the episode titles being in the form of license plate numbers/letters? GENIUS!

    Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz have some amazing chemistry together.

    There's references to all the games strung throughout the entire 10 episodes.

    Episode 2 is when I feel like the show really finds its groove, even though I was already hooked by the first 19 minutes of episode 1.

    Thomas Haden Church really shines throughout the season, as well as Will Arnett and Samoa Joe. I thought I'd hate Will Arnett voicing Sweet Tooth, but honestly he killed it and Samoa Joe really brought it with being the body actor!

  5. 8 minutes ago, LordCowCow said:

    Feels weirdly light-hearted, but we'll see. I remember TM being mostly a dark sort of humor.

    Hope they play Dragula at some point.

    Sweet Tooth looks pretty good from the glimpse seen.

    Dragula is a must! And I agree, it seems light-hearted, but maybe that's only for like the first episode, then chaos ensues 

  6. IMG-1181.jpg
    The other day we got this poster officially showing off Twisted Metal, the TV series based off the vehicular combat game series, starring Anthony Mackie. The following day, we got our first teaser for the show, coming out July 27th only on Peacock 

    The known cast is as follows, will include the vehicles the characters drive in game.

    Anthony Mackie as John Doe (driver of Roadkill)

    Samoa Joe and Will Arnett as Needles Kane (driver of Sweet Tooth) [Joe is the body actor and Arnett is the voice]

    Neve Campbell as Raven (driver of Shadow)

    Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone (driver of Crimson Fury)

    Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet (new character to the franchise)

    Richard Cabral as Loud (new character)

    Tahj Vaughns as Mike & Mike Mitchell as Stu (drivers of Hammerhead)

    Lou Beatty Jr as Tommy (new character)

    There are also 2 more actors confirmed to be in the show but their roles have yet to be announced 

    Michael Carollo

    Chloe Fineman



    Personally, I'm excited for this show... what about you all? Sound off below your thoughts on the cast, your thoughts on the teaser, your hopes for the show, etc.

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