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  1. City folk were weird. It was a thought that crossed Ryu's mind almost every day, and today was no exception. Today, the school was in a fervor, like there was a festival today. There was no festival today though. Instead, they were sending everyone out on a journey, out into the wild. That was unheard of back home, but hey, city folk. They were incomprehensible to him. He spent the day listening to his teacher Jacq. The boy tried to keep up, but frankly, it was a lot to take in. Eventually though, the bell rang, sending the youth from a long boring lecture to... another long boring lecture. The director spoke of them heading out to the world like it was something to be proud of. Something to be praised. It just seemed too dangerous to Ryu, but he didn't have much to say to that. Besides... somewhere out there, his precious partner was waiting for him. He had to find him... he just had to... His grip on his sole pokeball tightened as the speech concluded. Now he was free to meet up with the group, but before that, there was something very important he had to do, something he was sure everyone else was doing as well. He adjusted the giant bag on his back, the bag being nearly as tall as he was, and just as wide. Time for a shopping trip. He went around the town square, looking at what every store had to offer. It was all shocking to him, everything around him. Back home, he could never imagine so many stores, all selling different things. Where he was from, there were small vendors, usually attached to a person's house. Here though, there were entire buildings dedicated to selling things. And not just one or two, but entire streets of them. The buildings themselves still felt very strange to him to. He was used to being surrounded by trees, but the buildings blocked those, as if mocking nature itself. Even the food was strange to him. Pre-sliced bread? Back home in the village, the bread was always made fresh, and you had to slice it yourself. Peanut butter? Never heard of it until two seconds ago, when he bought it. He was sure other people in his group would know what to do with it. He kept buying random things until his bag was completely filled. Despite how heavy the bag was, he walked forward with it like it weighed nothing. It was a familiar weight, one almost comforting to the boy. Now with all the food bought, it was time to meet his group. As he walked to the board, he passed by one thing that did remind him of home. A vendor was selling things from a small stall. That made him nostalgic. Eventually, he found everyone else, the group gathered next to a ladder. He walked to them, raising a hand in greeting with a quiet nod. "How do you do, fellow students?" He asked awkwardly. Well, at least his greeting was nice and 'hip', as people say.
  2. Today was the day. TheLegend27's day. For today, he would join his new guild. What kind of people would he meet? He didn't know. What sort of adventures would they have? He didn't know. It was so exciting! He logged into the game, appearing in the Blue City. He stood on top of the buildings, grinning to himself. He never regretted finding ways to climb these things. He dashed off, leaping from rooftop to rooftop to get to their meeting point. The building was really easy to find. It only took him a few minutes to get there. He leapt off the top of the building, feeling the wind whip by him as he dived towards the ground. He held his arms by his side, reducing his air resistance as much as he could, becoming a black speeding bullet. When he neared the ground, TheLegend27 flipped around, landing on the ground in a traditional superhero landing. "Nailed it." the man thought gleefully to himself. He stood up, and noticed a group leaving the building. His eyes was drawn to one of them in particular, an orange looking robot. And the robot's single eye locked on to him. The two stared at each other silently. TheLegend27 had to admit... that robot avatar was really cool. Doing his best to keep a cool image, he stood up, walking to the building. The two passed each other with exchanging a single word, and yet the air was tense around them. That robot was so goddamn cool. He made it just in time to hear his new team leader's opening speech. "Thank you all for coming. I know we don't all have to be here for the charter being submitted, but we're going to be working together from now on, so I'd like us to all take the first step together, as a unit. Additionally, I'd like to ask everyone a couple of questions, as a group. We're all a team now, and as such, we should make decisions as a team. With that in mind, I'd like to hear any suggestions you may have for a team name. And, also as a team, I'd like to know what you all think is the most important thing that makes a team successful. Not because I plan to copy others who have risen to success, but because I want us to blaze our own trail to victory, and eventually to that mystery boss everyone's getting ready for." Before he could answer, everyone else stepped forward with their own suggestions. "I think we should go with Team Beyond; We're on Battle Horizon, so we should want to fight so hard we go BEYOND that Horizon, right?" As for team name, Beyond seems like it could work...so my vote is currently on it, although I'll add my own into the mix: Team Frontier. “… Team… Excel. No, Excise. Team Excise. We’ll be a cut above the rest if we manage to pull this off, and we’ll certainly have to cut off and through anyone who tries to stop us so that they’ll no longer even be a factor in the grand scheme of things." All fine suggestions. However, there was an easier way. "If we are truly trying to become a team, then choosing a name is out of the question." TheLegend27 raised his arms defensively as he saw the leader glaring at him. "Wait, hang on, don't look at me like that, I'm going somewhere with this." Clearing his throat, the man continued. "We must combine names, like we are combining forces. With that in mind, I would like to suggest the name Team---" The man suddenly struck a pose, standing on one foot as he raised an arm over his head and crossed his other arm over his chest. "Beyond!" With the grace of a cat, the man bent forward, once again balancing on one leg. His other leg stretched behind him like it was a stiff tail, and his arms were spread like wings. "Excise!" With one final show of athleticism, the man sprung forward, standing on a single hand as his legs raised up, bending to make a diamond. His free hand made half of a heart shape that he placed in front of his face. "Frontiers!" A loud explosion of lights and colored smoke erupted behind the man as he struck the final pose, and digital confetti rained from the sky. He never regretted getting that emote. "Oh yes, if you have a name you'd like to suggest, Ms. Leader, I will find a way to mash in there with the rest!" He didn't dismount from his pose as he continued. "As for the most important thing our team needs for success, that thing is... friendship!" The man pointed at all his teammates. "And I don't mean some anime 'power of friendship' bullshit, although that would be nice! You all bring up very valid points, and they are important... BUT! We could have the greatest skills, the most up to date knowledge, and the greatest communication, but if we have an unwelcoming presence, for both current members and any future members, and drive someone away, then we have failed as a team!" He nodded like he had just spoken wise words, and was not hand standing in a goofy pose as he delivered it.
  3. I surprised everyone by joining one out of the blue. It was funny.
  4. Hunger. Pain. Hunger is pain. Pain bad. Pain bad. Pain is hunger. Pain... hunger, pain pain pain--!!! Karna woke up with a gasp, sweat dripping down his face. Where was he? He didn't remember where he was or how he got there. That was never a good sign. He looked over his body. No wounds, no signs of any obvious damage. The most unusual thing was that he was full, but that didn't mean much. Looking around, he was in a rundown room, presumably inside of an apartment. It seemed he was back in one of his home bases. That was good, at least he wasn't stranded on the top of a building again. His attention was drawn to his small, broken table. On top of the dilapidated furniture was some food, probably enough for the whole day. The delicious looking food, something most people in his situation would considered a gift from the gods themselves, only filled Karna's stomach with despair. There was no doubt about it. That food was not there yesterday. That food was not his. An incident happened. Running over to the dry board (that was also stolen, from where, he had no idea), Karna quickly erased away the large 13 on the board, scribbling in a big 0 in its place. The transformations weren't following a pattern he could discern. It was probably just emotion based. Still, just seeing the number get bigger made him feel better. Even if his good feelings went away as soon as he had to scribble in that 0. He sat at the table, nibbling away at the food. He always felt guilty, but he had to eat. Still, he could only hope that whoever he stole from could forgive him. When he had his fill, the boy threw on his tattered jacket, walking outside. The sunlight caused him to squint. Seeing as his last memory was at dusk, at least a night had passed. Now he had to retrace his steps, and hope he could figure out what exactly happen last night. He quietly walked through the streets of District 13, keeping his head low. He made sure to stay out of people's sights, out of their attention. He soon figured out he was on the Southern Border of the 13th District, right next to District 1. That worked out perfectly, as information traveled fast in District 1. However, he wasn't even in the district for long before he realized something horrible had happened. The capital building was gone! All around was a trail of destruction, one carving its way into the distance. The damage was immeasurable, the path of destruction was wide. Karna stared at it, only one thought came to his mind. "Did... D-Did I do that?" He muttered fearfully. His stomach felt like it would expel all its contents. He knew he was dangerous, he knew that he needed to stay away from others, but this. This was destruction on a scale even his own paranoia wasn't ready for. He needed to know what happened. And so he followed the path of destruction. All the way up to District 11, the path snaked. Karna could see homes ruined, businesses destroyed, lives in shambles. He could could only feel the guilt of it all crushing him, like the entire weight of the world was on his shoulders. The path suddenly turned, headed back down towards District 6. As he walked for hours, taking in all the destruction around him, his steps felt heavier and heavier. Freedom was a gift he didn't deserve. Not after all this. After what felt like an eternity, he found the end of the path. The capital building, transformed into some sort of... mech, laid in ruins. It crushed everything around it, including Karna's own conscious. What had he done? What did they have to do to stop him? It was terrifying. Laying low wasn't on the table any more. Something like this would make him hunted for the rest of his life. He looked down at his hands. They didn't stop shaking. His life, it wasn't much. It wasn't worth trading for all these people. All these lives he ruined. It hit him suddenly. A buzzing in his skull, the itching of his skin. A Fount was near. The buzzing, the itching, it was more intense than anything he felt before. There must have been so many Founts here. He looked over, his eyes focusing on a bar. The roof of it was torn off... something a Fount could easily do. How many where there? Where they all after him now? What should he even do in this situation? He decided to inch closer to the bar, looking in through one of the broken windows. There were so many people gathered there. Were they all Founts? His eyes scanned the room. Oh. Oh shit. That was Sei. This had to be about him. There was no way she just came here for some sort of social interaction. It had to be about what he did. There was nothing else it could be. So what did he do? They weren't the police. They couldn't arrest him. Turning himself in wouldn't actually do anything. But at the same time, turning himself in to actual cops? There was no guarantee the monster within wouldn't break free to preserve itself. And far more people would get hurt. He made his choice. He opened the door slowly, his steps shaky. It felt as if even a stiff breeze would topple him. "I... I surrender..." He managed to get out, his voice barely a whisper. It felt as if vomit threatened to escape with every word that he spoke. His hands refused to stop shaking, his guilt refused to leave. "I-I'm sorry..." he could feel tears going down his face. How many people were gone? How many lives were destroyed? He was a monster. But he made the right choice, in the end.
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  6. Yui made me make this blog post. Anyways, I have a problem. It's a real problem that plagues many an indie game developer. The game you wanna make is too big. This is the exact process I went through. "Man, I really wanna make a fighting game." "Fuck, it's too big. Well, I'll work to it, make a smaller game first. RPG with a lot of quests it is!" Starts on game "...This is too big. I need a smaller game." Begins on gacha RPG "... This might be too big. I might need a smaller game." And so, with the power of shitposting, Yui and I devised an amazing RPG. An RPG to defy all conventions! And by defy, I mean, stick to conventions all the indie RPGs are doing! I present to thee... The Railroad RPG I would talk more about it, but I have been reinstalling plugins... for two days!!! This blog does exist now though, expect a better post soon.
  7. Number 65: The Fount of Refreshment Number 128: The Fount of Poison WIP Number 62: The Fount of Rage WIP
  8. Remember everyone, this is what Yui took from you. He refuses to do this amazing idea because "It's too hard" and decided to do something far harder.
  9. This sucked. Inu hated the fact he smelled the dolls all the way on the top of this building. To make things worse, he had to fight off robots to even get close to the dolls. They were easy enough, a few punches taking them down, but then something weird happened. Two robots dropped from the ceiling. Not only that, but they had really weird designs. One looked like a giant turtle covered in spikes, buzzsaws spinning out from the sides as flamethrowers sprouted from its back, the turtle staring blankly as jets of fire spewed from the weapons. The other had a long thin body, one Inu was pretty sure was supposed to be a baguette. Looking it, he saw a silly hat on its head, and a small curly mustache on its face, solidifying that idea. The poor robot had no hands, instead ending on what looked liked scythes, but looking closely, Inu realized the scythes were modeled after croissants. "What idiot made these designs...?" Inu muttered. Watching the screens, seeing students come across bizarre and impractical robots only brought a smile to the Pro Hero's face as he held up a notebook full of crazy robots designs. "They're even more beautiful than I thought," He said as he went back to creating robot designs with the skills of a preschooler scribbling in a coloring book. The support teacher Mr. Deerc looked over his shoulder, sighing. "One day I'll figure out how you keep slipping these designs into my tests," He muttered. "Don't worry about it, John," Terro commented. Inu sighed to himself as he rolled passed the two robots, picking up the two human sized dolls, one on each shoulder. "Alright, you pile of scraps, let's do this!" Inu barked as he bared his teeth. The baguette robot only flexed its metal arms angrily before it walked behind the robot turtle, rearing its leg back, obviously trying to kick the dangerous turtle into Inu. However, when it swung its leg, the foot got caught in the buzzsaws, shredding its foot instantly, which caused the robot to lose its balance, falling forward and having its entire body shredded to bits, neither robot reacting to the turn of events. Inu stared blankly as the turtle fired off the flamethrowers, the flames falling short a few inches from actually hitting him. He looked down at the turtle's feet. Waiting for it to move, but soon realized it had nothing. No legs, no wheels, not treads. The turtle couldn't move. With a sigh of relief, he went to leave the building, when the whole structure shook. "What the H-E-double fuck was that?!" Inu called out. Tai sighed to himself as he placed down over 30 dolls on the sidewalk, wiping his brow. He was really lucky that the test was in the afternoon, and not at night. He dusted his hands off and went to find more dolls to help when a loud booming noise caught his attention. "What was that?" He turned, looking at the giant building that was starting to fall over, its giant shadow covering the entire area. "Shinobu, what the heck did you do?" He muttered to himself, having a good guess at the actual answer. With a sigh, he cracked his knuckles and ran over. The building fell over, a deafening sound being heard as the building began to break everything around it with its sheer weight. Tai stood in its shadow defiantly, holding out his hands, and catching it before the building could touch the ground. Gritting his teeth, he lifted the sideways building over his head, struggling to make sure it didn't topple into the ground. "No need to fear, I got it," Tai stated as he began to walk down the street, carrying the building to the outskirts of town. "I... I need to think of a better catchphrase," He muttered. "Maybe 'there's no need to feel, I am here!'?" he decided to leave that for later, focusing on leaving the building balanced as he made his way out of town. "Shit, shit, shit, fuck, fuck, fuck!" The poetic words of Inu rang out as the building he was inside began to topple over. He couldn't keep his footing as the floor became the walls, and the glass windows became the floor... that couldn't withstand the weight of both him and the robot, who began to fall over hundred feet down towards the unforgiving ground. Thinking fast, Inu spun himself around, taking a deep breath in before letting out a torrent of flame, the force of which greatly slowed his descent. Keeping his grip tight on the dolls, he felt a foreign feeling in his chest, a sense of pride. He was going to make it out okay, thanks to some fast thinking! But pride always comes before a fall. Some debris from the building were falling as well, and a particularly large rock nailed the wolf boy in the head, causing the boy to stop breathing fire and fall back down to the ground, his vision getting dark. "No, no, no!" His mind called out as his body spun through the air, steam coming out of his eyes. "It's not fai---," He was knocked out the instant his body crashed into the ground, leaving the injured boy laying in a crater, his grips on the dolls lost.
  10. Inu sighed to himself as he walked to the school, lighting a cigarette as he did. He still couldn't believe it. Two fucking weeks since he found out about Tsubasa, and to be honest, he wasn't sure how to feel about it. He never liked the girl, but he knew that wasn't because he thought she was some villain or something. No, it was just the stereotypical cat and dog rivalry. Honestly, her being taken away just didn't sit right with him. Someone just spray painted a wall. He could do the same if he really wanted to, would that get someone just taken away? Might actually be worth a shot, to be fair. He was so lost in his thoughts he didn't pay attention to where he was going, ramming into some guy with spiky orange hair. "Hey, watch the hell were you're going," Inu snapped out of habit before gritting his teeth. No, he was in the wrong here, but he now needed to stand his ground. "Whoa man, and here I thought a UA student would be better with manners," the guy said, waving jazz hands at Inu's face. "Now c'mon, just because a traitor was found in your ranks, doesn't mean you get to be grouchy. Keep your dead up and keep walking towards the future, buddy!" Inu groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "No, no, you're right. I'm---," He looked up, only to see that guy he bumped into was gone. "---sorry...?" With a tired sigh, he headed to school. He didn't need to deal with that right now. The rest of the way was quiet for the boy, the wolf boy eating his cigarette and walking into the classroom, taking a seat by a window so he could open it and blow smoke out the window. "Our annual Sports Festival will be starting today! It's such a fun time for students your age to practice what you've learned so far against each other in real time!" "Hoo-rah," Inu stated with all the passion of a squid working a cash register. He sighed as he pulled his cigarette pack, impatiently tapping it on his desk. Could things get any worse? "Step back. This is official HPSC business. Kaenbyou Tsubasa, you are under arrest." Sun didn't know what was going on. There were so many animals made of paper, and they were attacking Sun's friend. He didn't like the animals attacking his friend. Without hearing anything else, the monkey king rushed forward, jumping on the strange animal's back. The animal was weird though, it felt like... paper of some sort, not a inch of flesh or fur on it. And it seemed its lack of flesh meant a lack of mortal limits as well. The paper tiger easily threw the monkey king off its back, and with a single swipe of its giant paper claw, sent Sun flying, the monkey king crashing into a wall. He could feel a stinging in his chest as he felt his consciousness fade. "No... friend... must... help...," That was two weeks ago. In that time, he was told that Tsubasa was an enemy, someone who wanted to betray them. He didn't know what to think, or even how to react to that. It never occurred to him that someone would want to betray him. People needed each other to live, why would they stab someone in the back? Wouldn't that just ruin them as well? His musings were interrupted by some strange funny little man. "You know that it's not just the hero courses in this thing, right? I mean, you'll probably wipe the floor with the others, but still. There is plenty enough to make everything turn out awesome!" "So let's make it awesome!" Ayane called out, causing Sun to smile. "YEAH!" Sun bellowed out in agreement. He didn't know what was going on, but he wouldn't know what was going on enthusiastically!
  11. I first time back in months and I come back to these shitty themes.

    The status bar is not worth this.

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