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    Welcome, welcome, welcome to my meat lair. I, uh... I mean to my little corner of the internet where I talk about my opinions on things in a barely filtered ramble. I spend a lot of time in my head philosophizing and theorizing about the world around me, the nature of identity, the human condition, fiction as a whole, the deeper nature of concepts like sin, and things of the like, and there seemed to be non-zero interest... Never really traditionally blogged before, so here goes nothing. ----- Well, I said all that, but I'm kinda getting cold feet trying to decide what to ramble about first... But maybe I'll start with fiction. @PhoenixOfCute, @Kazooie, and I just finished watching a series based on the idea of characters existing within our world. While the premise is, honestly, probably a bit cliche... But the metafictional aspect ended up adding a lot to my thoughts over the past few weeks that we watched it over. Other than attempts when I was newer to creative writing, I ended up looking at the worlds and characters I created as if I was... the god of that world. That I controlled the world, and it was my duty to my creations to lead and support them. Of course, this started as mostly a sentiment in the back of my mind, and I took a long break from creative processes... But it ended up growing more and more with time, until it reached that point. I had control of the universe. The characters. Their abilities. Their stories. I had to be responsible, and treat them like humans. Show them the love of a benevolent god, a parent, and always do my best for them. But, more than that... I treated my characters like actual people. Some more than others, but as time went on, more and more of them. To the point that I cried the first time I killed a character off. A villain of the week. Who had just premiered. Killing them on screen just... broke my heart. I brought them into existence. I made their world. And I... let them die. Let them suffer. And that hurt me. For my main story I'm working on/have been for the better part of a decade, a friend who was helping me wanted me to include a trans character. And while I was dating a trans person and wanted to be supportive I just... the idea of making someone with that suffering built-in rubbed me wrong. It made me scared. I didn't want someone I made with love to be born in a form that didn't make them happy. Just... cruel to do that to them. I've gotten past this, for the most part, with time, but... it just... scared me. Time has made my thought of treating MY characters as real beings grow to the point of treating things others have made the same way. Someone made them. Some creators are cruel. Some are kind. Some are merely forces of nature. Some aim try to make the world and story interesting. Some just use the story as a mark that they existed. There are so many reasons for worlds coming into existence... yet they don't matter to the reality of those worlds. I believe in the ability to create as a divine blessing, so to speak. The ability to create as we were created. Sure, that ties into my faith, but I think the idea is solid even to people who aren't religious. It's the idea that the worlds that we create, the stories we weave, the characters we give birth to exist, even if only in our own minds... Or, especially, in the minds of those who consume our stories. Art. Music. I'm most inclined to the storytelling aspect of creation, but I feel all of these are a deeply beautiful experience that we, as humans, are blessed to have... And what we do with it matters. A number of stories I've read, watched, or seen tackle this topic. Good metafiction tackles the idea of the world beyond the screen being "real" in some capacity. Undertale, Re:CREATORS, and a number of other series, which I shall not tackle for fear of spoiling. The latter of those two is the series we just finished, and, well... It opened my eyes up to some things I hadn't considered. For example, as the creator of a world, I should try and enrich it as much as possible. Its own stories or myths. Making sure the food and drink in the world are enjoyable and vibrant, not just stock items to fill up on (credits to Redwall's author here, that man fucking describes some food). And... I shouldn't let my own curses infect them too much. It's so easy to infuse your own suffering or sadness into your world, and while it can be cathartic to do so... I shouldn't let my world become consumed with my own shortcomings. Regrets. Fears. It's such a delicate but beautiful balance that needs to be struck. But, all in all... I just go back to a certain phrase. "Fiction has meaning." I truly, deeply love fiction and creation in all of their forms. Their expression. The new worlds they create, that are real to their creators, if not others. The sensations they elicit. How they can help people. Touch hearts. Change lives. And I really aspire to be someone who can make that kind of fiction one day. ----- I know this wasn't super coherent, but I'm just... sounding out my mind. Trying to sort my thoughts after finishing the series, and fiction seemed like a great place to start.
  2. I'll agree with that. The sauce for Pizza Hut tastes like they use more paste than others, because those bright acidic notes and sweet notes come through a lot more, and that's really the biggest pull for me. That and I like the garlic butter for the crust.
  3. honest is bad dark honest is bad card is legitimately like 10+ years too late
  4. @PhoenixOfCute and I had both recently. We both agree Pizza Hut was greeeeeatly superior. I have no idea what Domino's aversion to actually using pizza sauce is.
  5. who wants a blog from me that's just barely-filtered rambling about the human condition, identity, and so on

    no one?


    1. Summer Darj

      Summer Darj

      I want Blake's and Dae's blogs.

    2. (o ×)

      (o ×)

      I want blake and yui's blogs

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      i do not like dae’s idea

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  6. The gentleman I am quoting does not share his wishes even though I just wanted to get a land with them ;_;
  7. recycler is probably the best target because generic strong cardd, but this is still nutty why the fuck does it have 2 different searchers
  8. Sometimes I learn new things about the past. They usually aren't good things.

  9. i have been told i'd be the professor realistically i'd be the one living with the crazy bird lady
  10. Welcome to the Reinhardt.

    ”I just want to say this early. While I don't mind everyone having some fun and laughs, please don't let YCM drama become NCM drama. If anything, rather than on the status bar, feel free to do it in Misc, such as @(‽) has already done.

    Sorry for being a bit of a stick in the mud ^^;”

    1. UltimateIRS


      you don't pay my sub

  11. I just want to say this early. While I don't mind everyone having some fun and laughs, please don't let YCM drama become NCM drama. If anything, rather than on the status bar, feel free to do it in Misc, such as @(‽) has already done.

    Sorry for being a bit of a stick in the mud ^^;

  12. Blake


    exactly my thoughts
  13. Sometimes, I feel such a swell or maelstrom in my chest that I simply lack the words to express it. This is one of those times. I hope that the idea gets across in spite of it.

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    To The Members

    Music So, it's been a while since we've really had a big statement put out or anything. We're almost at 2 years of NCM, and that's incredible! For a splinter community, that really stands out. All because people chose to take a chance and break away from simple numbers and the past itself. A sense of community that is more one of togetherness than obligation. I'm proud of us. Our little community. Sure, it's a quiet little corner of the internet, but it's far from dead. I'd almost go so far as to say that it's just right. Not too big, not too small, not too soft, not too hard. I just... really wanted to take the time, as a member of the staff and the community at large, to thank all of you. I know not everything is perfect. People have fights. Petty feelings can get in the way and blind us. Life gets in the way. People say things they don't mean. People don't say things that they mean to. Even so, there is a sense of community. Grudges don't seem to hold for long. Workarounds are found. Careless words are fixed, and overthought words eventually find their way to where they need to go. Our little home away from home isn't perfect, but it's a damn sight better than what it could have become if we hadn't had stood together. It's so different from what I remember, in general. I feel like I'm an old person looking at the forums and servers, even among people I actually talk to. So much history. So much time. But here you all are. People have come. People have gone. But the community is still here. And while I feel like a fossil, I still look forward to seeing you "younguns" a lot. So, thank you, NCM. For nothing other than being yourselves. Your kindness, your creativity, your intelligence, your humor, all of it. This quiet community means the absolute world to me. I can't speak for the team, in and of itself, but I can at least let you know how much all of you matter to me. And, as an absolutely personal note, I just want to say... if anyone is suffering. If anyone needs a shoulder to cry on. If anyone just needs to express something they don't feel safe to other places... I'm here. I'll listen. I'll give you my Discord if you want it. After all, life isn't easy. 2020 showed us that, if absolutely nothing else. But that doesn't mean you have to be alone. I see you. I'm with you. I'm sure a couple of you know who you are, and I hope you take this to heart... Yet I also hope anyone else who needs this right now sees it as well, and takes it as an opportunity. I love this place. And I love you guys. Thanks for two years, and I hope the third is great, too.
  15. i shamelessly stole from radio cause it seemed fun pick one from each row (for example, you might say i give off "A1@ vibes" but not "123 vibes")  learn more or make your own at https://tinysubversions.com/vibes/ if you want
  16. If Diana had lacked confidence in the group at the start, she certainly did after what she learned from her Googol searches. There was no way they could overcome that. Even as they stood at the gates, Diana just shook in her boots. Sure, she had told the rest of the group that she felt like Nat was their only chance... The others seemed excited, but there was no way this would go according to plan. Even the support items she had asked for, some shotput balls, a javelin made of magnesium alloys, and a mask themed around her namesake to cover her face, barely managed to calm her nerves. Especially considering the rest of the outfit was just her gym uniform... And then, it began. "welcome 1-A. I, Hemlock, will be your mock villain for the day." Gesturing to herself, the woman's smile broke into a more concerned expression as she said, "though, I feel the need to apologize to all of you. It wasn't really my idea to be a part of this exam, as I'm not normally a hero that does much fighting. So, I regret to inform you of all of the teachers that are taking part in this exam I'm most definitely the weakest. Sorry if that disappoints you." Picking up the brief case by her side with one of her bare hands, the girl presented it to the other students, "oh, but you're all looking for this too right? Please, still try your best and go for the win!" The woman giggled as she gave a reassuring smile to them. Aside from the odd sense of familiarity she always felt around Ms. Yuuka, the humility the teacher showed only served to worsen her fears. The best she could hope to be right now was a distraction, but that came with risks. Clenching her fists tight, and giving them both a look, the student spoke softly. "I'll head on out. Everyone, [I'm counting on you.]" She wouldn't get seriously hurt. It was just a mock battle. There was no way that she could actually be harmed... Right? Taking a deep breath and pulling the lance from her back, the hero-in-training pointed it directly at Hemlock. "[I am Seigi no Hiiro - Artemis Justice, and I AM JUST FINE!] I'll be the one to take the case from you, teacher!" she roared, the mask seemingly causing a bit of an echo effect as she spoke up. She surged forward with the javelin at the ready... but as she approached Hemlock, she still wasn't sure if her heart was really in it. But, with no other choice, Artemis Justice vaulted herself into the air with her weapon, Diana pulled back her left hand and grit her teeth, aiming for the teacher's arm holding the case, the only hope she had riding on her team.
  17. We still accept refugees. Just not assholes.

    1. Blake


      ass is okay just not asshole

    2. (o ×)

      (o ×)

      even if you're an asshole, we accept you as long as you keep up decent behavior.

    3. radio414
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  18. i also got one but i'm mad cause i just want the broken dancer
  19. The maelstrom roared in the shifter's dream, leading to fitful rest. When did they fall asleep? How did they fall in here? Who were they? The voices never ended, or at least, they couldn't tell if they did. Too many voices, some sounding nearly identical to others, eating away at their slumber. A monster. They were a monster. No other sigh. No other senses. Only hearing. Two of the voices, matching perfectly, roared about what they had seen. It was a mistake. This was a mistake. They should know better. She should know better... But as the chaos reached its peak, a single, soft voice echoed through the dream. “Okay, Devin, I don’t know if you can hear me wherever you are down there. I guess it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to come back up right away, but do know I’m here for you, at least.” That one voice caused most of the others to grow quiet. The swirling emotions to calm. It wasn't immediate, but the shifter felt more control returning to their senses... Sure, they were still in a dream, but everything began to come back now. They were naught but a demon... But that voice was still there. That one voice. One they had to protect. ----- Devin, or whoever they were, awoke to the sounds of a fight taking place. Melissa was next to them still, but some of the others had begun to move out and confront the... sand sharks? Weird. But as one of the fish? Mammals? Whatever the hell sharks were set upon them, Devin's body moved like lightning, shooting straight up into the air with Melissa in their arms... and a pair of ethereal blue wings on their back, lined with gold trim. They flapped from above the battle, looking down intently, before their senses returned to them. "Ah, sorry..." The shifter muttered and cast their gaze aside, Melissa still in their arms, "It was just... instinct. Thanks for waking me up..." Their mind screamed at them. If what Mauvache had said was true, they should be distancing themselves from these innocent people. But, even so, here they were, rescuing someone and getting further involved.
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