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  1. Cyber Jammer EARTH Warrior/Effect ATK 2000, DEF 2400 If a Fairy or Warrior monster made a direct attack this Battle Phase, you can (Quick Effect) reveal this card in your hand: Normal Summon 1 monster OR Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck using monsters from your hand or field as Fusion Material. You can only use this effect of "Cyber Jammer" once per turn. I hope you weren't expecting a Cyber Dragon card! The Cyber Girls are a group of mostly-EARTH Warrior monsters also originating from Yugioh GX that really never took off the way their successors, the Cyber Angels, eventually would. I felt like making one of my own to at least relate to what most of their effects did as several of the Cyber Girls have effects relating to direct attacks and their boss monster, Cyber Blader, happens to be a Fusion Monster. The Cyber Girls all have something to do with female sports or athletics, so for this one I felt like going with roller derby since I haven't really seen that used as an aesthetic for anything in the game to the best of my knowledge. Enjoy!
  2. Sorry about that. The intention is that you do not tribute monsters. In hindsight I'd probably word it simply as "...Special Summon 1 Non-Effect Ritual Monster from your Deck (this is treated as a Ritual Summon)".
  3. Angelfood LIGHT FIend/Effect ATK 1000 | DEF 1800 If this card is sent from the hand or field to the GY: You can Ritual Summon 1 Non-Effect Ritual Monster from your Deck. This effect of "Angelfood" can only be used once per turn. The result of some drawing practice I felt like making into a full card. A pretty straightforward effect that's probably significantly more powerful than I imagine it to be. But hey, those dusty Performance of the Swords and Crab Turtles in your box of old cards deserve some love.
  4. Silver Archery Girl WATER Aqua/Synchro/Effect 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters While you control "Umi": You can use any 2 WATER monsters you control as materials for the Synchro Summon of this card. You can return 1 "Umi" you control to the hand to activate 1 of the following effects: • Target 1 card your opponent controls: place that opponent's card on the bottom of the Deck • Target 1 WATER monster in your GY: add that target to your hand. You can only use 1 "Silver Archery Girl" effect per turn, and only once that turn. Next, a Synchro that supports Gemini Monsters.
  5. Power Creep Trap Card Tribute 1 face-up monster on either side of the field: Its controller can Special Summon 1 monster from their hand or Deck with the same Type and Attribute and an ATK or DEF greater than the tributed card. Card effects cannot be activated for the rest of this turn, except for the effects of a monster Special Summoned by this card. You can only activate 1 "Power Creep" per turn. Spent a while trying to come up with an effect for the image. If you have any more fitting ideas, let me know.
  6. I like it. Let's try to play off of the previous card's effect, I hope this wouldn't be too out of place in Metal Raiders: Repulsive Archer DARK | Warrior/Effect ATK 900 | DEF 1200 If this card is returned from the field to your hand: Destroy 1 face-up card your opponent controls. The next set is Magic Ruler/Spell Ruler, which introduces Ritual Spells, Ritual Monsters, Quick-Play Spell Cards and Toon Monsters. If you were inclined to make a ritual monster you can certainly make a ritual spell card with it in the same post.
  7. Yup, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. For this workshop, we'll be making cards that feel like they belong to each set released over the TCG's history from Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon all the way to the present day one card at a time. How this works: 1: Each post designs a card that lines up with what existed in the TCG set following the post before it. For example, we'll start with Legend of Blue-Eyes which is followed by Metal Raiders, then Spell Ruler and so on. 2: You can only use card types and options that existed at the time of that set's release, for example, no Synchro monsters before 2008, etc. It'll be up to you to push the envelope however far you think you can while keeping within the options and themes of the set you're posting for. 3: After you post your card, you'll end your post with a prompt of the following set in order that the next poster needs to make a card for, and if you feel like it, post any links or information about the set the next poster can use for inspiration and guidelines. 4: For an extra challenge, try to make cards that extend the usefulness or relevance of the card posted before yours and see just how far we can carry an older card through the ages. 5: Also to shake things up, you are allowed to temporarily break away from the next set in the TCG's history and make a card that would instead appear in something like a structure deck or tournament pack released in between, in case you don't quite want to tackle the very next booster set in your post yet. That's about it. So to start us off, the first poster will make a card that would fit into the first TCG set, Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This limits your options significantly but hopefully will be a good jumping off point. Normal Spell and Trap Cards, Field Spells, Equip Spells, Continuous Traps, Normal Monsters, and Flip-Effect Monsters. You have precedent to make regular Effect Monsters since Exodia was one, but it's up to you how far you want to push that envelope or keep Exodia feeling special for the first set. Good luck!
  8. Time Lizard | LIGHT | Reptile/Effect ATK 500 | DEF 400 You can tribute 1 Reptile monster you control: Toss a coin and call it. If you call it right, Special Summon 1 Reptile or Dinosaur monster from your hand or GY. If you call it wrong, take damage equal to the ATK of the tributed monster. A quickie I drew up because of a pun. Juggled a few different effect ideas so I hope the one I went with wouldn't be overpowered, but I'm always open to suggestions.
  9. Added the image for Dark Scorpion Motivator and Time Lizard
  10. Dark Scorpion Motivator Continuous Spell During damage calculation: DARK Warrior monsters you control gain 500 ATK. When "Don Zaloog" and "Dark Scorpion" monsters you control deal Battle Damage: You can activate all of their listed effects (if applicable). Cards sent to the GY by the effect of "Don Zaloog" and "Dark Scorpion" monsters you control are banished face-down instead. I'm certain I messed up some grammar there, but the gist of the card is giving your Dark Scorpions more damage output, giving you access to both of their effects and making cards sent to the GY less advantageous to your opponent. Would this be enough to make the Dark Scorpions viable after almost 17 years? Absolutely not, but they're an archetype I have fond memories of and felt like drawing up a card for them. Open to suggestions and ideas in any case.
  11. Gem-Knight Peridot | EARTH | Thunder/Pendulum 3 3 1100 ATK | 1000 DEF Pendulum Effect: Your opponent cannot activate card effects in response to the Fusion Summon of a Gem-Knight Fusion Monster using an EARTH Normal monster as Fusion Material. You can Tribute this card: Target 1 EARTH Normal monster in your GY; Special Summon that target, and if it is a Gemini Monster, it becomes an Effect Monster and gains its effect. ––– Monster Lore: A diligent protector empowered by the Peridot Soul. His efforts ensure that the Gem-Knights are ever-vigilant against the machinations of rival clans. Next: Make a Pyro Pendulum since (if I recall correctly) none exist in the game yet.
  12. Silver Spinner Rank 3 | WATER | Insect/Xyz/Effect 1600 ATK | 1400 DEF 2 Level 3 monsters While this card has material: This card's name is treated as "Umi". You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; change 1 monster your opponent controls to face-down Defense Position. If a WATER monster is detached from this card: Increase your Life Points by the Level/Rank of the detached monster x 300. Next: FIRE Fish
  13. Added the three images for The Snake Hairstyles.
  14. With Halloween on the way I began working on some zombie-related cards, and this year I decided to give some love to an old vanilla monster known as The Snake Hair. These are three Equip Spell Cards that play off of the theme of having snakes for hair. Like the Phantasm Spiral spells and traps, these cards can be equipped to and support any Normal Monster but only The Snake Hair herself can be equipped with all three at the same time, turning her from humble old school vanilla to manipulative, petrifying, venomous zombie powerhouse. Petrifying Ponytail: Biting Bun: Blinding Blowout: These were pretty fun to draw up. Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/yugioh/images/3/31/TheSnakeHair-SBLS-EN-C-1E.png/revision/latest?cb=20190509220251
  15. Added an image of Hungry Burger and the Bistro Butcher to the first post. Originally I was planning on using it for a Ritual Spell or some kind of Ritual Support, but couldn't think of an effect for it, so it's free if anyone comes up with something.
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