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~King Crouton~


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  1. 10 minutes into Battle Spirits Saga Brave, the bad guys have soldiers with assault weapons, settle it with a 1v1 card game, anyway.

  2. lizard soldier and lesser dragon in rush duel


  3. Shout Factory starting to release Kamen Rider in the US starting with the original on their Youtube.

    1. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic

      SAY WHAT?!?!

    2. Damian Thorne

      Damian Thorne

      YES! YES! YES! YES!

      Y E S !

    3. ~King Crouton~
  4. CFV using G NEXT/Z's OST in the past 2 episodes.

  5. Hey, Tormey. Why haven't you given a public statement on the coronavirus? What're you doing to ensure the health and safety of the community? Where're the hand sanitzers in the threads?!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tormented


      We've got it under control. It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.

    3. Hallohallo


      I'm selling some virtual toilet paper. They are still new and durable.

    4. Damian Thorne

      Damian Thorne

      Give me those hand sanitizers right now.

  6. Falling for a girl isn't heroic!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. UltimateIRS
    3. DragonSage


      what about boys?

    4. ~King Crouton~

      ~King Crouton~

      i mean, batman and robin are a thing on some earths, so it must be okay


  7. Not cool, bro. How would you like it if I told I didn't paint the mural when I did?! Huh?! Answer me, you black-hearted bastard!

    1. LordCowCow


      Sorry....but uhhh, on that note, you did paint it right?

    2. ~King Crouton~
  8. The leader of the Young Turks just lost the California election. The Armenians have been avenged, and the animals are safe...this will be even more hilarious if the 10 out of 10 MILF wins.

  9. power rangers finally getting some expanded universe action, and its time force https://www.denofgeek.com/us/books/power-rangers/286050/we-re-finally-getting-a-power-rangers-time-force-sequel-exclusive

    1. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      They also made a comic for In Space, but I'm especially excited for this. Time Force is my favorite season, and I'm happy to see it get more love. Especially with Jen and Wes as the focus.

  10. next power rangers season confirmed dinosaurs

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    2. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic


    3. LordCowCow


      These....these are Zoids

    4. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      The zords in Ryusoul have a lego styling in how they all snap together. It is pretty cool. That said the season was rough so I'm curious how PR is going to handle it. Ninnin wasn't good and PR's take was somehow even worse so I'm not holding my breath. 

  11. Finished Fortune Cup, started re-watching Dark Signers. Doma next.

  12. V series Chronojet 8BPjAgc.png

    1. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic


  13. https://imgur.com/ZM8Swva https://i.imgur.com/ZM8Swva.png[/imghttps://i.imgur.com/ZM8Swva.png[/img