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~King Crouton~


~King Crouton~ last won the day on September 3

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  1. The MMPR Megazord came back, sort of


  2. V Chaos Breaker 😨4ce5389a-4df7-4705-b0f2-0a13ecf0cc3b.png

    Also, "THE BLOOD."

    1. ~King Crouton~
    2. LordCowCow


      Those ghosties are so cute

    3. Crona



  3. ZACK ATTACK-oh right, Slater knows wrestling.

  4. An OnlyFans account devoted to saying hi to CowCow and posting udders.

  5. Justice League: War is now my 2nd favorite superhero movie ever in the history of ever. Ever. Cubed.

    1. (TheOtherYuya)


      It's really good.

  6. I heard a French person made a trash movie called "Calves", which promotes human-on-calf bestiality. What the fudge?! Cows are ingredients! Except CowCow. Hi CowCow.

  7. here's a pizza


  8. NCM Underground.


  9. Medabots S1 is on RetroCrush.

  10. Trivia: Thor, Santa Claus, and the Ninja Turtles including Venus exist in the Power Rangers universe.

    1. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic

      We don't talk about Venus...EVER...

    2. (TheOtherYuya)


      I literally was about to say we don't talk about Venus lmao

  11. Channeler Wynn searches Koa'ki Meiru Doom, and Aussa and Dharc will search Gallis and Birdman... 😮