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  1. Thanks for the answer Doggo. I now understand Dark Synchros better. I can't say that I will be making a Dark Synchro right away. But when I decide to I will know what to do.
  2. I hope that I am putting this in the right area since I haven't seen many posts like this one. Anyway I know some things about Dark Synchros, but there is a detail that I am unsure about. What I believe that I know is that for a Dark Synchro Summon is that you need a "Dark Tuner", the appropriate number of Non-Tuner monsters and the Dark Synchro Monster to be summoned. Now I believe that when a Dark Synchro summon is preformed that the some of the Stars on the Non-Tuner Monster/Monsters is consumed/absorbed, the problem that I am unclear about is how the number of Stars consumed/absorbed is determined. Is the number of Stars consumed/absorbed equal to the number of Stars of the "Dark Tuner" or would the Player be able to just decide how many Stars are consumed/absorbed? If this post is in the wrong place, I'm sorry for putting it here but I was unable to determine a better place for it. If this has already been discussed and answered please direct me to the correct location of it so that I may read it and get my answers. Thank-you.
  3. @Yemachu I took a look at the link you put up and I still couldn't save a card. Then I remembered something that might have have been the reason why I was able to. When I was last able to make cards, the card form (for lack of a better term) scrolled separately from the card image. When a certain point was reached the card image did scroll, but not before then like it does now. I don't know if that was part of the original design or not, but it was something that was happening. If that does not help you any than I don't know what else to tell you.
  4. @Tormented I was able to do that on the old website, but whatever programs that Yemanchu uses here disables that function, for Microsoft Edge that is. I was able to save cards in a different format by using the method that Animanster mentioned in his post, but whatever Yemanchu has recently done has disabled that option. So I guess that for now I wait and try again at various times to see if anything has changed to allow me to save cards.
  5. Sorry about that. The next time that I need post something I will see about starting a new thread for it. I guess that I felt that this would be an okay place to post what I said because of what Animanster had posted about trying to save cards. Anyway what I mean is that whenever I hit the save button to save the card nothing happens, no new window pops up asking me what I want to save the file as. So I can't save it as an image or a .json file. I hope that that this helps, since I don't know what else that I can tell you other than my main browser is Microsoft Edge. And once again I apologize for not starting a new thread for this. Different forums have different requirements for different things so it's not always easy to know what is preferred.
  6. I've recently tired using the Neo Card Maker and every time I tried to save the card nothing happens. I've even tried clearing my cache and It still doesn't want to save the card. It's like it doesn't think that saving the card is worth the effort.