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Status Updates posted by Nico

  1. Bro Kasumin in the latest SIFAS event fks HARD.

    1. Nico


      ... should really find a better way to word that.

    2. LordCowCow


      lucky shizuku i guess

  2. Oh noes, I now think exactly what Paimon says before she says it...

    *chooses option 1*


    1. Nico




      They're exactly the same ❤️

    2. LordCowCow




  3. Damn, a vanilla creamy chill + espresso shot slaps far harder than any actual coffee Tim Hortons has

    Guess RuriDragon was not right... Starbucks isn't scary, it sweet 😋

  4. Center names, InuYasha reference? Cool. 

    Source: Akane-Banashi


  5. If you know, you know


  6. wtf... Ako said her chuuni thing without stopping to think, or asking Rin-Rin for halp

  7. Whether or not demolishing practically a whole can of "Fiery Loaded Nachos" Pringles was a good idea, I have to say... was better than the last can, despite being 2 days from BB. 

    1. Nico


      Oh, and to correct myself 3 statuses before now, Mello Yello actually does not have a W in the yellow, either.

    2. LordCowCow


      As they say once you pop you just can't stop

  8. Good cereal mix: Apple Pie Toast Crunch + Honey Nut Frosted Flakes

    1. LordCowCow


      Y'all get all the fun flavors up there

    2. Nico


      idk about this year but being the cereal head that I am, I do follow enough to know that they were also US products


      lol sometimes the US doesn't do them the year that Canada gets them & at least then there's reason to be kinda jealous I guess

  9. My Nahida started a group chat, how thoughtful!

  10. Hopped up on Mello Yellow & I just can't help myself 

  11. Just saw this, & that Apex thing is batshit wrong. If anything, that's because of multi-category streams & forgetfulness. I wager it should actually be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in my top 3.


  12. FC'ing 3 hards into an 1880 combo feels pretty nice, but then I remember Bandori forces me into a break between medley songs, so it feels kinda fake.

    Well, it was my first time playing the new Roselia thing without the MV, so there's that. 

    Also I *sniff* finally finished collecting and reading my Kinmoza!... I hear read it in the afterword the last movie is one of the few 4koma adaptations that does a graduation, need to watch too 

    ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

    1. LordCowCow


      MVs scare me in bandori they're so chonky and my brain can't keep up

    2. Nico


      no, yeah!


      wow it's surprising how much more often I've been using "no, yeah" over the opposite "yeah, no" after watching a Calli teaches English

  13. rofl Ameth said "Listen... Hey, listen!" 

    It might be overmuch to say more fairies should play off of that but well, good job whoever translated that. 

  14. Between getting NY Karyl EARLY and deciding I would finally spark for NY Yui if I had to (I did), this is what I made off with (ignore the free NY Suzume, of course). I think I'm still set for NY Kokkoro too, but damn, I did not attempt like anything between Summer Suzuna and now.


  15. Quart finals yo

    Troytachi Uchiha @Trizzy23_ 17h Replying to @dominos Plot twist 69 17 1K 9.6K Avery | v tfatws O|! @awngrz 15h man what the fuck t7 21 2.4K Pizza Food Ingredient Recipe Cuisine Dish Tableware Fatayer Hamantash Font Fast foodAniShiPosts

  16. Had some quality za today. (round 3 is up)


  17. Note that I definitely played more LA than BShitSP without paying on my bro's account. ;D

    NS 2022
    1. Nico


      *crash woah* that's a status break! Critical hit! (I posted from my profile lol)

    2. LordCowCow


      Mine seemed to be Three Hopes, Brilliant Diamond, and Hades

      Also yeah idk what happened to this image damn

    3. Nico


      I know what. Well not really, just that I finally got an imgur album to embed, so not quite 1 image.

  18. You can vote for moar pizza toppings now


  19. 8526869aeb26b69a3a938bf7740ecd04.jpg

    Then eat them!! Pizza topping polls are up

  20. Less than 12 hours left for round 1 of pizza toppings, and currently another 2 are tied, 14 and 15.

  21. *Crash woah!* Had a coco vanil' Beavertail, they put waaaaay more coco on it than the picture! 😋

  22. Last batch of round 1 is up. Pic not pizza but thought it was cray-cray.

    SUBWAY DRIVE THRU LETTUCE MEAT OLIVE YOUR EGGSPECTATIONS ne subway sure doesn't mess around when it comes to puns 50,457 notes motor vehicle street sign advertising vehicle signage

  23. 📢Less than 24 hours till the "Pizza Topping Tussle" Round [1-9]-[1-12] closes!

    Oh and 11 & 12 are tied currently don'tcha know


  24. Next batch of pizza:

    Best Pizza Memes

    check polls

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