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Status Updates posted by Nico

  1. Kasumi: I'm out here making you think for a quick second that this isn't yet another event about post grad plans~~~

    Rimi, O-tae, Arisa & Saaya:

  2. Ako, Princess of Darkness: Actually the most level headed during this event. Well, beside O-tae. But she's always O-tae-ing about.

    1. LordCowCow


      I did notice that, found it very funny but fitting. I like when seemingly dumb or weird characters have smarter moments.

  3. Making food from a show:

    cute simple french toast

    Making a drink from a show: 

    Drink slaps.  > I-I mean <

    1. Chiri


      What are you doing with the rest of the whip cream? Pafe?

    2. Nico


      Probs not. Might be able to make another, maybe make fruits sando. 

  4. Nevermind the extra shoe in a weird place, I accidentally made Saaya cosplay as a loli. 




  5. Today's half & half: CE4IrsGt.jpg97Yk2Pot.png

    1. Chiri


      Mixed? =o

    2. Nico


      It just happened.

  6. Today's half & half:iCxWE5Nt.jpgllcunvIt.jpg

  7. Today's half & half: 5ufgKves.png


  8. Woah, didn't know I could get so mesmerized by those rabbit ear hair ribbons until I saw the design on a Silver Wolf up close 😮


  9. I find it so funny how no matter how hard Blade tries to hurt himself, the rest of my party of some video game mechanic otherwise just makes it so hard for him, even if I don't purposely do a heal. Also that he can heal himself with his Ultimate.

  10. Mmmmm... regular, non-liqui-gel Advil...

  11. Instant heartache, just add Pom-Pom 😭


  12. I meant to say this before since it's no longer that close to my first time trying blueberry jam, but do all types of jam go better with peanut butter?!

  13. and the jinxing with Paimon continues... "You're already in a bottle..." 



  14. Every time I see Index Vol 15 on my shelf I think... It's just a coincidence I haven't got any more volumes yet...? 

  15. You know what I could really use right now? A way to spend more money on the same things

    IPC: I got you bro


    This is inflation!! 😧

  16. Aw, Shiling got the cease and desist, no! Dx

    1. LordCowCow



    2. Nico


      That loli that you do that research event with in Star Rail. It is QUITE miniscule, so I figure, why bother spoiler tagging

    3. LordCowCow


      Ahhhhhh gotcha gotcha, right I should finish that up

  17. Hook the Great is an amazing interviewer! 🙃

    Oh yeah, and I can finally gamble in Star Rail now. 

    1. LordCowCow


      Literally just got that part of the museum lmao

  18. I'm so glad that I play in JP for the VAs that they have, because I do hear EN a lot anyway, but they are sooooo good 

    ^ Is actually a ship I've thought about beforehand

    1. LordCowCow


      I love how much they enjoy their characters

  19. LOL I'm dying slowly but a good amount of syrups mixed into a java chip frappe, sucked of moisture & mixed into a cola, tastes phenomenally like a damn good float. Especially when it fizzed up hugely at first. 

  20. Another for the I cry:


    No more Yohane correcting µ's & Niji members, no more Honk & Chika interacting... Riko/Maki, Kotori/You/Ruby... It's Love Lover

    1. LordCowCow


      Loved your last Live

  21. What "works" as salad dressing:

    Burger King's zesty dip

    Frank's Sweet Chili

  22. Tim Hortons (Canada) is bringing back old favorites for a limited time: Walnut Crunch & Cherry Stick donuts. Quebec is on the luckier side this time, getting the Cherry Stick in all their locations. Am so uninterested in a Walnut donut, and the Cherry Stick is really good.

    1. Nico


      ^(is not a Quebecer)

  23. Neo's first area convo: I'll get Sophia to carry that for me.

    Weronika's first area convo: I'll get Sophia to wait in line for me. 

    Elsie's first area convo: I love Libraries~<3

    Well, at least there's this:


  24. This event has seen Hu Tao channeling Megumin the most I have ever seen.

  25. Sneezing, then after I talk to some other people, the cat isn't this close... might he be... allergic? Is this some sort of... hint?


    1. Nico


      They do keep calling the card snatcher a "he" (even Chongyun, who definitely interacted with them), so I don't actually see how this makes sense, but lol

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