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  1. Another for the I cry:


    No more Yohane correcting µ's & Niji members, no more Honk & Chika interacting... Riko/Maki, Kotori/You/Ruby... It's Love Lover

    1. LordCowCow


      Loved your last Live

  2. What "works" as salad dressing:

    Burger King's zesty dip

    Frank's Sweet Chili

  3. Tim Hortons (Canada) is bringing back old favorites for a limited time: Walnut Crunch & Cherry Stick donuts. Quebec is on the luckier side this time, getting the Cherry Stick in all their locations. Am so uninterested in a Walnut donut, and the Cherry Stick is really good.

    1. Nico


      ^(is not a Quebecer)

  4. Neo's first area convo: I'll get Sophia to carry that for me.

    Weronika's first area convo: I'll get Sophia to wait in line for me. 

    Elsie's first area convo: I love Libraries~<3

    Well, at least there's this:


  5. This event has seen Hu Tao channeling Megumin the most I have ever seen.

  6. Sneezing, then after I talk to some other people, the cat isn't this close... might he be... allergic? Is this some sort of... hint?


    1. Nico


      They do keep calling the card snatcher a "he" (even Chongyun, who definitely interacted with them), so I don't actually see how this makes sense, but lol

  7. You have to read the 5th panel, but this just might be my fav 4-panel comic:


  8. Need more dialogue options to simp for Sampo 😛

    1. LordCowCow


      but calling him a piece of trash IS simping for him

    2. Nico
  9. Asta is such a mom! 🫠

    1. LordCowCow


      Some people ship her with Arlan but she really does give mom vibes to me for him

  10. It do be kuru kuru tiemu.


    1. LordCowCow


      Best girl, best twirl

  11. Just a damn good lemonade. The other fruit splashes are better. Ham & Cheese Cro-tai. Basically savory taiyaki. Matcha Latte. I keep getting chastised for not putting anything in my drinks. There's a good few locations so it ain't like I'll get doxed just for saying I went here (Saint Germain Bakery for people that can't read "small thumbnail", probably most people), but still gonna be difficult to get pics of the actual stuff, but something like... Beef dried tomato sand Yuzu Macaron Chestnut Shortcake
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