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  1. -April 15th, 2000- -7 AM- -New York Theatre Workshop, New York City, New York- 'At last a moment of peace' Ann thought to herself. She sat in the small practice room that she had been allowed to use from the Director, playing the piano. She was playing Beethoven's Sonata 14 in C sharp minor, just letting herself get drawn into the music. After her sleepless, painful night, she deserved it. The pain of a portion of the largest city in the United States was thrust upon her, and now she could just finish this piece in peace. As she drew to the end of the first movement, her hand began to flare up in pain, and made a cord with the tritone. 'There must be an older lady with Arthritis around here. This is the fifth time in the past forty five minutes.' She noted as she stood up and put her music in her bag. She walked outside of the room, followed by the same UN agent as normal. In fact, Ann had found her presence comforting, in the sea of pain she normally would feel. She walked outside and hailed a cab, allowing the Dilucolo Agent in with her. -April 15th, 2000- -8:15 AM- -Dining Hall, Diluculo Branch 22- Ann had eaten a simple breakfast of eggs and lightly buttered toast. She sat at a back table, almost glad that the higher-ups decided to prevent them from interacting. She did note that these were some very interesting characters. Some she could tell were more interesting than they appear. 'If only this pain would let up.' She thought as the aching pain continued from an unknown source. 'Based on how much it hurts, the person should either be in a great deal of pain, or they are in this room.' She began to visually search the room, but before she could locate the source, a person came in into the cafeteria, acting very excited. She suddenly found herself sitting at a table with a bunch of people she didn't really know or have interest in their stories or Id's. The only one that she found interesting was the person in the wheelchair, who said his ability was to hurt himself in order to hurt someone else. She also could tell he was the source of the pain she had felt, noticing the aching when he moved to stand and sit back down. 'How... Synergetic.' Ann thought to herself. 'He might be able to project pain at a distance, even if it is my pain...' She felt obligated to speak next. She stood up and spoke. "Um... Hi." She said sheepishly. She never was a good public speaker. "My name is Ann, Ann Fernace, I'm from Coutts in Canada, at least originally. My Id is, at least in my own words, The Curse of Pain." She made sure to look away from everyone. It helped ignore the fact that everyone was paying attention to her, which she generally tried to avoid. "It forces me to feel the pain of everyone around me, and by feel, I mean that I experience it. It comes with only a few benefits."Ann briefly stopped looking in the corner of this room to look at the person in the wheelchair. "For example, um, Marcel, was it? I noticed last night and even today, when you move around, your body aches and hits you with sharp, pin like pains. Is that a recent development? I could help you out with that, if you would like, which it's fine if you don't, I just think that it would be an easier adjustment period for me if I took it to get numb to it faster." She felt out of breath with those words and realized she made herself and the person in the wheelchair look vulnerable. She, embarrassed, sat back down and hid her face in her red scarf and black hood from her jacket. She felt like she pushed a little too hard into someone else's life. She really just wanted this to be over so she could literally be anywhere else and just be at ease and recover from her mistake.
  2. I feel like this is Paranoia, and I like Paranoia. I intrested, I guess.
  3. Tethanor was losing her patience. She had made time to talk with the sentient creatures that viewed her as a goddess in mortal flesh and make it on the first floor in less time it took for them to even show up. How DARE they insult her with such a rude gesture. She was about to enter this new world when a hidden door appeared next to the statue of the Pharaoh, with the other Floor Bosses being led by a small shadowy creature, undoubtedly a servant of the Death God. " Took you lot long enough. Come, for I wish to see what the light may have in store." The shadow creature had been the one to push open the door open, with Vorpu directly behind them. The breeze blew through the door, not a grain of sand caught on it's trail. Following the fellow reptile, she stepped out on to the top of the pyramid, looking out on to the forest. She admired the view, however much it was infested with the light. 'It is time to stretch my wings.' Tethanor thought to herself as she shapeshifted into her original form. She could feel her leathery wings stretch and contort as she reverted to what she was. "Pleasure to make your acquaintances." She said, looking back at the group. "You may call me Tethanor. Nothing else to say, except that you all are likely to stay on my good side as long as you are somewhat cooperative, and if you cough up a story or two. Now, if one of you would be interested in an aerial view, now would be the time to get atop my scales. But not you." Tethanor took special care to look at that flesh puppet controlled by the Mushroom Demon. She could guess what the thoughts were in that demon's head. The eyes were too dark and shifty, and they widened and shrank too familiarly, similar eyes to her own. The eyes of a predator and murderer. She pointed her talon at the spore vessel. "NEVER you or your other mushroom friends, you got that?"
  4. Then on that note, I am even more interested in this!
  5. I never watched supernatural, but I think that this is an interesting premise for an interesting rp.
  6. Do you know what I find infuriating? I have all of these great ideas for an rp, either tabletop or here on site, I think of these cool moments I can give it, and then it dies because I either don't think that I can do it, or am booked with my current schedule. Some day, I need to sit down and dedicate myself to catalog at least one of these assorted ideas, give it some fleshing out. That would be nice.

  7. Tethanor found this revelation amusing. Being flung to another universe was not a new experience for her, however, considering the fact that were not currently being infused with negative energy was a definite upgrade from the last time this happened to her. She nodded to her Overlord. She then looked to Vorpu and said, "I have a few things to prepare first. I will meet you at the entrance to this Pyramid. " The Ancient Dragon exited the chamber on that note, simply walking down the long flights of stairs, pondering her next move. While she walked down the stairs, she pondered her next move. Moving outside of Usaphidos's circle would not be wise, at least, not at first. Her first task is to scour this land, and garner allies in this world. Perhaps she could take up her old mantle using shapeshifting to mimic what she once was, manipulating things behind the scenes. But that would come later. The time was now, to feel the sun on her back, and the wind beneath her wings, and claim the world as their's. 'Who knows what other beings might I find? I desire the taste of lore and stories as I once did.' Her champion, Thorn, was waiting for her. The Red Half-Dragon was always a welcome sight, seen in his armor and mighty red scales. The Half Dragon did not speak, but it was fairly obvious what he wanted. Orders. "Keep standing here and prevent our men from leaving. I must inform my people of what has happened." Thorn nodded and let her pass as Kobolds frantically tried to pass Thorn, but stopped when they saw her. She walked over to the throne she sat on and waited for her people to finally stop there chatter, and addressed them not as slaves, but as siblings in arms. "PEOPLE OF THIS SECTOR! We are No Longer Trapped Above the Abyss, with Endless Amounts of Adventurers Coming to Slaughter Us! No, we are now Masters of Our Own Fate, in a New World, where we are free to do as we wish without the whims of people on the Outside! I intend to search this new world with the aid of the Floor Bosses! With Hope, we can create a new world for ourselves and your families! For now, stay here, and begin to dream. For there is much to do once we survey this land." There was a roar of shouts and yells, in which Tethanor decided to leave behind her. She began her walk to the entrance, and simply waited around the corner from said entrance, waiting to see it with her own eyes with the rest of the her fellow bosses.
  8. Something had changed. Tethanor could tell. Something just clicked in her head. She could still hear a buzz of words that she had said over and over again, without any other thought. The Shadow Dragon flexed her muscles, and felt them pop and stretch, as if she had not moved for a long time. The room of her hoard had a high ceiling, and she was laying on her hoard. Her eyes twitched as she tried to understand what had happened. "In every moment of my existence, I have not ever felt this... emotion? Feeling? I feel... " She roared as she stretched her wings and took flight. She rose up to the balcony above her hoard, and spewed a cone of negative energy into the air, and she smiled with her fangs. "Unchained." She walked through her portion of the pyramid, watching her scaly minions struggle to cope with whatever form of freedom that they had. She walked onto deeper part of the dungeon, to her throne. She used her shapeshifting and changed her form, becoming a human. She sat down on her throne, staff in hand, smugly watching her minions be confused. And then a servant alarmed her that Usaphaidos had sent a servent. The mummy was a shambling undead, badly wrapped, almost tripping on it's one bandages. The lizard men that served her looked with horror and disgust at the undead monster. "What reason for you to appear here, monster? Make your message quick, or leave my lair." The Undead creature pointed up, which Tethanor assumed that it meant that it was time to try and understand what was this 'Unchaining' was by talking her dear old boss, the literal God of Death. "I understand. Also, I would suggest leaving my dungeon, because the longer you stand there, the more likely my reptilian friends will rob you of the cloth you use as binding to keep your skin together to make bandages." The Mummy, quicker than it had appeared, shambled in the direction of the exit. Tethanor smiled at her joke, and then transformed back into a dragon. On her way out, she flew past the Mummy, accidentally dragging it out of her part of the dungeon because it got caught on her left hind claw, and flew up the stairs, rounding multiple corners and different flights of stairs, where, after a few minutes of flight, she then made it to her master's chamber. She then transformed back into her humanoid form and, in silence, waited for the Lord of the Dead to say anything at all, knowing that something was afoot, and, more than likely, the Death God had some role in this. At least, Tethanor hoped that he did.
  9. Well, here it is. I initially wanted to play a different character, but ncm deleted it, so here is the second one I made. I enjoy me some tabletop games, and I hope my enthusiasm shows. Also, I have been having some trouble getting the image to work properly, so just let me know if there was an issue.
  10. Shoot, I just got busy, and am not going to be able to finish within the time limit. I hate how I was busy, stopped being on the site, got free time, rejoined, and then I got dumped a big workload. Jeez, I am sorry, and I wish my life didn't hate me.
  11. Surprise, I'm not dead. I'll join. I'll have it up soon.
  12. "Fair warning though, we don't pull any punches." "If you are not going to, then neither will we. Let's 'Roc' and Roll!" Roc cawed into the air, spread his wings, and took to the skies. All the while, Emile was making a strategy for the fight. Based on what he knew, the best strategy for his Archen was a Rushdown strategy, which was one of the things he trained him to do. If he was fast, Roc could take Ollie out fairly quickly. He was ready to go. He activated the Xtransceiver on his wrist, to record the battle, and called out his first attack for Roc. "Roc, start this off with a Rock Throw!" Roc began to circle over Ollie, dropping a rock on him. Emile knew that by forcing him to use projectiles would play to his advantage, but that would be just a rouse. He would batter him with projectiles, and then go in for the knockout with a torrent of physical moves. It just might work.
  13. I happen to be looking for something unique, as my music library is quite stale. Can you spare me a song?