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  1. Ya know what, I'm actually a bit curious what you'd think with me at this point, and I will admit I actually have 2 mons I very actively try to get on my teams whenever possible during nuzlockes as they are my babies. I'll probs tell you in DMs after you have some fun with this but genuinely curious what you think of me so far with what you know so why not!
  2. Man after seeing some reviews for it oh boy am I glad I was never excited for the Monster Hunter movie. Ouch. xD Ah well, at least we get Rise next month, whoo!

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      Don't you dare call Shin Godzilla bad

    3. Hina's Simp

      Hina's Simp

      Shin Godzilla is a great movie, too.

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      Thank you.

  3. I'm still gonna be inclined to the 27 PB system of 5e but stats total 54 makes sense to me. Oof makes 9 the average, this PB sounds a bit miserable but understandable if building for closer to commoners. STR: 7 DEX: 9 CON: 5 INT: 13 WIS: 7 CHA: 13 Obvs I think maybe some of my stuff is too high but I genuinely do think my Con would be that low considering earlier events in my life. Or higher I guess considering I survived all of them. But yeh I guess with 54 stat-spread I'd put myself around those numbers.
  4. As one of the other people that watched the show with Blake I have to give the show credence that it was very obvious what lessons it was trying to go for by episode 2 or 3 with a very interesting look at individualism. But it never felt preachy about it and even past that has a collection of characters that all mesh and interact well off of eachother. And since Blake never got to it, I will. The OST for Brand New Animal was probably a high point of the series, as there's at least one track that will stick with you each episode, be it the anxiety-inducing track from Episode 1 or the melody that leads you through the climax. I'm not great at music stuff but I can appreciate how well put together it was. I suppose I have a different favorite character from @Blake and @Kazooie, but honestly I think something this show did an amazing job with was explaining situations from all sides of the story in an understanding way. Granted, one of those sides suddenly backpedals into a completely different motivation with practically no fan-fare and to say the reveal was jarring would be putting it lightly. And regretfully, not in a good way. Some of the last few episodes sadly try to pack every character's motives into 2-minute fragments at best and 10 seconds of screentime for the reveal at worst. And even -then- I'm not going to fault those at all, as antagonists during the previous episodes easily put out what they were about, their motives made sense, and I'm still ridiculously upset about a villain I genuinely -liked- getting shafted by the writing practically feeling forced to jump the shark with them. If you can handle that and want an anime with -ridiculously- well-crafted protagonists and interesting uses of powers, ideals, and background characters where one episode literally made me -sob- for a drunkard coach that only shows up in that episode, you'd probably enjoy Brand New Animal. Oh and it probably helps that Blake's been listening to the opening track non-stop.
  5. Hmmm, first -anime- I watched without it being just cuz it was on TV? I want to say it was Naruto. Which is sadly, the boring answer but well I'm glad it got me into the medium. And it's an excellent starter anime that taught me when someone tells you to skip a large section of episodes, you -listen- to them. It was not fun to sit through 101-219. It was nothing short of torture and I now understand why you listen to people when they recommend things. Another show I actually went out of my way to watch relatively early on was Chaotic. Bit of a strange show but I definitely enjoyed the worldbuilding of it even if the animation was typically... meh. It was never ugly just felt a bit box-cutter with it's animation style. And beyond that the only other anime I think I really actively went out of my way to watch when I was younger was Black Butler but that was definitely after Naruto. And to this day I have not touched some of the other popular anime surrounding Naruto due to being terrified of getting stuck in that filler rut again, as I'm someone that feels they -have- to see every episode if they enjoy a show. Which is why I have not seen Bleach or DBZ, even though I've watched DB Super. xD
  6. Jin raises an eyebrow at the rather odd question, "Didn't know there were those of us that didn't know how to do the soulblast thing..." She watched as Aki simply walked up and soulblasted some poor spirit, "You do that. Weird, feels like it got a bit more intense." She shrugged the feeling off, though her instincts seemed to be telling her something had changed. "I'm going to an upper floor, don't follow me unless you know how to handle yourself around firearms." She slipped a long-barreled custom pistol outside of her armored coat, a revolver clip that had been hollowed out and fitted with a single slot rather than the typical 6-shooter setup. She gave a reach into her pocket, slipping out 13 rather large capped bullets, each coded with a different color. "I'm going to be loud and I'm not going to stop if there's an injury. If you're fine with that and don't think you'd get in the way feel free to follow me." She rolled her shoulders a bit as she began to trek up the stairs. __________________ Jin and anyone that followed her would find themselves walking past hanging bodies of what appeared to be spirits. Anyone with a sense for them could tell they were weak, floating gently around the 10PPL and lower mark as arrows jutted from anywhere from their throat, head, stomach, or the like. They all maintained one thing in common though; they were all pinned to the wall by an arrow. "Hmmm... spirit that likes picking on weaker spirits..." She readied her gun, holding it steady as she inched forward. She found another being rounding the corner, an arrow nocked to a bow as it turned to look at her and gave a rather creepy grin. It looked to be a skeleton dressed as a rather eery Robin Hood, but she didn't have much time to think about that before quickly pulling its bow up to loose an arrow towards Jin and diving behind cover! Jin let out a quick yelp before holding up her hand with her palm out, holding open one of the small boxes she had pocketed on her way in, before diving behind cover herself, "Good thing I brought those with me... well... salt's definitely not going to work... Let's try letting out my own soulblast and see if it can stand up to that!" She opened the cartridge of her gun, unloading the firearm before pressing her palm to the opening, a quick pulse firing into it before she lifted her weapon and fired in the direction she had seen the walking spirit go towards! A rather loud 'BOOM' emanated from the practical hand-cannon that Jin carried, causing her to yelp and shoot a hand to her ear, "Gah, I knew I forgot something!" The skeleton seemed to have managed to keep behind cover for enough time as it darted out from its position to loose another arrow towards her, sailing overhead and piercing a computer screen with a rough 'CRACK'. "Hey hey, no wrecking the office you overgrown calcium complex!" She growled, slipping open her gun's cartridge once again before loading another round. Of course all she was met with was another 'SCHWICK' of an arrow sailing past her head and piercing another spirit's body on the wall. "Ugh, of course I had to find a spirit that knew how to use a weapon..." She kicked over a coffee table, putting herself behind it as cover!
  7. 8:00 AM, Megalopolis Apt. Complex, Room 2 A girl tossed and turned in her sleep, a nightmare attacking her mind. A powerful, incredible spirit as screams were heard through the entire street she found herself wandering. Yet she found herself continuing to walk towards where people were running from. It was as if she had no control of her own body, but, when had she gotten out of bed? She didn't recognize this part of the city. The screaming continued to grow in pitch the closer she got, before she saw an open mouth. She thought its tongue was lulling out before realizing, that was no tongue. It was a jaw. It looked towards her, something dripping from its face. There was a sudden silence. And then it grinned, filled with unbridled power, and opened its maw in an ear-shattering screech. ________________ Jin gasped, finding herself in a cold sweat as she shot out of bed, "Shit... that was a dream... just a dream..." She rose a hand to steady her heart, taking in breathing exercises she had learned. "I wonder if this job is starting to get to me..." She glanced to her alarm, 8:32. "Piece of junk didn't go off again... I need a paycheck to get a new one." She groaned, pulling a tablet out of a pocket and starting to scroll through jobs that had been posted, "Boring, boring, boring, oh, uuuh... a meeting today? For... oooh maybe this is worth considering." She hopped out of bed and gave a stretch, yawning to herself, "Well if I'm gonna deal with that..." She got herself dressed, moving to some type of storage room as she picked up a few containers of different sizes, "I guess I don't technically need these but it's nice to keep everything sorted..." She slipped them into the armored trenchcoat's pockets she had on. She sighed before slipping a small, cheap firearm that was a mere single-shot out of her other coat pocket, "At least this ability is good for staying on the cheap end with this stuff. If I could get my hands on something with auto-fire I'd probably go through it waaaay too fast though." She gave a small chuckle to herself before looking down. "Ah... who am I kidding, there's nobody here to laugh with me any more." She walked out of the apartment, giving a last look behind her before locking the door. _______________ 12:00 PM, ToSoftware HQ Jin found herself listening to the job description, "So a simple vengeful ghost, shouldn't be too hard if someone here knows what a PPL is. Multiple people it seems like. Doesn't mean any of you should get sloppy though, even a low PPL can be a threat to someone who doesn't know what to expect." She smirked, holding up a simple, plastic water bottle. "Though man, if this takes too long I might need a smoke, hopefully you're exaggerating on that three hour time." She took in a deep breath, her armored coat flapping slightly as she shifted, "What are the capabilities of this 'Boss Monster'-." She blinked as the suit left the room, "Ah, right. Suits. Only wanting to save their own hides. Gotta hate dealin' with them." She rubs her temples, "Alright, well, at the very least for anyone here who shall actually remain important for longer than the next 5 minutes, my name is Jin Nova, Ex-Private Investigator. Pleasure to meet those of you who matter in any capacity. To the rest of you, if you stay, hopefully there's not a family that will miss you."
  8. I'll throw up interest myself as well, modern psychics sounds like it's a fun idea
  9. Takehiko's clones steadily paced around Page Master, giving him space as he started to move forward. The clone holding the stick seemed to be eyeing the Pro Hero for any openings, "I do have to admit, us fighting a relatively unknown hero makes it difficult to find information to plan a coherent attack." He moved the stick slightly, seeming to notice that Page Master was wary of it. The hero J'adoube took a deep breath, "But we're heroes, we can overcome that." The stick-holding clone glanced to a nearby building, where another clone seemed to be portraying the battlefield through a pair of binoculars, speaking into its headpiece, "J'adoube King, reporting to J'adoube Knight and Team. Mr. Storyboreding has focus on the stick. Reposition and support Ren. We're going to have to take the heat of goodboy and try and change it to advantage." The clone with the stick gave a wide smirk, "Nah, it's all or nothing now!" The weapon-wielding clone darted forward, seemingly throwing caution to the wind, "If I get hit I just disperse, so we can swamp him!" He attempted to swing with as much force as possible at Page Master's feet, aiming to seemingly trip him, "Ren, Kio, follow up on a counter!"
  10. Personally in the actual world I'd likely fall into the role of Contestant, although unexpectedly, for the Toughness contest! Still such a shame that mechanic was removed... Barring that, well... likely a leader for Steel-type Pokemon, as the massive cuties need lots of love! A bit curious what @Blake and @Kazooie would think of me though personally, it always feels so strange trying to identify what you yourself would be! Even if @yui is able to know his niche and bloody sticks in it, hehe!
  11. Started a forum post about jank in MtG Card Discussions, it's strange as I feel nervous about posting in the forum for once lol. But... well, I decided I wanted to try supporting the site a bit more myself instead of just kind of snoozing on the sidelines, especially after I've seen how much you all care and I think it's legitimately a community I'm pretty happy I was introduced to!

  12. This is the first thread I've started here and honestly I just think it might be fun to have a place to discuss more Jank cards and strategies. Obviously everyone has differing opinions on what's considered Jank, so I'll define my own opinion on what I find Jank as. Strange, niche, and cards that experiment with the mechanics of the game are what I consider Jank. I welcome any discussion of cards here as these are some of the most obscure types of cards in the game, and can always add that bit of fun spice as your opponents across the table stop, laugh, and go 'Wait, that does -what-?' It's always enjoyable to watch your opponents make a new discovery of something they might not know about. I even personally have a Norin the Wary commander deck full of some fun strange cards, and am currently thinking of improving it to have Zedruu the Greathearted at the helm. While not necessarily Jank themselves, they have a certain creative lucrative nature when it comes to brewing more Jank-y decks. For now I'll start with 3 cards I suppose, a nice small number to start discussions for anyone who thinks they'd enjoy brewing these types of decks that tend to be around power level 2-4 out of 10. I know it's not a very common appealing thing to brew but there's just -so- many cards that are just interesting and would be such a shame to never see play. And as such, let's start this wonderful show and point out enticing interactions to wow everyone at the table! Mages' Contest is one of my favorite red counterspells. Red's take on counterspells tends to be things like Redirect or Deflecting Swat, but the flavor of forcing your opponent to put their life on the line to get their spell through means that you can manipulate them into a more squishy health total for yourself to aggro down or even burn. It's still fairly strong even in higher-life formats such as Commander, and this is definitely the fringe of what I'd consider Jank, as this card is most definitely still powerful in its own right. Grip of Chaos is... to put it lightly, I feel the single most infuriating card I've seen from friends across the table when I've dropped it. The best game I've had with it I warned everyone beforehand I was wanting to play my Chaos Norin deck, and another friend decided that his Kaervek the Merciless deck would synergize perfectly. Well... it definitely did, a little too well! Grip is a card that makes you have to read each cards exact wording, and of course I'm sure there were plenty of mistakes we made while this was on the board, but it also enabled incredible interactions. It's synergy with Kaervek being in a commander game was definitely something eyecatching and makes me happy I was able to play in. I noticed this little list was getting a bit too red for my taste, even if there -does- tend to be a lot of jank in red. But have you ever wanted to build a pinger deck or find a use for those board swathes that might only do 1 or 2 damage? Well this might be the funnest way to go that's in black. And if you're in some other colors you might be able to use Prodigal Sorcerer and Coumbajj Witches to tap and untap your way into slaughtering your opponents' board states with measly pingers. It's able to be built into a kill engine for any creatures around and once you can find other pieces lets your pingers have enough functionality to become kill cards. Those are just a few of my favorite jank cards, even if one of them is clearly on the verge of it. And of course all of these cards being jank is just my opinion, as there are even mainstream cards I could easily see arguments being made for being jank. I hope I might have introduced some cards that possibly were a bit lesser-known! And if not, well... suppose I'll have to post again soon! Can't wait to start this discussion with all of you and being introduced to cards for my own decks, makes me wish more people designed strange and wonderful cards!
  13. Kind of curious if anybody would enjoy me talking about Jank cards. Sounds like a fun idea, I'm just not sure there'd be enough people that enjoy that type of stuff to warrant starting anything with it. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, as Jank is some of my favorite stuff when it comes to card games.

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    2. radio414


      Definitely recommend doing things, and also jank cards are great.

    3. A Burgerking Crouton

      A Burgerking Crouton

      I'm sure that somebody out there will be interested in it. Heck, I even started a blog talking about generic Tag Force 1 characters, something I thought not a soul on this site would even bat an eye at initially, and it turns out people enjoy that. Definitely give your jank cards a try!

      edit: I just woke up lol, just saw you went ahead and posted like right before I did. I'll give them a look

    4. PhoenixOfCute


      It's all good, I definitely understand that happening! I'm getting close to needing bed myself heh

  14. "Well, if that's all the questions, I guess it's time to start this!" Dreadbolt reached out a hand to lean on a signpost, which promptly fell apart and to the ground, causing him to lose his balance and fall as well. "Just uh... Ignore you guys saw that, gahaaa..." Dusting himself off, he handed small maps to each of the four groups. "Here you guys go, this should show where each of your exams are being held. Try not to go in guns-blazing, I think the teachers might want to say something before the fight starts. They are educators, after all." Takehiko gave a small nod to Dreadbolt as he passed, donning his hero costume that was a rather simple blue outfit, not unlike what one might see on a male idol he supposed. It kept an earpiece but he felt it made him look more approachable, even as he made his way to the test venue with his team. “Students...while I’m not obligated to say this, I will remind you that you are to come at me with everything you have. Do not hold back on my part...otherwise...” Page Master closed the book loudly before adjusting his glasses slightly, the light glaring off the lenses as he addressed the students he was needing to deal with. “...you will fail this exam. Plain and simple. Now, if there are no further questions or concerns...” Page Master paused before opening the book once more and immediately pulling something out from the pages. “Pop-Up Style: Hounds of Baskerville!” J'adoube instinctively felt himself get into a more defensive position, watching as the hounds materialized in paper form although there seemed to be no attacks incoming as of yet... That's when he spotted that the briefcase currently in the clutches of his teacher, "Damn... there went that idea..." He seemed a bit annoyed at the teacher holding the objective on their person, as though he hadn't expected it. He tapped his earpiece for a moment, muttering something before returning his gaze to the objective. In the shadowed corner of a nearby building another J'adoube glanced around the corner, tapping back before slipping back into the building, as though searching for a way to higher ground. Before long Takehiko glanced to the rest of his team, "I should have immediate information if he leaves to another vicinity as long as my Pawn can spot him from a building vantage point. I thought he'd be guarding it somewhere behind him but looks like he's comfortable keeping it on his person... Ah, damnit, makes this a lot more stressful. I don't know if -I- can take a hit, so try to protect me to keep flow of info incoming, yeah?" He'd give a smile to the other members of his group, as though he were trying to insinuate this one speaking was a Pawn. He'd just have to hope they could catch on he supposed. "God it sucks going into this knowing the enemy has perfect info. Alright Page Master, let's see if you've read the Art of War against Team Rooking Memories!" He grinned as 7 pawns gathered around him, making a defensive wall with each one moving in front of the others. The one directly in front as the first line of defense having equipped itself with a rather large stick! "We'll poke for openings, get in attacks while he's distracted!"