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  1. Favorite Scandal song
  2. Is there an NCM discord 🤔

    1. LordCowCow



      Honestly I had no idea this was even here so

    2. worK


      thanks handsum

    3. Tormented


      It exists in the loosest possible definition of the term.

      It's not particularly moderated and more is a merge discord from YCM, it's also pretty dead but yeah - it exists.

  3. Bump this ask me shtuff
  4. Top 3 favorite league champs
  5. Favorite eeveelution unless this was already asked
  6. If you had to give an evolution to Dunsparse, Delibird and Spinda which one would it be and why is it all of them?
  7. Wikstrom, Koga, Drake and Karen I was in the process but have since put it to the side to focus on other things.
  8. Someone give me a rep so I hit 69 ty

  9. long time waddup boys

    1. LordCowCow


      Working again and forced myself to not sleep at 5 AM anymore other than that same old how you been?

    2. MetalSonic


      Got a hot date for Saturday and got an apartment.

  10. Miss some lads on here. Add me on my new discord Jevice#5720

  11. Lots and lots of work. Outside of work I take what little time I have to develop my TCG. Almost past the mechanics etc zone and into actual card design. Favorite probably chicken or pepperoni I'm basic. Least favourite probably anchovies or an fish in general. I wouldn't eat pizza if it had fish on it,
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