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  1. I regret not taking better care of my GameCube games. I was 8 years old when I first had my GameCube, and not responsible enough. Now those games are ridiculously expensive. I bought a new copy of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door about 5 years ago for 86 dollars. That was a steal compared to the fucking prices it goes for now. Also: NEVER buy these games used. More often than not, they are scratched pieces of shit that won't be read by your console. I bought a copy of Sunshine "Like new". It came with the box and manual, but the game wouldn't make it past the Dolby logo. Needless to say, I opted for a refund on that piece of shit. I never did buy or give away my games. I held onto my games like this guy holds on to his bills:
  2. Hug Pidgeot (Big Bird) Catch Gallade (Cool, dude!) Fight Chimchar (I don't like monkey Pokemon and I'm not a fire enthusiast) Reshiram, Hatterene, Altaria ( Majestic! )
  3. Nyx


    I have...a couple of collections. A bunch of Game Paks. I never had a Game Boy of any sort when I was a kid, so I collected a bunch of Game Paks and a few Game Boy handhelds. Some DS games. I've also bought plenty of Switch games. I don't even know why I kept buying them when I keep playing the same few games. A LOT of Yugioh cards. And a select few different cards not Yugioh, such as a few Pokemon cards, and a few Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. I do like figures, statuetes, and plush toys. But I don't get these anywhere near as much as video games or Yugioh cards due to lack of space. So I have a few Nendoroids, a few plush toys (mostly Pokemon), Lego minifigures, Transformers, and Super Smash Bros. Amiibos. I even have two big diecast cars and two Hot Wheels cars. I even kept a Japanese and Korean newspaper! Also: While home consoles and computers are nice, I really like to collect small electronics and handhelds! I wanted a Game Boy Micro for over a decade, and got one two years ago! A Game Boy Color, that Super Mario Bros Game & Watch from last year, and had a Pokewalker years ago. I also want to get an emulator handheld or two in the near future. And a Pokemon Mini at some point. Maybe a Tamagotchi at some point. I can elaborate more on these, or even share pictures if anyone's interested.
  4. *phew* Come back anytime!
  5. YES! It took me multiple attempts, but I did it! Feel free to try again if you want me to try again.
  6. The song was better in the manga. Hm...
  7. You know how it is. Years ago, there was a game (or games) that you had fun with, or are hard to come by. Not knowing what you had until it was gone. Maybe you didn't even break or give it away. Another family member did or you accidentally lost it or left it somewhere. But nonetheless, you miss it or regret what became of it.
  8. Alright. Let's try something short but unexpected!