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  1. 6/10 Fascinating, albeit gross. 8/10 Neither's appetizing. But it's an interesting culinary oddity. Like those Pringles Minis.
  2. From the silly, to the disturbing, to the just plain weird, there is a myriad of uncanny images to look at.
  3. I've no idea. I guess buy food for the afternoon, maybe have some candy. Maybe give some out the few people who knock on our door that afternoon. I have a plague doctor costume that I got two years ago. I'd love to dawn that this Halloween once again.
  4. Heart Gold was actually the first Pokemon game I really played. And a nice first impression of the game series. If I hadn't played this game, I might've never considered buying a copy of Diamond, Black, or anything else. Prior to playing Pokemon Heart Gold, I thought less of the Pokemon series.
  5. I remember being in a Sears (back when it was not only open, but still displayed TVs and sold video games), and a trailer/commercial of the game Pokemon Black & White displayed on the TV. I scoffed at it, dismissing it as being no different than the previous Pokemon games. A few years later, I bought a copy. And...I was wrong! Out of all the entries, this one had THE best story and characters I had ever seen. While Pokemon Y was the game I had the most fun with, Black was the one I was the most engaged in story-wise. Black 2 was fun, but...the story and characters were nowhere near as memorable as its predecessor.
  6. That Naruto game was actually my 1st DS game. My aunt gave us a DS Lite as a present. And didn't know what game to include, so...she went with this one. I don't even watch Naruto. But hey. I played and beat the game. And found a select few characters I liked. Like Hinata! And Gaara.
  7. Joker was THE reason I got the first pass. Anything else was just extra for me. And...he still remains my favorite of the bunch. I got Terry? Neat! Byleth? Meh. Looking at the second pass...never expected to see Sora. But...hey. Now I have more incentive to get the 2nd wave of DLC characters! I'll be completely honest...there was next to no one that I wanted in the second pass. Until now. Guess they saved the best for last. Well, for me at least.
  8. 5/10 I like the art. I like the crossover. But the playstyle? Meh.
  9. Pretty sure I already answered this. So I'll repeat my answer: 9/10 Only a -1 for when you go up against them. But using them? Good shit. And the art?
  10. 1/10 The playstyle...exists. I don't have much thoughts on them equipping each other. As for the art? I REALLY don't like it. Certainly not the first thing when I think of "Insect".
  11. Ooh! I like the DS games. Even though I hate how fragile those screens were. If you owned one, you know what I'm talking about. Moving on to software: Mario Party DS Pokemon Black/White Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Radiant Historia
  12. 6/10 I like all the mechanical parts on the art. And the destruction-based effects are okay. Golem's a cool dude. And Scrap Dragon is a classic Synchro. One gripe I have with the art is the colors. They're mostly muddy or desaturated. It makes sense, but...I wish they used a little more dynamic coloring.
  13. 5/10 I like Synchro Summoning, I like the consistency. But...their art doesn't really excite me. I know it's supposed to be dynamic, but...it just kind of comes off as generic.
  14. 7/10 GORGEOUS art! But playstyle is...finnicky. I'd use them, but...I dunno. I think I'd rather just collect them.
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