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  1. How do you pronounce the word "Pokémon"?

  2. What I meant by sweet was the taste. I don't know if it's the dough or sauce that they use, but it gives off a sweeter flavor than other pizzas do.
  3. I guess I should chime in. I chose Pizza Hut. I like both of their pizzas, but for different reasons. I think Pizza Hut's is sweeter. But I'll eat either pizza. I think it's sides why I chose Pizza Hut. There were more sides I preferred from Pizza Hut as opposed to Domino's. My nearest Pizza Hut is closer to my house, but the nearest Domino's is only a street away, so distance isn't really an issue for me here.
  4. The one I know off the top of my head is Madhouse. They worked on stuff like Summer Wars, Ninja Scroll, the aforementioned One Punch Man, and of course one of my favorite animes, Hellsing Ultimate. They put a lot of effort into their work. This is especially amazing if what I heard about their budget was true. Yeah, I don't know a lot of other animation studios. Maybe Gonzo. But for other animes I've seen, I can only associate them to a studio each, as I've only seen one of their works.
  5. Well, I appreciate another addition to the "Dark" variants of existing monsters. Monsters such as Grepher, Creator, Valkyria, and Armed Dragon just to name a few. I believe it is easier to search than the original Honest. However, one thing the original Honest has over this one is its capability of stacking. If you're battling a big beatstick, this guy just makes the ATK 0. With the original Honest? You can use more than one copy for massive damage.
  6. Hug Frillish (it's cute, and the male one evolves into the Pringles mascot) Catch Honedge (Cool sword Pokemon) Fight Latios (I don't have any strong feelings towards it, positive or negative) Meowth, Skitty, Shinx
  7. New episode of Yugioh Abridged!


  8. Hug Kirlia - Cute! Catch Tyranitar - Solid in battle, and looks like Godzilla Fight Komala - I have no strong feelings towards it Gardevoir, Gothitelle, Hatterene
  9. Hug Herider - It's cute Catch Krabby - I dunno. Krab's the coolest of the three. Gumshoos - Ugliest of the three. Bruxish, Lickylicky, Purugly
  10. Hug Whishiwashi (it's the cutest of the three) Catch Shelmet (Cool-looking evolution) Fight Timburr (I don't like the prominent veins) Golurk, Gliscor, Golisopod
  11. Hug Spinarak - As cute as a jumping spider! Catch Breloom - I love this shroom. One of the select doofy Pokemon I actually like. Fight Grubbin - Ugly to me. Eiscue, Omanyte, Petilil
  12. I just felt no one deserved to be left in the dark.