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  1. I don't recall officially doing this one on this forum, so here we are.
  2. I'm surprised that after all the polls, it's the clowns that made it to the end. I do like It and Pennywise, but Krueger I felt had the most character out of the bunch, and was genuinely scary in the first film or two.
  3. Howdy! Toxapex Yeah? Golisopod I thought I did Generation 7, but I guess not. Turtonator Whassup. Crabrawler
  4. Gobble, gobble. I'm taking your Sobble


  5. I'm not sure if this counts, but I played Spyro the Dragon on the remaster. And I've got to say...it felt underwhelming. Sure, it was colorful and I personally like that fairy. But the core gameplay felt...repetitive. I really like IX's story, characters, and music though. Except for Necron.
  6. I was at a loss for this one Bop She's Ruby from, well, RWBY.
  7. What this means is the art or gif I post will have someone wearing that. Don't say specific brands though like UGG or Adidas. For example, you say sneakers and I give you something like this: