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  1. Good to see you, again! Even though we only got acquainted in the last Fake Type Knights project. But still, nice to see ya again. Make yourself comfortable.
  2. And when I say nightmares, I'm talking about the bad dreams you get in your sleep. So no posts like "I'm living it" or anything of the sort.
  3. Shadow the Hedgehog I guess would be the bad game. I mean, I had fun with it. But it gets lots of flack. But hey, it has great jams. Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist was fun, but the tracks were lacking. Nothing impressed me.
  4. I like Dunsparce.

  5. Hug Stantler Fight Boldore Catch Budew Vulpix (Alolan), Ponyta (Galar), Meowth (Alolan)
  6. Hug Raichu Fight Charmander Catch Gyarados Ampharos, Breloom, Lickitung
  7. Does this count?
  8. Mhm! That's where I spent a good chunk of my late afternoon.
  9. With the news of the Numbers Complete File, how's about I give you each a Number card? Only ones I'm not giving are ones that haven't been officially released/printed (yet).
  10. So yeah. Just name a game (or more if you'd like) that you've played. Games you've played that were good, but had poor soundtracks. OR games whose gameplay you didn't like, but can't deny it had a good soundtrack. Either way works.
  11. I was having a hard time remembering a song for this month.