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  1. Respectable insight...It essentially would make the card require extra Garnets for mismashed Decks, and modern day Burning Abyss builds. Kind of let my guard down on design after the brief hiatus I decided to take. I'll take you up on the requirement.
  2. Beacon Worm LIGHT Level 3 [Insect/Normal/Pendulum] ATK/ 0 DEF/ 2100 ◄0 0► [Pendulum Effect] During your Main Phase, if this card was activated this turn: You can banish 1 Level 3 or lower Insect monster from your Deck, and if you do, Special Summon a monster with the same name as banished card from your Deck, but its effects are negated. You can only use this effect of "Beacon Worm" once per tun. [Normal Text] A wondrous worm that glows in the darkest of hours of the night. Insects gather around it in utter fondness of its brilliant presence. Design Notes:
  3. It is a winter miracle ~

  4. Arcanum Raider DARK Level 6 (✪✪✪✪✪) [Spellcaster/Effect] ATK/ 2300 DEF/ 300 To Tribute Summon this card face-up, you can Tribute a Spell/Trap your opponent controls, instead of a monster you control. If this card inflicts battle damage: You can target 1 Spell or Trap in your opponent's GY; Set it to your field.
  5. Looking to trade for a Stonjourner if any of you Pokemon Sword peeps have any. Got a handful of Hidden Ability Pokes. (e.g. Adapatability Eevee, Curse Body Corsola, etc.)

  6. Anybody here have Pokemon Sword? I have Shield and I am looking to trade to get some exclusive Pokemon on Sword. PM me if you'd like to trade.

  7. On the contrary, they actually only have so many play makers that generate Tokens that don't require set up: Tetherwolf and Raiten (this one we just got recently mind you). The ones that do require set-up to generate Tokens are so awkward and all over the place: Megaraptor (requires you to generate a Token), Hamstrat (requires you to flip), Colwing (requires you to Special Summon), Black Falcon (requires you to attack), etc.While Token generation is supposedly their gimmick, they are pretty bad at it especially when under pressure. If anything, I would say utilizing Tokens while lacking the means to do so efficiently on their own is their actual gimmick. But, like I said... There is room for splashing some external support like Speedroids and Needlefber to help the archetype with its speed issues.
  8. Not sure why they made the Mecha Phantom Beast a Link 3... But, I can work with that. Basically Speedroids become more valuable in helping Mecha Phantom Beast make this. Additionally, Needlefiber, also, helps in the making of this especially with getting O-lion in the GY for additional plays. With that in mind... I could see Mecha Phantom Beast easily make Dracossack or Jaculuslan. Another thing to note is that this makes Coltwing more viable since Mecha Phantom Beast have struggled with SS'ing in the past. I really can't wait to try this sucker out. Although it is a bit of a bummer that the Link itself doesn't have same protection effect like most of the MPB, but oh well...
  9. The WIND Main Deck Shaddoll (with worst Fusion Counterpart) is better than the LIGHT Main Deck Shaddoll (with best Fusion Counterpart) as the WIND has 2 play extender effects... Good thing we have a better new Fusion to work with than Wendigo, because I was always reluctant to run Wendigo given she doesn't do anything except stall. The trend seems to be that all the non-DARK Main Deck stuff focuses on swarming which could pave the way for easier Link Summoning... I am wandering what they will do with the EARTH and FIRE ones now that they covered all potential places, barring the Extra Deck, where monsters can Special Summon from. As for the Trap I guess I can see how they are trying to incorporate the WATER Main Deck Shaddoll's awkward FLIP effect with the banish from GY effect.
  10. The Reptilliane and Melodius Links are good, but they come with price on how effectively they can be used... Reptilliane Link does require you to go 2nd to get the most out of it.. For the search effect, you could use Ojama_Duo and Ojama_Trio to get an insane amount of pluses. Worms can use the pluses via this combo to have enough names to Fusion Summon Worm_Zero with all of its effects via Polymerization. Aliens might be able to get a few plays off this, haven't really thought about it atm... And I am not sure how effective this is in Reptilliane considering it is still a not so good archetype perhaps Reptilianne_Vaskii is pretty good here. Melodius Link is exactly what Melodius needs to pull off its defensive core with Aria_the_Melodious_Diva and Elegy_the_Melodious_Diva more frequently, but that discard that you have to put into the first effect is always risky with Ash lurking around since this is 3 card investment... Though I suppose one can cram 3 Called by the Graves in and pray their opponent either doesn't have Ash when you need to use the effect or if they draw into Called by the Grave at the right opportunity.
  11. Not what I meant... Another ruling obscure yet fundamental ruling I should mention is that Equip Spells don't change control if the equipped monster changes control. So how the effect of the Equip Spell applies is still based from your perspective only: Moon Mirror Shield won't activate at all if it battles YOUR monsters, and not your opponents. Here I'll just show an example of what I am trying to say: Tartantula w/ Moon Mirror Shield (2500/0) attacks Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) Moon Mirror Shield effect triggers Tarantula ATK becomes 3100, then inflicts 100 battle damage Tartantula switches control with Blue Eyes, but Moon Mirror Shield stays in your Spell & Trap Zone Blue Eyes attacks Tarantula, but Moon Mirror Shield doesn't trigger because Blue Eyes is now Your monster (by control) Blue Eyes inflicts 500 damage and destroys Tarantula
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think there is a perspective ruling with equip spells that may apply more pleasantly to this scenario than you think. You see... The equipped monster has to battle "YOUR opponent's monsters" to trigger your Moon Mirror Shield... So it would be battling your monsters instead once it changes control, henceforth, the effect of Moon Mirror Shield doesn't apply and you can just attack over it with a bigger monster (perhaps even the one you just stole from them).