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  1. Shiranui Sellsword OCG Name: 不知火の浪人 (Shiranui Ronin) FIRE ✪✪✪✪ (Level 4) [Zombie/Effect] ATK/1700 DEF/0 During your Main Phase: You can banish 1 card in your hand; banish up to 2 "Shiranui" monsters from your Deck. If this card is banished: Set "Shiranui" Spell/Trap from your Deck directly from your Deck. You can only use each effect of "Shiranui Sellsword" once per turn. Support To: Design and Flavor Notes:
  2. Trance Adapter [Continuous Spell] While your LP are lower than your opponent, Psychic monsters you control in this card's column gain ATK equal to the difference. If you control a Psychic monster: You can pay 1000 LP; draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Trance Adapter" once per turn. Design Notes:
  3. Amnesiac Wave [Normal Trap] When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Negate the effects of all monsters your opponent currently controls until the end of the next turn, then end the Battle Phase.
  4. Pardon the double post, but I just realize something... Is that a 3rd on of these in the Chain has to be activated to start the endless loop given that the 1st one can only be activated in response 2 other non-"Timefold" cards that you get to alter in the Chain. So to correct my suggestion I would say for a clause something along the lines like: "Only up to 2 'Timefold" can be activated per Chain." While it would be an illegal move to start the loop and pretty rare too considering 3 or more copies need to be activated. I think it would at least be wise to add the clause to make it look like you considered the possibility of a loop being started by 3 or more copies of itself. Might have to revisit my version to see if I made a boo-boo. XD
  5. I made something similar to this awhile ago, but it was in the form of Quick-Play and it arranged everything within the Chain Link but itself. I do firmly believe we need something that rearranges Chain Links though as it has potential to stop negates in a different way. Of course the Counter Trap gives it option to mess with other Counter Traps which is cool as it could make Solemn Strikes and Judgments fail to negate what they were initially aiming for. The only thing I would do is make it so you can't declare its own name in the event that one would do so... It would cause an endless loop of rearranging Chain numbers within the Chain Link (if 2 copies are present in the same Chain Link).
  6. Hmmmm.... That seems fairer considering you still need to boost or Tribute or Special Summon something big enough to boot. The range of monsters is thin so boosting is going to be your best bet to activate this card, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. I do notice that Meklords did recently get this that is pretty accessible to them to pair with your card: Meklord_Emperor_Wisel_-_Synchro_Absorption. But, it is still a 3 card investment. At the very least, Holding Hand Genie.dek is still a potential threat to reckon with if this card was in existence. XD
  7. Confidential [Continuous Trap] Neither player can reveal card's in their hand, Deck or Extra Deck, also, negate all cards and card effects that allow a player to look at cards in their opponent's hand, Deck, Extra Deck, or Set on the field. Notable Things It Counters:
  8. I didn't consider adjusting the multiplier count on the first wave effect... I think that is good way to go. 750 makes it a little less abusable for those 2000 DEF monsters as it would make it -2 on your opponent for the price of -2... It neutralizes the minimal investment fairly. It is good start. The only thing that is bothersome is the drawn monsters being spun into the Deck for not meeting ≥ 2000 DEF... But, I think there isn't much to do about that, except for a different removal method or making Draw Phase check more lenient on the stats of the monsters it shuffles. Although perhaps, it needs to spin to distinguish itself from the other Virus cards. As far as the changing the range, I would just make the minimal requirement 2000 as you say instead of a 3000 cap... While it would make the first effect potentially more devastating... You are pretty much forced to combo with other cards to raise DEF to increase it's potency which could make the combo a -3 on you at investment at best (in most cases anyways further down the comment I thought of something that could abuse the like of a max. cap with minimal resource usage)... Considering that anything beyond 3000 DEF in the DARK cardpool is extremely scarce. Best way I can think of that softens the devastation on advantage you would lose while potentially devastating your opponent is with Hand-Holding_Genie and Ties_of_the_Brethren. Still combo heavy though and it really makes your Deck likely to run a lot of DEF oriented monsters. It makes a whole different Deck than conventional Lair of Darkness builds that is for sure. XD
  9. While the inspiration is inspired by the current, scary pandemic... It take a surprisingly lighter approach on what it does compared to rest of the Virus cards, flavor-wise. It is like it was made with contemporary discretion. XD Now onto the card's applications... As far as DARK monsters with readily available 3000 DEF to get the "best" results of the effect, it is surprisingly not a very common occurrence... To name a few: Earthbound_Immortal_Uru , Darklord_Morningstar , Archnemesis_Protos , etc. Just a lot of monsters that aren't easily Summonable... Best target I can think of his Hand-Holding_Genie paired with Ties_of_the_Brethren to pan out it's DEF to be 3000 and even then that is still requiring certain cards. Perhaps aiming for 2500-2950 mark is much easier, but definitely 2000-2450 for sure. Now for the actual power of the card itself... It is actually quite frightening as spinning is the 2nd strongest forms of removal in the game next to banishing, face-down. Especially considering most archetypes these days aren't known for their high DEF, barring Superheavy_Samurai which even then has a lot of smaller bodied members that susceptible to being put back into the Deck. Hell, you even have to consider that most Normal Summonable monsters these days don't even have 2000 DEF (which would say that is the minimal threshold to do a lot of damage to a lot of Decks with this card). Of course, like all Virus cards the draw back goes with whether you made your opponent exceed your -2 from using it or not. But, I'd wager this card would more often than not screw over a lot of Decks without even trying if you at least Tribute 2000 +. I myself wouldn't know to balance it... Maybe more Tributes that combine into 3000 DEF? Or maybe shorten the timer? Or maybe make it return monsters instead, but make any monster that they had returned and they drawn stay stuck in the hand (to keep quarantine flavor) until the turn count is over?
  10. Naturia Overgrowth [Counter Trap] When a Spell/Trap Card, or monster effect, is activated while you control a face-up "Naturia" monster: You can activate 1 "Naturia Forest" from your Deck, and then , regardless if you do, negate the activation. You can banish this card from your GY; add 1 "Naturia" Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand. You can only use 1 effect of "Naturia Overgrowth" per turn, and only once that turn. Support To: Field Target and Design Notes:
  11. Osmotic Menace DARK ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ (Level 10) [Aqua/Effect] ATK/ 4000 DEF/ 0 While a player controls more cards than the number of cards in your hand, you can Special Summon this card from your hand to that player's side of the field. When the controller's opponent controls more cards than them: Switch control of this card. Negate the effects of all other monsters you control. Concept:
  12. Big-Tusked Mammoth EARTH | Level 5 | [Beast/Effect] ATK/ 2000 | DEF/ 1000 Monsters your opponent control cannot be attack the turn they are Summoned. So I was trying out this guy in the Merfae archetype and had some good successes with it as it paired well with their passive play style by halting OTK-esque stragies with big boards while they do their stuff. Usually how I would get it is via Merfae_Cathy to search it and Merfae_Fenny to Special Summon it OR through Ninjitsu_Art_of_Transformation after Normal Summoing Ninja_Grandmaster_Hanzo (bc Merfae don't really need their Normal Summon except for things like Rescue Cat or Nimble Beaver). The thing it does best is prevent you from dying right away on less opportune hands, and it protects your key play smaller bodied stunners like Merfaes_of_the_Forest and Herald_of_the_Arc_Light from easily being ran over. Merfae of the Forest can also stop other monsters from attacking that have been on the field for longer than a turn they were Summoned. I definitely consider it a one of in Merfae. Discuss?
  13. We did also recently get the Snowflower archetype which makes the Princesses significantly easier to make as a Deck if you splash a few of the Snowflower monsters in there... Just not anything competitive yet as the Princesses don't do anything game-breaking by themselves. (Yes, I have a build I attempted to modernize :P) Now about the card itself: 3 of the Princesses off hand card be Special Summoned with the 1st effect via targetting other Princesses: just short of Chirubime whose DEF is 2800 instead of its ATK. Also, Talaya ATK gets boosted by herself being summoned so you can't target her to Summon another Plant Princess persay, however, you can Summon Mardel,_Generaider_Boss_of_Light which is notable to search out Lonefire, Snowflowers, another Princess, or Rose_Lover. I am not sure if the Extra Deck restriction is ideal though as you are already needing specific ATK stats to go into other Plant monsters with a different Attribute and specific Level range... That is already a hurdle in itself. Last effect also includes a few lower Level Plants: Rose_Princess , Sylvan_Princessprite , and Sylvan_Princessprout for what that is worth. Trade-in and using the Plant Princess as Extra Deck Material makes that last effect live... So I see no problem there. In all it is decent card, I would just get rid of the Extra Deck restriction on 1st effect.
  14. The only thing is you need a card to change all of them into Attack Position to do that particular OTK with this card... Which would be one more card you would have to worry about not being in the combo: which would amount to a 5 card combo (with this card included). You could still use Law of the Normal though to clear hands and board, and go in Extra Deck monsters with what you summoned... So that might be more practical. And Law of the Normal is searchable via Left_Arm_Offering basically you just have to worry about 2 pieces to the combo, and only worry about your opponent top Decking for a few turns. I like the idea though... I just can't afford to have things readily be in Attack Position considering I left no Level or ATK restrictions on card.
  15. Celebrator Bomb LIGHT ✪✪✪✪ (Level 4) [Machine/Effect] ATK/ 1500 DEF/ 1500 While this card is the only monster you control, you can Tribute this card; Special Summon any number of Normal Monsters with different names from your Deck in face-up Defense Position, but banish them during the End Phase. You can only use the Summoned monsters as Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, or Link Material for a Summon the turn you activate this effect. You can only use this effect of "Celebrator Bomb" once per turn. Concept + Design Notes: