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  1. i'm also posting the RP question i gave () here cause i'm curious Are there any RP characters you've had that you really liked at first, but now just kinda feel neutral on? Or even just outright dislike them? I dunno if the guest host can answer this, so if not. How are you today?
  2. Keeping in theme with the RP questions... Are there any characters you made that you've kinda... Soured on at first. Any characters that you particularly liked at first, but just kinda are meh or even dislike now?
  3. ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ──── "Oh, oh, do not worry!" Sun said excitedly. "I, Sun, have a great plan!" Rika paused for a moment as she heard that, she really, really did not want to have to be the one to break any of his spirit with how eager he sounded. She hoped that his plan was actually great, if only for his own sake. "So, we're gonna have you all stand behind me so I can protect you all, and then, I'm going to throw a rock at the bear! It's going to be a very big rock." She paused for a moment at that, a little cough escaping her as she did, "Yeaaah, okay, uh... So, we'll put down rock throwing as an option later, yeah? But we can't just stand behind you, it has to be a team effort, otherwise..." She shrugged her shoulders a bit, "I don't think one of us can hold up against the teacher on our own, you know?" She tapped her fingers against her desk, hopefully that wasn't too... Brutal for the big guy. She didn't want to crush him, but... She had to make sure she held her own here, so the others knew she actually deserved to be here. Even if she wasn't that far behind in the entry exam, it still felt like she was trailing leagues behind now. She hummed for a moment, before listening in as Ben started to talk about the other two and their Quirks. Agility was good to know. "You think they can keep her busy enough?" She started to perk up a bit as she listened to him talk, there was an idea there. But then he turned to her, and she took a moment to tap her cheek gently as she spoke, "My Quirk is... Awkward to use sorta. Doesn't mean I won't use it fully, but it does mean I'm not sure how much it'll work in the long run... But I'm more than prepared... " She didn't really go into detail what that meant at all, but she started speaking again before it would matter. "As for range, my tongue can kiiinda hit from a distance, but it's more like a whip with a club instead of, like, a gun." She heard Ben talk about his own Quirk, she raised an eyebrow, her eyes shifting in color, turning a bright red as she grinned and leaned forward, "...How far away can they be from you? The spiders, I mean... Obviously. If they can go far enough away, I can smuggle them around, you'd never even know that I have one or two on me if I'm careful about how I move, I can sneak them around the field to try and give them good spots to set traps. I can even hide them from sight while they do it. A capture could be possible." ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────
  4. there are actually a lot of birds that prey on other species of birds in particular it tends to be falcons, but I remember there's another fairly large family of birds that do it as well. falcons tend to be the most well known though. it's really not that uncommon at all!
  5. i mean, if i get rid of birds, i stop existing so i gotta pick them.
  6. Kazooie

    RP Planning

    So, I guess this is the best place to post this honestly, but it's a bit of a discussion potentially! Currently, I'm in the process of planning for an RP. Taadaa. But more than anything, I'm curious on how much you all plan out when you're starting the planning stages of the RP. Obviously, you can't plan out everything and still have player influence, but you can plan beats. Do you have every potential story beat planned out? Do you have a vague outline of what you want? Do you bother planning at all? I'm curious, cause we've got a decent array of styles of hosts here, so I want to hear from some of ya. And we can use this forum a bit too.
  7. man, you picked a question with no answer Chicken is one of my favorite ingredients because it's so flexible. It just SOAKS in flavor, literally if you marinade it. I guess my standouts are, like, sweet and sour chicken, oven roasted with like, mashed potatoes and gravy cause you can never go wrong with that for dinner, and then I really, really like to marinade it overnight for use in burritos/fajitas. the 90's. with the condition that only 90's kids remember it
  8. gimme some good shit The fucking WORST anime/animation you watched? Doesn't have to be anime specifically, animation in general counts. Just. The worst. My only thing is just tell me you've watched it in full. Some detail on what made it so awful would be loved. What was the blandest game you've ever played? Something just forgettable, boring, anything. Gimme your comfort foods. Stuff that's just kinda engrained and makes you feel cozy. will try to think of some more
  9. opinions on different types of cuisine, talk about food
  10. ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ──── So there was a condition for victory beyond, well... Winning a fight. That was good to know, they could probably make up something to hold up in that case. Whether it was going to be, well... That was gonna be hard to figure out, honestly. She had no idea on where to even start, really. She could possibly scrounge together some ideas, a mock rescue attempt maybe, tie a hand up, who knows what it might be? "Just drop a building on them!" Ah, yeah, words to live by. Rika rolled her eyes a tiny bit at that, before nervously fidgeting in her seat for a brief moment. She closed her eyes as she considered the options, it was... Hard to do that, when she didn't really know what to expect. Obviously, that's what they wanted, they wanted the groups to have to think on their toes at least a little bit... "Hey Tsubasa, Sun...and you said your name is Rika, right?" She snapped out of her thoughts as she tilted her head up, her eyes opening at the boy who looked like he was distressed when she was introducing herself to the class. He looked like he had been dealing with a massive headache. She smiled to him, bring a hand up in a small wave, "Oh, yeah! Rika, nice to meet you too, Ben..." She took his hand, giving it a small shake as well as she nodded her head, "Yeah. Looks like it's us... Hopefu-" She didn't get to finish that thought though, instead she was quickly interrupted by cat. "Nothing... To worry about? I dunno, I think we've got plenty to worry about. We don't know what our actual task is gonna be, aside from trying to overpower someone with more practice and experience than us." She snickered a tiny bit at the bravado from Tsubasa though, barely even noticing the mistake with her name, before raising an eyebrow, "...Fight a bear? I can't say it really ever crossed my mind. Generally you're supposed to, like... Play dead against them, right? Maybe we can do that against the bear then. I'd say we should come up with a plan, but... What can we plan for when we don't know the specifics? Hopefully we can get some actual time before the exam to plot a bit." ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────
  11. SO. Turkey totally isn't out of the norm, but one year we had an amazing turkey. It was perfectly moist, not dry at all, evenly cooked. Honey coated with butter and just delicious. It was also the year that we accidentally cooked the turkey upside down the entire time on accident. 10/10 would recommend cooking your turkey upside down on accident.
  12. ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ──── "Hey~ Welcome to the class! Name's Ayane, it's nice to mee--WAH!" Rika couldn't really help but snicker a tiny bit as she watched the girl fall down onto the ground suddenly, it would've startled her, but... It was hard to not see that coming, with how far back Ayane had propped herself up. It would've been more surprising if she hadn't of fallen there. After a quick tilt of her head back to make sure that Ayane got up just fine and not injured, but she seemed to pick herself up just fine. Before she could reply though... “If you’re interested, I lead a yoga club on the roof during lunch hour. Well it’s just Omuro-san and I, but please feel free to join if you’re looking for something to do!” She hadn't even noticed that someone was approaching her there! She blinked for a moment as she turned to Ren, a small smile on her face as she nodded her head gently, rubbing at her neck, "Oh, thank you! I know I'm lucky to be here, so hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a mistake." She sighed, before humming gently, "...Yoga, huh? I might check it out sometime. 'long as I don't have to skip lunch for it." Before much more could happen, the substitute began to speak up once again, and... "At the end of this week, you all will be doing a team-based exam, it says. It says here that you all are going to be facing off in teams of four against staff of the school… that seems a bit excessive…" Rika blinked for a moment, her skin starting to turn a shade of orange slowly as she let her fingers fidget around with a pencil on her desk. She just got here. She wasn't ready to go fighting the teachers, was she? After all, she wasn't quite good enough earlier, she missed what all they had been doing before, she definitely wasn't going to be involved considering these were kinda important factors. Plus, she didn't even know these classmates at all. They were all relatively new to each other too, of course, but she was literally brand new! How would she work with them effectively if she hardly knew any of them in the first place? At least they had some prep time. But anyway! I'm gonna go ahead and list off the teams now, so that you all can get to know each other better ahead of time, and make plans for the end of the week!" The first team was the Omuro girl that Ren just mentioned. The girl who introduced herself with some extra english, someone she hadn't been introduced to properly, and... Another that she didn't know yet. That didn't give her much to work with. The next group she actually knew most of them.! Takehiko, the one Sun said he would protect, Ren himself, a name she didn't quite recognize, and floor girl. Then... Her group. Sun was a good one to have probably, he seemed very... Honest about wanting to keep people safe, and he seemed strong. She wasn't excessively strong herself... But the other two? She hadn't met them yet, and... Despite Sun seeming strong, she didn't really know anyone's Quirk so far. She was going to have to get caught up quickly, she wasn't going to drag them down on this... Before she realized it, she brought her bright orange hand up into the air, looking towards Dreadbolt as she did, "Ah... Does the sheet say anything about whether we're expected to actually win? With a numbers advantage, I get the idea of us holding up at least a bit, but... Winning seems like a long shot any way I look at it." ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────