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  1. Kazooie


    I've started actually collecting physical MTG cards to use in the future, and while it's not like I've got anything super rare right now, I've got some stuff that actually is pretty nice to have. From Zendikar I got a alt art, foil Lotus Cobra which isn't worth much but it is super pretty and I can use it in some decks. Miraug, Fury of Akoum is nice to have, and I got a foil Brightclimb Pathway which isn't amazing but still neat to have. The World Tree from Kaldhiem and I managed to snag two Jumpstart packs just a few days ago with Rise of the Dark Realms and Oracle of Mul Daya... So for a collection that started with Zendikar Rising, I'm actually pretty happy with some of the stuff I've managed to snag. Actually, I kinda forgot from Kaldhiem that I got a Tyvar Kell, Alt art Tergrid, and Koma, Cosmos Serpant which is a commander I would like to build someday.
  2. lions win because they just dodge the sun
  3. guys, the lions would win just because it's a LOT of lions? like?
  4. β€’β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ€’β€’βœ¦ βœ¦β€’β€’β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ€’ With a quick feint with her left hand, she caught the monster's attention briefly as it attempted to intercept fist with a block... Only for her to slide to the right, her right fist slamming in against the creature's head with a flash of bright light. She grinned as it connected, sending the monster sliding backwards as it steadied itself with a low hiss in her direction all over again. She brought her hands back up, giving a few, taunting punches in the specter's direction as she grinned. "Weren't expecting that, were you? Good to know even spirits fall for the classics!" She laughed as the monster ran towards her suddenly, the head reeling backwards as it prepared to headbutt her properly. She grabbed at the creature as it slammed itself towards her, her hands catching the metal of it's head as they started to glow once again... She cried out in pain as she held the creature in place... A point blank burst of energy formed in her hands and she blasted it right in the ugly mug. She grinned as she sent the creature sprawling to the ground in front of her, a low groan escaping her as she brought her foot down onto and stomped down onto it, before sliding backwards as it started to rise up and hit her in return. She winced in pain, shaking her head gently as she saw her pointer finger on the right hand slightly... Dislodged. It looked bad, it definitely didn't feel good, but the blast that the creature got was worth it. She would have to worry about settling her finger later, right now, metalhead was stirring again. She lunged towards before it got up entirely, her left hand slamming palm down into it's back, shoving the creature against the floor again as that familiar burst of energy shot straight into it's back, a low hiss escaping her, "Damn, just how tanky of a bastard are you? I'm not the one who's supposed to be slowed down here!" She slammed her fist against the specter's face suddenly, before opening up her palm to grab onto it. With a low huff, the soulblast energy formed around her hand, popping right against her foe... And she jumped back off him, landing on her feet as she watched the creature smoke from her assault. It twitched on the ground as it started to rise up once again, a little groan escaping her as she steadied herself, taking a deep breath as the monster started to run towards her once it was back to its feet. She panted a tiny bit, she had used a fair bit of energy on that burst of punches and it seemed like the creature wasn't ready to give up just yet. Her hand was aching from the struggle here, and she let out a little tch. For such a low PPL, this thing was sure putting a fight to not keel over like she wanted it to... As it approached her, it went for another headbutt towards her midsection, her body twisting to the left to avoid being hit head on. She watched it as it caught itself from the charge, the creature stumbling for a moment as it twisted itself around to her once again. "There we go..." β€’β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ€’β€’βœ¦ βœ¦β€’β€’β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ€’
  5. ──── β‹†β‹…βœ¦β‹…β‹† ──── Rika watched as the briefcase wobbled around with the panda's adjustments, dropping down to the ground as she caught herself and stood up slowly. Her job wasn't done, but the way the teacher was backed against the wall... She wouldn't be able to continue her assault from the ceiling now. "Your chameleon friend is really doing her job, huh?" the panda laughed as she adjusted her shoulders, "Didn't even know she got a lick on this thing! But it's time for you kids to learn a very, very important lesson... What villain cares about property damage?" Rika narrowed her eyes a tiny bit, watching as the teacher's hand slammed back against the poor wall behind her, the fragile existence of it being shattered as it opened up, giving her an option to flee. "...Run all you want." XiΓ³nglǎohΗ” could run for ages if she wanted, but if this was going to be a battle of attrition... She could sneak around the cityscape at a slower pace, keeping herself hidden, as she searched for the Panda Hero. But it wouldn't come to that, she doubted that was the type of the this particular Hero would want to play. Rika took a deep breath, watching as Tsubasa started to sprint off, a little snort escaping her as she shook her head a bit. The fact that they were going to have to keep up with her made things a little more iffy, but... They would have to trust in Tsubasa to stay focused and keep the panda distracted as they continued to pry that suitcase away from the 'villain'. Luckily for her, it seemed that the spider boy had a plan for how to make that distract effective. She grinned for a moment as she nodded her head, "...Sounds like throwing a rock here is a good plan. While you two do that, I'll try to sneak around on the buildings nearby her. You, uh. Probably won't see me, but keep her distracted and I'll wear down that tape as much as I can... We just have to hope Tsubasa is watching the case if it falls off and I can't grab it." She took a deep breath... And once the others began their own preparations, she took off herself, jumping out of the hole in the wall and dashing down the street. She slammed her hand against one of the buildings, a little wince escaping her as she clawed her way onto it and began to climb across it, looking down at the scene below her. She didn't go too high up, just enough to where she would be out of the corner of the panda's eyes, and her colors had already shifted to match the buildings. When she passed by a bit of window it would be a bit harder to emulate it... But as long as they kept the teacher distracted, she shouldn't see it too quickly... Instead of aiming for the same spot as before, Rika landed on the ground on the opposite side of it, remaining behind the teacher as she quietly dropped to the ground. She waited for the barrage of ballista shots from the others to finally start... When it did, her tongue lashed out again, this time on the other side of the briefcase. It was a slow process all over again, but wearing down the tape on either side... Seemed like the best option they had to try and succeed here. If this didn't work... Then she'd have to get more physical. ──── β‹†β‹…βœ¦β‹…β‹† ────
  6. Finally got around to finishing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 main story. I won't say too much cause god anything I say would be full of spoilers, I see why people speak so highly of the game really.

    It's weird to say that, considering so much was crammed into the final... Third of the game, but despite that, the pacing didn't feel too bad there.

    1. (πŸ’Š)


      Damn, just in time!

    2. Kazooie


      mr. sakurai's spoilers are the main reason i wanted to finish the game

  7. Kazooie

    Blake's Takes

    I was holding on to responding to this until I got my thoughts together, so I think I'm gonna try to keep this brief. It was a good show with a rushed ending. That's not to say it was... Bad? The ending made sense, logically, but with the speed they explained things, it felt rushed and unfulfilling to a degree. Watching the characters interact in that situation was still enjoyable, and the path they went down did make 'sense', but it didn't make sense in the context of what they had already established, if you know what I mean. If the show had two, three more episodes, it could have reached the ending a lot, lot more organically. I think the same ending, with more build up to it, would have made sense, but at the same time, I don't think you can cut off the early episodes that seem 'fillery' because they establish what kind of world you're in very well, and have some important character moments in them too. So that leads me to thinking it just needed a few more episodes... Cause the pacing was alright prior to the final few episodes. I'm biased though. I've gone on the record saying that, for me, I think the most important part of any series is the characters. Characters need to be solid, likeable or at least understandable. And I loved the main cast and the majority of the supporting characters in this show. I have a hard time picking a favorite character. It's not perfect, and I wish the ending had more time to be fleshed out, but it's a show I'm glad that I watched.
  8. well, just finished episode six of BNA. I can say it gave me a gut reaction that I haven't quite felt since I watched Madoka for the first time.

  9. β€’β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ€’β€’βœ¦ βœ¦β€’β€’β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ€’ "Course, it's not an antique or anything. I'd bet my PSI Whetstone that make it so lethal if I could, but that's not a very realistic thing to wager. Ha!" Hook, line and sinker. She brought up the hand with the watch on it, tilting her head back towards the man as he spoke up, "Deal. My watch against your sword there... And whatever the PSI Whetstone is." She turned on her heels towards him, a smirk on her face as she clapped her hands together, "I'll keep track of the time, so don't you worry about it. If we go below two hours, you get it. Between two and three and we'll call it a tie. If we go over three... I win and I'll claim the spoils! Let the dice roll." "So...uh...how do you exorcise a ghost?" She paused as she heard that, a little snort escaping her, "I mean... You never accidentally just...?" She held her hand up, making a vague thrusting gesture with it as she tilted her head. She didn't have time to expand on what she meant though, instead they were given the joy of seeing a spirit rush towards their fearless leader. She hesitated for a brief moment, before her hand rose up towards the creature. She narrowed her eyes as she aimed towards it. This one was definitely bigger than she was used to, the energy from it seemed to be not... Too far off her own PPL even... And that man just obliterated it like it was nothing. She didn't even need to prepare like that in the end, and instead she gave a low whistle as she nodded her head. He was definitely a cut above everyone else here. "Anyway, now that that lug is out of the way, I'd say the stairwell is the safe bet. I've heard plenty of stories of haunted elevators. Doesn't sound very fun to me. Feel free to come along, but I'm not signing autographs." She let out a tiny 'aw' as she started to follow behind him, a little puff escaping her, "Aw, no autographs? Too baaaad..." She shrugged her shoulders a tiny bit, before glancing over her shoulder towards the man from earlier, "Don't forget our bet! I sure won't!" She shot him a little finger gun, before heading up the stairs as she rolled up her sleeves. "I wanna see what this building has to offer! Spirits are fun, when you've got nothing better to do." --- Honestly, she wasn't sure what she was looking for here. She wasn't really interested in making this a speedy process. She had a sword riding on this now, which means... Slowing down the others would be a good idea. At the same time, she could take this as an opportunity to make herself a little bit stronger, which is definitely something she was interested in. If she didn't win the sword, after all, she'd need to just keep getting stronger. Can't threaten people with a sword you don't have. She stretched her arms a bit as she made her way through the building, a few people had started to split off, heading in their own directions and scouring the floor for more information on what they were dealing with. She reached into her jacket pocket to pull out some bandages, wrapping them around her hands slowly as she glanced around. There would be a fight here eventually, and even if it wasn't physical... She turned herself off from the main group just a bit, peeking around the corner of the hall way intersection, waiting to see if there were any spirits lingering about... And, boy, did she find an ugly one. It seemed to lurch about, stumbling about the building... That tall, lanky figure just made those movements look unnatural. She couldn't really tell if it was guarding something, just stumbling around, if it even really had any thoughts in that ugly mug it carried around, but what she could tell is that it wasn't too strong of a PPL coming from the creature. Around 40ish, if she was betting on it. She waited for it to take a turn away from where she was face, her arm rotating slowly to prepare the muscles for what she was about to do. Realistically, this was probably a really bad idea. That wasn't going to stop Vivian though, slowly approaching the creature from behind as she took a boxing stance up, her fists brought up in front of her. She wasn't likely to get all the way towards the creature, and as much as she wanted to pull off a sneak attack, she was pretty sure she wasn't going to be able to take it out in one punch. Hugging the right wall, she grabbed and tugged a closed door open behind her. The sound of the opening door caught the spirit's attention, the thing turning almost instantly towards her as she stopped in place. She kept her fists raised up, waiting... "Come on." The creature seemed to hiss as it started to lunge towards Vivian, her eyes narrowing a tiny bit as she watched the way it rushed towards her. She shifted her feet slightly to the left, before jumping to the side as the spirit started to bring its head down towards the spot she had been standing. She quickly brought a fist towards the creature's midsection, aiming for where the ribs of a normal human would've been... And a burst of energy exploded from her fist against the creature, hitting it with a quick soulblast as she sidestepped behind it, waiting for the spirit to move once again. What she didn't expect was for it to whip around, barely raising its head up and instead using that to aim for her own ribcage, her hands barely moving in time to block the hit, a low hiss escaping her as she stepped back. "Gah, you're more trouble than you look, huh?" She shook her hand a bit, shrugging off the impact as best as she could manage. She brought up her fists again, watching as the creature started to stand itself back up to the full height, towering over her as she watched it move once more. As it lunged forward once again, she shifted herself to the right, delivering another quick jab towards the spirit's torso, another flash of energy escaping her fist as it connected with the lanky being, "Unlucky for you, I'm used to being the underdog." β€’β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ€’β€’βœ¦ βœ¦β€’β€’β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ€’
  10. the cookie to cream ratio in double stuff oreos is objectively better than the ratio in normal oreos