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  1. ╔. .═════════╗ Kendra sighed gently as she watched the match on the screen, her eyes only half lidded... Enough to make most of them think she was really asleep, she was sure. She figured she owed some attention to this duel, it was a championship title match, only seemed fair. She'd like to be in that spot sometime. But the match was so expected. A standard duel was usually like that though, that's why she liked it. It was steady, familiar. With just enough room for experimenting without her having to pretend to be something she isn't. Could she Action Duel? Probably, but she doubted the crowds who flock to that sort of thing would be interested in her demeanor. So she stuck with what she knew. She could appreciate the technical skill that went into the Extra Link during the Dritte vs Arkhan duel, that sort of thing wasn't easy to pull off, she didn't even use Link monsters and she knew that. It took a lot of planning to be able to do that in a fashion that the opponent couldn't respond to, and it wasn't a foolproof strategy most of the time. But against Dritte, it seemed like a knock out for sure. She felt a bit bad, it highlighted the weakness of specialization, even if in this case it wasn't entirely that. Links to enhance a deck, but it almost felt like he got too dependent on them at the same time... She really needed to branch out to keep up with the best. Maybe she'd get a chance. Rosalia's response was as diplomatic as ever, she would have to be the one to be a bit blunt it seemed. Her hand rose up to catch the paper football that flew in the air towards her, Kendra slowly pulling her head up from the desk as she sighed out gently. "I've only played in locals mostly, there were a few more serious events, but they weren't... Anything like this. It will take us a lot of work to get there." She knew she wasn't asked, her fingers curling around a can of soda she had been nursing over the course of the day. She squeezed it gently, the can crinkling underneath her grip, "...And they already know that. They've put in the work, yeah? Sai is right, she isn't putting on a show anymore, it's her livelihood. Maybe she did it on purpose, maybe she's doing it subconsciously, it really doesn't matter. Staying on top takes twice as much work as getting there does." She waved a hand in the air gently, before glancing towards Daichi, "To them, it isn't just a show or a game, it's how they earn their living. Like most sports, it's not a stable career, if they're smart, they know that... Maybe she didn't realize it at first, or she didn't expect to make it big, we can speculate all we want, but yeah, she's changed. I think anyone in her shoes would." No hint of condemning that perceived change to Primrose in her voice, no hint of anything... "...I respect that myself. The pressure of being at the top has to weigh on them. The fact they didn't go undefeated will probably make a dent in their earnings, either through merchandise or by unhappy sponsors..." It wasn't a happy thought, but that was business, "Dritte probably feels the brunt of that, even though I can't really say it's entirely his fault. A Link versus Link-heavy deck matchup is... Stressful, I imagine, I wouldn't know." She finished off her drink, crushing the can underneath her hand as she tossed it from her seat into the trash. It landed in the can as she put her head back down, a low sigh escaping her as she did, "Team Whatever works for me, Genesis makes the most sense. We're starting from scratch." ╚═════════. .╝
  2. The Sleeper Still working on the profile, gonna do touch ups and update some stuff, so things might change, but the skeleton should be roughly the same.
  3. Rika watched as the Ferris Wheel started to roll to a stop, a little sigh of relief escaping her. She knew the two of them weren't going to be able to stop it, Atsushi was definitely not happy about that fact, she was glad that someone else had managed to scratch together a plan for it while they warned some people and got them out of the path of it. "Good... You wanna get back to the stuffed animal hunt, lizard?" Atsushi grinned to Rika as he gave her a thumbs up, his wings flaring behind him as they started to move once again. She let out a little laugh. "You're still gonna drag me with you? I thought you'd wanna split up now." "Nah, two is better than one, plus I like the company. It was getting real boring have no one to talk to." The crimson trail behind them slowly faded as they launched across the sky, looking for potential trouble as the trial continued. Atsushi was rambling about some goingons in the General Course since Rika had transferred over, but she wasn't really listening... And he didn't really care, she was sure. He just needed to distract himself, just like she did. Her nerves were starting to get to her, despite everything, she didn't really have that many points, she was sure. If someone stopped that Ferris Wheel, that had to be worth more than just the handful she had gotten so far. The two of them swooped through the air, a crane had been knocked out of it's intended location and had a stuffed monkey dangling from the hook by the tail, it seemed like it was about to fall. As they dashed, Rika scooped the monkey up and they dropped it off at the construction site, plopping a little hardhat on the creature's head. "I'm surprised you're doing this, did someone talk you into it?" Rika adjusted the hat for a moment, before the two of them started to take off into the sky once again. She glanced towards the rocketboy as he let out a tiny laugh. "My old man did. He said if I'm serious about my path, I need to understand how heroes think. I'm watching them during this, plus..." He glanced at Rika, "You know, I think you'll get it." She frowned for a moment, but their conversation was cut short as they saw a building with the glass shattered on the topmost floor, Atsushi rocketing them up towards it suddenly. The base of the building was on fire, smoke was quickly rising as they landed on the top floor, "Rika! I'm gonna check the rooftop, you evacuate here, bring any stuffed animals you find here and we'll get them down after this." She gave Atsushi a thumbs up, running through the floor she was left on. "He said I'd understand, but talking about how heroes think?" She rolled her eyes for a moment, she should've known it wasn't a good idea to hold a conversation while they dealt with the festival event. She ran around, grabbing little stuffed animals in business suits, whatever this building was, it was clearly an office building. It seemed like not many animals were in for work today at least. After her scan of the office, complete with no way to get down to the lower levels thanks to the elevator being out of order and the stairs in a massive blaze now, she had managed to gather three little animals. She ran back towards the 'entrance' they used, holding her hand up as she whistled out... And with a flash, Atsushi was there. He had a pair in his hands, a little bear and a caterpillar. "Great, there were a couple on the roof, let's go!" She grabbed onto his hand once she took the bear from him, holding on tight as they started to descend towards the ground, "I can't imagine we've got much time left. For now... Let's take a breather..." She blinked as they landed on the ground, a little sigh escaping her as she did, "Damn, I didn't even think... I must've taken a lot of extra out of you, huh?" He gave a small grin, along with a thumbs up, before he sighed out. He plopped down to the ground, those wings drooped behind him as he did, "...Yeah, I'm tired. I've got a great Quirk, but I still need some endurance for long flights like what we did. We did great though, thanks for flyin' with me, Rika." She let out a tiny laugh, "Thanks for taking me with you, I couldn't have covered nearly enough ground on my own. Maybe I've got a shot now."
  4. i like little shell friend more than big shell friend.
  5. i like crobat more cause he was the savior of one of my hardcore Y nuzlockes but i feel bad for poor fishie
  6. "Hey, Rika!" A voice called down from above her as Rika ran down the street, her eyes widening for a moment as she paused. She knew that voice, back in the General Course... She had spent a lot of time hanging around with him. And hell, they still met up after classes now and hung out, it was a chance for them to blow off some steam about their courses. From what she knew, he didn't even want in the Hero Course in the first place, he didn't plan on becoming a hero. It was more about connections, he planned on a political career once he was able to... Think It Over "I've been looking for you, do you realize what an annoying task that is?! You left the gates and didn't even bother checking to see if I was there? What've you been doing?!" The boy landed on the ground in front of her suddenly, offering a hand as he smirked. Red wisps fluttered around his head as he reached up with the other one, brushing them away as the mechanical-looking wings attached to his back rotated around him, aiming outwards, "I need your help, there's a situation nearby and I don't think I can handle it on my own. There's a huge cache of stuffed animals there, we can split 'em down the middle! Sound good?" Rika paused for a moment, "Wait, work together? This is an individual event, you know? We might get points docked for it, Atsushi." "Bah, this is a Hero themed event, if they wanna dock points for heroes working together, they've got management issues! Heroes have to work together a lot of the time, so here I am, asking for help from the one person I know I can trust here!" Those slender mechanical wings aimed towards the ground, "We've done this before after all." Rika gulped for a moment, before taking his hand. She grabbed onto Atsushi as she nodded her head, "Alright, tell me about the situation and we can get going." Those sleek limbs pointed to the ground... Before suddenly bursting with flames, lifting the duo off and into the air rapidly. Rika swallowed her nervousness, this was the fastest way for them to get anywhere right now. "Of course, of course! First things first, there's a Ferris Wheel rolling out of control, I flew over it, down the expected trajectory..." Rika nodded her head, if there was anyone equipped to travel that distance quickly, it was Atsushi. Speed was no problem for him, wind rushed in her face as she took a deep breath, "So you know where it's heading? We can't stop it ourselves, but..." "We can get the poor civilians outta the path of it. But I can't do it alone, as much as I wish I could. There's too many and the wheel will be there in... A few minutes, probably. This park is in a lot of danger now. I'm gonna work on getting them out of the path closer to the wheel, you aim down here!" Atsushi let Rika drop to the ground once he hovered close to it, a grin on his face as he flashed a thumbs up, "There's about a dozen stuffed animals littered around in the path of the wheel, six here, six where I'm heading, I don't remember the exact spots, but they should be easy enough to find. I'm off!" Searching Atsushi's wings pointed to the ground, angled behind him slightly and launched him right into the air. The red glow from the wings faded away as he zoomed off, and Rika began to get to work. The Ferris Wheel was visible in the distance, slowly approaching the park they were in, it would no doubt pass through here and destroy the environment, but they weren't equipped to stop that. No, instead... Rika pulled herself up as she scanned the area around her. There was a creek, that was probably going to end up carved through as the wheel came down, “Okay little buds, time to evacuate!” She dashed forward suddenly, her tongue lashing out to wrap around a stuffed animal ‘climbing’ up a tree, pulling the toy otter right back to her as she caught it in her arms carefully. She held it close, looking around the bubbling creek meadow. There was a bench with a pair of stuffed lovebirds on it, sharing a snack, they were in an easy to grab spot, they were last. She glanced around, a little play area sported a stuffed monkey climbing around on it, hidden in the bars, and a parent absorbed in a newspaper a few feet away. She jumped and ran towards the little group, this wouldn’t have been a great spot for Atsushi to try and navigate at all. He wouldn’t have slowed down at all… The Ferris Wheel came barrelling over a nearby hill as Rika’s eyes widened, it shouldn’t have been here yet. It seemed to have sped up during her frantic running, there was still one missing animal in the park according to what Atsushi said. She ran, the ground shaking from the violent rumble of the wheel starting to roll down towards the poor civilians. As she passed the park bench, she grabbed the doting lovebirds, holding them against her as she continued to charge deeper down into the park. There had to be one more… Sure enough, down the creek, there was a stuffed bear, holding a little fishing rod with the hook dangling just above the water. Rika ran faster, taking a deep breath as the Ferris Wheel grew ever closer behind her, and her tongue lashed out, curling against the bear to tug it back. It wasn’t gentle, but considering the circumstances… She let her teeth sink into the collar of the fisherbears rain coat, holding it tight as she shot an arm into the air… And a bright, crimson flash dove down from above, swooping in to grab her. It almost knocked the wind out of her sails, but she had practiced that before… The fact he grabbed the arm that had been shot in the shoulder, on the other hand, didn't help matters, a sting of pain running through it as she gasped out, “Cutting it close there, lizard. You almost got squished!” Atsushi let out a low laugh, Rika taking a deep breath as she collected all the stuffed animals into her arms properly. She closed her eyes for a moment, “...Someone really needs to stop that Ferris Wheel before it goes any further. I think it’s heading straight towards some of the taller buildings.” Atsushi nodded his head as his wings angled them towards the Ferris Wheel, following behind it as they spoke, “...That ain’t gonna be our job at least. Someone else will have to take care of that thing, I don’t have the strength to move it off course, let alone stop it.” Rika nodded her head, taking a deep breath as she landed, depositing the rescued stuffed animals along with the ones Atsushi rescued from upstream, “Yeah, I don’t think we’re gonna be the ones doing that.” “...Should we at least go to help? I don’t feel right about hoping someone else catches that thing.” Atsushi’s wings sparked as the crimson light from the ends of them picked up, the duo rushing forwards. “Seems like you already picked, but sure… Maybe whoever’s stopping it could use your speed.” She gave him a thumbs up, the pair rocketing through the sky, following the Ferris Wheel close by as they… Tried to figure out something to do about it. ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────
  7. ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ──── "Hey, mom, can you help me out?" Akari raised an eyebrow as she looked to Rika, stretching a bit as she stood up from her seat, "What is it, Rainbow?" "...I know this isn't really my area of expertise, but I wanted to ask some questions about costume design... Especially when it comes to working with Quirks." Rika's hand brushed across the paper she had been doodling on, trying to figure out things, "I know you said I could ask for your help with it, and since the sports festival is coming up, I want to work on a sorta... Beta outfit. To test and see how well the idea works." Akari smiled for a moment, "Let me guess, you want it to shift with your colors, right? Oh short notice, that might be tough, but..." Her finger tapped at her cheek gently for a moment, "...I can do it. It might not function perfectly right now, but the ability is there. Expect a delay on the outfit actually shifting to match. That'll take time to get just right, but once I figure it out, I'll let you know." Rika beamed as she jumped up from her seat, wrapping her arms around her mother to give her a tight hug. "Thanks mom. I've gotta practice for the festival, so... I really appreciate you taking the time for it." She jumped up from her seat, giving a wave to her mom before she charged towards the door, running down the steps as she did. She didn't see her mother pick up the sheet of paper she left behind with the notes for the outfit, but she knew Akari would. Starting Line The Festival's excitement was contagious. People were mingling among each other as they waited for the first round to begin, but Rika was focused on her plan. She knew the test wouldn't be straightforward enough for her to get through by sneaking entirely, but... She had to stop thinking that. It was her greatest advantage in this whole thing. She adjusted the glove on her hand, a deep breath escaping her as she closed her eyes. "I would've preferred something more... Covering, but I guess this works..." She recognized a few faces around the General Course students. The boy surrounded by the 'adoring crowd'... It was impossible to not know about him, he was probably the top contender for becoming a Hero without being in the Hero Course. She had to assume that the only reason she had done better than him in the entrance exam must've been because he didn't know enough people to get them to cheer him on. She didn't spend much time around him, but... He had a tendency to attract people to him, attention to him. She didn't want to have to deal with that, she wanted to stay away from him. There were a few other faces she knew from the General Course, but he was the one she wanted to avoid the most... Well, second most. The other one... She didn't see her anywhere, she had to assume she was lost in the crowd. Then the announcement started. The task for them was finally laid out... And that was a good sign for Rika. She could do that. Rescue work was, honestly, what she expected to specialize in when she had more experience. Fighting was necessary, but she was more fit for recon, for sneaking into places. And if this was a mock rescue scenario... There would be opportunities. She brought her fists up in front of her, nodding her head as she puffed out her cheeks. "It's my time to shine." ”Go! You only have half an hour!” Rika dashed. She didn't waste any time as she jumped on the nearest wall, digging those small, sharp claws into it as she started to climb, finding loose spots to grab onto it as she made her way up. She knew what to look for, she knew there was one kind of situation she could be perfect for. A mock city would have a shopping district, and near there... She narrowed her eyes, scanning the horizon from the wall she had scaled. Perfect. She climbed up the building, making her way across it as she jumped from it, her arms reaching out as she grabbed onto the next, sliding down it a bit. It wasn't the fastest way to travel, but her view was unrivaled by anything on the ground. She almost envied the people who could fly on their own... This way, I think. She found it, what she had been search for this entire time. It was a gamble, but when you make a mock city like this, you don't turn down a classic scenario... In front of a large, gleaming bank, built to tower over the road and prominently display itself, there was a stand off. Inside, there were what appeared to be robots dressed to hide their appearance, all holding various firearms... And outside, robots that were clearly modeled after police officers, none of which were making a move to approach the building. A classic. A bank heist gone wrong. Inside, there would be poor hostages held... In a real scenario, it would be nerve wrecking. Here, it only made her hands tremble as she started to adjust her colors. She focused hard to get herself to match the paint on the walls of the bank, and after a few moments, her new suit started to change as well, setting her up to scale that wall while the robbots were distracted by the police. She was forced to assume this would be a delicate situation, real robbers would use the hostages as collateral, setting them up to be killed if any strange moves were made. She had to hope that applied here, as terrible as it sounded. That meant people wouldn't be able to barge in immediately if they couldn't handle all the bots at once, any of those stuffed animals could be taken out of commission. A slow, methodical approach was better here. She labored up the building, it was a lot bigger than it should've been, but... She could tell from peeking in the windows, it was only two stories. There seemed to be an employee break room she could enter in from the outside balcony, that was her way into the building. She climbed onto the balcony and entered the room, careful to shut that door slowly and silently behind her. The lights were all on, but she adjusted her colors to match the interior now as she sidled up to the wall... P R O G R E S S There were a few robbots patrolling the upper floor, but not very many. She only saw two walking back and forth, and that was a good sign for her. The less ground they covered, the less she had to worry. The two were standing next to each other, looking down the balcony overlooking the main floor of the bank as she started to creep her way out of the room. Her hands were shaking a tiny bit, but thankfully... She didn't need those. She let her tongue lash out suddenly, the appendage curling around the two bots and tugging them back, away from the balcony, right into each other. She kept them together as she let those clawed hands dig into their arms, using the grip to slide them right into the break room. The two bots were stunned for a moment, but they brought their firearms up as they tried to pry themselves free from that tongue. She uncurled it from around them, one of them starting to dash for door... Before the tongue came down hard on its head, bonking it to the floor as the bot shut off. The other one fired a rubber bullet towards Rika as she dove to the ground, her tongue lashing out once again... This time, wrapping around a leg and tugging, pulling the robbot right down with her. It fell, hitting it's head on the ground and also powering down... Leaving the room silent once more. She just had to hope that didn't make enough noise to alert the robbots down the stairs. Her colors had shifted during the fight subconsciously, she only just noticed that her outfit was a deep, dark shade of green with blue stripes. Nausea was setting in for a moment, she just had to be thankful these weren't real people at the moment. She gulped down the feeling, taking a deep breath as she grabbed a firearm, noticing the silencer attached, from one of the downed robbots, and let herself calm down... P R O G R E S S Those colors returned to the matching color of the walls of the bank, and she slipped out the door, looking at the main floor from the balcony. There were three more robbots down there, two of them seemed to be 'arguing', motioning to the cops, all without saying a word. Mimicking an actual bank robbery, the bots even had separate ideals about how the scenario should've played out... At least, this one did. She looked towards the teller stations. One bear. It was dressed in a nice little suit and situated on a stool. Adorable. There was a group of other little stuffed animals off to the side, tied together in a bundle. Four more hostages, all dressed in various little fancy outfits, high living hostages indeed.. Five hostages. One robbot didn't seem eager to fight off the police. Two others were still looking to plan an escape. That was the scenario. She looked at the rubber bullets in the firearm, five total. They wouldn't cause harm, but she could assume the downstairs bots also had that many each. Rika's gaze returned to looking around the bank's lower floor. There were strange decorations on the wall. A mounted boar's head was above the door where one robbot occasionally approached, motioning to the cops to stand down. 'His' gun waved towards the teller each time he did that, it was like he was on loop. She had to assume the guns had enough force to hurt, but not kill... So they probably wouldn't deactivate the bots. She could work with this still, it was more than she came into the test with. She aimed the firearm for a moment... The bot on loop kept on moving towards the door... And once he was over it, she aimed for boar's head mounted on the wall and shot at it twice. It was precariously mounted... And with that bullet hitting it, it wobbled around and started to dislodge itself, right with the second bullet hit, letting it fall to the ground and hit the bot on the head. That... Probably would've injured a normal person badly, but the bot seemed to just shut down, slumping to the floor. P R O G R E S S The other two robbots definitely noticed that. They turned towards their attention to their fallen... Comrade? Criminal? And ran towards the door. They were on guard now, their firearms lifted into the air. Rika watched for a moment, they didn't seem to immediately aim for their hostages... But she knew that they knew. The silencer couldn't remove the sound entirely, they knew a shot had been fired, they just didn't know why... Or where. Rika shifted along the balcony as she watched them scope out the area. She reached a point where the balcony met the wall of the floor below her, and waited as her color shifted. She hid the firearm inside of her new outfit as she climbed her way onto the wall, latched onto it as she started to ease herself down to the first floor, behind the teller's counter. She couldn't go for the stairs, it was too close, too obvious for the robbots. She silently eased herself onto the floor as she peeked over the teller's counter, her colors shifted to ease her appearance into the background of the wall behind her. She gripped the firearm in her hand once again, the two bots seeming to panic. The one who was distraught over the cops earlier was 'shaking' a bit, no doubt to simulate that nervousness over the situation... While the more hardened of the two brought his arm up to aim towards their hostages. Rika brought her arm up suddenly, aiming towards that arm and shooting. The rubber bullet barely missed the robbots hand, but instead hit the gun, sending his arm jerking back as the gun flew out of it. She aimed directly at him, "Get down!" Her voice barked out with strength she didn't even now she had in her... But behind the counter, her legs were trembling. The second, nervous robbot immediately dropped his weapon, getting down, as the other one tried to scoop up the gun he dropped. Rika jumped over the counter, her tongue curled up... And slamming down into his back, forcing the bot the ground as he fired. The rubber bullet slammed into Rika's shoulder, the impact from her tongue sending it off course, but she bit down on her tongue as she ignored the pain. The cops rushed into the building once the two bots were down... And they 'collected' them, leaving Rika to scoop up the little hostages in her arms, escorting them outside to the rest of the officers. "...That was... Nerve destroying." She let out a deep sigh, rubbing at her shoulder. That was going to leave one hell of a bruise... But she couldn't stop yet. ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────
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      i think we're getting there, boys

  8. ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ──── "What the...?" Rika could only watch as Tsubasa was suddenly pinned against the wall, her first instinct was to jump towards the other student, her eyes wide as she landed on the ground nearby. "Kaenbyou Tsubasa, you are under arrest." That was not what she had expected to hear at all, her tail was swishing behind her as she had to restrain herself from lunging forward. It took a second since the... Adrenaline from the previous fight still hadn't quite worn off... As she listened to the explanation given by the sudden intruder, her face dropped a bit. It didn't mean much to her personally, but... She very much knew what that implied for the others. Her skin had adjusted back to a normal color, but... As she looked at the scene unfolded, her skin turned a deep shade of blue. "...Well shit." ___ "I wish we could have class like normal...but as you all know by now, your classmate Kaenbyou Tsubasa has been leaking information from the Hero Course to a group of unidentified villains since the semester started." Rika was not amused by this turn of events. She had only know the catgal for a tiny bit, but she had enjoyed the company of her. She was just slightly enough out there without quite driving her insane. The pit in her stomach was rather adequately represented on her body by an uncomfortable shade of gray mixed with yellow, swirling around her body as she looked up at the teacher. The continued presentation... "A... Sports festival, now? Really?" She couldn't quite hold it back as she said that immediately, Hakaro was just as quick to the draw and possibly even more indignant about the announcement, and honestly, she couldn't bring herself to disagree. Her mother had been pushing to get her to leave, almost as quickly as she got there, to just leave. Those words rung in her head for the past week. 'If you really have to keep this up, there are a dozen safer options. I could pull strings, play nice with the crazy ones, and get you just about anywhere else, you were already approved for U.A. now. They'll take you just about anywhere if I sell it properly.' She didn't want that. She worked herself ragged to get here, she had only just barely, luckily made the cut after everything. ”Because the top 10 are all going to be there. Not to mention the school staff! This year’s sports festival is going to be the safest place in all of Japan!” She glanced up at the sudden intrusion, her thoughts were still racing after everything that had happened, even her father was losing his luster with U.A. after Tsubasa's treachery was made apparent. That concerned her more than anything her mother could have said about the situation. She spent ages trying to convince them she was fine, but she was shaken. She wasn't sure they even bothered to listen to her in the end. She was expecting them to show up any minute now and drag her out of the class. She slowly raised one of those swirling hands, a concerned look on her face, "...What if that's what they're wanting? If you have all ten gathered here, who's to say they don't want to send a message by screwing it up with the Pros all here? Or what if they have a target that's off campus and you all can't do anything to help? Do you all even know anything about this group?" ──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────
  9. Death Game by Majority Hey, you. You know what a Majority Vote is? No? Great, then that means the game is fresh for everyone. That’s wonderful news, we don’t have to worry about preparing you all too much. We’ll wake you up when it’s your turn to go. ━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━ RP Information ━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━ The Game Itself ━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━ Like I said, I don't know for sure when I can start this. Even if I don't really have enough people interested, that's okay! I'll turn it into a story instead of using as RP material. As is, I don't know if it's really that great for RP's as is, and I give it to the judgement of the site to determine that. A forum game, possibly, would be easier to run, but one of the biggest draws of it to me is the potential for character development and interaction. That said, it would be very dialogue heavy, there isn't much in the way of combat in this type of RP, though strength is necessarily useless. There's also the nature of the Main Game to think about. Realistically... The game could be over in the very first Main Game. If that happened, well, it would be sad for the RP, but I take that as the natural, potential course of it. Not every game is meant to last for ages, and this one could end quickly, or be much longer, depending on how the cast votes. If it winds up not being of interest, that's understandable, that's the point of interest checks after all.
  10. It's weird, I wanna post an interest check so I can see how an idea might be received, but I know I won't be able to start the project nearly as soon as I would like after posting it.

    But I don't wanna work on it if it turns out no one is interested, so do I just wait on continuing to work on it until the interest check is viable to post?

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      i'd say post interest check with an asterisk

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      No harm in it, though just keep in mind some might have their situations change later

  11. Hopefully Soon.TM

    (Suggest not looking at the comments for potential spoilery stuff for the game. It's a good game to go in blind to.)

  12. my nerves has been killing me lately. i'm finally, actually doing some writing again, that's great, i finished a one-shot story in a day, roughly 10k words. it was nice to get something done. then i close it and go about my day. then i start thinking about how anxious i am about the quality, i do some editing. i'm just not happy with it. despite being happy at first. i find things to nitpick, to get upset about. the entire reason i finished it one day, though i didn't wanna admit it at the time, is that i think i would've deleted it halfway through if i didn't. now that it's finished, i still have that urge to delete it, to make sure others don't see it, cause i don't think it's worth putting out there. and here I am, rambling about it, cause i feel like if I hold it in anymore I'll explode. it's really starting to grate on me and my nerves are more shot than usual, even though i've been productive, it feels like i made no progress.
  13. •┈┈┈••✦ ✦••┈┈┈• "Hi. It's not pretty up there." Vivian paused for a moment as she heard that, the sight of the girl coming out of the room definitely caught her just a bit off guard as she rubbed at her cheek gently, “...Yeah, I kinda guessed that, it seemed like a bad idea to hang out in there too long. I felt a… Bad aura in there, probably the spirit, you know? It felt like it got stronger earlier, I didn’t wanna take a peak alone. Stronger in numbers and all that.” Vivian thought that was a fair reason, honestly. It wasn’t like her power gave her immense combat abilities, she was mostly good for blasting a few of the smaller monsters a bit harder than most. While it was true she didn’t wanna go in by herself, the more important bit was that she wanted to stall for time. If she got that sword and the boy’s power to go with it… Maybe then she’d be able to do something. Even if she had to figure it out first. Telling other people that though… Don’t give them ammo to think they’re stronger than you. “I kind of regret taking a peek at all,” Alice sighed, slumping down against the wall. Seriously, what the hell was that thing? Processing what she’d witnessed in that room wasn’t a quick and easy task. At least she wasn’t left out on her own for it. Talking to people helped with that sort of thing. “If I knew we were up against some Lovecraftian nasty I would have just stayed home. There’s better ways to get gacha funds than by risking my life like this.” Viv paused for a second as she tilted her head up, a brow raising as she did, “I’ve only heard bits and pieces, but aren’t those the games that… Reaaally abuse their model to scrape cash from people? There’s definitely better ways than this to get money for that.” She didn’t want to condemn the practice too early, there was a beauty in what those creators had put together, but it seemed to lack any sport… Risking your life for it was a different matter, even to her. “Is it really that bad though? I thought it just got a little power bump… Don’t tell me it was way bigger than I expected?” “It’s bad.” As much as Alice wanted to defend gacha practices, this wasn’t really the time for that. Reaching out with her hands to signify the size of just what was up there, she explained “It’s like… that big. But bigger. With this nasty…” Alice swung one of her arms forward, as if lashing out with that monster of a flail that was attached to that monster of a ghost. “I don’t even have a combat-oriented ability. Maybe with a higher PPL, but as-is the best I could do is kill it by tearing the whole building down. And some of the surrounding ones too.” Even that was probably an exaggeration. RVs and trailer homes were one thing, but there was no way Alice could tear down a big ol’ steel-and-concrete business building. “Not worth it.” Vivian sighed gently as she rubbed at her cheek gently once more, her fingers starting to scratch against it as she spoke up, “...Yeah, I don’t really have a good combat ability either. I think if we had some more time, I could scrounge up a plan, but I need to know what I’m dealing with to do that, which means going in the scary door over there.” She brought her hand down from her face, slipping it into her pocket as she leaned back against the wall and glanced up, “...A higher PPL though? That’ll give ya a fighting chance, maybe? Hell, I’m willing to try, wanna make a wager, kid?” “You can’t just give out PPL like that, though! Unless that’s your ability?” Now that was a thought! But if she was handing out PPL to people but still had more leftover than Alice had total… just who was this woman? Being a PPL battery for others sounded like a pretty shitty power. Though, there were times that she’d rather have that over that thing… which she did to the… Uh-oh. With a newfound sense of urgency, Alice got up to her feet and made a beeline for the nearest window, peering out. Immediately, her lips curled inward as a firmly “I fucked up” type of expression spread across her face. Oh dear. Hopefully everyone was too distracted by what was going on in this building to worry about outside right now. No no no, stressing over this would only make it worse. Alice turned her attention back to the PPL battery. “Alright, you’re on. What’s the bet?” Viv grinned a little bit, she wasn’t entirely sure what was going on with the weather outside at first… If it got her new ‘friend’ here to react like that, it probably meant she was involved in it with her power. Really though, that didn’t matter to her at the moment, “Easy bet, you know? I bet I can pump up your PPL level. If I can’t, you win… I dunno, a golden watch. I’ve got a couple of these back at home and it doesn’t seem like sword boy is gonna win his bet.” She held up her wrist, letting the watch dangling on it flash towards Alice as she did. Really play to that ‘gachi’ addict nature of her’s, she could get a pretty penny for it… “If I can pump it up, you get better control of whatever it is you do, we go in that room and we try and stall for time against this thing. If you die, or when the creature-slash-crazy spirit dies, I get the PPL back. Honestly, it’s a no-lose situation for ya, right?” “It sure is. You’re on!” Alice strutted over to the battery girl and held out a firm hand to shake. “Though, I gotta say, a new watch does sound tempting…” She laughed as she nodded her head, “...If we survive this, I’ll give you a chance to bet for it another time.” She took the hand, giving it a small shake. Honestly, she had no idea if this would work or not. Theoretically, her power does let her transfer PPL as part of the winnings for the bet. So… She shouldn’t have to do anything fancy here. She tapped her foot on the ground for a moment, before glancing at her watch again… “Oh! Looks like it does work after all, I was sorta worried. I won’t be taking any bigger bets for a little bit though...” She grinned as she felt a familiar rush running through her body, though usually… It wasn’t going to be going this way, a draining sensation, something that made her feel as though she was disconnecting from her gambling prowess just a tiny bit… PPL: 340 -> 90 While Alice would get the opposite sensation, a feeling of energy starting to fill her body, a stronger connection to her powers. When it came to these abilities it can definitely be hard to describe, but a natural understanding of her power perhaps was the best way to put it. Not necessarily perfect... But better. PPL: 250 -> 500 “Wha! That’s incredible!” She could feel it! She felt… completely the same! Physically, at least. Mentally though, she felt… sharper? More finely-tuned. Like how a sword may have felt fresh off the grindstone. It was hard to describe. For a moment, Alice turned to the window again, considering the possibility that maybe she could reverse the effects of her abilities? However, she didn’t want to chance it right now. Things had already gotten a bit out of hand, and if she tried to fix it but only made it worse with twice her usual PPL… no thanks. “Now this is cool! Alright, let’s go kick some eldritch ghost butt!” This was just the shot of confidence she needed right now! Viv took a deep breath as she pushed herself from the wall, her face losing a bit of the light it had in it previously, “Yep, let’s get ready to go stare death in the face. I’m collecting my winnings, let’s hope it’s the spirit that fulfills the conditions and not you.” She stretched for a moment, turning towards the scary door as she mumbled, “...I’m not confident in my ability to stay alive for very long in there, but we just need to stall for a little longer.” •┈┈┈••✦ ✦••┈┈┈•
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