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  1. Noibat was in heaven and not processing anything going on around her as she ate. Clobber being embarrassed to eat, the others coming and going in search of other food sources. The ominous world consuming mist coming for all of them in half a day. None of it mattered. That was until the bat's teeth clicked down not on succulent coconut flesh but the hard very not tasty husk of a piece she'd already eaten. She quickly tossed it aside and picked up another, again the same sensation. She was out of coconut. That was fine. Clobber was offering to break more open. But that meant her brain came down from the fruit bat high and began registering things that had been said. "D-defog?" Noibat could only timidly fire back Clobber's move idea at him. It sounded familiar. Like a thing Pokemon could do. But now didn't seem like the time to admit to only ever taking damaging moves on her Pokemon when she still actually played the games. She could guess what a move called Defog might do just from the name of it at least here as a real Pokemon doing real things physically herself. That sounded pretty useful all said with the world ending fog on its way. "H-heh how would I even know?" she finally managed to say voicing her concern. Just figuring out moving and gust had been adventures unto themselves. Her pulse was picking up at this point as one of her hand-like claws high up on her wing came up to her mouth, a clear nervous tick awkwardly translated into her new body. Noibat's breaths were accelerating, inhaling greater volumes of air and exhaling very little in the process. Her head was feeling light and her toes were tingling, a familiar sensation but certainly not welcome. The bat sat, or more properly collapsed, onto the ground only able to think about the word Defog. "It's stupid enough I got isekai'd..." Noibat muttered to herself though audible to Clobber any gathering near her. Her ears were pinging with no rhyme or reason as she spoke, though never for long or too loud. "But it's post-apocalyptic. And they think I can do anything about that? I don't even like post-apocalyptic games." A weird thought took hold that she knew this opinion because like all of her opinions she'd voiced it many times on the forum, the only thing she could actually remember. But it was still strange to remember a preference so clearly while not being able to recall actually playing the things at all. Entertaining but only for a moment and not enough to break the overriding train of thought that they only had half a day before the rest of the world ended. Taking any sort of charge in the current situation was out the window and a few miles back on the highway. Noibat was very ready for one of the others to tell her what to do. Anything to get her thinking about something else.
  2. Contrary to experiences in the Dungeon thus far, Estellise was not a fighter and did not have the mindset of one. When she could see the battlefield unfolding as with most of the other floors it was simple enough to force herself to act like she did have a knack for these things and participate accordingly. Casting spells was simply acting on things she'd practiced quietly at home with the added stress of being attacked. But the fog had stilted her movements and overwhelmed her other senses trying to account for the lack of useful information sight was providing. So as the others jumped into action as quickly as ever it surprised the mage who found more of her allies and new threats slipping out of view. She heard them calling to her, asking for support but she had trouble positioning everything in her head let alone to take aim. By this point even Lana had disappeared from sight yet something was nearby. "Gah!" Estelle cried out as the zombie that had approached her from behind tackled her to the floor with a thud. She should have been able to see it coming but as focused as she was in the direction of her comrades voices she'd failed to notice it until she'd finally thought to perhaps try to simply add light to the situation to see better. She struggled against the rotted arms grabbing hold of her but the woman had never had much of any upper arm strength and thus found herself singularly unfit for grappling. All she could do was try to slip one of her slender arms out from the thing's grip to get a hand on its frankly disgusting face. Magic surged into the hand as she did so with no thought for form or finesse other than blowing up the head of the thing on top of her. This her magic accomplished, several unfocused lasers pumped directly into the thing's head in gruesome fashion, spraying the gore around and onto the mage herself. Though Estelle didn't have the room to simply be grossed out and gather herself as the now headless creature was still moving, grabbing for her neck with its hands. "Of course..." the mage grunted, reminding herself to research what it actually took to kill the undead when she got home. Losing one's head apparently wasn't cutting it. Estelle moved the hand still flowing freely with the blasts of light down toward the nearest shoulder of the creature. The limb too was blown off and the rest of the mass seemed to stop moving after she did so. Stilling her magic and using her muscles Estelle instead pushed the rest of the thing off of herself rather than soak her garments in any further mashed undead flesh. She shuddered and shook herself as she stood, reorienting herself to her comrades voices. "I am alright!" She called out to let them do the same. As she approached she saw comforting silhouettes again in her sight which sure enough seemed to be her companions and not yet further zombies looking to grab her.
  3. Reinaan watched curiously as Lindow had the elves lead him to the other room to look for leftovers. Taking things from a tomb seemed disrespectful but if the elves present didn't object the Draken wouldn't make an issue of it. And of course whatever was going on the boy couldn't help but keep staring at Sparky. He admired every motion of the small dragon, wondered what having wings felt like, imagined the babe at full size eclipsing the entire structure they were in. He barely registered the others leaving to regroup with Madelyn outside and only finally pulled his eyes away from the tiny thing to watch the Thunder Chosen in action. Speed being the name of the game here, Reinaan stayed close to the exit with the elves such that Lindow was the only one who'd be grabbing and sprinting. "All that for some sticks?" the draken teased Lindow as the man inspected his prizes. He preemptively cut off Ziiyol who he felt manifest at his side at the mention of sticks. Her face said it all, that she wanted to try burning them. She knew without speaking that her Chosen partner disapproved of the idea and soon gave up on it and soon went back to being generally invisible. Reinaan let out a sigh at how he had to discipline a spirit come with the divine mission to save the world but it was hard to begrudge a being made of fire the desire to burn things. Finally regrouping outside, aside from wherever Damien had gotten himself off to, Reinaan was content ready Kloqah to get moving again before turning to the elves. "She should be able to fit the both of you if you're not huge on walking everywhere. Though that's what you've been doing..," Reinaan trailed off while the large lizard huffed at him as if protested how freely she was being offered to complete strangers. Still if she was mad she wasnt doing anything more so the Draken made little of it. "Anyway, off to kill some wolf-people!" he declared more to psyche himself up than anything.
  4. Lucario Buizel Heliolisk Noivern Tyrunt Axew Archen Lycanroc (No immediate preference but if it becomes necessary/easier can default to midday form)
  5. The young Draken's eyes lighted anew with excitement upon hearing the story of Sparky's parent. That this entire forest was at a dragon's mercy and the foolish survivors had kept its last egg enshrined instead of finishing the job. It was all too much. Reinaan tried to imagine what the terrain would be like free of all the endless trees and under a dragon's rule. A lot more exposed rock and flowing lava to be sure. It all seemed to eclipse the still very young Sparky. That a thing so small could become something so mighty. But the Fire Chosen knew that feeling all too well since his growth spurt had started. In any case, with the elves having introduced themselves and intending to be on their way that left the group with a dilemma. Or at least it left Reinaan with one. Fighting a horde of monstrous man-wolves sounded as exciting as anything this Chosen journey had brought him so far. And still Sparky was a dragon of all things and not yet outside the barrier where he belonged. As much as he wanted to personally escort the hatchling, leaving a demon gate unchecked in the vicinity of a dragon also seemed like the most foolish thing they could do. Thoughts of twisted sand sharks still haunted him in his nightmares at times. "Oh yeah." Reinaan started picking up on Keres' minimalist conversation starter with the elves. It only made sense they seemed confused as to what she was getting at, they hadn't spent hardly any time with the girl yet. The draken boy liked to think he was understanding the Water Chosen a bit better these days and so took it upon himself to interpret. "We don't really know our way around the woods. Well we had one guy with us that seemed to but he never said much about how or why and also seems to have disappeared for the moment." The draken pondered aloud as he thought back on his attempts to locate Damien after waking up. Maybe he'd sensed there were elves inside. Reinaan recalled their brief conversation and the boy still had his sneaking suspicions about Damien harboring a fear of the elves. Still that wasn't ultimately important, Damien was bound to show up as they got moving. "So, correct me if I'm wrong Keres, but I think she's offering to go together for a while. Long as we're going the same way anyway. We help you keep... Sparky," he said hesitantly accepting the less than noble designation Cym and Pan had concocted for the mightiest of beings. "Safe while you give us a run down on what's where and how to find these lycans. We got some pretty cool magic we could even try helping you get out of the woods. Or I could just tear it open!" Reinaan said full of bravado as he puffed his chest and flexed an arm in some effort to match his ideal image of what a descendant of dragons should be capable of doing.
  6. "Clobber..." Noibat repeated curious of the designation the Clobbopus had given himself. "Yeah definitely a lot easier!" She ultimately agreed after confirming she didn't know a user by that nickname on the website they all remembered bits of. She neglected to comment on the extent of her Pokemon knowledge as the explanation felt too long winded to be important and it included an admission she knew very little about the generation of games the Pokemon she'd become was even from. Jirachi spoke again to everyone's minds explaining the situation. While this did prevent Noibat having to circle back to her not having a perfect knowledge of all things Pokemon, it didn't exactly inspire confidence. An entire mist-filled world of feral Pokemon was far from any sort of fantasy she could recall anyone having about the series on the forum and Clobber's summation of the explanation voiced her own concerns fairly well. Though if he shared the growing anxiety building up in her Noibat couldn't tell from looking at him. It was Z.'s rejoining their circle of things that turned Noibat's concentration back to the coconut Clobber had broken open for her. She wasn't sure if she'd liked coconut as a human, it oddly wasn't something brought up much in that online space, but something about it looked amazingly sweet. And she liked sweet things that much hadn't been shaken out of her brain. But this was something of a different sensation. Her eyes widened as she examined the flesh of the various bits and pieces on the ground. Z.'s demonstration felt so far away despite being immediately next to her. The near apocalyptic state of this world and even Z.'s jab about her never having had a date she'd meant to retort to didn't mean anything. Her ears emitted a high pitched squeal still in most of the group's audible range as she dashed like a hound out of hell, catching the shard thrown to her and several others on the ground scraping at them voraciously with the teeth she still thankfully had. "Oh my god! When did coconuts get this good!?" Noibat managed to exclaim through mouthfuls of the stuff. The awkwardness of her body aside, she was moving through shards of the shattered fruit fairly quickly, each piece thoroughly divested of the sweet white flesh. Most anything else she tried to say was going to be unintelligible until the coconut was gone or someone stopped her from eating the rest of it. By the way things were going she seemed to forget anyone else was present and was going to try and have it all to herself.
  7. As was her norm at this point Estelle followed her companions in the rear of the group so she could more effectively provide support and not get immediately attacked herself. Still the overall ambience of a fog filled room filled with the undead on the outskirts of their vision didn't make any position in the group feel particularly safe, even less so after the magical exertions needed to heal the group to even prepare for this floor. Still the mage was ready to think of yet more magical solutions to the problems that would face them. Fog naturally prompted additional lighting yet the apparent gaze of at least one of the creatures soon dampened the idea in the woman's mind. If it was the only creature watching them it was better to keep things that way. One at a time as Chris suggested while taking point seemed to only make sense as she filed behind the group moving toward the zombie. "With cat-like tread it is." Estelle whispered her approval of the plan while laying out an enchantment across the boots of the group of four. Its goal was to soften the sounds of their steps but unless she wanted to plant herself and really focus more magic into it, spreading it out like this was going to diminish the efficacy. She could make one silent or four a bit more quiet. And while sending the agile Chris ahead on his own for a quick assassination had its merits, the fog again made a point against this plan. The closer the group remained together the better.
  8. With escape too close for comfort and aided on multiple magical fronts, Estelle found herself running well past her usual athletic prowess through the doorway and on the path down to the next floor. Only when the temporary safety of the transition between floors was well in hand did the mage stop to take stock of the situation. Her breath escaped her for a moment while she scanned each of her companions for injuries. With the next floor likely to prove yet more precarious Estelle instead of ministering to each wound individually began her incantation to summon the large healing field Chris and Lana had seen on previous excursions. This she maintained until each of them were satisfied with their physical condition. "Well... Well done everyone." She congratulated the group for their efforts thus far in an attempt to rally their spirits. Though perhaps she needed some convincing herself. Losing people in the dungeon was not an unfamiliar reality to her from her previous excursions with the mages as assigned by her family. But losing one who she had personally invited was wearing on her mental strength in a way the young woman had yet to experience. And after several floors more of physical exertions the combination was likely to bog even the strongest warrior down. If the others were feeling at all inadequate she could only do her best to support them and see them all safely home, no matter the amount of magical energy and kind words that required. "While predicting the Dungeon is outside anyone's ability, if there are any preemptive enchantments you might want I would be happy to oblige." Estelle offered thinking some precaution was well in order. Whenever the group was sufficiently prepared she would move down with them to the next floor.
  9. The coconut fall hadn't killed Noibat and now here the Clobbopus was even going along with it. As soon as he finally clenad his hand-tentacle-whatever off. That left the bat with the coconut and no realistic way to break into it herself. Her claws were nice for gripping things but coconuts were tough. She took to nervously humming the tune vaguely in her mind from the coconut gun vow she'd made earlier. Her own train of thought was suddenly disrupted as the voice from earlier in the caverns spoke inside her mind again. The Jirachi the others had roughed up a bit to wake up went on to explain the cause of their being here. It was clear Jirachi hadn't meant to disrupt their lives so drastically, and Noibat could appreciate that a world in danger needed legendary prophesied heroes to arrive to save it. But that she could be among such a group, let alone turned into a Pokemon to accomplish it, that was all a bit much. Clobber voiced her thoughts on the matter though it sounded like he'd meant to only be talking to himself. Noibat nervously tugged at one of her overly sensitive ears and decided to pretend she hadn't overheard him. But as he returned finally free of the dirt, Clobber reiterated the idea, relieving her of the pressure. "Well I'd hate to count any of you out," Noibat started as she nudged the coconut toward Clobber to work his strong-squid magic on. "But I'm definitely not hero material. At least I don't think anyway. I have a lot of memories of a forum I must have been on constantly cuz it's all that's on my brain about when I was human. Doesn't seem very brave to me." Noibat continued while figuring out if it was possible to fold her arms like a person might do when said arms came attached to wings now. She more wrapped herself like a bat might to sleep than got the folding across. It would have to do. "If I've heard some of the usernames the others were giving out earlier right I have ideas about most of us but no clue why Jirachi would need us specifically." Noibat continued voicing what ideas she could form on the subject. Judging people purely by interactions on an internet forum was difficult because somehow she didn't remember interacting properly in person with people to judge it against. So far as she knew nobody here was particularly abnormal as it stood relative to that community. But maybe they were all in fact weirdos. Either way surely there were people better suited to saving a world. Her eyes led her back to the group and Jirachi in particular. "Doubt it's got many answers but wouldn't hurt to ask I guess, uh..." Noibat blanked looking for a name. She had seen a Clobbopus before but like most gen eight Pokemon names entirely escaped her. "Wow that's awkward don't think I got your name." She tried nervously laughing off in some hope of not offending him. "Know I didn't give much either but I'm drawing a blank on even what species you are. Got something you wanna be called?"
  10. At Sparky's appearance Reinaan fell into an uncharacteristic silence. Not one of frustration and not even his usual excitement over seeing new things. The Draken was clearly possessed with a reverent awe as he watched every movement of the baby dragon. He examined its wings in particular but he refrained from moving any closer or farther from it as if doing so would cause the creature to disappear from sight. He registered conversation happening between the elves and his party around him but it wasn't until Madelyn announced her departure that he finally felt he could move and speak. It was real. There was really a baby dragon here in the room with them. Something was still nagging at him however. "Sparky... Sparky? Sparky!?" He repeated the name several times with growing incredulity and almost outrage. "You can't just give a dragon of all things a cute name like it's some kind of pet!" Reinaan found himself offended on behalf of Sparky who didn't much seem to mind its name. "Dragons are the most powerful things in the world! They're gods deserving worship! Even when they're this small. I thought I'd never see one after the great wyrm left Blagos..." He trailed off before examining Sparky again, this time hundreds of names in ancient Draken running through his mind that might better describe the majesty of the thing before them. None of them seemed good enough. Ancient Draken was after all not quite Dragon language so anything would fall short of giving proper respect. "All it took was a drop of blood to make the mighty Draken race..." Reinaan found himself speaking out of respect for the creature in front of him. Despite being fifty years Sparky's senior to life he felt inadequate next to it. The rest of the conversation seemed to be finally clicking in his head. "Wait, why was it in a museum to begin with? Just sitting there unhatched for years? Who has the nerve to keep a dragon from soaring the skies? A forest is already too cramped never mind with a barrier." Reinaan was going to continue to ramble bordering on incoherence about the majesty and power of dragons and various legends attributed to the great one that had occupied Blaogs in his infancy that he'd even seen on ocassion. Everything from created the Draken, shaping the volcano, recreating the coastline, and gifting fire to mankind. Though he'd neglected to outright say as much, it was clear he had no intent on returning the creature to its elven captors.
  11. Noibat was getting a strong fish out of water feeling as events around the sleeping visitor unfolded. Strange for a bat to feel maybe but then idioms didn't make sense as a person either thinking on it. Z. had departed to aid in the fight with the dangerously drowsy Jirachi which finally registered to Noibat that perhaps things were a bit more dangerous than the small star child knocking into people as it tossed and turned. Swallowing an imagined lump in her throat she felt bad she'd shirked the battle as long as she had but just prior to taking off to help in it the Jirachi had woken up with the Zorua's intervention. It would have been nice if that had resolved everything but Es and Z. soon took to arguing with other while the dirt-stuck Clobber had continued moving off on his own. "Um... which, I, but..." Noibat stammered to herself as decision paralysis took hold. Jirachi had been speaking and inviting conversation and questions but given nearly everything they'd done since waking up had led to a fight Noibat felt it perhaps best to not leave one of their number alone. Taking to the air at least got her moving and before she could question her move for another hour she found her body moving to follow Clobber. Still this meant figuring out what to even try and say but thankfully she was rewarded with one of the coconuts she'd mentioned in passing. A welcome surprise especially after hearing Clobber wonder if he could break one open. She flew up to a tree nearby and as she hovered by it in the air began wondering how she could even dislodge it. Attempting to kick at it nearly destabilized her entire flight and in a panic she latched her entire body onto the coconut. "Okay okay okay" Noibat tried to reassure herself as she caught her breath. "On a coconut... still not falling. These things glued or what?" She vented her frustrations before starting to bite at the stem connecting it to the tree. It was only when she'd succeeded she realized the poor decision she made as it began freefalling with her still grabbing it. Her noise-emitting ears took on the task of screaming for her, starting in a loud low hum rocketing up in frequency beyond most hearing ranges in an instant. The coconut landed, with accompanying Noibat, with a thud and solid grunt not far from Clobber. Noibat rolled off her secured treasure and onto the ground, wings splayed and attempting to catch her breath. "H-hey! Guess they did have coconuts." She tried to play the whole misbegotten adventure off as planned though she wasn't fooling even herself. "Can see what we can do with it while things cool down over there." She said to Clobber while getting up and vaguely motioning toward the rest of the group. "If you like anyway." She added still a bit unsure how to approach this. Noibat and Clobber were the only ones who refrained from introducing their forum selves which was her only real basis on how to act around any of the other Pokemon here.
  12. While Noibat felt she had the gist of flying by this point she was still caught off guard at trying to perch atop the tree of her choice. The combination of grabbing something below her with her foot while trying to stop flying was a bit less than graceful but that seemed to be the name of the game with this whole turning into a Pokemon thing. Still, she'd managed to actually perch and not fall out of the tree so that was progress. It was strange to be up this high purely from her own exertion but the view captivated her before she could think much more about that. Her feet gripped the branch below her tightly as her eyes traced the coastline and the island off the shore. Trying to take in the ambience almost distracted her from a concerning thought. "There's no structures anywhere... really in the middle of no where huh..." Noibat muttered to herself, her heart sinking a bit as she continued her look out. Perhaps thankfully she wasn't given too long to sulk. There were sounds down below, as she'd stated she was quite capable of keeping track of what was going on. And while the noises around the Jirachi were concerning, what first caught her attention was a much closer Clobber addressing her directly. "No berries here, might be an unripe coconut if you want that." the bat replied to the octopus' question. There were several jokes about coconuts running through her head at this point. Most of them included someone rapping about a group of monkeys and while she loved it she couldn't well let anyone know she did in case they thought that was crazy or worse, cringe. But if the chance was ever presented to her Noibat silently vowed to fashion a coconut gun. Not like there was much else for her to be doing, like fighting a random Pokemon or something. Before long Z. had joined this makeshift conversation addressing Noibat as Ears. She almost wanted to be offended at the nickname but it was her most prominent feature now and anything was better than these people knowing who she was on the website she couldn't get out of her head. Noibat began a descent to more directly speak with the two that had spoken to her. Landing on the ground was a bit easier than catching a swaying branch in the wind which thankfully let her not make a fool of herself in front of the other cool kids on the block. "I've heard most everything and I can't-" Noibat started only to be interrupted but Es and Marv screaming about the fight. It didn't hurt necessarily but she still instinctively grabbed her ears at how well she was hearing these louder noises. "I think your bestie's expecting you" Noibat summarized the outburst to the Zorua with a drip of sarcasm. "Not that I'd blame you sitting it out. Sounded like that thing's asleep and attacking anything that gets near it. Was kind of expecting Mr. Mod would get everyone away from it so we could just ignore it."
  13. For the second time today Noibat felt herself abruptly coming to consciousness in a place she didn't recognize. For a moment she let hope fill her chest that everything she'd experienced had simply been a nightmare. After all, how could she have possibly turned into a Pokemon and woken up in a cave surrounded by other people that had also turned into Pokemon and also just so happened to frequent the same cringe Pokemon custom card making forum she'd wasted most of her life on? Well unfortunately for her she was still very much a Noibat and surrounded by other people-turned-Pokemon. This time outside at least, but that still didnt change the absurdity of the situation. Adding to all this the confusion surrounding their exit of the cave: flashes of seeing a human figure, the feeling they were missing someone and yet not missing someone, and the fact someone was a frog now who maybe hadn't always been one but that felt weird and wrong. All she could really do in this moment was ping the surroundings with her ears as if trying to cool the processor that was her overwhelmed brain. "Huh?" She mumbled. Hearing outside was a fair bit different. For a moment it almost felt like she was hearing normal again and not instantly perceiving the shape of things around her with her ears. But the sensation didn't last long. Though less pronounced than in the cave, soundwaves still bounced back and she could tell the number of Pokemon directly around her before she finished turning herself about. "Oh great another one..." she complained at the sight of the new, apparently sleeping, arrival. As long as this one didn't want to fight she wasn't going to immediately interact with it. All the more reason not to as the others who had been stirring began talking, to each other and it. A bit too much noise for her taste all at once after waking up with super hearing. Though at least Marv had identified the new Pokemon as Jirachi. Noibat knew that, totally hadn't forgotten it. Still, she instead focused on the sound of gently crashing waves to ground herself and more fully realized what kind of place they were in. "Looks like y'all got things well in hand here." She commented to the queue Chester was trying to form. "If you need anything just shout... no wait don't, just talk I'll hear you anyway. But I'll be up there looking around." Noibat tried pointing to the top of the nearest palm tree with the finger like claws on her right wing, and looked a little annoyed that her entire wing had moved with the motion. Still a bat. Still trying to figure that out. At least she'd mostly gotten a hang of flying in the cave as she took to the air again with little trouble.
  14. Reinaan had been caught in a dream for what felt like an eternity and yet also a fleeting moment. The images were incoherent and usually featured trees. He'd been around a lot of trees lately so that much made sense. But little else escaped to his conscious mind with him when a sound awoke him. Something like wind rushing past yet also distinct footsteps. A person. Yet as the sleep-addled Draken came to his senses and gathered his surroundings he found very little in the immediate room with him beyond the sapling by which he'd rested. No sign of the other Chosen or their companions. Not even the mounts. But then they'd left them outside hadn't they and this was inside their destination. Cautiously, Reinaan first exited the building altogether where Kloqah and the mule were stationed. They seemed nervous or on edge but of what the boy couldn't be sure. There was no sign of the others out so they must have gone further in. So in the fire chosen returned, careful to steer clear of the sapling this time. He didn't have time to understand if it was what had caused his sudden dreariness or not but now was not the time for a repeat performance. As Reinaan continued deeper inside he heard voices echoing, some familiar and others not. The unfamiliar naturally set him on edge yet as he approached Ryia's voice was what he heard most of. Before long the boy emerged into the room the other chosen and the two elves were having their meeting in. Reinaan had arrived just in time to hear the elven woman reply to Ryia's last question of what they had stolen. "Uh, that's a bit more complicated." the strange woman said, clearly a bit nervous about giving the answer. Reinaan had entered onto the side of the room his allies had been standing, with the two new elves deeper in. His eyes danced quickly from caution to a more relaxed state, keeping him from raising his weapon. The others hadn't seen fit to fight yet and they knew a bit more of what had been going on so he would follow. The elven girl took note of the draken's entrance but wasn't concerned enough to acknowledge him, choosing rather to stick closer to the boy. Said elven boy seemed not to be as immediately present in the conversation as the others but a look of curiosity took over him as he saw Reinaan. He moved to approach but the girl stopped him which elicited a small snort of a chuckle from the draken. "Think I heard enough on the way in to get what's going on but..." Reinaan started, making his presence known if anyone hadn't caught on yet. "What's complicated about stealing something? Either you have it or you know where you put it." He stated as a matter of fact while looking over the group. Still no Damien but everyone else seemed accounted for and mostly in one piece. He looked a bit embarrassed to have fallen asleep as he did and wasn't going to draw attention to his lagging behind himself nor address it if it wasn't brought up. Best to act like he knew what was going on. His only saving grace was Ziiyol hadn't yet chosen to manifest by his side to tease him for it.
  15. The next floor of the dungeon brought little changes to the group. Thicker fog but a similar style of room and further skeletons to contend with. Estelle took note of the increase in their organizational skills with some concern but the group soon voiced a desire to be organized in their approach to this as well. The mage quickly agreed with the ideas presented to stay together and not fight through every undead that they saw. More could raise at any moment and even the destroyed might return without a means of dispelling the source of their animation. "Yes of course. This should help you sever their spines and move on." Estelle spoke as she began weaving magic over Lana and Chris' weapons. The enchantment was simple enough to increase the sharpness of the edges of the weapons. Once seeing her work was satisfactory for the duration of the floor she turned to Robin as the spell shifted, this time to reinforce the enchantment on the gun she had hastily thrown together on the previous floor. With any luck it would last a few more shots before threatening to explode. "I trust you recall this one" Estellise teased gently in place of repeating her warning. That left herself and Ziun, neither of whom had taken to using a physical weapon thus far and thus she ceased channeling her enchantment magic. "This wall to our left is closer" She spoke in favor of Lana's idea. So long as the group moved fast enough they could dispatch only a few assailants and be done with it. For now she readied an offensive spell and trained her aim on the approaching skeleton. She didn't immediately fire for fear of causing the rest to start collapsing on them early.
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