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  1. Reinaan's attacks were certainly effective at tearing off chunks of the slime. But there had to be another core somewhere or else it would have melted already. And for that, the slashing was getting frustrating as it wasn't ultimately getting him anywhere. The creature seemed to be moving to grab at the Draken which he intercepted by slashing at the parts that moved towards him, but still that wasn't going to stop it from reforming and doing it again. It was Ryia who broke through the frustration by calling to the boy's attention that there was in fact another core after she had begun slashing away at the monster to get toward it. With both Chosen having slashed so much of the slime away, Reinaan now could see the core as well and didn't need much more than the Earth Chosen's calling attention to it to know what he had to do. "Dead slime coming up!" he shouted as a means of psyching himself up. He wasn't entrely eager to but that didn't stop Reinaan from closing what distance there was between himself and the slime before he pressed his entire body up against it before drawing his hand with the flame claws back. With a shout he trust the claws into the mass of the slime which easily tore through the bulk of its matter. As it got closer to the core some resistance set in but not nearly enough to stop the fiery appendages from piercing deeply inside, ultimately striking and shattering the core inside. This would prove to be the large slime's last core as what was left began to melt away. Leaning into it as he had been, Reinaan found himself stumbling forward in Ryia's direction. In a split second he dropped his halberd in his off hand and retracted the flame claws to not hurt her as he began flailing his limbs about to find his balance unsuccessfully.
  2. With some smart action from the mages, the only slime left that had appeared in the middle of the group was on its last legs, unable to hurt Keres while she was free to toss it about and break its core. This left Reinaan with three options. Finish off the weakened slime near him was the first and least productive. The Water Chosen and light mage seemed to be in no immediate danger with it. But that wasn't true of Lindow and Ryia, both of whom had limbs being pulled on by clingy slimes. The boy's gut told him to rush to the Thunder Chosen's aid due to their friendship but he had enough sense to take stock of the fact that Lindow's opponents were smaller and weaker, and Damien was there who hopefully would intervene if it got out of hand for the witch hunter. Ryia meanwhile had struck a core yet the monster had not died and was even now practically on top of her, threatening to tear an arm off. With a growl the draken charged forward with his halberd aimd forward, ready to skewere the second core that Ryia had called to his attention. The slime creature made no movements fast enough to intercept the boy and it soon found the metal tip of the draken's weapon piercing its second core. Reinaan had powere through the actual slime fairly easily and already the creature was shrinking some, lessening the tight grip it had on Ryia's arm but not fully relinquishing it. For some reason it didn't continue deflating until there was nothing left like the others. It was smaller, but still definitely alive. But to the best of his abilities, Reinaan couldn't make out another core to explain the phenomenon. The boy hissed in frustration as he attempted to hoist the monster off the ground to slam it back down to the ground as he'd seen Keres do to the smaller slime. But the slime wasn't viscous enough for this upward force to do much but move his weapon through the mass of the slime. "Ziiyol!" Reinaan barked to his spirit. The fire spirit answered the call quickly, knowing her partner's intention and merged with him. In the same motion the draken retracted the halberd with his left hand as he slashed at the remaining bulk of the slime with the flame claws now extending off his right hand. One way or another it was going to let go of Ryia and die.
  3. Estelle seemed worried about Sergei's whereabouts being as yet unknown. She had hoped their group would stay together longer but even the single exploration the four of them had undertaken together was more than she could have hoped for when the idea first entered her mind. Concern for the missing ally was soon overshadowed as Chris moved to share what had happened to him in the morning. What he spoke of, and being attacked, it was all most unusual. The less than honorable display of magic was enough to be angry about. But the connection to the Kalo family, the mentioning of the church, and the bizarre heart that Chris had on his person, all of it was a bit much to take in at once. Rather than stay angry at the interaction with the church earlier she decided to focus in on the heart and what had happened surrounding it. Of course, that chosen focus brought with it a degree of repulsion. "I can say with some degree of confidence that this... thing" Estelle started, not wanting to acknowledge the object in Chris's hand as a heart. "Is intended for summoning magic. It is not something I have studied in any great detail mind you. But still... something about it seems wrong. At the least it is not for any summoning spell I have heard of." the mage continued as she began tapping a finger on the table as she tried to think. "As for the Kalo family, they are not particularly friendly with the Fereis. Not that they are hostile either, they simple tend to keep to themselves. Most of the other families dismiss them off hand for they do little to play in the power balance of this city. Their leader however is a charming man" Estelle spoke with some degree of distraction before she focused back on her explanation. "And despite that the family interacts little with my own. The short of it is that this magic is certainly a specialty of theirs, but what they would gain from attacking you is beyond me."
  4. Flurry hopped in place in reaction to the hedgehog's slamming her hands down on his work bench. Nothing but a reflex but it was enough to get his heart pumping for a bit. She soon backed off to begin explaining chaos to him. The lemur was almost distracted from continuing to mess with the chaos tracker's code as the hedgehog spoke. Almost. He could multitask well enough as she spoke of things he could vaguely remember hearing about. Chaos being part of everything, the old heroes, the emeralds both normal and mastery variety, all of it rang somewhat familiar but none of it was anything the lemur had paid all that much attention to. Still, the way she told the information was pretty engaging. The combination of the shock, her story telling, and his continuing to crack the code kept Flurry's heartrate up as if it was all leading to something. And it was, but not what the lemur had been expecting. A playful wink from the hedgehog threw him off as he did his best to not blush or make further eye contact for a moment before she attributed the strange powers of some Mobians to this chaos as well. "Chaos does all that huh..." Flurry spoke as he pondered the hedgehog's words. Instinctively his long striped tail curled up behind him before unwinding and repeating the process. It seemed like something of a literal representation of the gears turning in his head. A smirk crept onto his face as an idea came to him. With a forced yawn the lemur thrust both of his hands into the air and arched his back to stretch out from all the typing he'd been doing just as a random small gust blew in the hedgehog's face from the direction Flurry was sitting. It lasted only a moment but it definitely defied the prevailing winds of the area and had no discernible source. Returning back to the chaos tracker, Flurry continued combing the code and removing errors. He was zeroing in on the device's issues and the talk of chaos and emeralds, however much truth there was to any of it, was helpful in thinking of how to tell the device to track it. "As far as a discount goes, if I can get this working I wouldn't charge you much of anything if you took me along to see something interesting." Flurry started playfully. The lemur hit a button on the screen and almost immediately was ready to backtrack on the change only to see no error message as had been expected which widened Flurry's eyes a bit. His attention was absorbed in the work as he quickly flew through a series of a lines, making the slightest alterations and additions before compiling the code again. "Think we might almost be there." He said as he stood and brushed his backside with his hands to be rid of the endless sand that had clung to his fur. Flurry disconnected his tablet from the tracker before handing it to the hedgehog. "It might need a few more tweaks but let's see if we're moving in the right direction miss... uh... hedgehog" he trailed off. It only occurred to the lemur he had never done the formalities that would lead to his knowing his customer's name. That was fine normally but it felt odd here for some reason. "Name's Flurry by the way, if my sign didn't say." He added meekly. His sign didn't state his name but there was no room to remember the specifics of that in his head at the moment.
  5. Because I think I'm funny or it's topical given your blog. Or I'm almost through my first watch of the show. It's a mystery really.
  6. Dark Synchros have negative levels/stars. The first example from the Yugioh 5Ds anime is Frozen Fitzgerald which is level -5 with the following summoning conditions from the yugioh wiki which it shares with all other depicted dark synchros: "1 non-Tuner - 1 Dark Tuner In order to Special Summon this card, subtract the Level of a "Dark Tuner" monster from the Level of 1 other monster you control; the value must equal the Level of this card." So to summon it you could use a level 8 Dark Tuner and a level 3 Non Tuner (3 - 8 = -5), a level 7 Dark Tuner and a level 2 Non Tuner (2 - 7 = -5), a level 6 Dark Tuner and a level 1 Non Tuner (1 - 6 = -5) and so on.
  7. Roy and Mr. Purprle were definitely still trying to kill each other Aduain had soon found. Or at least hurt each other as this didn't feel like they were just feeling their opponent out. Granted that was likely due to all the yelling they were doing at each other without really listening to one another. The aquarian could follow Mr. Purple's ideas well enough but what exactly it meant for them all to be from different worlds escaped him. Despite his appearance and not having given the demon anything else to refer to him by, it did wrinkle the boy's non-existent nose a bit to be referred to simply as a talking fish. Aduain had a sneaking suspicion about the two he hesitated to put to words, even in his own head but as the shouting really ramped up there was little he could do to silence. "They're both knuckleheads huh..." Aduain muttered as Cyan's sword caught fire. That much at least was really cool, most of the fighting was. But the core of the issue was Roy was pretty intent on killing the only source of remotely useful information immediately present. The fish went from passively watching to tensing up as the two continued. Roy's power in particular interested him. Though no one here felt like they quite had nen, Aduain couldn't shake how Roy's powers acted like he did. Right now he was using something almost exactly like the Ko technique where one could divert all of their nen to a specific part of their body, in this case Roy's fingertips. The fish had yet to train at this technique well enough to consider using it in a fight so initially he was caught up in awe for seeing it used in this strange new place. But then Mr. Purple's entire body caught on fire and the two seemed intent on destroying the entire park, something Aduain didn't appreciate as he was still standing on it. The fish readied his weapon as air began to flow violently around his body. An explosion of the boy's nen that could be felt by even those who could not use nen took hold in the form of the Ten technique. In a flash Aduain had moved from his position on the sidelines and was between the two meatheads just as they were closing in on each other. The boy thrust his trident upward, catching Roy's aura loaded hand between the prongs and shove the hand's aim into the sky to release it's attack into empty space rather than Mr. Purple's head. But Mr. Purple was currently on fire and still charging in so in a single motion Aduain dropped to the ground in a handstand. His trident would begin to lower but the boy would add a kick to Roy's arm to entirely dislodge his weapon from the man's limb before his next move. Aduain lifted one hand from the ground to catch the weapon as it fell then did the splits in this position, one webbed foot aimed at either combatant before his nen surged in front of both of them. The boy's nen flowed into two circles at the ends of either foot which soon erupted into powerful geysers of what looked and felt like water. There was enough pressure to push both Roy and Cyan some distance apart from each other though how effective the boy's nen taking on the properties of water would prove at dowsing the figurative or literal flames engulfing either of them remained to be seen. With his single hand on the ground Aduain pushed up several feet into their and did something of a cartwheel to land back on his feet before looking to either of them with a scowl on his face. "Are you two idiots done?" The fish questioned authoritatively such that the question was more a command to stop than anything. He was a Hunter after all. This wasn't his first time stopping a street fight. He turned to Roy first. "Killing the only guy who knows anything is stupid!" he shouted before turning to Cyan. "And not just explaining what's going on if you know is stupid too! If you wanna kill each other do it somewhere you're not breaking anyone's stuff!" He continued admonishing them for lack of concern to any of this Prana place's public property. His expression softened after his scolding concluded though. "Anyway, you're both really cool so I hope you don't go through with the whole killing each other thing. Been nice knowing you if you do! I'm heading into town." Aduain concluded with a smile as he began a light run off towards the others as he felt the need to usher them away from the more violent duo. Though despite the precise movement he had displayed to intercept the two he now tripped and rolled back to his feet attempting to play it off like it was planned.
  8. Despite her mood, Estelle had still managed to take a somewhat circuitous route to the Drooling Dragon. The mage was inviting any opportunity for a happy moment to distract her, but looking for them made them flee away from her sight. In truth the frustration was simply poisoning her view of things, and she knew that much. But still she could hope. Or at least she would try to. It was not to be so ultimately she found herself at the door to the now familiar establishment and was relieved upon walking in to see Lana and Chris already sitting together. It was time to put the early morning's event behind her or so she thought. A smile worked its way slowly onto her face, struggling to maintain its balance given the lack of genuine feeling behind it. But it wouldn't do to bother her friends with the dreadful politics of the mage families and the church. "So good to see you both." Estellise attempted a warm greeting as she moved closer to them. "No finer way to start the morning than a hearty meal hm?" she tried to laugh as she sat down with them. The soft rumbling of her own empty stomach reminded her of her folly in not eating breakfast earlier. The Fereis looked around and a thought seemed to click in her head. "Oh my, Sergei is not here too is he? Were you all waiting for me? I would hate to have been any kind of delay." Estelle spoke in concern. She seemed to have completely forgotten what she had told Lana after their first venture into the Dungeon. Had she begun reading and studying magic today she would have been hours longer before she even thought to come to the Drooling Dragon.
  9. Whatever the mages were yelling about, Reinaan was glad to know the slimes were focused on him rather than anyone else in the group. That Madelyn could complain about being given orders was better than getting lectured forever after about not sufficiently protecting her. Ryia was currently busy holding the biggest one off from the rest of the group and the boy knew he'd need to wrap up quickly to get back to helping her. Lindow and Damien seemed capable of keeping the larger group of slimes in the back under control. As the two slimes left that had surfaced in the middle of the group moved along the floor for the Draken's legs he took a step back to consider how to attack. The decision didn't take long as the boy considered his weapon but ultimately inhaled as he readied his flame breath. Spraying the two slimes along the ground with the fire he could see them beginning to melt away and expose their cores which began to crack under their heat. The liquified bodies proved unable to do any sort of grabbing which had given the room he needed to handle both at once that using his weapon might not have given him. With swift movements the draken plunged the spear end of the halberd into each core, causing the creatures to more fully melt away as the others struck down had done. A smile now occupied his face as he seemed happy with how quickly he had wrapped up the worst positioned of the slimes. But a thought crossed his mind and so he rushed to Madelyn and Keres' sides and began scanning the floor around the group carefully. "No more in the middle of us right?" Reinaan called out, wanting to be absolutely sure the women wouldn't be suddenly assailed if he moved to dispose of other of the monsters. This brought his attention back to Ryia who was handling the largest, most formidable looking of the monsters by herself. The Fire Chosen readied his weapon again and stepped away from the mages after one last quick scan to make sure there weren't any more of the slimes hiding in or around any of the water or simply on the exposed floor of the tunnel.
  10. Mr Purple was funny, Aduain had concluded. Angry, but funny. He had a name of his own which the fish could only remember the first bit. Cyan-something it was. But nothing about Mr. Purple was even remotely cyan. In fact Aduain was way more cyan than Mr. Purple was. Whoever had named this man didn't understand colors very well clearly. Aduain liked his name for the demon better and was determined to stick to it, perhaps help the man see that so long as people were going to name him by colors, he should at least go by one that he had on him. Though the fish did furrow his brow at being called annoying. Mr. Purple had barely seen anything yet. He knew more about the city and the young Hunter wanted to get what intel he could from the only discernible source. Perhaps the bar would be helpful after all. A drunk did tend to be a bit more free-lipped about things. Aduain was about to try and close the gap, thinking of how to approach the next interaction, when he felt something approaching from behind. While he didn't have a physical need to, the fish still ducked to ensure he wasn't hit as Roy went flying over head and grabbed Mr. Purple. When next the Aquarian looked up to see this new person standing on Mr. Purple's chest after having thrown him into a tree. "These guys are really tough." Aduain said in awe as he looked over the unfolding scene. He hadn't counted on any serious fights breaking out but one thing was clear, Mr. Purple needed to not die before he'd shared what he knew. The fish approached the two slowly, not wanting to waste the lack of focus on his own self. While waiting to see what Mr. Purple would do to get out of the situation, or if he even needed help for that matter, Aduain planted the tips of his trident into the ground so he could get a tiny bit up off the ground to observe. Somewhere in the middle of this he had the brilliant thought to try and see just how strong the people around him were. He wasn't great at it but the fish focused a bit and activated the Zetsu technique, slowing the flow of his own aura to try and observe the flow of the others. "Well they're alive, that's good." he spoke to himself curiously. "Doesn't feel much like nen though. Prana's reaaaally weird." Aduain continued before his gills suddenly gasped for air in a panic as his Zetsu had gone just a touch too far at shutting off his own aura. The distraction was enough he lost his grip on his trident and for the third time found himself face down in the grass as his aura and breathing reset to normal. The place could really do with being completely submerged in water the more he thought about it. For now he scrambled back to his feet to get his eyes back on Roy and Mr. Purple. Hopefully they hadn't kept up with the trying to kill each other thing.
  11. More of the group had gotten their bearings and began moving about while Aduain had been investigating the fountain which thankfully gave the fish some kind of response to his initial questions. The first girl to answer hadn't been particularly helpful but a rather angry sounding man at least had a name for the place. Prana didn't sound like the place Aduain had been or was trying to get to. In fact it didn't sound like anything he knew about his people. Maybe he misheard and this place was called Piranha. But then there wasn't water everywhere and no sign of the deadly fish to be seen so that theory seemed off the table. With a shout Aduain leapt from the top of the fountain to the ground below, a feet only remotely safe because of the nen bracing his legs for the impact. Still he flopped the landing and ending rolling forward some and through and around the pockets of the others who were slowly drawing closer to one another in most cases. "Magic sounds like fun." the fish said in the middle of rolling overhearing something of a conversation. The motion carried him past a woman speaking to something or someone that couldn't decide what it wanted to look like. "Weird, but maybe kinda cool." Aduain continued his voiced thoughts to himself until he finally found his face in the dirt again. Standing up once more and shaking his head to make sure his brain was still in there he was close to the angry man at this point. Which was just as well because he had a lot of questions and angry man seemed to be the only one who knew anything of their predicament. "Hey mister uhhh...." Aduain started before realizing he had nothing to refer to Cyanthrax by. "Mister Purple works I guess if you like it. You look kinda tough. Kinda like a Hunter tough! A couple of tough guys can get a lot done! Especially since you know the place." the fish continued speaking at Cyan, without care or regard for how much if any of it the man wanted to listen to. "What kind of place is Prana? And how's a bar gonna help?" There was to be no end to stream of curiosity Aduain would unleash if not stopped.
  12. Catriona had whiled away the hours as Elsie went off to make preparations. Nothing much came of the town as she expected. And none of the men who entered the bar struck her fancy. How dreadfully dull just as she thought it would be. That didn't make it any less disappointing of course. Still now that the time of the ritual had come and gone she was feeling particularly invigorated. Perhaps there was something to this witch-witch stuff and not just cat-witch. It was a strange feeling, the connection she now had to Elsie. It was not something she had really experienced. Her mother had been tied to her by blood but rarely had another person made any sort of connection that lasted more than a night. And this was nothing so carnal. It was different and that made it stand out in her mind. Instinctively she sent a shadow cat to hitch a ride on Elsie's broom to keep a closer eye on her. "...What a foolish thing to do." Catriona berated herself with a smile trying to process her concern for another person. Her attention moved to the shouts and fog rolling in. Beings unlike anything she had ever seen, or Jekyll's very scary blurry photo, appeared before her. Beings like wolves and yet like nothing else that walked the land. "Adorable. It would have to be puppies wouldn't it?" She laughed as she readied her staff. With her more-than-cat-like-grace she made her way to the top of a building, not wishing to directly engage the creatures when so many of the group were better suited to the task. With a wave of the staff as if it were a magic wand six more shadow cats appeared and dashed off, two to each of the three primary fahlynn that stood before them. With a wink from their master the cats disappeared, exploding into a burst of shadowy chains looking to restrict the creatures movements.