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  1. However peaceful the stained glass art had made Jocelyn, the others awakening and talking was quickly draining the effect. Each movement, sound, stare, and word wore at her ever shortening temper. The one who would later introduce himself as Drake spoke first, and his so calmly asking if they were all dead ignited the spark of anger in the young woman. Gene next spoke, wondering if this was Heaven. Jocelyn knew it couldn't be or if it was she wanted into Hell. The most obnoxious voice yet came in the form of Sabrina, enthusiastically declaring the group had been brought her to be heroes. If this was her destiny she should have kept Jocelyn and the others out of it and just gotten to it. Percy, a doctor, was next and spoke casually about having killed himself. That set off a much stronger rage than all the annoyances thus far. Abby joined the too casual about the whole dying thing club which just kept the rage boiling. Marshall didn't do anything directly offensive but by this point Jocelyn had negative patience with everyone playing along with the pleasantries of introducing themselves and explaining how they died. Several of the others began talking again trying to find some commonality to all their deaths. Through all this Jocelyn hadn't been unaware of the several strange looks she'd been given either. If a bunch of dead people had the gall to still be judgmental about a fursuit the woman was going to have to pound several heads in. Still she began taking it off as respectfully as her anger would let her. Somehow she doubted she'd be able to return it, but still it wasn't hers. Ripping it off would just be rude. One last deep breath as it was safely off and to the side. And then Jocelyn snapped. "Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with all of you!?" She started abruptly to disrupt the conversation. "It's bad enough I get stuck in a church but it's not even fucking quiet? You shitheads think it matters how the fuck any of us died? We're dead! None of this should be happening. It's not a time for a meet and greet talking about how we bit it like it's a stupid ass college major." Jocelyn's rant began as she attempted to kick over a nearby pew. It was clear she didn't physically know what to do with her body at this point to express the anger she was feeling. Throwing something through the window she'd been admiring felt appropriate but nothing was readily at hand. Even a hymnal would have done the job but alas, this called for more aimed yelling. At Sabrina to start. "Stop with the fucking destiny bullshit! I don't care how much weebshit you watched, we're not special, no one chose us, none of that shit! That asshole shot himself," she continued yelling and motioning to Percy. "And the rest of us are just unlucky fucks, not hero material. Goddammit!" Jocelyn interrupted her own thoughts not possessing the clarity to roast each person individually anymore. She turned away from the group and started hitting one of the walls of the building. "Just let me go to hell already!" Jocelyn yelled at whatever higher power was trapping her here in this infuriating situation. Burning forever was feeling pretty appealing next to this. She continued to mutter and scream obscenities while striking the wall to little effect. It was going to be a minute before she was ready to talk again.
  2. Aduain passed some time with Morgan, swapping stories about the respective missions. Enough time as it happened that he'd recovered enough nen to power his gills outside of water again. Though it took a few minutes to actually realize this. As he withdrew from the icy bath and got to hopping on his fins again it was something of a relief. Still he'd have to properly thank Fen somehow later as her quick thinking had quite literally saved his life. No gift could really pay that debt but a good meal never hurt. That was certainly something to work with. Now free to move the boy eventually withdrew from his fellow hunter and the other members of the team still dealing with the new pet. The room he'd been given looked the same as always. Out of curiosity Aduain knocked on the wall just in case any more angry old men in castles felt like threatening him tonight. While relieving he couldn't shake some sense of disappointment when nothing responded. Knowing all these other worlds existed just meant he had a lot more places to explore after the ocean floor in his own world. But while further dimension hopping wasn't on the agenda, the fish did still have a screen to play with. Sitting down with the device the days events had him wandering over to something he could hold water in. Beds were nice and comfy as long as his gills were working. But nothing beat sleeping with that weightless feeling underwater. To his excitement there was a great offering of aquariums though at first they all seemed a bit small for a catch of his stature. But eventually the scrolling started getting him places and the tanks started getting bigger and more sophisticated. "Wonder if I can get one the size of the room itself." Aduain mused as he continued browsing. Sure enough there were eventually things as big, and bigger even, than the room he was in. None of which the system seemed to let him buy. If the stuff he bought just appeared in the room that probably made sense. Some scaling back was necessary. Eventually he settled on a tank about twice the size of the bed he'd been given and nearly as tall as the room. Though it seemed there were still size problems. With some frustrated swiping and checking Aduain was eventually presented with a prompt to sell his bed. Curious, he accepted and the bed in his room disappeared almost instantly. Now his tank wasn't presenting any issues and before the hunter knew what was happening it was now occupying most of the space in his room. "Woooow look at that!" the fish exclaimed his excitement building as he checked out the features. Colorful rocks lined the bottom of the massive tank and the included rock formations provided some nooks big enough for him to hide out or sleep. The thing even had a pretty hefty looking filter and aeration system. The one thing his new bed alternative lacked was the actual water. Sitting down on the ground to think a bit the hunter eventually also ordered a bucket. For most of the early evening Aduain would go back and forth from the showers to his room depositing at most ten gallons of water at a time. It took a lot of work but that just made the completion of the project all the more satisfying. With delight he settled in for the night adjusting the air in his body to settle comfortably underwater without sinking or bobbing up. Now he could really call this his room. Waking up completely submerged was a feeling Aduain had nearly forgotten and while he would have loved to be lazy most of the day several things were important enough to get him to get out of the giant tank. First was a message from Mauvache. Apparently they were to do some training in the later afternoon. That was all well and good but since it was so much later in the day the fish put that on the back log. There was a much more important mission at hand so early in the morning. Breakfast! The rain was a welcome addition to the journey as the young hunter rushed out of the building early in the morning before the others had awoken. With trident in hand there was only one task. Aduain needed to find a fishing spot. Navigating on land never was one of the boy's strong suits, much less this foreign world he'd barely spent any time in. But that didn't deter him from jogging around in search of any body of water. The first answer to the search was a pet shop not terribly far from the apartment complex. But catching fish already caught didn't sit right with the boy. If he didn't make the catch himself it wouldn't be much of a gift for the others. Still it was an acceptable last resort. So on the fish went in search of other fish, gathering curious glances from other early risers. Eventually the search bore fruit as Aduain found himself in a park with sizeable ponds. "Where there's water there's fish!" he declared inaccurately but confidently as he took to inspecting the waters. There were definitely fish in there but there was only so much looking at them from above the water at pond's edge would do. Light refraction and all that. No the best way to inspect was to get in the water with and in Aduain went with a splash. To his amazement the fish in the pond shone with every color of the rainbow. For a time the hunter swam around with them trying to get a sense for how they moved and reacted to his presence. Naturally they were hesitant of the much bigger fish. It was only right Aduain thought for these small fry to fear a mighty shark. Wanting to preserve the beauty of the scales the boy decided against skewering his quarry and with some swift swimming of his own eventually had three of the things tails in his hand. A triumphant surfacing and shaking of his tentacles and a cheer signaled the end of the hunt as the boy began his journey home. The others had begun stirring by this point, and unknown to Aduain even a reporter had come seeking information on the new group. Still dripping wet from the dive into the pond and the persistent rain, the hunter came in through the front door, his catch still flopping around in his deceptively strong grip. "Hey guys! I got breakfast!" he declared unsure where exactly everyone had gotten off to. There was a woman he didn't recognize not all that far from the entrance but he made no advance to address her specifically. She wasn't part of the team so she didn't get any of the fish, that was just common sense. Besides, these fish probably had all sorts of crazy flavors for each color. Maybe the red bits were spicy. That'd be crazy and definitely not something to spread thinner by inviting strangers. For now he needed to get the food to the kitchen. A knife better served the task at hand than his trident.
  3. With Noibat's help, some semi-hearty cheering and encouragement without moving, the team was able to start moving the pillar across the stream. The path for the less water-worthy Pokemon among them was becoming clear. That was until they had almost reached their goal. The pillar proved short enough to start dipping down into the stream before it finished bridging the gap. A dip of her toes into the cold water was enough to prompt some movement on Noibat's part, primarily scooting up some on the pillar before her lower half got submerged with it. The other side of the pillar was raising into the air with the Clobbopus who had decided to help too still stuck to it. If she wasn't about to take a freezing bath she might have laughed at the situation. The feeling almost left with Zeta's arrival back on the scene after being so adamant about leaving everyone behind. But go figure no one could be that heartless and here the Zorua was looking to help. They addressed Noibat directly though, telling her to move her butt out of the way which prompted Noibat to finally stand up and maybe start moving. Weighing down the end that was tipping up was certainly an idea, one that made enough sense. Noibat wasn't sure how much weight she had to offer to the situation but in the worst case scenario she could just get off the pillar and cheer the gang on again. That'd do it for sure. But first Zeta started a slew of puns about the Clobbopus' situation. Noibat snorted, trying to stifle a laugh but failing miserably. "No, come on." She started berating herself mentally. "Puns are stupid, don't laugh at that." she thought again while her body clearly disagreed. She raised a wing to her lips as if trying to stop herself from saying something. "He looks a little octopied." Noibat thought again against her own attempt at better judgement. This pun however did not stay in her own mind. Like her mod comment before it she unknowingly broadcast it into the minds of everyone nearby. Still oblivious to this new power the bat couldn't stop herself from actually laughing now that she had joined in mentally with Zeta. "God I needed that." Noibat managed to say as she calmed down and continued walking toward the other end of the pillar to aid in the effort of weighing it down. Of course she soon cleared her throat briefly as if to say that was over now and she had regained her composure. "Not that it's cool to laugh at his misfortune" she started saying to Z. while trying to keep a straight face. She was a bit uncertain which side of this she landed on despite how good laughing like that had felt for her nerves. She was trying to garner favor with the Zorua but not alienate herself from anyone who may have disapproved. A losing battle no doubt but nothing a little extra good faith couldn't aid with. "Hang on, we'll get ya down! Or the pillar at least, sorta on you to let go of it." she called to the dangling Clobbopus before having to stifle another chuckle at the absurdity of the situation she found herself in. It was almost enough to forget the dread of being ripped away from her proper life as a human and turned into a bat. At least for a little bit. OOC
  4. Having used most of his mental faculties to produce the ceremonial site suggestion, Reinaan was relieved that the others in the group had additional ideas to add to the mix. Damien of all people ended up the most insightful for the situation. It was almost strange to hear him speak so much at once but the draken was more focused on the potential places to investigate to ask how the man knew this much about elven territory. A shrine and former tomb, a lake with changing magical energy, and a Dinosaur Graveyard were discussed in succession. For the fiery hunter, the idea of the graveyard was a strong pull. But much like the idea of chasing the wolf pack, Reinaan yielded to a more logical approach. Changing magical energy certainly sounded like something someone who stole a relic could exploit, or even just be the Demon Gate itself. With the lake decided, the boy readied his things to leave. The trip to the lake was more of the same grass, bushes and trees as far as the eye could see that the group had been confronted with since setting foot in this land. What caught Reinaan's attention was the shift in the fauna as they approached the lake. The trees had become thinner and began emitting various colors of light. If he didn't know the forest was potentially dangerous he would have been caught up in the moment simply staring. But the draken remained vigilant in his watch as the group progressed. Now a clearing and the lake itself presented themselves and the strangeness of the area only continued. Small huts covered in color changing grass, random spouts on the water's surface, moving mushrooms; none of this seemed natural. So naturally the changing magical energy had to be the cause which Madelyn soon confirmed. Damien could only laugh while Reinaan for his part was more confused than anything. "Doesn't magic normally have a purpose?" Reinaan tried to ask Ziiyol who had materialized at his side. But the fire spirit for her part was rambling to herself about the potential for the colors of fire she could make by burning things here. A bit of a lost cause there. But the boy was sure to remind her not to set anything on fire given the more explosive nature of some of her spells. For his part the draken wanted to investigate the small huts. There would be a lot to search through but that just made them the ideal hiding spots surely. Leaving Kloqah and Ziiyol to their respective business idling, the Fire Chosen readied his halberd and made his way over to the nearest grass hut. The openings were small as were the huts themselves. Not so small that a person couldn't use them as shelter. But they were small enough that Reinaan, still not fully grasping how much taller he'd gotten on this journey, didn't think it wise to try and step all the way in. His head would do for now to see what was inside. This first hut held something of a surprise. A two foot long fish partially obscured by moss was just lying there. It moved its head up in response to the draken's head and spat a stream of water at the boy's face. "What the-" Reinaan shouted before the water garbled his speech into nonsense. The shock of it all had him back up from the entrance and falling back onto the ground behind him. while not entirely mud, it was still enough to dirty his back side generally and it served as a reminder he needed to polish his scales again if they were ever allowed into the elven city. But the draken wasn't going to take this sitting down. With a huff Reinaan returned to the fish's hiding hole and this time thrust his halberd in, piercing the thing's side. Vengeance and dinner, quite the combo. The fish wriggled on the end of his weapon for a time as it died and Reinaan returned it to Kloqah's back to prepare later. Or just eat raw, it all depended on how mad he was still feeling. Still, this was not enough to discourage his search, but the hunter's halberd led most of the inquiries going forward. The other huts Reinaan checked did not contain rude fish he had to murder but they did contain other things. One had the cores of apples in them, not that the carnivore knew the name of the fruit he simply recognized it as a fruit. Quelling his gag reflex he reached in and touched one of the cores and pulled it out of the hut to examine it. The bite marks on it didn't look normal. But normal to Reinaan was predator-style pointed fangs and the like. These more matched the flatter teeth he'd seen in humans, halflings, and presumably elves as well. They seemed a few days old which was definitely something to go off. Another hut had bones in it, clean of meat but not themselves eaten like a predator would. Someone had been cooking something, maybe a rabbit. Again several days old at least. With these two discoveries, Reinaan shifted his attention to the ground around the huts. Ignoring any footprints he himself had made, he did notice impressions that could have matched a shoe. Of course there were animal footprints as well, and it looked like something had been dragged over the ground from the way certain prints were blurred and obscured. "Dammit, not fresh enough." He muttered upon concluding someone had definitely been here some days ago, but he couldn't speak to where they were now. Still it was worth reporting. "Someone was here a couple days ago!" Reinaan shouted back to the others caught up in their own investigations or discussion. "No clue where they went but they stayed here for a bit."
  5. The sound of a bell jolted Jocelyn awake in her seat. But nothing about that seemed correct. She certainly hadn't been sitting, much less sleeping. She'd been running more than anything, after a friend and straight into a fireball. The bells continued, each allowing another thought through. But there was a stifling darkness to it all. Death was not feeling like anything she'd ever thought of or heard about. She tried to move a hand at first and felt oddly restricted in its movements. She lifted it to her face through the veil of darkness and yet didn't feel it touch her face when it should have made contact. A few more thoughts of dying, but that couldn't be. She raised her other hand to the same invisible barrier about her face and after some fidgeting pulled up and suddenly light poured in from a series of stained glass windows. "God, what the hell?!" JJ winced at the sudden flood of light. In her hands now rested the backwards deer head to the borrowed fursuit she had been wearing to the convention with her friends. That explained the darkness but... this was certainly not the convention center. It wasn't a hospital either which would have been the next logical place for her to wake up in. But certainly not in an intact suit. That should have been the first thing to burn. It was time to take in more of the scenery. First was her seat, a pew of some kind. That soon lined up with everything else she observed in the room soon aligned with the idea of this being a church, though none quite like any she'd ever seen. Not that she'd seen many churches to compare. "Look, if I'm dead just send me to hell, you don't gotta guilt trip me about never going to Mass." She muttered as she took the scenery in. She seemed to be towards the front of the room which prompted her to finally turn around in her seat and take in the fact that other figures were there with her. Standing slowly, as if expecting one of them to attack her, Jocelyn gradually backed up from her pew, keeping her eyes trained on the others. That was until she turned around briefly and her eyes landed on the designs present in the windows. The bird in particular captivated her enough she didn't take in the fact there wasn't an immediate way out. "I guess you can waste a bit more of my time." she said with a soft smile on her lips. If this moment could last forever like that weird floating sensation seemed to it might not be so bad. But time was very presently marching forward here. Enough that each second lessened the soothing effect of the glass art. Irritation was mounting, just waiting for a trigger.
  6. Whatever confidence Noibat had built up for herself was quickly crumbling as none of the others seemed to take much notice of her. She had effectively said nothing thinking on it and it's not like 'go into the cave after the Zorua' wasn't going to be the literal next thing out of her mouth so in effect everyone was still following the plan. Still, it seemed better to keep to herself for the moment. This was immediately challenged by Cross, who was now a Cubone, crying. The sound alone registered so clearly in her ears it nearly drove her mad with how bad she wanted to help the kid. But helping kids was definitely outside of her skillset and some of the others seemed a lot more up to the task. For now, making sure everyone could out seemed to involve bringing a pillar down for the less swimming oriented Pokemon in the room to manage their way across the stream. Playing leader hadn't gotten her anywhere so follower seemed just as good for the time being. Only as she tried to walk after them Noibat immediately took stock of how ineffective walking was proving to be as a mode of transportation for her. "Right... Noibat now..." she muttered to herself as she flapped her wings limply a couple times. At this rate she was just going to fall behind so putting her doubts behind her for the moment she took to more vigorously flapping again. The more she flapped the more she could hear own heart racing. Incredibly fast at that. There was no way that was healthy but just something else to ignore since it wasn't exploding yet. With a bit more exertion she found herself hovering somewhat stable in the air. Awkwardly leaning forward in the air started moving her off toward the others. Attempts at corrections quickly became overcorrections and she had very little control of her speed or height. The next thing Noibat knew she was about to ram face-first an upright pillar near the group that was trying to push one on the ground. With a panicked extra flaps she rammed the top of the pillar with the side of her body rather than her face and was soon tumbling through the air and down onto the broken pillar. Happy to be not in the air for a moment she didn't immediately register where she was or that she was sort of in the way. "Flying always looked so much easier in..." Noibat trailed off through her own heavy breathing. The idea of several different shows were coming to mind but only in the form of things she'd seen discussed on the YCM or NCM forums. For the life of her she couldn't remember what the things actually looked like. What kind of cruel god would flood her mind with her own descriptions of all these awesome things and not the things themselves? With a groan she pushed her head up to get a better look at the others. She looked at the Chespin in particular who if her brain was serving her right had introduced himself as a current mod of NCM. Several of the others sure had rallied to his call after he approved of the Treecko's idea. "Since when does this community listen to mods?" Noibat chuckled as she thought to herself. Except this thought was not actually to herself. It had been sent directly to the minds of those aiding the in pillar effort, not that she knew. "Here to help gang." she said, still clearly jumbled from the fall. She raised a wing up for a moment like she was trying to wave with a human hand. Eventually it was going to register she was on top of the thing they wanted to move and only making things more difficult but now was not that moment.
  7. There were seven other people in the room. Adriana could hear that much. But calling them people was odd too because they didn't sound human-shaped. But how did that make sense? She'd read up on synesthesia because of it popping in up in the one-off anime or manga but from what she could recall about it this didn't seem right. Her eyes shot open as she sat up abruptly from what she saw was a stone floor. A small cry escaped her... ears? An incredibly high pitch noise sounded for a fraction of a moment and by the time she heard the echo, Adriana could now hear the size and shape of the room. Nothing of that was right, her hearing wasn't that good. Looking around she saw Pokemon of all things around her. There were seven others. The seven people she'd heard that weren't shaped like people? They had to be there was nothing else around. But Pokemon weren't real. This wasn't possible. "Okaaaay, time to wake up" She thought to herself as she raised a hand to poke her face. But instead of a fleshy finger she was poked by a sharp claw. What's more the claw was coming off of what she saw was a wing. She had two wings even. "No no no I'm a human not whatever this is." Her thoughts continued as she looked over her body. She couldn't see her face but everything so far was lining up with a bat or a flying squirrel and neither of those were human. Similar small bursts of sound would escape her ears again as the other Pokemon began speaking and even yelling in words she could understand. She heard them so well the yelling especially was a bit difficult on the ears. Nervously following the Zorua's lead, only after they had made their declaration they were leaving, Adriana moved to the side of the pool of water in this cave she found herself in. Sure enough, a bat face with rather pronounced ears presented itself in her reflection. She had to poke herself a few more times to be sure the movements she was making really were coming out in this very non-human body. "A Noibat? Whaaaaat come on. If you're gonna isekai me at least make me a Murkrow or something." she thought as she limply flapped her new wings up and down a few times. But wait. She'd been isekai'd. "That's not fair! I was supposed to get sent somewhere with magic and I'd be a mega-genius cuz of Earth stuff I knew!" she complained to herself again in her head. Despite the others speaking she either didn't trust this new body of hers to be capable of it or else felt that hearing her voice come out of a Noibat would seal the deal and she'd be stuck here. Maybe she could still reroll and end up as an evil witch in some high fantasy setting. Her hearing soon locked in on specific words some of the others were saying. Were the others human too? Did they get isekai'd with her? She wasn't with seven other people before so that seemed weird. "That's cheating that eight random strangers all got sent to the same place when they weren't together." she determined in her mind. Usually group isekai was because of some magical nuke at a school but she was only with one other person before. Or at least she was pretty sure. All she could clearly remember were things about forums. She knew for sure she was with a girlfriend these days but what specifically the two had been doing before any of this happened to her escaped her. Of course eventually Adriana put together some of the other things she was hearing. Several of the Pokemon had offered what sounded like usernames on the forum she could remember. And suddenly the thought that these Pokemon might know some of the embarrassing things she'd done on her time there filled her with a dread she hadn't been expecting and that trumped the concept of being stuck as a bat in a cave in the middle of no where. What was right for a situation like this? Aggression like the Zorua? Even they had introduced themselves so maybe that much was in order. Not everyone had introduced themselves yet either so maybe there was still a chance her girlfriend had gotten taken along for the ride but even if it was possible she simply could not bring herself to give them the name Fleur. A Chespin apparently named Chester, a nice joke some god was playing there, seemed to have a more level-headed approach to things and so that was what she decided to try and follow for the moment. "I-i'm uh.." She started before looking back at the puddle briefly "Noibat, I guess. I don't know much of what's going on either but.." she trailed off. Was that really what she was going to go by? Adriana only felt vaguely like her name. Fleur was the strongest in her mind but what if all of that was the messed up part? What if she was really just a Noibat that had been having some really wild dreams after like a concussion or something? It could explain the general amnesia. But some of those memories of the forum were so specific and the feeling she was supposed to be human was nearly undeniable. And something in her heart told her that if anime was purely an invention of her rattled brain then life wasn't worth living. "I need a nap..." Noibat sighed as she lowered her wings she had been keeping nervously close to her mouth prior. Under most circumstances she would have wanted to try and take charge, but she already felt so in over her head. Was there even a point to trying? She was a bat now and she was in a cave. It was like fate was speaking to her that this was her life now, why fight it? Though there didn't seem to be much in the way of food so at some point she'd have to get herself out and about. Probably better to try while there were still others with her. With the beating of her own heart ringing clearly in her ears, Noibat began flapping her wings with vigor while squinting her eyes shut. When next she opened them she was hovering about a foot off the ground before realizing she was flying, losing her balance and falling back down. Confusing as things were that was still an accomplishment. One that could energize her to try and take the first step. "R-right! Getting out of here!" she called a bit more confidently despite the blundeer. "Someone's gotta know what happened to us so we just gotta find em! But splitting up is how you end up dead in like everything ever so we're definitely going with Chester's 'don't go in the cave by yourself' idea." she said, nodding with her false bravado as if she understood anything.
  8. With bows no longer trained on the group, Reinaan had something of an easier time relaxing. It wasn't complete of course because of the nagging irritation of how ultimately unhelpful the elves had been. With no real clarification on either task, they may as well have said the group would never be allowed within the city. Most of the group seemed more keen on finding the traitor too which only sounded harder than the wolf pack in the hunter's mind. But he couldn't argue the point that something that could bring ruin to the forest was best checked in on. Exasperations and opinions expressed and the group now reunited with Damien, the question turned to where to go when they had so little to go off. Ryia's idea that to destroy the forest it had to be in the forest gave him something of an idea. Though if he could be much more concrete with it than she had been he wasn't yet sure. "This probably wont line up very cleanly. But I know for my people whatever kinda artifacts we have only really get used at sacred sites. Not that we really built structures, it was just specific magma chutes. But I know other peoples like to build places for this stuff and the elves don't seem too much different. Well I guess are there sacred sites or places they'd do ceremonies around here? Not that the person would be hiding there but they might be trying to get there." Reinaan managed to say without tripping over his ideas.
  9. After a loud crashing or splashing noise, Flurry eventually found himself on what he assumed was the floor of the room he'd been occupying under several stray objects. Sitting up he realized his idea of keep himself centered in the room with his wind had failed somewhere along the way. Where the lemur could never hope to say. What mattered was he intact and seemed to not have a concussion or broken bones. From the intercom he soon found Chimera still was as well but as a robot that seemed like the given shy of the ship exploding. He could only hope the others were okay but Ken seemed more durable than most and Zane might have just frozen himself in place to ride the crash out. In any case it was best to proceed as if everyone had survived and do his part to help the journey continue. "An airship and a submarine huh?" Flurry muttered as he stood and looked for the access panel the robot had asserted would likely be in the room. "Sure sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen even if Zane can get us patched up." the lemur continued speaking to himself to keep himself grounded for the task at hand. The panel was indeed in the room and it wasn't long before Flurry was presented with wall after wall of code written in the same style of what he'd seen in Chimera's code. That was to say, he understood maybe half of what he was seeing and even that foundation was guess work that had managed to get Chimera up and running again. The functions being called here were thankfully less complicated all said, perhaps because they weren't trying to create an AI, but they were nonetheless full of vocab and ideas not present in the robot. "Nothing to do for it but to get going." Flurry concluded with a groan as he began attempting to run simple diagnostics to get a feel for the ship's coding.
  10. Trying to get away from the business with Chris with news of a new member seemed like a great idea when she tried it. But Estelle was quickly realizing the issue with all of this. What were they like? When would they get there? How far in the dungeon were they? Neither had asked but the mage was only now realizing she didn't even know the woman's name. Had she even given her own to her? By this point the mage's brain was spinning in place, making no headway on any particular thought. Several only barely recognizable as human noises escaped her as she tried to think only for a wave of relief to crash over her as the person she had invited arrived at the table herself. "Ah, yes Robin! This is the group. These are my comrades, Lana and Chris." Estelle said motioning to each in turn. She was quickly regaining some sense of composure. Though another thought demanded some processing which the mage's nerves weren't immediately prepared for. Estelle looked back to the bard and then to Robin again quickly. "T-the bard? They're with you? Well that is wonderful! We'd be more than making up for the loss of our ally. We could truly press on deeper into the Dungeon." Estelle stated, a figurative spark lighting in her eyes at the prospects.
  11. Feel like the OOC will determine a lot for me but you do have me curious at least.
  12. Truly shameful it took me this long to notice this. All the interest.
  13. As the others spoke of what to do with the team's new furry friend, Aduain found himself quickly growing both bored and frustrated at his having to sit in the ice bath provided to him. There was so little to do and most any exciting thing he could think to do required getting out of the box. How long did it take nen to recharge anyway? No matter how many times he found himself in this situation his own impatience was his own worst enemy. And so he found himself idly slapping at the water or quickly closing his submerged hands to squirt small streams from the surface up in the air. It helped stave of the shivers anyway but it wasn't a good solution. But then a familiar nen caught his attention as before long Morgan had entered the room. "Hey!" He cheered at the sight of his fellow hunter, who had beaten him back after all. "Someone left us a pet or something. They're just figuring out where to put it." he offered in explanation to her question. "Buuuut more importantly, looks like I lost our race huh?" the fish chuckled nervously at the state he was in after the kind of bravado he'd challenged her with. "What'd you guys fight though?! We had to mess with a buncha giant monkeys!" Aduain offered excitedly, splashing all around the edges of his box at the movements he made.
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