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  1. I toadally support this. Can't wait to see what you come up with for everyone. Just, ah, if I get involved, be sure to get my monotheistic religious beliefs and respect for others' religions in there, alright? And no sexual/explicit/implicit/romantic stuff. I really am not that type.
  2. I like your imagery in the first few paragraphs. Very vivid. Reminds me of Bradbury. I also like how you only added enough detail about this presumably self-absorbed, work-obsessed world to get the message across: after all, it's not the destination that matters, it's the company, and the experience of being alone. Good work – you've got a spot in the short story anthologies with your name on it.
  3. Is General dead or something? Because this image became a meme and died a long time ago. Anyway, yeah, I would have loved to see Hawking's reaction to it, but it just didn't happen.
  4. Oh. Thanks. Anyway, pretty much every trivial idea that comes to my mind interests me. For example, I talk to myself a lot as if I'm recording a YouTube commentary video, and often I reuse the same "video" ideas for weeks.
  5. Hello, Internet, and welcome to WatchMojo, where I'll be counting down the top three selling points of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! But first, be sure to like and subscribe! 3. The fights... from Part 3 onwards. Stands are a very unique power system that allow for some serious mind games and creative solutions to specific situations. When combined with the next point, the fights are guaranteed to draw you in! Hamon's a bit more iffy, though, since it's pretty much an anti-vampire reskin of Chakra/Ki/the Heart of the Cards, and in Part 2 especially there are some pretty contrived coincidences. 2. The characters. The characters in JoJo are very deep and give themselves to lots of analysis. Analysis about their relationships, about their Stand abilities, about what exactly is going on inside their heads... You also grow pretty attached to them over time. Another thing about the characters is that, while they might not change much over the course of one Part, they do appear in subsequent parts, and it's always nice to see how they grow. 1. The uniqueness. Araki just does whatever he wants. He doesn't care about your "rules" or "genre conventions." Heck, he doesn't even respect basic plot armor! He goes all-out on the hamminess, brings on the camp, and turns the creativity dial to "unprecedented." Thisf is why the series has so many memes- You fell for it, fool! Thunder Cross Split Attack! I would hesitate to say that JoJo invented all of the things that make it stand out (besides Stands), but it's very different from everything else out there. If nothing else, you should watch it because you can't get anything quite like it anywhere else.
  6. Supernatural phenomena appear all around me every time I have to go out to use the restroom or get some water at night. Zombies, ghosts, werewolves, surprise earthquakes, cults, theives without motives, axe-murderers, creepypastas that aren't even that good in broad daylight but haunt you with actually scary fanart in the nighttimes... I've seen them all.
  7. The website is nothing more than a receptacle for the people on it to me. As long as the receptacle is properly-shaped, I don't care if it's YCM or NCM or NHS. With that in mind, the split was worth it because the old receptacle was leaky and getting worse every day. Now that we're independent, instead of relying on an admin who's always out buying milk, the receptacle responds to the people in a way that make sit easier for them to bring out their personalities. Also, the "split" wasn't really a split so much as us running out of a burning building before it came crashing down. The people are still here, including some newbies, and that's all I care about.
  8. I agree with Snatch Steal. You need to balance being responsive to feedback and constructive criticism and not letting internet trolls/politically correct parents censor you. You need to learn to shelf your ego without losing your dignity and look carefully at criticism without being overwhelmed. ...yeah, not much I have to say on this.
  9. The site came back, no need to worry. It's dead now, but hey, at least we have it!
  10. My intent was to change the value used for your opponent's monster's damage calculation from the opponent's monster's ATK to half their original DEF, which fits with the principle of the JoJo's technique this card was based on: locking up your opponent's arms and striking while they're weak. I would like to keep that aspect of the card, just for that sweet sweet flavor, and so it can be used against high-ATK-no-DEF and Link monsters Other than that, though, your criticism is valid. The card is a bit too wordy, and I will work on changing it.
  11. Thunder Cross Split Attack Quick-Play Spell Card "When a monster you control declares an attack on a monster your opponent controls with higher ATK, you can activate this card from your hand. When a monster you control battles a monster your opponent controls: Use your monster's ATK and half of your opponent's monster's original DEF for damage calculation. (The original DEF of Link Monsters is treated as 0.) Until the end of the battle, your opponent cannot activate or use monster cards or effects, and the effects of the battling monster they control are negated. If your opponent takes battle damage from this battle, they take 500 more damage." It's good for removal and does some serious damage, as well as being usable in the hand to speed it up as battle reliant cards are a bit slow nowadays. But really, it's just a meme.