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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Heh, already being dropouts essentially in the standard 4-koma dormitory is a new one. Feels like a good ol' blend of that kinda stuff and what do ya know, pretty similar to Love Live. Kinda funny with Love Live itself dialing it back this time around. Poor Pink Haired MC #26 just can't catch a break, Ino-chan. Also, I wonder if Hayu ever went to Canada.
  2. Wow. Suteki. This episode was gorgeous, I don't remember GochiUsa looking quite this good. It carried a whole Cocoa and Chino on its back! Actually, I don't recall paying as much attention to the backgrounds before, they were probably all really pretty. Guess it's just opening scenes can really jump out at you. Though, it's seriously already shaping up to be better than ever! I love the series, and I originally didn't think that much of the first season, besides it being pretty fun.
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