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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. This one's a new original on me. Did my best to make this Xyz-climbing group of Preservers the best they could be. Expect this to be longer? Nope, fellas, this time you'll have to click the spoilers and witness the awesomeness for yourself. Now, let's a'go...... Preserver Archetype: Monsters Preserver Archetype: Spells/Traps Preserver Archetype: Extra Deck Monsters THERE WILL. BE MORE. IN COMING. This set is well and complete now, fellas. BD'S, signing off.
  2. Been a while, but I've been cooking up something amazing in the interim. Okay, so you know the Archlord Archetype? Okay, rephrasing. You know about the duo of cards that is less an "archetype" and more "Reason #1 Why Fairies Don't Get Generic Support Anymore And Friend?" I've decided to delve more into their backstory. And don't you fret; these will not be the only place that they debut. So enjoy. NOW WITH OUR NEW FEATURE CALLED "ACTUALLY LETTING YOU KNOW WHAT INSPIRED THE NAMES OF THESE GUYS!" New Archlords: Main Deck Monsters New Archlords: Spells/Traps New Archlords: Extra Deck Monsters BD'S, signing off. P.S., there will be more cards coming in the next week. UPDATE I (4/2/2019): You've got new cards, as promised. UPDATE II (4/10/2019): And the set is now complete with the last six cards. Think this might be enough to make sure the Sanctuary Fairies do numbers now.
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