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Found 11 results

  1. <OOC> Excerpt from Chapter 1: Shaky Beginnings Date: August 23rd, Year 556 Time: 9:00 AM (Terce) Location: Castle Augusta, Galtea BGM To Your Royal Majesty King Reginald of Galtea, Head of House Nabudis, Archduke of Augusta, and my Honored Father, I hope this letter finds you well. I regret to inform you that, while I am alive and unharmed, I bear grave news. Despite what you may have heard, I was kidnapped by goddess sympathizers and barely escaped. I will not mince words. They took me to a church within Pontus, and used my blood in a dark ritual to revive the goddess. Unfortunately, they succeeded. Fortunately, they didn't succeed in full, though even partially revived, She is a force to be reckoned with. My apologies, father, but I cannot return just yet. Although Pontus may have been the ultimate cause of my kidnapping, the ones who did so were citizens of Galtea. The Pontics have been desperately searching for me, and I fear, if I return to the capital, I would be walking into a trap... I will set out for Sochen within the day, where I hope to find sanctuary far from Pontus's borders while I determine my next course. Written at Castle Balfon on the twenty-first day of the month of August, in the year of our hero-king, five hundred and fifty-six. Per your daughter, Catriona of House Nabudis, Heir Apparent An intake of breath, and the letter found itself crumpled within a mailed fist. The owner, a white-haired man in ermine robes, breathed out through his nose. "Really..." he muttered. "That girl...does she have no sense of self-preservation? Still...to think they would be so bold as to pull this..." He paced his chambers, brow furrowed. "They've gone too far this time...not just the snakes from within, but Pontus as well." He strode from the room, cape billowing behind him. "Looks like they all need a reminder on how I earned my title." The Winter King. Tempered in governance, but forged in battle. BGM Since then, Catriona and company faced many challenges in their journey. Their goal was to find the Great Dragon, who would hopefully be able to assist in defeating the goddess or sealing her away. The initial group composed of Catriona, Malu'kai, Anaïs, Meifing, a small town fighter named Alois, Catriona's sister Penelope, her knight Gunther, Feray, and a wandering swordsman named Asura came across a blacksmith named Jake being accosted by bandits. They defeated them with the help of a young man who looked fresh from the farm, a Pontic named Edrick. Unfortunately, Anaïs had to leave soon afterward, and Edrick was heavily injured. The group accompanied Jake to Ithome, Sector Three. Along the way, Feray left the group, but they met a girl named Tarizo, who joined temporarily. In Ithome, Meifing left the group, but they came across Link, a former Galtean soldier, now a library guard. He led them to the city hall, where they were turned away by Councilman Silas. Meanwhile, Edrick, who had just finished recovering from his wounds, was ambushed by street urchins, only being saved by the timely arrival of the rest of the group and a noble in disguise named Ciela. The group set out not long afterward and met Sienna, a girl wearing a hood to disguise the fox ears atop her head. Joined by Sienna, the group reached Sector One, where most of them decided to head for the library to research information on the Great Dragon's whereabouts. Ciela, on the other hand, decided to go shopping, but an altercation with a rogue left her paralyzed from the waist down. Meanwhile, in the library, Sienna discovered a secret passage, but at the bottom, a scene straight out of a murder mystery awaited them. Not long after, the group was arrested and taken to the City Hall where they were interrogated by the Three Councilmen. They spent another day in the city, but soon had to leave, laden with presents from a mysterious man named Santa. Asura left them at the gate. Headed to the Pelinna region, the group encountered yet more bandits, a shaman named Azar, a wolf cub named Rohns who began to follow Link around, and the Pelinna Patrol, a group of volunteers who patrolled the region to keep it free of bandits. Among them was a young bow thief named Tsetseg. The group was soon divided after being ambushed by fox Proteans who thought them to be kidnapping Sienna, who as it turned out, was the chieftain's daughter. While some were taken away by the foxes, the rest joined forces with the frog Proteans, including a frog of little words named Shiro, and the patrol. The two sides were on high alert ever since one of the frogs was murdered, and the fox tribe's treasure was stolen. The frogs marched on the fox village, where it looked as if a fight would break out, especially seeing as the fox chieftain looked to be under a spell of sorts, save for the timely arrival of a horde of bandits. Joining forces, with foxes, frogs, and humans all working together, the group managed to defeat them. The next day, Azar left, but the group was joined by a pegasus knight named Adelaide, who, unbeknownst to them, was actually a former cavalier named Adelheid, who had served on both sides of the Great War. Licorice, a black fox with hidden motives, joined as well. After leaving the forest, the group came across an abandoned shrine to the goddess, a church that was little more than a single tower and an altar, with broken-down walls surrounding it. It seemed harmless enough, but when night fell, a horde of what Licorice called "Awakened" attacked them. However, yet more Awakened arose to help them, their eyes a brilliant white rather than blood red. A woman astride a horse calling herself L'Arachel also came to their aid. The battle was long and arduous, but at long last, the group stood triumphant. Chapter 5: Creeping Darkness (continued) Date: 8th of Ramesoth, Year 556 Time: 3:00 AM (Lauds) Location: Abandoned Shrine, Histia BGM Catriona breathed a sigh of relief, rubbing her head and wincing when her hand came away wet with blood. A horde of undead...just what she had wished to wake up to. Still, every one of them was alive, and that was an outcome she hadn't dared hope for, not with just how many undead there were. More than she could count even were she given minutes on end. She would call it a miracle that they were still alive and whole, but she knew the real reason, and it was not something as unreliable as that. Their Awakened allies, and the strange girl astride the horse...L'Arachel, she had called herself. Not to mention the undead villagers that had risen from the ground as soon as the enemy Awakened had gone south, and into the graveyard. The dead did not like being disturbed. Though unskilled in battle, and equipped with nothing but farming tools, they were brave. Yet now, as the last of the Awakened had finally fallen--one that had seemed a little smarter, a little stronger, but in the end just as susceptible to getting stabbed--they started to crawl back to the graveyard, the white light that had shone from their eyes flickering like a dying candle. Even the pegasus that Edrick had ridden faded away, its purpose served. One, an elderly-looking Awakened, stopped in front of her. "Many thanks," he rasped. "This place...has always been our home, and always will be. No matter what...outsiders do." His mouth turned down into a frown. "Once...we were a village. Built around this church." He waved a hand. "Now...this is all that's left. The rest...burned to ashes. Please..." he said, grasping hold of Catriona's hands. His own were cold. "Please...find the priest. It is because of the priest...Father..." he coughed. "We are ourselves. Not slaves, hearts warped by Her rage." He released her hands, but a small bullion remained. "The last...of my savings. Hid it...from the soldiers..." He hobbled to one of the graves, one that looked a little nicer than the others, and like the rest, closed his eyes and sank into the ground. Now all that remained were the original five. Save for Dua, who was currently preoccupied in healing the group alongside Ciela and L'Arachel, the allied Awakened were not doing much of anything, as if they were waiting. Waiting to die once more? What a morbid thought. And yet, such thoughts had kept her company for nights on end now. She turned her gaze to where Licorice stood nearby, nearly untouched. It seemed almost unreal that such a person could stand there so calmly, as if she hadn't just shown off a near inhuman speed in the battle prior. But then, perhaps that was the point. She wasn't human. A sudden soothing feeling shook Catriona from her musings. Turning, she gave her thanks to the white-eyed priest above her, who nodded at her and moved on. While she would feel dizzy for a while from blood loss, the feeling would eventually go away. The woman stood, marching to the northern exit of the shrine, where the bodies of the enemy Awakened were long since gone, dissolved into wisps of red smoke. Shivering, she turned back, and stopped, seeing a glowing figure above the altar. "What mad--?!" but before she could finish, the glowing died down, showing the figure to be transparent. The woman took a few steps back automatically, before gritting her teeth and stepping forward. The allied Awakening all let out gasps of shock, Unil most of all. He stepped forward, a look of pure, heartbreaking longing on his face. "Father?" he whispered. BGM The figure, who on closer inspection looked to be an older man in the raiments of a priest, gave a sad smile. "Yes," he replied. "It is me, my son," he looked at the rest of the Awakened, shaking his head. "Stubborn as always. Even now, you refuse to leave." To Catriona's surprise, every single Awakened started to tear up, a couple even breaking down into sobs. Whoever this man was, he was important to them. "Thank you," the man said, turning his solemn gaze to the group. "The invaders likely arrived because of you, but even so, you defended this place, and soothed the restless spirits that lingered." He paused. "The path you walk is a hard one, but it is not impossible." His smile turned wry. "Though it seems odd coming from a man of the cloth, I give you my blessing. Perhaps you might be able to return things to how they once were." "Then," the lord leaned forward, unease temporarily buried. "Do you have anything to advise? Know you where the Great Dragon lies?" The man shook his head. "I have no such knowledge, yet I can offer you a different kind of aid." He paused. "It is only due to my strong attachment to this place, and the goddess's power, that I am here, but as the abbot, I have a responsibility to all who come seeking succor." He bowed his head and closed his eyes, muttering a prayer in what Edrick would recognize to be Pontic, though of an archaic variant. Soon after, the altar glowed with a brilliant white light. "A long, long time ago, this place was known as Alltrades Abbey. People would come from far and wide to embark on new beginnings, leaving their pasts behind." He lifted his head to stare straight at the group. "I am Abbot Jack, the last of a long line of abbots blessed with the power to change the path one walks, even their very fates." His eyes seemed to pierce through every single person there. "But be warned, not all change is for the better. Those who seek improvement in one area will inevitably lose strength in another. We were not made perfect beings, though we may strive for it." He started to speak again, though this time his voice changed from a feathery whisper to a commanding boom. "Now. You who seek to change yourself, step forward." Catriona hesitated. This was her chance. The chance to change her cursed fate. Were she to step forward, perhaps she could even cast off the yoke of royalty, and live her life as a simple woman, free of the worries that plagued her. Yet, no. She shook her head. Were she to do so, then it would not relieve the pressure, only transfer it. To her sister. And that, she could not let happen. And what of their quest? The goddess was still out there, tonight was proof of that. She would not give up so easily, so neither would Catriona. No, she could not afford to cast aside her class. A lord she was, to her very bones, and that would never change. But as for the others...that was a different matter. She had no control over their decisions. OOC
  2. ~Theme: Fire Emblem~ <IC> Hosted and Co-hosted by: Sethera and LordCowCow The tale of the hero-king Augustus is passed down from parent to child all over the continent of Mysia. How he, ten other heroes, and the Great Dragon sealed the dark goddess Inera with the aid of the legendary sword Caliburn and the Fire Emblem. These heroes were known as the Twelve Crusaders, and they went on to establish the various countries that make up Mysia. Augustus in particular founded the kingdom of Galtea, where to this day his descendants rule. It is said that only the blood of the hero-king can awaken the goddess from her slumber. With this in mind, the Order of Inera, a sect of holy men and women devoted to the dark goddess, devised a plan to steal one of the two children of King Reginald, the current ruler of Galtea. With the aid of goddess sympathizers in Augusta, they managed to kidnap Princess Catriona, using her blood at the Pontus shrine in a dark ceremony to revive the goddess. However, before they could complete the ceremony, the girl escaped. Still, the ceremony wasn't without its consequences. Although they couldn't complete the ritual, the goddess was partially revived. With her awakening came undead horrors and Catriona herself ended up cursed, doomed to die before her next birthday. Realizing the risk of returning to Augusta, where she might get kidnapped again, Catriona fled to the castle of Sochen, where her sister Penelope happened to be staying. After a tense reunion, they decided to set out for Ithome, the capital of Histia, where they might find more information on stopping the goddess and her curse. Meanwhile, King Reginald has just received word of his daughter's return, the country that kidnapped her, and what they used her for. Pontus has gone too far this time... Rules Information Website This website has all of the information you need if you want to know more about the RP, the setting, and current events within the RP.
  3. OOC Though the second battle against the Phantom that the group had faced had been met with both hardship and near death for some, they had managed to pull through and fell the beasts on the island. With the defeat of the phantom, the monsters around the island either immediately collapsed or seemingly wandered off elsewhere aimlessly. The ground that had been blighted by the phantom's presence also seemed to revert to normal. Though it was a strange occurrence altogether, the group was granted with small gem fragments that had washed ashore on the island as their reward. With the mission having been completed they made their way back to the town from which they had taken the job in the first place. Upon reaching there, the group had made their way to their employer, recieving the reward and thanks for completing the task in the first place. With having finished the job he was contracted to do as well, the group had parted ways with Susanoo. With their reward collected, the Iron Falcons made way back to their home base. The walk back home was uneventful, likely a nice reprieve for the group that had just been out at sea, and with it the group had found some peace for the next day upon their arrival. Of course, this did not last the longest as the group was faced with their most dire of situations they had been faced with yet. Were one to look through their pantry they would find their stores remarkably low. And to make matters worse, even were they to get a new job soon, a good deal of the group's weapons were starting to show their wear and tear from overuse, with one in particular no longer having an item. As such, the group was presented with their next task. A shopping trip. Chapter 4 - Interlude Date: 22nd of Aeis, Year 967, Fall Time: 1:47 pm Location: Efreaux, Aeora The place the Iron Falcons had chosen to do their shopping trip to was the nearby town of Efreaux, a small community not too far a walk from their base of operations. Though the town of Efreaux had been one in Eastern Aeora, it was one that the people of the Iron Falcon had aided and visited enough that the people of the village no longer seemed to have the general apprehension towards the more Jouran of the group, be they the person, the mount or the magic from said land. Of course, this was only for both Rona and Ada, as the sight of the newest Jouran to the group was still met with nervous glances as they made their way into town, though no one seemed to actually say anything or indicate that their presence would be little more than a passing problem. Looking to his group, Leon simply said, "well, you all know what we need to get but we don't have work today so feel free to take your time." With that, he allowed the Falcons to split off and take care of whatever it was they needed to do. They would find all manner of different food stalls and shops around the town of Efreaux, whether it be a local butcher or a simple fruit stand. There were various tailors and jewelers scattered about town for those whose clothing had been damaged beyond repair. For those seeking to arm themselves for combat there was even a local blacksmith hard at work, and an apothecary that always seemed stocked up. With very few local mages and clergy, and being located within Aeora, there was nothing in way of shops for tomes and staves for those looking locally. Though there was talk of a strange new merchant who had simply wandered into town and was selling more unique wares. Even without shopping, the Falcons would still be able to simply wander around the village and were they to look at all they would not find it hard to find any sort of odd job around. OOC
  4. IC Rules Map Useful Links Current Roster Application Skeleton: The Company Leader For those of you already in the RP you don't need to recreate/repost an app if you don't want to.
  5. For anyone that may be wondering where the FE4 hunger games is, I only decided to do New Mystery of the Emblem because it was a sequel of a game that had a western release (FE4 isn't a sequel and was only released in Japan). Does that mean I'm going to do FE6? Hmm well, I'm not sure. Both had English translations, so if that was the main reason I did that one, I should do the other as well. Perhaps... we'll see.
  6. I may potentially turn this into series because Wynaut?
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