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Found 3 results

  1. Pretty much the same as every other "Make a ___ Card" game just with my own (not particularly original) Sub-Type. And because I need something to do when I'm bored I'll try my best to make images to go with any cards that aren't given any and add them here Cards Created Rules 1. All monsters must have the "Negative" Subtype and have either the "Negative Clause" (see rule 2) or an effect that allows their Level or Rank to become a negative number OR must directly support/be supported by Negative monsters. 2. All monsters types can be Negative except Link due to the lack of a Level or similar attribute that can be given a Negative value, Links that require Negatives as tribute or benefit from being linked to them are allowed. 3. Suggestions can come in the form a card name, a Type/Attribute, an additional Sub-Type, an effect/premise, or any combination of the 4 beyond that it's the basic rules 4. If you create a card leave a prompt 5. You must respond to the most recent prompt only (Not a rule, more a design note to keep in mind, Negative monsters tend to have strange effects such as having no Attribute or only being able to be summoned during your opponents turn) to get the ball rolling here's some examples of what you can do with Negative monsters As for a suggestion how about a monster that has effects based on the combined Levels of all monsters on the field, the closer to zero the better the effect.
  2. Not my most amazing set in practice but I really like the premise so . . . introducing the "Dimewarp" archetype, a set of inter-dimensional and time traveling Negative monsters. In terms of flavor/lore the ED acts as a space between dimensions or it's own dimension entirely that the monsters came come and go from as they please through pendulum summons, the archetypes main gimmick is the ability to perform Pendulum and Synchro summons during your opponents turn, typically at an odd cost. in terms of monster design most of the monsters are intended to be different versions of a single person, be they from the past, future, or an alternate universe, those that aren't are just various entities that inhabit the space between worlds. Monsters Spells/Traps
  3. So the idea for this originally came when I was trying to come up with support cards for my Archetype of "Discord" monsters, while making the field spell I realized they didn't have a proper boss monster and decided to fuse the two into "Grand Discordian King Xaos" a monster that must first be played as a field spell, kind of a reverse of how ED/Pendulums typically work Of course he wasn't originally given the "Domain" Sub-Type and the wording was a bit messier, a while later I expanded on the idea, figured out a more reasonable way to word it, and began making a set of "Domain" monsters for each attribute along with their own version of terraforming. Domain monsters (so far at least) tend to be high level with "Domain effects", as I've come to call the effects active while in the field zone, that support and help them set up for when they become monsters, while they are special summon-able by other means the advantage a few of them gain from being field spells first can make it worth playing them as expected, especially with their own search card. The all have the same layout to their effects; "This card cannot be Normal Summon/Set, this card can only be played (from your hand) as a Field Spell card with the following effect; - (insert Domain effect) If this card is destroyed while in the Field Spell Zone, Special Summon it. (insert monster effect)"
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