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Found 7 results

  1. OOC May 1st, Sunday, 3:13 PM Though the forecast was showing it would be a dark and stormy night, the skies seemed to only be overcast at the present mid-day time. And yet in spite of these bleak looking skies it did little to abate the activities and excitement of the people of Camellia. Though the big city didn't know much in way of rest today was especially abuzz with activity as the people had all filed into the new - several year old - Aspect Stadium, the main hub for all things Blue Rose would be broadcast. The reason was simple. Today was a day for introductions, for promotion and for showcasing. Each and every duelist partaking in the Blue Rose tournament had been called to the new - though in reality five year old - Aspect Stadium; the building where all duels for Blue Rose would be held. All thirty two of them were to listen to the announcer for the event tell them all that was expected for the tournament. The rules, code of conduct, the long and storied tradition and history of the both the tournament and the sport. And finally for the viewers at home a short introduction of each of the players, simply stating all of their names, decks and what province they were representing. When all was said and done, the group was dismissed from the tournament hall and free to go about their business. Upon exiting the stadium proper, they would see a crowd of people who had all been waiting for them, some fans of the sport and some reporters and journalists looking to interview the duelists. Naturally some of the participants were more popular than others, last year's third place being swarmed the moment that she had left the building, and they would deal with their fans and crowds in their own way. The group of tournament participants would be able to spend the rest of their free time however they wished for the day, knowing full well that tomorrow was the start of the games proper. Iris, for her part, didn't particularly feel in the mood to do any press for herself as well. Smiling and waving to all the people who had called out to her, Iris merely continued her way forward and managed to get past all of them. Looking up to the sky the girl frowned, thinking that the gray skies wasn't the best of omens for the coming tournament. Not to mention it was neither sunny nor raining, making her ever present parasol nothing more than a fashionable accessory. Sighing to herself, the girl continued to walk into the unfamiliar city proper, thinking that surely there was something to pass the time with.
  2. [Logo Logo] Host: Skaia, me Introduction Rules Setting Character App
  3. Heh, already being dropouts essentially in the standard 4-koma dormitory is a new one. Feels like a good ol' blend of that kinda stuff and what do ya know, pretty similar to Love Live. Kinda funny with Love Live itself dialing it back this time around. Poor Pink Haired MC #26 just can't catch a break, Ino-chan. Also, I wonder if Hayu ever went to Canada.
  4. Despite all that, I find the game story quite well thought out. This is probably adapting the main story without including the school idol festival. Because let's face it, they're not showing μ's or Aquors more than a small bit and even then, it wasn't any school idol group that inspired Yu in this... it was Setsuna, and the more I think about that... the cooler I feel that choice to be. If I'm gonna be honest, CHASE! has definitely eclipsed the other Nijjigaku songs I've heard by now, even before I heard it in the anime. The one Kasumi shot was super cool too, though they didn't quite show you could see how pissed she was to see the club name removed from the door. I've been an advocate for hair up Yu for months, but both Yus are def in my top 5.
  5. Wow. Suteki. This episode was gorgeous, I don't remember GochiUsa looking quite this good. It carried a whole Cocoa and Chino on its back! Actually, I don't recall paying as much attention to the backgrounds before, they were probably all really pretty. Guess it's just opening scenes can really jump out at you. Though, it's seriously already shaping up to be better than ever! I love the series, and I originally didn't think that much of the first season, besides it being pretty fun.
  6. Hehe, I prefer ping pong, myself. Also, if only Adachi saw Hino fondling the sugoi dekais so she knew there was nothing to worry about. I've been reading that this is very slow paced, even for the romantic interactions, so I dunno how enjoyable I'd personally find it compared to some things, but it's good so far. I enjoy them just hanging out. But in that regard, I'd prefer a Yuru Yuri or a... ahem... Slow Start.
  7. OP Episode 3: Clouds The time had finally come. What time, the freshmen of Blue Yonder may have asked? Why, club recruitment week! That special five-day span near the beginning of the school year where the school clubs went all-out, putting up posters, booths, and more to try and reel in as many new members as they possibly could! And indeed, quite a bit of club efforts were meant to incentivize freshmen to join. With the school day for today having let out, now was the time for students to look for clubs to join, or for those already in clubs to try recruiting new members. Despite the excitement though, there seemed to be a dreary undercurrent running through campus; a small twinge of sadness in spite of everything else. Like move-in day a week and a half before, campus was crowded with stalls and activities. Instead of diversions meant to entertain families and new students though, each and every one was perfectly engineered to attract students so that they could sign away on that all-important piece of paper (and several of their precious free hours every week). For some it was subtle, others extravagant, but every single one had the heart and soul of its members poured into it. As was tradition.
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